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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sex Talk: Finding Walker ©

Another Friday and look how fast the week went.
I was Tagged not to long ago by Skye to do a meme.
I guess she missed the memo about not tagging Walker.

Choose a search engine-Pick 5 random blogfriends-Think of a word or phrase that describes each friend-Do an image search of that word or phrase-Pick an image that makes you say, “Aha! That’s it!”-By the way– if you see your name below… Tag…. You’re it!!!(Although, you do not have to participate if you don’t want to.)
Now those are the rules got it.
Ok, now forget the rules because I don’t follow rules.

For three months I have been going through changes.
At first I didn’t notice them.
They were subtle, small and insignificant to me.
They were in the way I thought and wrote,
A couple of people came to me and pointed this out then commented on the direction I was going.
I was being more aggressive on issues and direct, open care free in my thoughts not worrying about holding back.
Lots of deep thoughts and conflicting feeling were immerging.
I found myself fighting a war within myself and in my head in the way I thought and the beliefs I held.
I was writing this post and when I read it back after, it didn’t look like it was I writing it but someone else.
It was strange looking at someone else’s writing coming out of my hands.

That was weeks ago when I started that post and the other day I read what I had so far and I knew who wrote it.
It was a song on the radio that tied it all up for me to see who it was.
Someone I hadn’t seen in awhile.
Someone I let go not by choice but by neglect.
It was me the whole time but the me from three years ago.
It was the person who walked into the backgammon rooms to play and to be as good at it as I could be.
I was full of confidence and fire then and didn’t give a rat’s ass who I played or stood in my way.
That’s how I was in real life.
I spoke my mind and did what I wanted within my world without thinking of disappointing someone.
I had changed though and silenced myself slowly over the years.
I went into a passive mode and put down my aggressive side.
I suppressed my wild side for someone and I now realize I was wrong to change who I was for anyone even though I did it on my own.
It was something I did on my own so there is no one to blame but myself.
But that has now changed I am back to who I am.
No more barriers, no more restrictions everyone gets to see me as I was and am and always will be.
This is the real me 100% me and if a woman wants me she is going have to take me like this or walk on by because I have no desire to change that.
I was walking down the street to Archie’s the other day and they were all on the porch watching me walk up and as soon as I got here Archie said when he looked at me walking down he was transported back 20 years and I looked like I did back then.
He said I walked down the street like I owned it and that’s how I felt.

So what does it take to handle Walker?
I am a hard headed, stubborn person and it takes strong people to keep me focused and controlled and getting here again took a lot of work by not one person but many special people that thought for some reason I was worth it.
There was swearing, pushing, shoving, threats, crying a couple of cheap shots (They fight dirty) ranting, the list goes on but they stuck by me and chocolate wasn’t even on the table or baklava.

So with that in mind and the meme to do, some of my closest friends:

The Bond Girls and MrH

Hot and Sassy with the ethics of a drill sergeant who summons me on yahoo with a “Boo” or a “Hey A-Hole” depending on what I did to her in our last conversation.
At least I get to call her “Bitch” and not insult her.
We have had some great talks and arguments in the last few months and I think I won one. (Waiting for the “yeah right which one,” comment)
With all her own problems she put hers aside and kept me from exploding and even deleting my blog.
I have been reading Vickie’s blog for a long while now and I saw her strength and compassion for other people and I was not surprised when we hooked up on line the with the power she wielded with her silence so you can imagine when she speaks how important it is.
Couple that with that southern beauty and the twinkle in her eyes and how could you not stop, look and listen
The biggest thing about her is that she listens to what you say, not that I give her much room to speak and she doesn’t judge you for what you did but who you are.
She is always there for her family and friends.
So who else can I pick as a Bond Girl for Vickie but……Diana Riggs.


She is Tracy or even better, Emma Peel, tough, smart, sexy and ready to fight for a good cause or make love or a combination of both.
Loyal to family, friends and most important she is loyal to herself and is now emerging from her cocoon so soon we will see this butterfly in full action.
I know a friend for life when I see one and Vickie is it.

The good one ”cough” sorry the throat is a little dry.
Monica is a good one, there is no doubt about it but you are not THE good one…..
This is a very sexy woman with an infectious laugh and in fact had me in tears the other day.
I don’t know how she does it, I get a call and I am pissed, the next thing I know I am talking about……… fuck I don’t know what I am talking about but I am not pissed anymore.
She gets my mind off of my problems and thinking about other things without trying; it just happens and then she talks me into writing some wacky posts.
Monica has an incredible mind and a heart that only knows how to give and give she did to me when I needed it with a lot of her time and company.
It’s no secret that she owns my lunch hours everyday and yes she logs more airtime on the phone than any teenager.
I do know that if anyone needs her she would be there for him or her selflessly.
So which Bond Girl do I think she would be……Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson.

shirley-eaton jill masterson goldfinfer

Now just look at this picture and notice how she keeps one foot on the ground at all times.
This way she is technically not in bed and still the good one.
I look forward to having her around to share lunch with me for a very long time.
Monica is an excellent friend to have when you need a laugh.

Skye came into my life kicking.
Kicking me right off her blog roll, that got my attention pretty fast.
Then I told her that it was ok I would keep her on mine and wait for her to put me back.
That’s when a friendship began and I got my analyst
The questions came flying at me warp speed keeping me off balance while she probed for cracks to break onto.
I don’t know what she found but she had to pay for what she learned because I know her to now as well.
She has a strong sense of justice and is blind to all prejudices and sticks to her beliefs to the letter except when it comes to chocolate, any diet without chocolate is not a diet.
Skye is a beautiful woman with a big heart and smile hidden in all the privacy she holds dearly.
Then there is the Rudolph nose she dons on for a laugh and we laughed.
I’ve had sore cheeks walking off to bed at 5 am sometimes after a talk with Skye and at times made a miserable night better because of her company.
She is the only person I have said good night to and good morning to in a long while.
Yeah Yeah she tells me to go to bed but I don’t listen.
There has not been a time when i've been drunk or mad I haven’t heard her concern and then the analysis.
For a Bond Girl I thought of …….. Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole

lana-wood plkenty o'toole

If I had to see a shrink then this is who I would want her to be.
Hot and sexy just like Skye.
Thank you for being my friend, see you for my next session.

This lady walked in out of nowhere into one of my posts while I was embattled and fighting back.
Took a look around and said it looks like you are out numbered I’m with you I love the underdog.
That’s Texans for you people.
The bigger the odds the better the fight, it’s no wonder why the Alamo is such a Icon to all underdogs throughout the world.
Since then we have become close friends and I remember the first time we talked on line and seeing her on the screen.
Her face was always smiling and a beautiful big smile that only made me smile with her.
She is always seems to be happy even when she shouldn’t and she made me happy with her.
Her compassion shows in her sacrifices for other before herself.
A mixture of beauty and fun which only raises other people’s spirits sky high.
We have shared many moments together and I am sure we will have many more.
For a Bond Girl there could be only one and that was the first Bond Girl……Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder.

honey ryder

It’s the perfect picture for her since she looks perfect in front of the ocean, I know I have seen her and I know she loves the outdoors.
Bennu is a great friend and someone to rely on in a tight spot.
FYI A Bennu is a Phoenix type creature, perfect for her because she can brighten up a room.

We haven’t spent much time together but what we have has been very interesting and extremely funny.
From her blog I know her faith and compassion and her beauty from her words.
Her Physical beauty is evident on the picture she posts.
Her time with me talking is always on the fun side and usually a scream.
So I won’t say anything else.I picked this Bond Girl just for you, you Naught Woman…….Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore


You now if you take a close look you would know why. “Wink”

We have never talk to or seen each other but we have exchanged many emails.
Through her writing I have gotten to know her fairly well and through her emails she has been there for me when I have been down and out and shown her support.
I can ‘t be gone for any length of time without posting my where a bouts for long before an email comes in asking about my health.
How’s that for a friend?
I don’t have a sister and ItisI has filled that gap nicely and if I had a sister I would want it to be her.
She is a caring person who loves her family and puts them first.
Her beauty radiates from her words in her posts.
When I see her writing I think of a person walking through life with her eyes open in wonder searching for everything and craving to reach her dreams.
I hope she finds them one day and all her dreams come true.
Well sis you have to be Bond Girl……..Denis Richards as Christmas Jones because I like the fire in her eyes, the title of the Bond movie “The World Is Not Enough” suits your curiosity of what’s out there and I know you like Christmas.


Thank you for being there.

Mart I have had the least contact with outside of my comments but she has had a huge impact on me these last few months.
For some reason I felt a sense of comfort when I saw her in my comments
I see an intelligent woman with a fire burning inside her, fearless and aggressive when put to the challenge.
We understand each other very well I think even though we never talk.
It’s just a feeling I have.
She would be my buddy I think and is.
Some day we may get drunk together.
Mart’s Bond Girl can only be Beautiful and Dangerous………Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier.

carey-lowell pam bouvier licence to kill


She is a very lovely woman who honors me with her time and thoughts.
We have had some great conversations especially when MrH is pretending to be in the washroom and actually watching women’s figure skating on TV.
A very spiritual woman who knows and understands my beliefs but still prays for me and was there for my niece without being asked or a second thought.
She is a strong woman, a fighter and very smart in keeping her home working.
This is a very beautiful woman and very well organized so who else would I see her as being but the ultimate Bond Girl……..Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Thank You MrsH for everything; you are proof Angels walk the Earth.

MrH is best friend here.
WHY, I have no idea but it might be my food posts.
He has been my friend from the early start of my blog and has stayed totally away from my personal woes other than to tell me to get a woman or two.
I like his way of thinking.
MrH is always out there looking for new software or any gadgets he could find.
I get email asking me to try something new and I usually ended up spending a lot of time with something I probably wasn’t going to use but it was a new gadget I got from MrH or should I say “Q”.
Yes Desmond Llewelyn as Q reminds me of MrH, but not as old.


He was always there for Bond with all the gadgets for him to stay alive as MrH was here for me with all his software to keep me busy and my mind on other things.

Who are you?
I created FB in a post and now you have taken over the name and you have no blog.
Frankly I don’t even know if you’re a woman or man but I will assume you are female.
It seems that I have peaked her interest according to her emails but hey it’s an ego boost for me so here you go you are Bond girl……….hmmmm I don’t know?
I don’t know nothing about you other than……..
Tell you what,
You choose from the ones I put up here.
Which one are you?

Izabella Scorupco as
Natalya Siminova

Jane Seymour as

Famke Janssen as
Xenia Onatopp

Tanya Roberts as
Stacey Sutton

Well it’s been a long while since I got back from NZ and all the things that have happened including the changes in my life.
The only thing I could say is that I couldn’t have done it without a lot of people.
I am not one for asking for help and usually refuse it but it wasn’t like I could say no to some of them and then it only became natural having them around.
But looking back on this post and at the pictures of these famous celebrities I think they are the lucky ones having these GREAT friends and people linked to them and not the other way around.
I wish all of you out there the same fortune as I have found in these friends.
As for me, I'm just Walker.

Have a nice weekend


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