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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sex Talk: The Crystal Ball ©

It's Saturday night and I am late but it's not my fault.
I have been trying to post all day now and this has been the only time blogger would let me in.


She lay in her hospital bed clinching the sphere probably for the last time.
She had it for as long as she could remember.
The cool smoothness of the crystal ball awakened the memories it held within.
It was her grandmother’s before her.

She had been born to gypsies in the back of a wagon, they traveled all over Europe with her family, which consisted of her parents, grand parents, some uncles and cousins, in the late 20’s.
Those were hard times but they traveled around from village to village setting up the wagons selling elixirs and telling fortunes.
They never stayed to long in each place because usually something would happen and they always seemed to get blamed for it.

While growing up in the caravan she learned the ways of the gypsy.
Her mother taught her how to read tarot cards and to understand their meaning towards the individual they were meant for.
It was more than just reading and understanding the cards you had to have the gift to understand people.

Her grandmother taught her the mystery of the crystal ball.
She loved spending time with her grandmother because she told her stories of a time when there were men that turned into wolves and even others that drank the blood of people to survive.
Then she told her about her crystal ball and how she got it.
It had been passed down to her from her from her mother and her grand mother before that.
It had been in the family for over 200 years.
The original owner had been a witch that had cast a spell on the ball mading it a prison for her lover’s soul.

Her grand mother picked up the crystal then held it to the light and asked her to look deep into the ball itself.
You see a real crystal ball has small flaws.
There are bubbles sometimes in them.
They looked into the ball and right in the center there was a small bubble.
That’s where she imprisoned him her grandmother told her.
She stared into the ball at the tiny bubble and saw it sparkle for a second.

The years went on and she grew in to a beautiful woman.
They had now settled in Bulgaria when war broke out and they decided to go east and maybe over to America.
The Germans were advancing swiftly and they knew what their fate would be if caught by them.
Reaching Portugal they manage to get passage to Canada on a cargo ship.
It was a long voyage, her grandmother got ill and died on the way across.
It was a sad time for all having to leave their homes and loosing one so valued.
Her mother came to her that night to comfort her and gave her the box containing her grandmother’s crystal ball and told her that she said wanted her to have it before she died.
She slept with the ball close to her breast for the rest of the voyage.

After getting off in Halifax, they made arraignments for her grandmother’s body and moved on to Montreal.
They found a place to live and her parents went out to find works.
Her mother was going to do card readings from home and she would read people future with the crystal ball.
During the war business was good because people were wanting to know what the future held for them and loved ones.

One night while carrying the ball to its place on the mantle next to the lit candle, it slipped from her hands.
Her heart stopped as she watched it’s decent to the floor and then bounce once twice before it rolled under the bed.
She rushed to get it before it went completely under and cut her foot on a shard of glass.
The pain shot up her leg and to her brain like a surge of electricity causing her to get dizzy and stumble landing at the foot of the bed.

She didn’t know how long she was unconscious for but it couldn’t have been long.
Someone one would have noticed her absence.
Her foot was still bleeding so she got up and got a handkerchief to tie on the wound.
Then she crawled under the bed to get the crystal ball and upon inspecting it she saw the chip missing from it.
Probably the same chip that she cut her foot on.
She replaced the now chipped ball on the mantle and went to get her foot looked after.

That night as she slept, she dreamt that someone was calling her name.
All night long she would awaken to her name and look around the room only to see no one.
This went on of about a week.
It was odd.
The ball was different now also.
It was warm to the touch, not cold as it once was.
She picked it up and looked deep into the heart of the ball to where a soul was said to be kept for eternity.
At the end of the day while reading on the couch she fell asleep and dreamt about walking through fields of flowers while the wind swept all around causing a torrent of different scents in the air.
The sun lit up the sky and spread its warmth all over her body.
Some thing, a shadow flickered by making her look into the distant sun.
In the far distance she could make out a figure and it was slowly coming closer to her.
It was at this point where her mother woke her up and the dream ended.

For weeks whenever she slept she had the same dream but the shadow was now getting closer and closer.
One night she stood there in the sunlight and the shadow can right up to her.
It was a man.
Tall, dark, with wavy black hair, he looked like he was in his late twenties.
He was stripped down to his waste and she could see the strength in her arms and chest.
His eyes were deep green and drew you in if you stared to long.
He walked up to her and ran his fingers through her raven hair.
Her heart was racing fast now,
She had never been with a man before and this was a dream but it was so real.
He bent down and kissed her.
She looked at the ceiling and then out the window.
Her heart was still running with excitement.
An excitement she had never felt before.
She went to the bathroom and bathed her face then walked to the mantle.
She stared into the candle that burned in memory if her grandmother.
Looking at the crystal ball she saw the reflection of the candle inside it and she carefully picked it up and look into it but the light was still there deep inside.
Even away from the candle it glowed.
When looking through the crystal ball the world looks upside down like it’s another place altogether, even another time.

She replaced the ball on the mantle and went to make herself breakfast.
The whole day all she could do was think about the man in the dream.
After dinner she excused herself and went to her room to read a bit before she went to bed.
That night while she slept she was back in the field and he was waiting for her just as he was the night before.
He took her in his arms and started kissing her and slowly lowered her to the ground.
The lay there in each other arms for the whole night as the sun shone down on them.
Night after night it was the same.
Her whole day was consumed of thoughts of dreaming and being with him in the nights
She was lost in his arms.
His hands were like a soft warm breeze as then went over her body.
She could feel his gentle touch move up her dress and touch her where no one had ever touch her before.
This gave her an excitement, which she had never in her life, knew it existed.
Night after night she was in his arms as the days passed into months and the moths into years.

Her Mystic power strengthened and she was quickly becoming more known.
More and more people begged for an appointment.
Even the rich and famous came to her for her to tell them their future but at night when everyone was gone she went to her bed and her lover.

When her parents died she found herself all alone, but not.
She had the one who she loved and loved her.
But he was a prisoner to the crystal ball but she was a prisoner to him.
She lived alone her whole life never marrying or having any children.
She did have visits from her brothers and sisters children, which gave her much pleasure but oddly enough she didn’t grieve for not having children of her own.

Last week she had a heart attack at the age of 82 and now the time had come for her to travel on but she needed to see him one more time and asked to have her ball brought to her.
She lay there in the bed grasping the ball, feeling its warm for the last time.
She never loved anyone more than she loved him and soon she will be without him forever.
She lay there feeling the life slowly leaving her body and when the last second came and her soul left her body a burst of sunlight filled the room and then was gone as sudden as it appeared.

She stood there in the ripe fertile fields she so loved all of her life.
Looking down at her hands she saw the hands of a young woman and as she touched her face she felt her soft checks.
A hand touched her shoulder and her head tilted towards it and rested there.
They were finally together forever.

As her body was sitting at the mortuary being prepared for burial the mortician noticed something.
He took his scalpel and on her right foot he cut along a lump that was there.
A piece glass slipped out…..

So that’s how the chip got on the crystal ball.
Ok, I’ll buy it, I might be able to think of a post for it.


Have a nice weekend



Annie said...

Walker. thanks for dropping by! Yes, I probably would have never graduated from your school! LOL Say, I want very much to actually READ your blog here, but I'm blogging late at night and the music that automatically plays on here drives me nuts (not to mention might wake up the sleeping ones...) so the big question of the night is "How do I open your blog and read it without that damn music playing each time." Pardon the French. Thanks and hope you tell me 'cuz it looks like interesting stuff!! You have a great day, too.

Annie said...

NEVER MIND...I figured it out all-by-myself. Aren't you proud of me?? I just turned off the sound of my laptop!! Duh! Thoroughly enjoyed your postings...especially about the animal innards. Wish I would have thought of it. I can't stand anything that had a function inside an animal!!

Anonymous said...

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Walker said...

Annie: I do most of my blogging in the wee hours of the morning. I can't get caught sneaking into people blog at that time and MrH keeps me up all night on Yahoo LOL
The music is set for off but I suspect you are using Firefox and it doesn;t recongnise my html.
But the player is at the bottom of my blog just incase you want to try and break it :)

Walker said...

Anonymous : What spare time?
Do I have to wear a mini skirt and ripped panty hose because its getting cold out now and the street lamp doesnt provide much heat.

PBS said...

What a great story! But it brings up some questions, did you hear it from someone, or did you write it?

Walker said...

PBS: Thanks. No I have to take the blame for this one.
I thought it up and wrote it.

Bennu said...

my kind of post, I liked it very much....

Walker said...

Bennu: I liked it to. Or I like the idea that formed in my head.

Anonymous said...

Oh Walker...

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora_#: No I am Canadian, it's OH Canada lol

Anonymous said...

Maple Leaf Boy, what is your point?
Are you in love...
or aren't you....?

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora_3 : I am always in love, aren't we all.

patti_cake said...

Wow how could you NOT have bought it? GREAT story!

Miss Cellania said...

What a great story. Thanks for sharing that!

Walker said...

Patti-Cake: When I say the crystal ball and held it in my hand I knew I was going to buy it.
I find some things and what they represent intrigueing. :)

Walker said...

Miss Cellania: Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

what a great story to read before going to sleep.
Great writing. Great imagination too.


Walker said...

Suri: Thank you and thank you for stopping by :)

Annie said...

Walker, thanks for the tip. Yep. I use Firefox! And who's Mr.H? and what's this about BIRD SPIT?? I don't think they spit, do they? Gross! Yeck!

Walker said...

Annie there is a bird that makes its nest from its spit and they collect them and make soup from these. I posted about it once.
$500 for a large bowl.
I wouldn't eat a bowl of spit LOL

mrhaney said...

you had enough time to think this one up . i thought i was keeping you to busy talking to you on messenger. it is a good thing you only get a couple of hours sleep a night, lol. excellent post. we are all witing for the book you are going to write. what say you, bond girls?

Monica said...

I second Mr. Haney's motion. Hear hear.

Walker said...

MrH: Yeah well it would have been longer but a chat with a good friend is worth skipping a few pages :)
Book what book?
Did someone find my playboys again?

Walker said...

Monica: Hey you are getting around today hmmm
Don't gop read the comments on the other side ok

itisi said...

This Bond Girl is definitely waiting for the book. Patiently. Or not.

Walker said...

itisI: Did I miss a meeting?
Damn I hate when that happens