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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Day To Remember ©

I was buried in the center of my bed, lost in a dream when the phone rang.
“Turn the TV on, the Americans have been attacked”.

WTF is she talking about.
I fumbled under the bed looking for the remote.
Turning the set on there was a picture of one of the Towers was on fire and just then a plane went by and crashed in the other Tower, I was wide awake now.
This looked like something you would see in a disaster movie.

The date is 9/11
These two numbers will remain in the memories of all Americans for an eternity.
How ironic that these two numbers combined (911) is the number most of us call for help, but there will be no helping thousands of people on this day.
That day, a country a people was assaulted by opportunists under the guise of friendship; with their hands out looking for a better life only to snuff out the lives of others.
My, how the beggar has learned to turn an outstretching had of need into a fist of betrayal.
As the smoke rose from the gapping wounds to the Towers, word came that more suicide hijackings were happening throughout the country.
The United States was under attack within their borders with their own airliners.
Airships filled with more innocent souls.

The Pentagon was hit and in a plane thousands of feet in the air passengers were being held against their will.
Some armed with cell phones learned about the other attacks from love ones and rose and said:
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They wrote their own destiny in a field that day.
Their bodies torn, scorched, lifeless but glowing with Honor, Pride and respect for life.
They gave up their lives to save others even if it was for just one life it was worth it because in the end they decided they controlled their own destiny.
As the plane hurled its way into history, loved ones clung to phones, taking in the last words/breath of a wife, husband, son, daughter someone whom they will never hear, see or touch again; children who will never see a parent.
I can’t describe the sense of pride I have at this moment for the passengers on that plane.
They displayed a courage that could only be found in good people.
These people knew how to live, even in death.

This attack even though on American soil affected the world because there were people from other lands in the lists of victims that grew by the day.
People of all faiths perished by those who have no soul by any God’s standard.
Families of people that worked at the Twin Towers were frantically trying to get word of a loved ones status.
Where were they?
Were they hurt?
Were they alive?
Seconds turned into hours and hours felt like forever when waiting for word.

The news showed the legions of police and fire fighters charging into the Towers armed only with the courage beating within their breast to fight back the flames and claim the souls trapped within.
People poured out the front doors and yet more Police and fire fighters charged into the buildings.
New York’s finest
The heartbeat of America
The ones that keep people safe.

The picture started to shake on the TV and a cloud of smoke and dust rushed the screen like a tidal wave.
The Towers collapsed with all the people inside.
Two beacons in the skylight of a great city lay in a twisted mess of metal concrete and blood.
Brave blood
Who says there is no more love for our fellow man?
How many died trying to save someone they never met before?

The whole world will remember Sept 11 2001; it was the day freedom was put to the test.
It was the day that humanity shined.
The world stood up and rushed to aid a friend, not because they were asked but because that’s what people do.
They help each other.
It’s not the Christian thing to do or the Moslem thing to do it’s the people thing to do.
This happened in New York City but it could have happened anywhere in the world where people try to live free and better themselves in peace.

This is the reward for freedom that is bestowed by those who wish to live in an oppressive society where they are supreme.
You can’t have your citizens seeing how happy they could be without them because once they see it then they want it and once they have it you are not getting it back because freedom is sweet.
So they try to take ours away.
One man’s madness triggered a chain of events this day five years ago that has caused pain throughout the world but yet people still protect him.
Would they protect Hitler?
People to this day are dieing as a result of this day.
Soldiers from Canada paid a heavy price recently trying to bring justice to those responsible for this day in 2001.

I have mixed emotions when I think of this day as you can see scattered through out this post.
My problem is I think too much and I categorize everything I run through my head and for me the bottom line is people.
This day should not be about an attack by terrorists it should be about people.

Five years ago today 2996 people woke up in the morning.
It was like any other day of the week.
They got ready for work and said goodbye to their loved ones and headed of to their jobs.
Some were office workers some were firemen, policemen others pilots and stewardesses.
There were people in all trades and occupations.
Today five years ago someone changed they’re future.
They had no future.
Today these people are a symbol.
Not a symbol for revenge but for life.
To many politicians have pointed to this day for gain.
This day is the day that gave Bush the resources to go into Iraq.
NOT after those who caused this loss of life but for his own agenda.
These people were victims of violence and now victims of propaganda by both sides.
A victory for one
Martyrs for the other
It’s all politics.
See how cheap life is?
What these people don’t talk about is that the victims were fathers, mothers, someone’s friend………

I have been around to numerous blogs reading about the individuals who perished that day.
Bloggers throughout the world have chosen a victim and have put faces to the names.
Meaning to the life they had, to show you yes WE were REAL and not just names on a list, not just numbers.
It gives purpose to their existence because if there is no purpose, then their existence was meaningless.
Those 2996 people are a monument to freedom, Stars in the night sky.
They tell you that life is fragile and everyday is as precious from the first moment you opened your eyes too the last one when you close them for the last time.

I think the most important thing this day does, is tell us not to take things for granted.
Don’t rush out the door in the morning but stop, kiss the wife and kids say hi to your neighbor, hug your mother……..
Don’t put off something for to long because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Today is a good day to hug someone you love and feel alive.

Have a nice day.



susan said...

You did a good job on this post. You make several very sound points.The way free people can pull together in times like that makes me proud to be a people.

mona said...

yes dear,
we should live our every moment as it is our last one...tomorow never do take advantage of evry sinlge moment granted to us for happiness......

take care

Rainypete said...

It was horrific and shocking yes, but at least it was the wakeup call that many people desperately needed. We can take that tiny bit of good out of the whole horible situation.

patti_cake said...

Great post Walker. I am enjoying going to the 2996bloggers posts about those who perished on 9/11. I don't know how long it will take me but I intend to read each and every one.

hellbunny said...

I remember sitting myself infront of television that day when it happened.Not able to believe what was happening before my eyes.I find it hard to believe it was 5 years ago .How much the world has changed since that day.

nanabear said...

I remember being at work watching what was happening live on tv and then being told to evacuate our building. I worked for a Telecommunications company and the thought was that we could be hit in an attempt to knock out communications. It was the most scared I've ever been in my life. I'll remember this day for the rest of my life.

Andrew said...

I did hug someone today, in fact several someones, so I agree with you ... it's a good day to do that.

Thanks again for continuing to drop by and add to the discussion over at my site. I appreciate it!

You have a great one too.

Jude said...

Damn, are we related? You just said everything that is in my heart today, but you are so good with words. Thank you Walker, this is one beautiful post.

(and thank you for the visit too)

lynilu said...

Most beautifully said. Thank you.

We won't recover emotionally for a long, long time. It took almost 50 years before Americans recovered from the attack on Pearl Harbor. I suspect it will be so long again this time.

What will it take for us to be able to live together in peace? :'(

healthpsych said...

A beautifullly written commentary. So glad I dropped by.

Walker said...

susan : Thank you, It was a bit hard to write because everything I was reading about it. so many emotions came up

Walker said...

Moa: That sounds good to me besides tomorrow is for surprises

Walker said...

Rainypete: That was a rude awakening and an expensive one but I know what you mean.

Walker said...

nanabear :I could only imagine how scary it must have been.

Walker said...

patti_cake : Thank you, there are so many so many great tributes. I think I read 160. good luck

Walker said...

hellbunny: It was so shocking, I didnt beleive it at first even though I was watching it.

Walker said...

Andrew: There is nothing more you can do but hold someone close to yu and fell their heartbeat.
I enjoy coming over when I can and the topics are very interesting.
Thabk you for welcoming me

Walker said...

Jude: Thank you for your kind words. Yeah I have a habit of speaking what I feel. Its the only way I know.
Glad you came by and you eill be seeing me again :)

Walker said...

lynilu :Thank you
The anger will go but we will never forget.

Walker said...

healthpsych: Thank you, I'm glad you stopped by

Ariel said...

Walker thanks for stopping by my blog.It was a horific tragedy and a day I'll always remember.

molly said...

Your post is beautiful and eloquent, raw and passionate. It captures the emotions of that day, and the madness of the event itself. It's still incomprehensible, these many years later. How can senseless death and destruction be a man's aim in life? I'll never understand. Is it a cultural gap? Or is Osama a true madman?

Walker said...

Ariel: Yes it was and touched so many people but it also energized a country and brought the world together

Walker said...

molly : I have many muslim friends and they want what we want. To raise a family in peace.
This is a Madman's dream of being God