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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dear Jane ©

Dear Jane,


The reason I wanted you to read the email on its own is because many times the rest takes away what a person means.
I am sure many of you as have I, have had what we say either twisted to sound like you mean something else or just plain misunderstood.
I wanted this to be as plain and simple as I could make it.
I wanted it to be seen as a conversation between two people that didn’t involve the husband, the boy friend and yes Jack’s wife who found it in the inbox, then sent it to me to try and explain what it means.

Here is a bit of a bio into the lives of Jack and Jill.
Now many of you know their story from some of my previous posts in There's The Door and There's The Door Part Two.
Jack and Jill have been married for 12 years.
This is his second marriage and her forth (one was common law).
I won’t go into great details here but his first wife went nuts and ended up in a mental hospital.
He divorced her while she was there and upon being released she got married and has been happily married ever since.
Her exs include a musician who gave her STDs he picked up on tour, a banker who left her for a teller and a man twice my size that used her for a punching bag, who did 10 years in jail for almost killing her.
For nearly 11 years she has put up with his temper tantrums and threats of being thrown out of the house.
She once asked him to pick up his stuff because she wasn’t his mother and his response was “that’s why I married you”.
Now as quick as these tantrums start, he is as quick to buy her Royal Dalton figurines which she hates but he insists she likes.
Can we all say “Control freak”!
She knows how much they cost because he uses her credit card to buy them.
They haven’t had sex for 11 years either because he can’t get it up.
Apparently even with 2 Viagra pills the best he could do is fall asleep.

So with all this information now, I could tell you she found this on the computer they both use.
It was an email sent from a service indicating that the recipient had accepted his email.
She wasn’t snooping she just opened her mail.
Now after she read it she was shocked.
She didn’t know what to think of it and started speculating and THEN she started looking at other emails but found nothing.
Her first thought he was having an affair, but how could he if he is impotent.
What she did find out was this woman has blocked her husband from emailing her.
Then she sent it to me and asked me what I thought of it.
At first I was shocked, but then I remembered how much a control freak he was and I bet getting blocked must have driven him nuts.
I looked at it from all aspects, just the email.
First I thought he was fucking around but how can he if he can’t get it up.
Then I thought well he is concerned about his friend.
I know I get worried about mine all the time but why would she block him if they were friends.
This line really gets me “I’ve never met a woman like you and never will”.
What’s it say about the woman at home waiting for him.
Now that is a line usually reserved for someone special like your wife, mother, daughter, partner or sister not a casual co worker.
This didn’t sit well with my friend who does all the work around the house and goes to work plus feeds him.

This morning at 4am I called England to see how my friend was.
I asked her again if they were having sex and she says no but he has supplied her with a drawer full of vibrators.
Nice guy, but a toy does not replace a cuddle, a touch or a squeeze from someone who is supposed to love you.
I guess if he can’t get it up at least he gave her the means to get physically satisfied.
Then I remembered something.
I asked her if she is still finding his messed up socks.
He has this thing for jerking off in front of the computer when he is alone.
She said yes.
Now I don’t know about most men because I don’t compare notes but I’m not coming unless I got it hard and if he is coming soft he is either a magician or a big fucken liar.
I could be wrong but I want to stand right there and watch him take two Viagras and not get stiff.
She never saw him take them and he was always avoiding taking them when they were together. He told her he took them.
She said she was going to confront him with the email and I told her not to until she gets more information.
After all, this could be a worried friend (which I doubt) looking into how another friend is and also he has spent all her money.
When he lost his job she paid all the bills.
If something happens right now, she is on her own in a country she knows little about and has few friends who were his to start with.
I also believe this could be an infatuation he has with this woman and nothing more but the fact that Mary thought enough to mention he could have saved her job means it’s more.
As a matter of fact he lost HIS job before she did.
Coincidence or was the husband or boyfriend a couple of rungs up the corporate ladder.
Who knows?
Even though my friend says she will not confront him at this point, she says she will be keeping the email for the day he puts her down in front of his parents and will give it to them.

So what do you think about the email now, concerned friend or is Jack a wanker?


It's been over 2 months since I left the company, and I have tried to contact you on numerous occasions. It's clear that you want nothing to do with me, or I would have heard something.
Will you at least tell me what happened at the company?
What am I supposed to have done to hurt so badly?
I've had 2 months to think about it and I cannot think of anything that may have even offended you in the slightest.
It may not matter to you, but it matters to me. A lot of things matter to me about you. It matters that you are ok.
It matters that your boyfriend treats you ok.
It matters that you get your divorce and live the independent life that you deserve.
It mattered to me when Mary told me that if I had been there to look out for you, you would still have a job at the company.
You are a very beautiful, smart, witty and warm person.
Our friendship meant a lot to me, and it matters to me that something or someone wrecked it.
Please tell me why.
Jane I would never do anything to hurt you and I would do everything that I could to make sure no one else did.

I've never met a woman like you and I know that I never will again.
Take care of yourself and if you ever need anything, I'll be there for you.


This is an email forwarded to me by someone I know well.
I have changed the names and have permission to use it.
She asked me the question, “What do you think of this”?
I have my opinion but I’m a bit of a radical it seems so I will post it here and ask you to give me your thoughts on this.
I will give you the rest tomorrow so you could tell me what you think of the email today.
I have already talked to her this morning and gave here my thoughts and will share yours with her.


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