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Friday, July 28, 2006

Sex Talk: Double Head Her ©

It’s Friday again.
Is it me or are they flying by?
I don’t know about you by I would like to slow it down a bit.
Maybe if he got everyone in the world to run in one direction we can slow down time a bit.
What do you think?

It has been brought to my attention that I didn’t post a Sex Talk post last week.
It’s not like I haven’t been busy you know.
But I must admit I got a laugh while sitting here bored on Saturday night and an email for a comment left came in asking me where the post was.
And you want TWO this week I suppose as that person told me today.
What idiot came out with Sex Talk Fridays anyway?
He should be flogged by some woman wearing black leather with tits that go out to…
Yeah Yeah I know, I’m sick.
But I have to write these things and I'm not getting any so it’s not that easy without having to take break after break.
Not even cyber sex.
That’s too dangerous anyway.
I would have to stand on the chair to expose myself to the camera and the chair has wheels.
With my luck the chair would take off sending my crashing to the floor but not before smashing my balls on the edge of the desk.

So here is the deal.
You get two today.
The first one you all could read.

The second one…
What can I say?
I can be bad at times.

Sex Talk: Forever  

Moments in time are like fields of wheat that have blown by.
They number the trillions, we just remember the one’s that are important to us.
We just don’t realize it.

What is your fondest?

If you live in a major metropolis your whole life, the chances are (unless you are a hermit) your eyes would have seen a million people.
We just don’t realize it.

How many do you know?

A man walks down the same street for 40 years, to the same house, to the same room from the same job.
We just don’t realize it.

Who was he?

He is someone I have known almost all of my life.
He never spoke.
He never smiled.
He was just there.

He is retired now but he used to be a chef and when I was young even before my brother was born, he worked with my father.
I remember seeing him there when I used to stop by after Greek school on Tuesday nights.
That’s right I was sent like all the other first generation Greek kids to Greek school to learn to read and write the language of my parents.
Today I don’t regret that but at the time it was a bitch going to school after school.
But I remember Peter when he was a young man but he never smiled.

As the years went by and I grew into adulthood I remember seeing Peter walking home from the same direction and going to the house he rented his room in.
I knew the people living there that rented the room to him and I grew up with their daughter and son if fact while I was in traction for two years the daughter was the only person that came to see me.
I always wanted to ask her about Peter but I never did.
One day, years later I asked my mother and this is the story she told me.

Peter used to live in a small village in Greece.
As a kid his best friend was a girl and for years they played together and as they got older they got closer and fell in love.
Peter was always a hard worker.
After he did his mandatory tour in the military he went home to work on the family farm but made it known that he was moving to Canada to start a new life.
He asked his girl friend to marry him and go with him.
She said she would and they made plans.
They told their parents but hers wanted to be sure that he could take care of their daughter in a foreign country so it was decided that he would go first and establish himself then come back and they could get married.
Agreeing to this Peter left for Canada.
He found a room for rent with this Ukrainian family that needed the money.
For a year he worked hard in hot kitchens and mopped the floors after for the extra money.
He saved every cent he didn’t spend.
When all the other young men went out to have fun Peter went home or to a second job.
One day a letter arrived from his father.
His girl friend had married the son of some rich family.
Her father didn’t want his daughter to leave the country and he say the benefits by having his daughter marry into this family.
She had no choice but to do as her father said…………..

For as long as I have known Peter, he has never been married.
I have never seen him with a woman or a man for that matter.
He is quiet and reserved.
He doesn’t smile, but his face isn’t a bitter one.
It’s blank
It’s a face you look into and want to think……..

He loved her so much that when he lost her he could never look at another woman again.
That’s the most powerful level of love.
It’s spiritual.
Begs me to ask, “Is there someone out there that I would feel that way about”?
Someone I would love so much that if she was gone my soul would dim to a flicker blinding me to any desire.
Never to hold a woman again in my arms to feel her soft skin and smell the sweet scent of perfume along her bare shoulder.
Never to have sex again;
Is there someone out there worth giving this all up?
I hope so.

This post was born this morning when I stood outside on my porch watching the people heading off to work.
Across the street I saw Peter heading off somewhere.
His hair now is snow white.
Gone is the raven black hair of his youth but his step is still there, the step I have seen over the last 40 years.
He looked over at me and I gave him a nod.

Hold on…….

I think ……..

He smiled.

Have a nice Weekend


Sex Talk: Dust, Salt and Blood

The desert winds had picked up and the dust was clawing at the clouds.
She stood there looking at the whirling sand in the distance from the direction her husband would have ridden home from if he had been still alive.
For two years she had been alone in this desolate forgotten corner of nowhere, not having anywhere else to go too, thus making this her home.
The only real home she ever had………
Turning to walk back to the house, something caught her eye.
She stopped and looked into the chaos but could see nothing but dust.
Putting it aside as a figment of her imagination she continued to the house.

Standing at the hearth three hours later stirring the pot she heard the sound of hooves outside.
Putting the ladle down and picking up the Winchester she went outside to see who was in her courtyard.
Three men on horse back were at the front.
Dismounting they walk up to her slowly well aware of the rifle in her hands.
She knew who they were.
They had come to take her home away for money owed.
Her husband had left the house to go pay off the mortgage and disappeared never to be seen again.
People said that he ran off with some saloon whore but she knew her husband and never believed the stories.
The leader and mortgage holder had offered to make her his wife and let her keep the house but the thought of him touching her made her shudder.
Holding the rifle in front of her she told them to get of her land and stood there poised to shoot.
She hadn’t seen the one on the left moving close to her while she was talking and he leaped, knocking her to the ground and disarming her.
Getting back on her feet the leader walked back up to her and made his offer again and spit in his face.
He wiped his face with the back of his hand and he slapped her to the ground with the return.

She lay there on the ground, blood running from her mouth and nose trying to focus.
Looking past the legs standing around her, a mirage appeared out of the heat and dust in the form of a man.
He was covered with sweat and dust.
He walked out of the desert and up to the water trough.
Dipping his bandana in and wetting it he brought it up to his lips, sucking the salty mixture of water and sweat from it, his eyes never leaving the small group.
Dipping it once again he dabbed his face with it, letting his sun burnt skin drink the coolness from the bandana.

The leader of the group looked at him with cautious eyes.
No one went into the desert without a horse, let alone walk out.
He wrapped the bandana around his neck once more and walked over to the group standing at the porch.
Looking at the woman on the ground.
He asked if she was ok.
The leader stepped in and told him to keep his nose to his own business.
He looked him in the eyes and told him, that his nose went where it pleased.
The leader’s hand dropped to his side but never got there.
A Bowie Knife sliced his nose off causing him to drop his gun to the ground and grab his face.
Stepping away from the leader he faced the one on the left.
Slipping the gun out in one swift movement sending two shots at him and with the left hand tossing the bowie knife across his body and into the chest of the other.
Just then a shot rang out and he turned poised to shoot but only to see the leader slump to the ground with a knife in his hand.
The woman was on her knees holding the leader’s fallen pistol in her hands, a small curl of smoke escaping from the barrel.

Reaching out he took the gun from her hands and put in the back of his belt.
She tried to get up but slipped, grabbing at her he accidentally tore the front of her dress.
Regaining her balance she stood up next to him as he survey the carnage.
He turned to her and asked if she had anything to eat.
Realization came to her immediately and she ran to the pot in the hearth that has been cooking the whole time.
He followed her in slowly, taking everything he saw in.
She turned to the table and put down a big plate full of stew.
He sat there eating it and not even thinking about what kind of meet it was.
He didn’t see any cows or sheep anywhere.
This could be lizard meat, but he hadn’t eaten in days and this, is what he needed now.
He ate two plate fulls with stale tortilla bread and a pot of black strong coffee.

When he was done he asked her to get him some hot water.
After she brought him a kettle with steamy water he took off his shirt.
He had broad shoulders covered with muscles rippling across his chest and stomach.
His skin was brown and gray from the sun, dust and sweat.
As she traveled down his body with her eyes she noticed the bandage at his side.
Removing it slowly she could see the infected gunshot wound.
He reached over to pour the water into a basin but she moved in and took over.

Filling the basin with water she then went to the dresser and took out one of her husband’s shirts and tore it into strips.
Taking the larger pieces she dipped them into he hot water and bathed the wound.
When it was washed, she folded some of the strips into a square bandage and placed them on the wound then wrapped a bandage around the wound and his slim waist.
As she was wrapping his waist he looked at her torn dress and could see her full breasts pushing to get out.
He could feel the desire growing in him to reach out and grasp them in his hands.
She secured than bandage and let her hand rest on his leg and she looked up into his face.
Seeing he was looking at her she followed his gaze to her exposed breasts.
Looking back into his eyes she reached out and put her hands on his chest feeling the strength there within.
He drew her close to him taking her lips into his mouth and devouring them with a hunger long since satisfied.
His tongue pushed its way past her lips entangling it’s self with hers.
She felt his strong hands crushing her into his chest.
It’s been a long time since a man held her like she wanted…. needed to be held.
Holding her back he had his head buried in her chest now with both hands squeezing her tits giving her as much pain as pleasure or are they both the same.
She could feel his tongue move up between her tits making its way to her neck.
She felt his teeth softly sink into he side her neck as his fingers rolled her nipple.
He was mauling her and she loved it, craved more.
It has been so long.

His hands slipped down her sides and up her dress sliding up her firm thighs with his thumbs applying enough pressure to send a surge of pleasure through her whole body.
Cupping her ass in his hands he picked her up and put her on the table.
With his left hand he violently swept everything to the floor from the table and then using both hands he tore the rest of the dress open like a husk revealing the fruits within.
He went down eating and sucking her tits taking her big hard nipples in his mouth and sucking, biting on them ravenously like a starving infant.
He paid special attention to the left one.
She curled up with ecstasy when he sucked on that nipple.
She tugged at his hair as her legs climbing up on both sides of his body searching to find something to satisfy the fire burning between her legs.
Slowly his lips made their way down her body but he didn’t relinquish his firm hold on her tits.  
Biting his way past her navel he reach down and pushed up the folds of her dress, revealing her soft thighs.
She opened her legs wider as his hands traveled between them, she wasn’t wearing any underwear so his hand slipped over the small mound then sliding his thumb into her pussy, her legs instinctively tried to wrap around his hand but using his body he kept them apart and probed deeper inside her.
As he finger fucked her, she lay back on the table massaging her tits every now and the trapping a nipple between her fingers and squeezing.
Her nipples were long, sensitive and craved being touched.

Taking his fingers out, he stepped back and opened his gun belt, tossing it on the chair next to him and within reach if he needed to grab for it.
Undoing his pants the dropped to the floor, exposing his evident eagerness to remove them.
Taking her by the hips he pulled her close to him and entered her now hot wet pussy.
With her legs around his hips he started fucking her mercilessly.
There was no love or tenderness in this act.
It was a brutal lust filled fucking which she accepted with a whimper and the vice like grip she held around his waist with her legs.
Hammering her into the table she was becoming more vocal urging him to fuck her harder and deeper.
Her nail dug in creating red trails crisscrossing his chest.
He was stretched over her now with her legs pushed back, driving into her as deep as he could.
Sweat dripped off his face covering her chest as they fucked there on the table.
Stepping back he rolled her onto her stomach and entered her from behind.
Grabbing her butt in his strong hands he fucked her hard and fast, the sound of his thighs slapping her ass echoed with her moans in the room.
He fucked her for 10 minutes more the he took her by the hand and led her to the bed in the next room.
There at the foot of the bed he rested his hand on her shoulder and using little pressure she got down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking his hard cock.
Her tongue ran from the base up along the length of his shaft to the top and engulfing the head in her mouth taking it all in before reversing the process.
She repeated this over and over while squeezing his balls.
His hips moved back and forth gently fucking her mouth.
She could taste herself off his throbbing cock as her tongue circled his head.
Stepping around her he lay on the bed stroking his cock.
Pushing down the tattered remains of her dress, she walked out of it and into the bed straddling his body and lowering herself onto his hard cock.
She rode him with a fever in her head.
She could feel her heart pounding between her legs sending shock waves through her body and rushing back to her pussy.
Riding him harder and fast, she could feel him ready to come.
This excited her even more causing her to come first at the top of her lungs.
Grabbing her hips he thrust in and out of her until her filled her.
Collapsing next to each other they just lay there for minutes before they started pawing at each other again.
They fucked all night until they fell asleep.

Her eyes opened to the midmorning heat.
Rolling over reaching for him………
He was not there.
Wrapping a sheet around her naked body, she walked to the kitchen.
No one.
Walking out the front porch, she saw nothing.
The bodies were gone, as were their horses.
It was like they were never there.
Stepping out into the dusty road in her bare feet she couldn’t see any tracks anywhere.
She stood there staring into the whirling dust cloud at the edge of the distant desert.

Was it just all a dream?

Have a nice weekend


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