blue moon (2)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Story Of Liquid And Mo ©

Once upon a time, in the far off galaxy of Cyber Space, a man called Liquid was searching for a place to settle down and relax.
He was bored every where he went, but one day ended up in the Zone.
It was a place where other lost souls gathered to keep each other amused by playing various sorts of games.
He was an immediate force to contend with; many viewed him as a menace, a dark force of evil. His last name translated to death its self.
Many fell at his feet, battered and beaten, others screamed, just at the thought of having to face him.
Scores of people ran to join him only to be brushed off and cast away. Later to be crushed by him.
He never spoke, he never smiled, and he only destroyed those that he faced.
Until one day, when Mo showed up.
Mo, a buxom beauty with fire in her blood, had everyone laughing, singing and dancing in the lobbies. She was the sunshine that everyone would seek.
Even Mo looked at the shadows where Liquid lurked and was afraid of what he was or who he might be. ''Darth Vader'', ''Satan'' maybe.
One day she needed help from someone, she needed a partner in an upcoming battle and a friend had suggested Liquid.
She cringed at the thought of asking the elusive and deadly master of grief.
She went up to him and says "Hi would you like to be my partner tonight?" and ran back a few steps.
She had not gone unnoticed by Liquid.
He had watched her in the lobbies, enjoying herself and making others happy, even bringing a smile and a laugh to his own lips.
Liquid looked back and said, "Why sure I would", but it was not to be. He had a systems failure the rendered him incapacitated, leaving Mo to fend for herself.
The next day Liquid was back waiting for Mo to arrive and apologized for leaving her so abruptly and alone.
He promised he would be there for her the next time and was.
He asked her to be his partner permanently; they fought and won many battles together. People feared them, they were a brutal team.
Mo with a smile and Liquid with a growl, they slashed through every team they faced.
Over the months that followed, they shared past experiences as well as current. They talked about when they were kids, and where they came from. Their lives became intertwined and they shared daily events so that the other would relive the partner's day as well. One's day became the other's.
They became close.
Soon Liquid lost any interest in the women that sought him. Mo was constantly in his thoughts.
If Mo was around, Liquid was sure to close by.
Still in the shadows that concealed him, but always there.
As time went on they became friends and then lovers.
Then one day they both went on a trip to a far off place to Here.


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