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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sex Talk: Muffins And Coffee ©

Here it is Fridays Sex Talk and I am putting a warning on it for its content rather than for explicit sex.

Looking across the coffee shop I could see her sitting in the corner reading her book in silence.
I sipped my coffee while looking at her over the rim of the cup, admiring her long flowing hair.
It fell over her shoulder as she bent over to read her book caressing her full breasts.I could feel myself starting to get aroused at the thought of my lips moving over her soft skin sucking on her nipples.
I was lost in a trance when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
Snapping out of my thoughts I looked up into her green eyes.
“Are you ok?” she asked
“Oh, yes I umm was just thinking, I’m… fine.”
“I was worried, you just looked like you might have been in trouble,” she said.
I asked her to join me and she went to get her coffee and a bag.
We sat there for an hour getting to know each other a little bit when she looked at her watch and said she had to go.
She got up and walked out but I couldn’t help staring at her tight butt as it swayed out the door.
Sitting back I finished my coffee and call the waiter for the bill.
As I was walking out he came to me and said I forgot my bag on the chair.
It was hers she must have forgotten it in her rush out the door.
Thanking him I took it and left.
As I walked to my car I recalled she said she was on her way to see a movie.
Looking at my watch I figured it would be another hour before it let out so I sat in my car listening to some music and waiting to give her, her bag back.
Sitting there, I recalled the scent of her perfume it was like she was in the car with me.
I smelled my jacket but it wasn’t there.
I remembered her smile was soft and beckoning with rich full lips.
I began to get aroused sitting there in the car.
Staring at the door of the theater looking for a distraction to get her off of my mind, I opened the window to get some fresh air when I saw people coming out of the theater.
It wasn’t long before I saw her walk out alone.
She walked towards me and I exited the car and she immediately recognized me and smiled.
Holding out the bag I told her she had left it at the café.
Thanking me with a word and a smile she took it from me.
I asked if she wanted to go for a coffee but she said she had to run for the bus.
Thanking me again she then turning and walked away down the street.
Staring at her silky legs as the faded into the darkness I called out to her and offered her a ride.
She gladly accepted but only if I would go in and have coffee with her.
That sounded good to me so I accepted.
Walking into her one bedroom apartment I saw that it was well kept and clean.
She had a large white couch in the center and was sparsely decorated with bright flowers.
I had a seat on the couch and she went into the kitchen to put on the coffee.
She came out and sat opposite me in a chair.
As we talked my eyes drifted up her skirt and at her long luscious legs, I could see her white panties glowing at me.
Maybe this was a bad idea I thought to myself.
She got up and went into the kitchen then came back with a tray.
Sitting next to me on the couch she put the tray down on the coffee table.
On the tray were two coffees and the bag I gave her.
Opening the bag she took out 2 large cranberry muffins, handing me one.
We sat there talking and eating when a large cranberry fell off of her muffin and down her top.
Using her free hand she tried to fish for it but couldn’t find it.
Looking at me with a look that said could you please, I put down my muffin and leaned forward.
Looking down into her full breasts I could see it at the bottom between big tits.
Sliding two fingers down I could feel her soft skin and the firmness of her tits.
I could feel her body tense up at first then relax as my hand went in deeper.
Grasping the berry with my fingers I looked into her eyes and she was staring back into mine.
I felt an urge, a sensation go through me.
With my hand now out and resting on her breast I leaned forward and kissed her softly.
She leaned into me wrapping her arms around my neck, her fingers in my hair, my tongue pushing in her mouth, my heart pounding in my chest.
I wanted her so bad right now.
I squeezed her breasts and I could feel her hard nipples beneath the material.
She was sucking my tongue deeper into her mouth as I rolled her nipples between my fingers.
Slowly I undid her blouse and exposed her large breasts.
They hung there like two big orbs.
Taking one on my hand I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it.
I had maneuvered myself in front of her now and she wrapped her legs around me.
My face was buried into her tits, her arms wrapped around my head as I kissed and sucked her soft flesh.
My hands pushed up her thighs over her subtle curves and around her smooth butt
I was engrossed into her tits at the same time, taking big potions in my mouth and sucking, licking and biting her with a growing hunger.
I slid down to the floor and pushed her legs open, moving my hands between her legs gently massaging the inside of her thighs and pushing up her skirt past her hips.
Her now soaked white panties hide nothing from the imagination.
I could smell her as my tongue moved up her leg.
The smell of her lust only grew as I neared her pussy.
Pushing my face into her panties, I moved my face around absorbing her smell into my face and hair.
Her hands now holding my head she moving her hips up and down rubbing herself into my face.
Moving away the narrow strip concealing her treasure I started licking her clit with the point of my tongue, feeling the hardness of it in my mouth as I sucked on her clit.
I could hear her moaning as she slowly fucked my face.
I slipped in two fingers and started moving them in and out of her warmth.
Her juices were dripping out of her as my fingers entered and I lick as much as I could.
She pushed me away abruptly and told me that she wanted to taste me.
Laying back on the floor she pushed my shirt up and kissed my belly while her hands went up my chest.
She bit me in spots and started pinching my nipples sending a surge through my whole body.
Crawling up she stopped and bit me so hard I tensed up with pleasure.
I just lay back with my legs moving up and down her sides in ecstasy.
Reaching my lips we once again were lost in a deep embrace sucking on each other’s tongues.
My hands caressing her soft back, slowly running my fingers down her spine.
She was amazing.
Moving back down my body she opened my pants and gently pushed them down.
She started nibbling at me through my underwear.
Pulling them off she began nibbling on my pussy and running her tongue over my pussy lips.
She was getting into what she was doing and driving me insane at the same time.
I was pulling at my nipples, my body wanted to crumble in then explode out all over the place.
Her teeth sunk into me…I just wanted her to devour me at this point.
Taking a handful of her thick hair I pulled her up to my face so I could get a good taste of myself off of her lips.
With our limbs tangled together I could feel her pussy rubbing up to mine, grinding hard, with her nails digging into me back……our tongues dancing back and forth in our mouths.
I could feel the fires expanding within me…….bringing me to the point…….I can’t hold on no more.
With her nails anchored into me, I arched back………………
“Excuse me, would you like another coffee”.
I looked up at the waiter’s face and then looked at the empty table across from me.
I said I didn’t want any more coffee and he turned and walked away.
“Wait” I called to him, “Can I have two blueberry muffins to go please”?

Walker, AnnonymousFB1, AnnonymousFB2
“I was the waiter”.

Sometimes when I write posts I need some help in one way or another especially when it concerns what I don’t know, so I either look it up or ask somebody.
With some of my posts I have someone else read them before hand just to make sure I have not missed anything and I did the same with this one.
I sent the post to a friend who looked at it and came back with its all wrong.
So I told her if she thought it was wrong to fix it and send it back.
She must have thought I was stoned or drunk when I wrote it because it was obviously not Walkerish when I sent it to her.
So she fixed it like I should have from the beginning and sent it back.
As I was reading her revisions I started laughing uncontrollably.

Walker: Umm can I ask you something?
Editor: Yeah sure
Walker: You do know it’s about two women right?
Walker: Are you ok?
Editor: LMAO !!!!!!!

She didn’t realize it was about two women in the end and thought I screwed up so changed all the pussies into cocks and the woman into a man and made it different from what it was LOL.
Well Ms. Editor, all I have to say is congratulations, you are the only person I know to actually grow a cock on a woman.

Have a nice weekend.


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