blue moon (2)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sex Talk: The Dating Game Part Three ©

It was obvious she had done this before because as much as I don’t care to having my dick sucked (Goes back to an epileptic episode 14 years ago) I wasn’t trying to stop her and in fact passed the wine over to her a couple of times to keep her lips lubricated.
After a mind bending 30 minutes of this she pulled my pants and underwear off and stood up to mount me.
Well I don’t know what it was; too much excitement on her part or to much wine but she fumbled her step and came down knee first on my balls.
Damn things keep getting in the fucken way.
Needless to say I almost swallowed my tongue and withheld puking.
She was sorry, as was I.

It took a while before I could get back into the right frame of mind.
The 2-3 bowls we smoked helped before I pushed her on her back, there was no way I was going to let her get on top after her last attempt.
I went over her body slowly with my hands and mouth before getting on top and pushing inside her.

After finding a rhythm we both enjoyed we settled in to some serious fucking.
I could feel her finger nails digging into the left side of my back as her lips begged me to fuck her cunt.
I don’t know what it is about dirty talk, it just makes me go mad and I fucked her harder as her moans fueled me on and deeper inside her.

As our bodies slammed each other I could hear someone knocking on the shop door down stairs but I was so into what we were doing I ignored it and said nothing.
My head was getting lighter as I was about to empty myself inside her and the fucken phone rang.
I hoped it wasn’t my mother.

She put her hand on my face and panted to me that it might be her son so while I was still buried in her she reached over and answered the phone.
She hummed and haa’d then said she was too tired and sleeping but would see him in the morning at 7am then hung up.
She raised her legs and wrapped them around me, using her heals on my back to push me deeper inside her.

I asked her if her son wanted to come over?
She said it wasn’t her son.
It was her fiancé.
So you see Gypsy, I would have been more than happy to have stayed and play pillow wrestling all night long but there seems to have been a fiancé in the picture who just happens to be the brother of one of my friends and was coming by in the morning.

Well over the next 5 seconds a bunch of thoughts went through my head but in the end of it the fact was that the fish was in the pond and I wasn’t pulling it out until I was done and that was what happened.

Later while laying on top of each other she tried to explain a bunch of things to me like she wasn’t going to marry him and he knows it kind of talk.
In the past he has called her his girl friend and she has said no she wasn’t in front of him.
I backed off years ago but she has been pursuing me for four years now and I had been finding ways to stay a few steps ahead while trying to understand the whole picture before I got someone hurt.
Until now that is.

Around 1 am I decided to leave and get the car back to my parents.
I got dressed and she walked me down to the front door.
She opened the door and a cool breeze swept in and we stood there looking at each other.
She was still naked and she stepped into my arms kissing me for ten minutes before she let me leave.

On the way home I decided to stop and get something to eat at a Shawarma joint and parked the car for 5 minutes and ran in then out to find an $80 parking ticket on the windshield.
Then the phone rang and my mother was on the other end calling to tell me there was an army of people parked on my door waiting for me to come home.
What’s next I thought to myself?

When I got home and let everyone in to drink what beer was left in my fridge the phone rang and it was CZJ calling to see if I got home safe and to make sure I wasn’t upset with her.
I told her everything was fine and I would talk to her later and hung up to deal with the Keystone druggies in my kitchen.

I woke up in the morning wide-awake and staring at the ceiling wondering how I managed to go back 20 years instead of ahead like I have been trying to for so long.
I like CZJ but I noticed she drank a lot.
My ex used to drink like that and when she did she got violent.
She is the only person who has ever stabbed me and she did it twice and both times because she had no more booze and blamed me.

I backhanded her the first time and thought I killed her but all she did was laugh and asked me for some money to get a bottle.
The second time she smashed the empty bottle and rammed it into my side then ran out the door.
It was her addictions that drove us apart.
Her excessive drinking and cocaine use that finished it and when I see a woman drink that much all the time I think back to those years and the hell I went through.

I hardly drink any more and not only for what it does to your liver but more because of the volatile disposition it leaves you in when you drink to much.
I have seen more angry drunks than angry pot smokers.
In fact I have never seen someone get high on pot and go ballistic.
They usually pass out and eat everything in the fridge when they wake up.

I got out of bed and took a shower to wash the night before off of my body and went down and made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast with some scrabbled eggs and bacon.
When the pancakes were done I walked next door and dropped some off to my mother because she likes them and says the ones my father makes are like freebies and you need a chainsaw to cut.

I looked at the clock, it was 10:30am and I was going for Dim Sum at 1pm so I didn’t want to eat to much but I was starving so I ate everything and hoped it will be digested by the time I was to meet K.
She was a nice lady who’s husband left her as soon as her daughter left home to go to school in the states.
She later found out that for years he was sleeping with everyone but her and once the last kid was gone; so was he with her best friend.
This is all according to her, I am sure there is a bigger picture.

We met where I always go for Dim Sum because I think it’s one of the best places in the city for it and rather inexpensive.
Dim Sum for those of you who don’t know it a buffet where the servers walk around with carts filled with dozens of different types of dumplings and finger foods.
Think of it a sample feast because there are only a few on each plate you could share with your guests instead of having to buy just a plate of one thing.

I met her at the front door and we walked upstairs together to stand in the long waiting line.
Like I said there is a constant flow of about 200 people here all the time.
We got a table by the window and sat down.
She had never been out for Dim Sum before so I explained to her you choose by sight and not a menu.
I asked her is she had any allergies and she said she could eat anything thing so eat we did.
The first cart came by and we picked out some shrimp dumplings and meatballs made from ground up shrimp with some bbq pork buns.
Everything is steamed not fried in this restaurant except for the deep fried squid.

She was very shy so I did most of the talking trying to knock her out of the shell she was in.
I told her to try the hot sauce, which made her eyes bulge and reach for my green tea.
After getting our fill we sat around and I learned a little more of what she does and where she grew up.
She doesn’t drink but likes smoking pot sometimes so after paying the bill we walked down to her car and drove over to my place.

We sat on my couch together while I rolled a joint and passed it to her to light as I rolled another one for use to have after.
As we smoked she looked around the immediate area and saw that I have a passion for plants as they are everywhere you look.
I told her they were easier to deal with than fur balls.
Then she saw my movies and looked through them commenting on a few and asked her is there was one she would like to see and she pulled out “The Da Vinci Code’ and said she read the book but never seen the movie.

I didn’t mind so I popped it into the DVD player and sat back to watch.
I asked if she wanted some popcorn and she said no but that she would like to cuddle if it was ok.
I didn’t mind so we stretched out on the couch together to watch the movie.

It was when the cops took off on a wild goose chase from the Louvre that she started rubbing my leg and then kissing was close behind that.
All of a sudden the movie wasn’t important any more and we moved on to playing with each other but it was weird.
She wouldn’t really let me touch her.
Kiss her yes but not touch.
She rubbed my cock but when I touched her boob she pushed my hand away.

I could feel her fingers pulling down my zipper then tried to slip inside but it was a little tight so she had to undo my belt and pants.
With easier access to the family jewels she pulled in out and bent her head down.
I felt like an inflatable doll laying back getting my cock sucked and not being able to reach out and grab what I like.
This isn’t acceptable for me.
I need to be able to touch some flesh to get me cranked up but she wasn’t having any of that and just kept licking or pulling at me with her lips.

As I got harder she started to suck more and more until it fucken hurt and I told her to lighten up but she took that as a sign to crack up the Hoover and try to suck my balls through my cock.
I could almost feel my butt caving in before I pushed her back and told her clearly to slow down.
Last time I let a woman go to town on me like that I was pissing blood for a week and I sure as hell wasn’t going through that again.

I told her maybe she should lay back and let me play with her but she said she didn’t want me to, only to suck my cock.
Hmmmm, it’s not what I’d like but I can’t make her do what she doesn’t want to so I lay back but I told her to take it easy.
That’s all I need for her to suck so hard I end up crapping out of the wrong hole.

She sat there for about fifteen minutes playing with me while I thought of everything I could to make myself come and end this.
Have I mentioned I don’t really care for getting my dick sucked all that much?

It took the memory of my second grade school teacher to finally get me to squirt something out.
It could have been a kidney stone too who knows but it was over and I could hide iut again from Countess Suckula.

We sat there watching the credits go by on the screen when the phone rang and who was it but that lovely woman who gave birth to me and OH she needed me.
So I told K I had to go to my mother’s place and she thanked me for brunch and left.
I spent the rest of the weekend looking at my pee every time I went to the washroom just to make sure.

The guys bugged me later saying maybe it was a guy dressed as a woman.
I told them to shut up I know it was a woman.
I'm pretty sure it was.
That's it, any.woman who wants to kiss me from now on has to get naked first.

Monday rolled around and I decided I would go for a walk down to city hall and see if I could weasel my way out of the parking ticket I got on the weekend.
As I was walking down the street my cell went off and it was CZJ calling to see what I was up to.
I told her about the ticket and that I was on my way to deal with it.
She said she was on her way to an embassy to drop off some antique silverware but wanted to know if she could see me for a late lunch.
I didn’t have anything else to do so I said I would call her when I was done at city hall and then call her back.

It was a beautiful day with the sun high and not a cloud anywhere.
As I walked down the street I spotted a woman straddling a cement barrier having lunch.
She was beautifully tanned and her bronze boobs were trying to bust loose from her tight fitting top.
As I got closer she smiled at me and I returned the favor and then she said it’s been a long time Walker.

Now let me tell you a few things.
I may forget to eat but I don’t forget a nice set of hooters like that, EVER.
Even squinting I couldn’t recognize her boobs face.
I appologised and told her I couldn’t place her face.
She said she was J such and such’s daughter.

I sat there thinking hard then I took a closer look at her and it clicked in.
OMG it had been 23 years since I saw her last and she was about 14 then.
Her father and I ran together for years and he died hard not well.
I remember when he ask us to shoot him and not let him rot away as he was doing but none of us could do it but we kept him stocked with drugs until the cancer finally ate his brain away.
The last time I seen her was at his funeral.
I asked her what she was up to and she said she was working for the government now but for 5 years worked as a stripper to get her through school.
She had the body for it that’s for sure.
We talked for ten minutes until she looked at her watch and said she had to go back to work but asked me for my number so I gave her my home number and she said she would give me a call on the weekend.

I went to the court house and saw a really nice judge, kinda cute too.
I smiled at her and coughed up some cock and bull story and managed to get the $80 ticket reduced to $40, which was fine by me.
After telling her I’d be in to pay for it on Friday I went outside and smoked a joint on the bench while watching the cops walk in and out of the court building.
I know, I’m bad but I was bored and it’s fun watching the cops trying to follow their noses to the source which they can’t because the whole area around there is alike a wind tunnel swirling around all over the place.
After butting out the joint I called CZJ and told her I was coming by.

She was waiting for me at the door to let me in when I arrived and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.
I could taste the wine off of her lips.
She pushed me back on the couch as soon as we got upstairs and lit a bowl and passed it to me but I declined.
I had a nice buzz going and I was comfortable with it so I told her she could finish it if she liked.
When she was done we headed off to the restaurant in the market area of the city.
At the restaurant she swallowed 60 ounces of beer and ate 10 fries.
I basically carried her back home then put her on the couch where she passed out for a couple of hours while I watched TV wondering what the hell I was getting myself into.

So after three dates with three different women I found myself in three different situations with the same conclusion.
The world is nuts and I must be nuts for wanting to take part in it.
Besides lots of sex I got a chipped tooth, crushed balls and my ass almost suked clean through my body.
Aw well, there's always next week
Maybe I should just get a dog.

Have a nice weekend while I go find a plunger and see if I could pull my ass back out again



Teresa said...

I don't need to have an exciting life, because I can just come and read about yours.

Lindy said...

Walker, I hate to sound like your momma but dude have you heard about AIDS & STD's? You're supposed to plastic that shit before you ride something hard! And you of all people should know that not using condoms can cause you to have to change poopy diapers! AGAIN!

Walker said...

Teresa: Sure sure buit who's the ome thats stalking Peyton Manning ;)

Walker said...

Lindy: And thats why I have a drawer full and she had a box to sitting on the coffee table but you go ahead and be motherly ;)
Oh and I was told the grape ones tasted better than the cherry :D

gab said...

You and your women! (lol sorry just had too)
We have Dim Sum here but we order first from a menu then the cart. Why I dont know I guess cause people around here dont under stand the concept. Hubby and I tried it not to bad,but we tried it when I was still having problems eating.

Walker said...

gab: HEY they are not mine and for the record I was introduce to the by OTHER women.

I love Dim Sum on the weekends and its cheap and best with friends and family.
It feel communal that way

Just telling it like it is said...

I think you should re-think your career..
what about adventure's in walker's sex land
there should be a job out there like that right...
Oh and if there is can I come and work with you???

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: If I ever do I am sure I will be needing a nurse to duct tape me back together every night

Gypsy said...

Ok now I get it....a fiance would kind of dampen the heat somewhat.

Fire Byrd said...

OMG your life is sure exciting right now.
Me I get to stay home and sort out my bank account!!

having my cake said...

LMAO! I never thought Id hear a man say he didnt care to have his dick sucked all that much! I love Walker's World x

Walker said...

Gypsy: Yup it would have been a little uncomfortable to say the least being found there by him and having to listen to his brother and SIL reading me the riot act.
On the bright side I did have some fun :)

Walker said...

Fire Byrd:Usually I stay home to but I don't balance my bank account but I do a good job of emptying it lol

Walker said...

having my cake: I have never been that keen on it.
Couple that with having a woman have an epileptic seizure while it was in her mouth once and almost sucked off on another occation it sort of makes me shy away from it.

Its like sticking your dick into a food processor.

Monogram Queen said...

Most guys would give anything to be in your shoes and your complaining... sheesh! *wink*
You have a good head on your shoulders (and apparently one elsewhere - SORRY could NOT resist!)

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Hell they could come and step in the and I'll throw in a pair of Nikes.
I have reached the stage where I would rather have ONE GF and forgo the "Harem" life style i used to have.
It's just so fucken hard finding someone that ticks most of the boxes and when I do it seems there is something that is a deal breaker.

Yes, I do my best to keep both heads in line ;)


There is always the weekend right?

another great installment!

Scarlet said...

Manwhore! lol

I loves a man who loves women .....

Anonymous Boxer said...

Bwhaha to what Scarlet said, because that's what I was thinking too.


I'm just glad you're getting some action, pal. It will keep you young.

xoxo - have a great weekend.

Walker said...

INNER VOICES: There is always a next week.

Walker said...

Scarlet: Not me.
I just love women.
There is nothing that could compare to having a woman sitting on my lap and letting me enjoy her sweet lips while feeling the inside of her soft tender thighs ;)

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: Hmmm ganging up on me noow eh.
I am happy to be getting something.
I am not sure it was what I was looking for but I'm not stupid either ;)

nachtwache said...

You might be looking for some trouble there. Then again, any future drama will be something to write about.
It is better to say 'No' sometimes, because there are always consequences for our actions.
You make it sound like eros is a little overrated and not always all that pleasant. But you tell it in a funny way. I have a couple of plungers if you can't find one....

Scarlet said...

Ganging up?

Hell Walker, I KNOW how much you'd LOVE IT! :D