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Monday, October 03, 2005

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I would like to thank many people and for their comments.
As bloggers we are family.
Family takes care of family.
I would like to thank mrhaney, Susan, and Brian for linking this post and sending it out to other people.
I want to thank some of you for the emails also.
This post will not be forgotton because it is going on my side bar tomorrow.
We think about protecting our kids, don't forget to protect your self also because who will protect them if your gone.
Everyone stop by Brians and help him celebrate 2 years of blogging .
Happy Blogaversary Brian.


The events of the last couple of days affect me in more ways than 1. First this was a friend of mine who was hurt.
Second I have a girl friend that lives half way around the world and I can’t protect her.
Third and last but not least I have 2 daughters who are at an age where they are on their own and I wouldn’t want this to happen to then and onto no one else’s children.
As a man I am appalled.
As someone’s partner I am fearful.
As a father I am terrified.
I didn’t write these posts for comments.
I didn’t write them for people to come to my site.
I wrote them to save just one person from being hurt and scared for ever, any person, maybe one of my kids or yours.
The people who know me best know I don’t scare so easily and would face anything with a smile and take it to my grave.
Not being there to save a loved one kills me.
I have a soft spot for the female gender and I have always gotten along best with them.
I don’t know if this is wrong but I do view women as the weaker sex when it comes to strength and have been drawn to protect them.
Something like this leaves me impotent to help.
Always be aware and teach this to your kids and yourself to always know when your are safe and when you are not.
My friend has decided not to persue after this person and I respect her decision.
I am not happy about this but her health at the momment is more important to me. Hopefully at a later date I can convince her to either give me the place where she met him and I will make sure everyone knows what kind of animal this is or she will find the courage to do it on her own.
I am going to continue along the lines of my last post.
I am writing this as a son, a father and a boy friend.
What happened to my friend is unspeakable but I feel it was her fault for trusting someone she met on line.
I feel that it’s her husbands fault for not being attentive to his wife. She was talking and emailing this man for 4 months and he didn’t know. This was going on while he was watching television and she was at the computer.
She allowed herself to get put into a situation where this could happen, by meeting someone she does not know and has never met.
He lured her with his nice talk over the last four months and then brutally raped her then sent her out to her own car to drive her battered body or where ever she wanted to go because he didn’t give a fuck.
She met him on line in a chat room like many other people do. They got to know each other very well. Well he did she, got to know what he wanted her to know. Then after some time he suggested going for just a coffee. Then one excuse to another and tragedy strikes.
How safe is meeting people on the internet is the question?
I met Lisa online in a backgammon room. I was not there to meet anyone but I did, if fact I met many people.
We got to be friends first and then fell in love. It took over a year before we met in person and it wasn’t alone. There were 2 other people and thousands more at the airport.
Before I met Lisa there was another woman who wanted to be with me. She poked and prodded but I never paid any attention to her in that way.
Upon learning about Lisa and me, she went and met other men on line.
One told her to meet him at the Miami airport and when she flew across the country to be there her cell phone ran and it was his wife telling her” what you think my husband would leave me for someone like you” She stood there 2000 miles from home alone.
The same woman went to meet a man in Holland she had been talking to for 5 years with the impression that they were going to be a couple. She got to Amsterdam and was left at the airport waiting for him until she realized he wasn’t coming. She hasn’t heard from him since, 10,000 miles from home alone. She was lucky, anyone of those 2 men could have been a predator.
Let’s look at what happens here on Blogger.
We start our blogs and go out commenting and bringing people to our sites.
After awhile we meet people and become friendly and trust each other more each day.
We started with an alias but now when so many friends are reading us there is no need to hide under a false name so we use our real one. Totally forgetting about the others that come in and lurk.
In Our profile many of us tell people where we are from, Country and City.
Then before you know it we are posting pictures of what we look like and what our kids look like and the inside of our house and neighborhood.
Add that to our posts and you can learn a lot about a person. Like if you’re married or single do you live alone………
Now with all this HNT stuff going around, there are pictures of people showing a lot of skin.
Some of it is very creative some of it is very forward but non the less it's naked skin that a pervert can fantisize in his own sick fucken way.
Lots of it is done in fun but fun can change very quickly.
How many of those people coming in to leave comments are sincere and how many are just perverts looking for cheap thrills.
How many are not even commenting but just coming in to jerk off infront of the screen to your picture.
What’s to stop a rapist/murderer from starting a blog that lives in your neck of the woods and say he lives in another country 10,000 miles away.
He could even pretend to be a woman, how would you know?
Many people tell in their posts what they will be doing the next day and where they are going so this person who you think is 10,000 miles away could show up there without you knowing he is there. He knows what you look like because your picture is on your blog.
From there he can follow you home and learn where you live.
He doesn’t even have to do that he can come to your site and comment and after awhile when you are used to having him there, you could swap postcards.
You would email him your address so he could send you his postcard right.
Does this sound like a lot of work to you?
It is, but this is his job, this is what he lives for.
He has all the time in the world to do what he wants.
He has been fueled with what he has seen (HNT Pix) and now he wants you.
You are his job, you are his next victim, and if you have kids then you are jeopardizing their lives as well.
This post is aimed at women mostly because they are the ones that are attacked the most.
Some of you may say it will never happen to me but that’s what many victims said too.
If any of you think I am wrong in my thinking then I welcome you to tell me so.
If you believe that there are no perverts in here abusing what you write and show then tell me I am wrong.
You all know anyone can take a copy of you picture.
Lisa has had hers copied and posted on another site, without her permission.
They can print the picture that they copy and carry it around while they are looking for you.
Would you give a complete stranger your picture?
You do here.
Would you undress for a stranger?
You do here.
Would you give a stranger, nude pix of you?
You do here.
Would you give a stranger, pictures of your children?
You do here.
And you told them where you live.
Your suppling you assailant with all the information he requires thus making your an accomplice to the terror that might befall you and your family.
The only person that could protect you and your family from this, is you, because when it is too late, it’s just too late.
Blogging and meeting people is fun, but it’s dangerous too, just understand how much info you give out.
I could add heaps on this post and it would never end.
I am sure there are people with stories out there that that happened online which they haven’t even told anyone. It's time you did.

All this post is supposed to say is that I care for all of you.

Be safe
Blog safe

Happy Blogging


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