blue moon (2)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sex Talk: The Dating Game Part Two ©

Throwing half a dozen pillows aside I managed to find enough of her to crawl up and start kissing her, first on the lips and then making my way down her neck to her plump nipples.
She moaned every time my tongue past over her nipple and her fingers were tangled in my hair where they seemed to stay the whole time I was there.

Having my fill of her tits I started moving lower allowing my fingers push down the sides of her body.
Her legs spread in anticipation as I kissed her belly, her legs pushing back and resting her feet on the top of my shoulders, their weight forcing me lower down her torso.
Just as my head got down to the business end of her lust I got hung up from one nostril.
Pushing up a bit I looked down and there was a chrome bolt through her clit.
That was a first for me.

I wondered how she got past airport security with that there.
She started begging me to eat her cunt.
I wanted to ask her for a mouth guard.

Remember the fingers in the hair?
Well she used them and the legs around my neck to feed me dinner.
I don’t really know why my neck isn’t broken but I think I chipped a tooth before she screamed to a climax about fifteen minutes later.
For the record, I didn’t inhale but I did lick.
As soon as he legs fell away I moved up her body to slide into her but she stopped me and pushed me on my back and went to work on me slowly.
I wasn’t going to argue besides while she was down there I checked my tooth with my finger to see if it was really broken because I could feel a sharp edge where there wasn’t one before.

After getting me excited she mounted me.
This is where I really missed a mattress and box spring and was probably the reason she got on top because she road me so hard I almost busted my ass on the floor.
I could see the stars through the skylight above her head as she through herself into a frenzy causing me come.
The rest of the night and morning until I left was pretty much the same thing.

As you could see, it’s always good to go to the fair with someone.
Just bring a mouth guard along just in case you need one.

After showering I walked home but not before I stopped at a corner store for a Red Bull and a Mars bar.
It was a nice hour-long walk home through a bohemian section of town filled with gourmet coffee shops and other funky businesses around.
There is an apocathary emporium here that has what looks like an ancient HUGE wooden cabinet with small draws they keep all the herbs and potions in.

As I walked home on this beautiful morning it was hard not to notice the gorgeous women all around me walking along the sidewalks and sitting on the patios having coffee.
Maybe I should move down here.

I got home just in time to take a phone call from “CZJ” (We’ll use CZJ since some of you dubbed her this) to confirm our date that night.
As I was talking to her another call came in so I put CZJ on hold and took the new call.
It was S calling to tell me she had a nice night and to keep in touch.
I told her there was another fair in a town not far from here next week and we could go down and see if they had a Ferris Wheel then told her I had someone on the other line and had to go.

Getting back to CZJ I asked her if she planned to brew up a spell for tonight.
Some of you who have been reading hear for awhile will remember her as the sexy antique dealer I get some of my props for stories from.
She also dabbles into the mystic arts and was the subject of one of my short stories.
CZJ said that she had one that she was sure I would enjoy and spreading it all over her body to sniff out.

We talked for half an hour until a customer came into the store and she had to go but not before I told her I’d be picking her up at 7pm.
As soon as I hung up the phone I went straight to the bathroom and got into the shower.
As I was lathering up the phone rang yet again.
I’m tell you people, the phone is my curse and knowing that, I have acquired a waterproof phone that hangs in the shower stall when not charging.


Where were you all night

Hi Ma and a good morning to you too

You didn’t answer my question

I went out to the EX.

They close at 12
Who did you go with?

That lady from the BBQ with the short brown hair.

You mean the painted one with the big canons?

My mother calls people with tattoos “Painted”
Her and my father can’t understand how people could do that to themselves.
The funny part in that 20% of my body is covered in ink and has been for over 20 years and don’t know it HA HA HA

Yeah that’s the one.

How can you go out with someone like that and isn’t she kind of young for you?

We only went to the fair.

And where did you go after for the night?
You could find yourself a nice girl that’s not painted.
She probably has a bolt through her tongue like your niece.

Errr no she doesn’t.
What are you complaining about, it could be worse?


The SIL wants me to go out with her sister now that she has left her husband and you could have two crazy women on your hands.

...................Did you have a nice time with the painted lady?

Yes I did and she was a nice lady.

I just bet she was.
What’s that noise I hear, are you frying bacon?
You know bacon is not good for you?

I’m not frying bacon; it’s the shower.

Oh your upstairs.

Yeah I’m in the shower?

OMG Your naked
How could you stand there naked in front of your mother.

You’re on the phone, you can’t see anything.


What the fuck she freaking out about, it’s only the phone.
Women, they are going to be my downfall I think.

After my shower I picked up around the house and watered the forest for the next two hours after pruning some of them back.
I’ll be bringing them in soon and even though I have eliminated a third of my plants they have grown so much I may be loosing space.

Around 4pm I dug out the clothes I would be wearing, black shirt, pants and black leather boots.
I need new boots but I have been stomping these into the shape of my foot for the last 25 years and they are too comfortable to get rid of now.
They were custom made by a cobbler I did I favor for when I was in a position to be able to do such favors.
The toe and heel were dressed with gilded silver hand made pieces from Mexico.
It took him almost a month to get them finished and on my feet.

Over the last 25 years the toe pieces have fallen off and the gilding washed off of the heel but the leaver still hold some of it’s luster
A little like life itself.

After laying out my costume on the bed I went downstairs and dragged all the empties from the bbq out to the car and loaded then in the truck to drop off before I went to pick her up thus clearing the last of the mess out of my house from the BBQ.

I pulled up in front of the shop at 6:45pm and parked the car.
She came down and let me in and walked me up to the apartment above the store and offered me a glass of wine which I passed on because I was driving and I wanted to have a couple of beers later one and I do love my license so I don’t care to loose it.
She finished her and ran off to the washroom to finish getting ready.
After she was done we headed out.

We got there about 8 pm but there was no parking so I went to a mall three blocks away and left the car there and walked to the party.
I didn’t get one step onto the grounds before I was accosted by a nephew who ran to get his mother to show them that I was there with a date.
Even the young ones are starting to piss me off.

We went to grab something to eat before we went to find a seat.
There were thousands of people running around like ants at a picnic grabbing trays filled with food and drink.
We each grabbed a Gyro some dolmades and a jug of beer for both of us then headed off to find a place under the giant tent that they set up for people to sit under.
It was loud under there with a thousand voices buzzing all around.

We couldn’t hear each other as we tried to talk so we ate the food as fast as we could and drank the beer down in record time so we could get out of there and find a quieter place to watch the show and listen to the band playing.

Outside of the tent we made out way around to some of the exhibits put out by area artists then out behind the main stage where I found some seats close to the music and away from the chatter of those around us.
I straddled the bench and she sat in front of me leaning back against my chest as we both sat there listening to the music for about an hour when she turned and kissed me.
She asked what I thought about going to pick up a bottle of wine and going to her place for a drink.
I told her it was fine with me and we got up and left.

All the way back to the car she was wrapped around me like the pita bread on the gyro I just finished eating.
Back at the mall I pushed her up against the car door and stepped in then kissed her lips for about ten minutes before I let her go to open the door and let her in.

It was a quick stop at the wine stored and two minutes to her place.
We walked upstairs and I went into the living room while she went for some glasses.
Placing a couple bowls in front of us she slowly filled them and passed one to me.
She took a sip then sat next to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and we disappeared deep into the cushions of the couch.

We rolled around in knots on the couch periodically stopping for a sip of more wine before slipping back between the threads that still kept us apart.
I could hear her moans escaping from her lips as I kissed the back of her neck.

Slowly she pushed me off of her and stood up in front of me then
let her clothes slip off of her body to the floor then knelt down in from of me and started rubbing the lump in my pants.
As I lay back she opened my belt and the top of my pants and pulled my cock out then started stroking it while giving me a hungry grin.

She took the glass of wine and took a sip then passed it to me while still stroking my throbbing cock.

As my lips touched the glass her lips wrapped around my cock and we both took a big gulp.

So, do you still want more details?

Have a nice day

The song I heard featured on Suzanne's blog



Just telling it like it is said...

I had to close my eyes half of the time reading your blog..You think I could handle reading about your fabulous and sexual rompts..since half the time I have my finger's in total stranger's privates but I was I have to tell you a little shy..
But good for you...
ring?? I have to say I have seen a couple myself... I have to say I was shocked too...

Anonymous Boxer said...

does Britney Spears want chips?

of course we want to hear more.

Gypsy said...

Hotly anticipating Part 3....sigh.

Lindy said...

Sounds like you're making up for the last 30 years really fast. But then we always knew you were a stud! Now on to 'Night #3'.

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: You squeemish, naw don't say it's so.
This was my first bolt on somethign that didn't involve a hinge

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Britney Spears is a chip, sour cream chip

Walker said...

Gypsy: You're just steaming up yourself ;)

Walker said...

Lindy: Me stud hell no, just catching up after 3 years of self imposed celebacy.
Boy was I stupid.


yeah... thats the way to handle it...

*still chuckling about phone call from ma in shower*

Walker said...

INNER VOICES : My mother is the funny one in the family and she doesn;t even try to be funny

Just telling it like it is said...

Maybe it did have a hing and you didn't see it...
Kinda like a second little surprise..
I know I am an oxymoron
Shy but not...

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Nope the only hinge I found was the one keeping the legs together and it was well lubricated ;)

Monogram Queen said...

As i'm reading backwards I already HAVE the details! LOL

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I tried reading backwards once, they're still looking for my brain