blue moon (2)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sex Talk :The Beach ©

This post will have to stand here until Monday so I could catch up on work and reading some blogs.
It’s hot and humid here so I will be taking some breaks away from the computer over the summer to get a break from being in the house and a target from everyone to beg, ask, control and bleed me.
I feel like a sitting duck being at home all the time.
So if you don’t see me around as much not to worry.
I hope all of you are enjoying your summer or at least the ones in the northern hemisphere.
Those of you who are in the winter season well to bad, its our turn now LOL
This is a sex post from here on so you are warned but its not that explicit just a little if you want to chance it.

She walked across the white sandy beach as the sun was resting on the edge of the ocean with it’s fire burning out in the distant water and clouds hanging over it like a blanket smothering it’s remaining flames out.
The surf ran over her feet, cooling them down from the still hot sand.
The salt air was cool on her face as the wind blew across the water into her, bellowing out her cotton dress like a full sail against the darkening sky.
She felt the wind caress her legs and thighs, sending a tingling sensation through her whole body.
Her hands slowly slid across her belly and up over her breasts, squeezing softly feeling her hardening nipples through the light material.
She could feel the heat building up between her legs now causing a yearning she hadn’t satisfied in a long time.
Walking to a palm tree away from the beach she pressed herself against it, running her hands over the coarse flesh of the tree and feeling its firmness only made her wetter.
Raising her dress, she wrapped her legs around the trunk of the tree and pushed against it and slowly rubbing up to its rough surface.
With arms and legs now secure around the tree her whole body was rubbing up and down.
She felt the excitement start to build within her causing her to push harder against the tree.
He nipples rubbing up against the bark felt like a thousand fingers pinching each one sending a charge through her brain.
Her face now up against the side of the tree with her arms clenching the trunk with all her strength she rode faster and faster.
Her heart pounding in her chest as a rush was beginning to build between her legs.
Releasing her grip around the tree and now bent back with her arms hanging loosely by her side, her perked up nipples pointing to the sky, she vigorously rode her lover as the fire built up more and more within her body.

The hand startled her.
She pushed away from the tree and stared at the shadow standing before her.
Fear and ecstasy now flowed through her veins, caution screamed through her head.
He stepped out of the shadows and she recognized him from the hotel and had seen him at some of the clubs she visited.
Stepping up to her he looked into her face and kissed her gently.
She wanted to push away but she was frozen to his lips.
His strong hands pulled her closer to him and his tongue forced its way in her mouth.
Forced, no…….welcomed
She didn’t know him but wanted him, anyone right now.
Someone to feel
Someone to share a feeling
A pleasure
She wanted him inside her
He lowered her to the ground and lay on top kissing her neck, squeezing her firm breast with a force that sent a shiver through her.
The sky had gotten darker with the clouds moving in hiding the moon and the stars from her eyes.
That’s when they were open.
He moved down to her neck and was kissing her and biting gently.
His leg now between hers, she had coiled around it as her began to grind his knee against her throbbing pussy.
His mouth was feasting on her soft neck as she was enjoying his leg, wishing it was another part she was crushing between her legs.
In the midst of their passion she felt the first drops land on her face.
On her nose first then ran down her cheek and into the hungry ground.
The trickle soon became steady and they both got off the ground.
The hotel was a mile up the beech and wouldn’t make it before it came down hard.
There were cave no to far away so they headed for then at a fast walk at first but then the rain came down in a torrent and they ran for the cave as fast as they could.
Slipping and falling to the ground he stopped and picked her up and carried her to the cave.
He lowered her to the ground and they watched the lightning streak across the sky and hearing the booming of the thunder echoing throughout the cave.
She caught his silhouette during a lightning flash
Reaching over she touched his face.
Turning to her, he kissed her once and stood her up.
Sliding the straps from her shoulders, the dress fell to the ground revealing her firm breasts with large hard nipples.
Bending down he took one in his mouth and started sucking on them alternately.
Rolling his tongue over each one and pulling on each with his lips
Her fingernails dug into his scalp, deeper every time he sucked harder on her breasts.
He slowly made his way down her body following the path his hands took on the way down between her legs.
Her legs had parted allowing him to slide his hand between her legs and slowly stroking her.
His fingers rubbing her clit and sliding inside her now soaked pussy.
His lips were close behind his hand as they reached and drew her clit into his mouth with his eager tongue waiting to take possession of the trigger to the keg of gun power ready to explode within her.
Spreading her legs wide he buried his face into her and engorging himself into her pussy.
She rubbed herself against his face as his tongue went in and out of her.
Sitting back up on his knees he opened his pants and released his hard cock from it prison and pulled her close to him and entered her now ripe and ready pussy.
First gently and then with force he started fucking her.
Her moans echoed through the cave and bounced off the walls back to then causing her to get more excited by her own voice.
Buried deep inside her now with her legs wrapped around his waste he pounded into her until he could hold it any more releasing himself inside her.
Falling off and on his back he lay there in the cave floor.
She rolled over and kept stroking his hard cock keeping it up.
Bending down and started sucking on it with hungry lips.
First the head and then engulfing the whole thing down her throat until it was all gone and then pulled up and letting it reappear.
Straddling him, she lowered herself on his cock and started riding him, taking all of him with every drop on his shaft.
With her hands now pushing down on his chest, digging her nails deep into his flesh she fucked him harder and faster until a rage released itself within her causing her voice to explode only to be magnified over and over in the cave while coming all over him.
Then colapsing on his chest.

Honey did you see my romance novel I thought I left it here on the lawn chair.
No, I can’t say that I saw it…………………….

No trees were harmed in the writing of this post.

Have a nice weekend


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