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Friday, July 07, 2006

Sex Talk: Knock Knock ©

I have another guest blogger for today’s Sex Talk Friday.
You know, I was thinking (This could be dangerous) if I got 49 people to write me one post a week then I wouldn’t have to be here ever.
I could just run around and comment only.
Then I could go out and look for something to chew on to but there could be a problem with this as well because I would let them write what they wanted without censoring.
Can you imagine the poor fucker that lands on my blog for the first time and read my latest archives?
He would probably see an ex drug dealer turned bible thumping horny man with a fetish for big boobs who suffers from painful menstrual pains at the begin of his period.
His hobbies would be to build houses, racing fast cars and knitting.
He lives in a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs of Buffalo, in a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown L.A., in a farm house outside someplace in Ohio, in a small cottage outside of Dublin………..
It would look like I had 147 children (WTG Walker!) on three continents and are with them everyday by reading through the various posts.
He would think I suffer from Alzheimer’s because I would celebrate my birthday 4-5 times a month and my age varied from 32 – 80.
He will probably faint with my PAP test post.
If he hasn’t had a stroke or hit next blog by now he would have probably come to the conclusion that I was an Ordained Horny Hermaphrodite with major issues and a transporter.
Hmm, I think I will just keep blogging and let you people use Fridays only.
With that here is today’s guest blogger.
Should I put a warning on this?
Let me go check……
OK there is some sex…. Doesn’t bother me none but some of you might blush a bit.
Some might faint.
Honestly though, there is so much truth in her words, the choice is yours.

Have a nice weekend

OH WAIT!!!!!!!

I want to dedicate this post to It’s Just Me who is hooking up with MrA for the first time EVER.
Wishing you both the best of luck


I can feel you and I turn my head to catch you staring at me. 
Your eyes gleaming, telling me secrets of what you want.
I was behind you today as I drove and as I passed, you tipped your head and gave a little salute. 
I saw how you smiled.
My thoughts drift to places they shouldn’t, making me laugh at the shear lunacy of it. 
I don't even know your name. 
I never even saw you before two days ago and yet the compelling attraction is there.
You haven't spoken a word to me, nor I you.
Maybe this is just a fantasy, an imagination to fill the days and haunt my nights.
I look at you when you aren't looking and I watch how you walk. 
I imagine you standing close to me not saying a word, feeling your breath on my cheek.
I watch as you work, the muscles in your arms flexing as you bend and lift. 
I imagine them flexing as you hold me up, my hands gripping your strong forearms my legs wrapping around your waist.
I imagine your mouth traveling down my neck and then back up to cross over my jaw line….your tongue tasting me….teasing my senses. 
You seek out my mouth until you find it and tease my lips open with your tongue.
You cup my ass with your strong hands and pull me closer until I feel you between my legs, driving me crazy. 
Pressing myself closer, wanting you, and needing you inside me.
An aching wetness spreading between my thighs is soaking my panties.
You slide my skirt up out of the way and caress my ass as you arch against me.
I can feel your cock swollen inside your jeans. 
You groan, frustrated from being so close and yet so far. 
You push me back slightly and after a moment of struggling your hard cock is released and pressing against my wet panties. 
I arch against you, begging you to fill me, to take me.
"I want you to fuck me", I whisper, "now". 
You hold me with one hand and move your other around to my front and grab my panties, pulling them, tearing them until I am free of the flimsy silk.
Then you push your cock against my wet and swollen pussy and slide it up and down my swollen lips and against my clit until I am screaming at you to fuck me, just FUCK me already. 
You slide your head inside me and then pull back, watching me with those eyes, wanting to make me crazy, getting turned on by my need and wanting me to need more. 
You slide your cock in part way again.
I can feel my pussy throbbing around you, pulsing and screaming for more. 
I push against you desperately and then you can't take it anymore and you are thrusting deep inside me until I am screaming, Yes, Fuck me HARD!!
I feel my legs start to shake as they grip around you, bringing you harder inside me, my orgasm building, getting higher, tighter, and gaining strength as you thrust over and over again.
You slide one hand up my back until it's in my hair, grabbing a handful, to steady my head as you thrust your tongue in my mouth, matching the thrusts of your cock in my pussy.
Harder, harder, tongue and cock, until I feel myself shattering around you as I cum and cum, throbbing around your cock, and then feeling you thrust one more time until your cock is exploding inside me and I feel your cum mix with mine.
We stay like that, hearts thumping with the explosive encounter, our breathing laboured from the exertion, collapsed against each other, slowly coming down from pleasure.
This is crazy; I don't even know your name.
Fantasies, mmmm……. we all have them.
Yes, this man without a name is real, maybe someday I will find out what his name is, although it's quite interesting not knowing what it is.
Fantasies can often be better than reality, why ruin good thing?  I've slept with men I've fantasized about and too often they fell short of what I imagined.
And although, the man I am currently with is delicious in bed, sometimes I can't help fantasizing about another man I may run into in my day to day encounters.  I never act on these fantasies, since I am with someone, except in my mind of course.  LOL
That's when I let the fingers do the walking.
Hey, sometimes a gal needs a little self love, and what's a little masturbation without a good fantasy to go along with it?


Have a nice weekend

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