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Friday, September 05, 2008

Sex Talk: The Witching Hour ©

There is explicit sex in this post so for those who don’t wish to read this part of my life I’m sorry but feel free to have a go at meeting one of the great Bloggers on my blogroll.

Have a nice weekend


The door stood open and I could see her dark shadow but it wasn’t quite her.
Her shadow was disfigured as it moved closer to me out of the dark and into the dim light of the alley.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she said as the light fell across her bare feet.
Slowly she moved outside into the alley and my view.
The dark shadows fell from her revealing herself to the moonlight.
She wore a mask that came down to her nose but went up and over the top of her head.
There was a long veil that came down either side of the mask that hung all the way down to the ground covering her naked tits but her pussy was out there for the night air to stir.

I stood there like a statue as she walked up to me and coiled her arms around my neck and wrapped her lips around my mouth.
Her lips were soft as she mashed them into mine then pushing her tongue through my guard to entangle with mine.

My brain was swirling with thoughts of what was happening and what I should do.
I had a bottle of wine in each hand and was trying not to drop them and her body began to climb mine.
Her lips released mine and immediately sank her teeth into my neck, which almost cause me to drop both bottle to the ground.
Then I felt her tongue caressing where she had just bit, soothing the pain but betting me horny as well.

As her hand grabbed my cock through my pants I snapped out of it enough to realize we were out in the fucken open.
My instincts told me to run but my stupid cock was doing the thinking so I whispered to her to go back inside and we slowly moved back into the darkness of the antique store.

As soon as we were inside I locked the door behind us and she once more wrapped herself around me and kissed me inside the door.
For ten minutes we stood there mauling each other before she gently broke it off.
Her eyes were wild in the candlelight and I could almost see the beast that was trapped inside.

Picking up the candle she asked me to follow her then turned.
I stared at her naked backside as she walked deeper into the darkness of the store passed stuffed animals.
There was a bearskin on a chair with its eyes staring at me.
She led me to a winding staircase that was barely big enough for a person to walk up and we emerged into a large room with a futon in the center of it.
After placing the candle in a black candle holder she took the bottles out of my hands and put them on at corner table.
She then walked up to me and without a word started undoing my pants.

This was not why I came here for.
I was supposed to pick up something she said I would like for my collection of weird shit that I use to write short stories with not become the story.
She opened my belt and the top of my pants before starting to pull my shirt out of my pants and slowly up then over my head.

Dropping the shirt on the floor she kissed my chest as her hands moved around my waist and up my back.
She kissed me all over as her nails cut grooves down my back.
He lips move over me as he tongue left a wet trail marking her passage then she slowly made her way behind me where she kissed my back.
I could feel her licking the tits of the naked woman tattooed on my back and then she bit them causing me flinch.

She made her back around to the front of me and stood there staring into my eyes as he hands worked the zipper of my pants.
I could see her brown eyes staring into me from behind the mask as her hands eased the pants off of my hips letting them fall to the floor.

She moved a little closer kissing my lip then pushed my underwear slowly down following them as they slowly came off until they around my ankles too.
She asked me to lift my right foot and she slipped both my pants and underwear off and then repeated it for the left foot.
Slowly she started getting up but not before kissing the tip of my cock.

When she was standing once more she told me that she was going to get us a couple of glasses and would be right back.
She turned then headed off somewhere, the kitchen maybe.
Damn she had a sweet ass to look at.
I moved and sat my naked butt on the futon and waited for her to return with the wine glasses.

This was a surprising change of events.
I didn’t know what to think of the mask and veils, it was different that’s for sure.
“Man am I going to blog about this”, I thought to myself.

I was supposed to meet up with Mike and our nephews after I picked up what I was supposed to but it didn’t look like that was going to happen so I guess Mike will have to do the mentoring by himself
It seems that their parents think Mike and I would make good mentors for their sons.
If they would see me now they might think different.

She walked back into the room holding two glasses and a corkscrew, which she passed to me and asked if I would do the honors to which I gladly complied.
As the night grew on I was to do a lot of complying.
I passed her the open bottle, which she took then filled two glasses of blood red wine and passed one over to me.

We took a couple of sips each without saying a word to each other but our eyes were locked together the whole time.
I could see in her eyes what she had planned and knew this was going to be a wild night.
She put her glass down on a side table then took mine and placed it next to hers before her body slithered over top of mime then entangling her arms and legs around my body constricting my movements and escape.

She kissed me on the lips then gave me a wicked smile before she really kissed me then grabbing my head trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth.
As she attacked me I began to feel my desires rising inside me as my left hand grabbed her by the hair and I rolled on top of her.
My right hand moving up and under her left thigh, sinking my fingers into the soft flesh of her firm ass, my hard cock was pressed up against her pussy.

Our mouths were swimming in a river of mad lust, her legs wrapped around me and her nails buried in my scalp pulling my hair as our lips were fused together.
Having my fill of her lips I traveled to her neck and bit into her with my lips, tasting her sweet flesh as I slowly making my way down to her hard nipples.

She didn’t have the big tits I like but more than enough to gorge on and feed my growing hunger for her body.
I could hear her moans and felt her body writhe underneath me as I sucked on her tits, biting her nipples between licks.
I tried going farther down but she stopped me telling me it wasn’t time yet
I stared into her eyes then crawled back up her soft body then kissing her lips once more but more violently pushing her deep into the pillow and allowing our bodies to fuse together into one ball of fire.

I desperately wanted to push inside her but she wouldn’t let me, constantly saying it wasn’t time yet.
It wasn’t time, I don’t know when the right time was going to be but I was ready to bust out of my skin right then but instead she wanted to smoke some pot.
So we lay back and smoked a couple of bowls each while drinking wine until the first bottle was empty.

My whole world at this point was one big fucken dream.

I ay back on the futon staring at the ceiling and the reflections cast by the streetlight blinking outside window.
Her hand touched my leg bringing me back down to her wants, needs or desires.

“Come with me”, she whispered.
I followed like a lamb being lead to the slaughterhouse.

Down to the other end of the hallway and the dark blue curtain that stopped us.
She parted the curtain to reveal a room that was no more than a closet.
Four feet wide
Five deep and no more than five feet high
All the walls and ceiling were painted black
The floor was a mattress covered in white sheets and black pillows.

She bent down and crawled in onto the mattress then took my hand and pulled at me to enter.
I just stood there looking at this tiny room thinking about how small it was but I bent down just the same and crawled inside.

The clock on the wall struck midnight.
“It’s time”, she whispered.

I was ready when she slipped over my body and started kissing me.
She moved her lips next to my ear and whispered,
“I want you to fuck me”.
“ I don’t want you to be gentle, just fuck me”.

Then she reached under a pillow and took something from under it and proceeded to put it on my face but I stopped her.
She said it was nothing, only a mask.

I looked at the front of it and it was the scariest fucken thing you ever saw.
Maybe she liked fucking scary guys I thought.
“It’s ok”, she said.

I could see there were no eye holes to see out of, only breathing holes and it would leave me blind in this place that was getting hotter by the second.
I gently let go of her arm then lay back as she lowered the mask to my face placing me into darkness and at her mercy.

The little room was getting very hot with both our bodies in there and my feet were to long so I have them bent to be comfortable.
The heat, pot and wine had my head reeling when she took me in her hand and started stroking me while telling me how she wanted me to fuck her.

I could feel her warm lips wrap around the head of my cock as her tongue lubricated it before drawing a little more of me into her mouth.
The harder she sucked the hotter it got in that little dungeon and I wanted to take the mask off but I couldn’t move or didn’t want too.
My whole world was a dream right now as my thoughts were lost in a screaming whirlwind of lust.

Sweat ran off the sides of my body as she drew me from her mouth then felt her crawl over me as she positioned herself on top to lower herself on my aching cock.
I could feel myself entering her hot pussy as she slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on all of me.
Positioned beneath her I adjusted myself to meet her body as it found the rhythm that pleased her most.
Her moans fueled me on as I pulled her hips to me while pushing up at the same time.
She must have been using the ceiling to push down because there were times I couldn’t even budge her and she was a small woman physically.

It was getting harder and harder to breath beneath that mask and sweat was stinging my eyes, which I kept closed most of the time.
Her intensity picked up as she dropped her hands to my shoulders and dug her nails into me.
She was getting louder, it seemed louder in that little space until everything suddenly went silent with a shudder and she lay on top of me.
I couldn’t take it any more and pulled the wooden mask off of my face then dropped it next to me.
I took the one she was wear off as well with little or any protest then rolled her over without pulling out and started where she left off.

It wasn't long before I found our rhythm once more as she spread her legs wider to take all of me inside her.
It didn’t take long as I was almost there when she was on top of me and when I did cum she held me tight to her body and could feel her body tremble once more before we both went limp in that coffin we lay in.

I don’t know how long we lay in there as I had lost all track of time but it was a while before I saw her crawl out on all fours and make her way to the first room we had been in.
She came back dragging the other bottle of wine, the pipe and my bag of pot that I had left on the table,
Then she passed me another bag and told me to have some of those.
I looked into the bag and it was half full of magic mushrooms, it had been years since I had mushrooms but I still took and handful and washed them down with a glass of red wine.

She took a handful herself and washed them down with wine before filling the water pipe with some more bud.
I almost choked to death from all the smoke in that little spot and asked if she had a fucken fan before one of us died, me in particular.
She ran out of there and brought a floor fan that she directed at the ceiling so the breeze would bounce down on us from the inside and blow out the pot smoke.

We lay there cuddled up drinking wine and kissing when not until we both got aroused once more and started pawing at each other again.
I was beginning to feel weird, probably from the mushrooms and each kiss was like fireworks exploding in my head.

She worked her way down m y body once more and was eagerly sucking hard once more as my head feel back and I looked up in the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.
Ruby red lips came down to mine and kissed me as my cock was swelling in her mouth.
Four hands touched my body pushing my senses to their limit.

I watched while they both went down on me taking turns as I watched, taking turns fucking their moist lips.
The new arrival then straddled me and sat on my cock while the other one made her way to the top and grabbed the bottle and sucked it’s nectar from it then lowered it to my lips and poured some down my throat.
She then straddled my face and told me to eat her cunt.

I was lost in my own mind or just out of it as I held he ass in my hand while my cock was getting pounded.
The sounds filling the room were foreign yet familiar as we all got lost in the fog we created.

I woke up as the morning light was making an appearance in the horizon.
There was an arm across my chest and my eyes followed it and saw her sleeping by my shoulder.
I looked around for the other woman but she wasn’t there.
As I stirred she woke up and asked me not to leave. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere then asked her where her friend was.
She said there was no one else then rolled on her belly and asked me to take her from behind.

I looked around the outside of the room for evidence of the second woman but there was none.
She poked at me with her ass then wiggling it to attract my attention which she had but what about the woman with the beautiful eyes, where did she go and who was she?

Six hours later I woke up once more and dragged myself out of the bed and went into the other room.
The clock on the wall said 10:30am.
I went to the washroom and on the way back I picked up the half empty bottle of wine and sat on the futon getting dressed.
Every now and again I took a sip from the bottle until it was done then stood up and went to the room and knelt down by her head and kissed her.
She smiled and asked me to call her later.
I told her I would and went to get up but she grabbed my hand and passed me something.
I reached out and took it then left.

I sat on a bench with the bag next to me surrounded by a blanket of morning glories pondering the night before.
Did it really happen or was it the combination of drugs and booze?
As I sat there thinking a woman walked by with the most beautiful eyes you ever saw and she smiled at me.

There’s a fine line between fantasy and reality.
My reality could be someone else’s fantasy or nightmare.

Have a nice weekend



Gypsy said...

Holy Shit Walker!! Is your antique woman one of us or is she of another world? I'm all for great sex but what was with the little hot room? I started choking from claustophobia just reading about it. LOL.....

I'm not sure if I should commiserate with you or congratulate you but I can certainly understand why you were in a daze afterwards. Fantasy or reality? I wonder if we'll ever know?

Monogram Queen said...

That mask would scare the crap out of me and I got claustrophobia too!

Walker said...

Gypsy : What freaked me out the most was that I couldn't see through the mask and it was hard to breathe with it on.
At one point i could feel and anxiety attack coming on that was probably triggered by the heat inside that room but did i stop, No
Because I'm stupid

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: It scared the hell out of Archie.
He's supersticious LOL

Anonymous said...

Scary and sexy. Panties damp reading. Yum!

Walker said...

Jessica: I'm happy you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Um, I think I need a cigarette...and I don't even smoke! That was HOT!

I came over here to visit because Inner Voices commanded me to. I had no idea that I'd be horny the rest of the day.

Anyway, nice blog!!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Holy Hell Man.

How did you walk staight after that night?

Will you call her again?

Walker said...

Random Chick: I do my best to put a smile on as many faces as I can.
It was nice of IV to link me and he does have a commanding presence doesn't he ;)

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: She has called my 5 times since that night so I don't think i need to call LOL

How did i walk straight?
I didn't in fact i still ain't LOL

But i am hiding home this weekend and not answering the phone.

Suzanne said...

Damn. Like Random Chick, okay, I'm good to go! But the little room. No, not going there.

IV links to you and I expect everyone to go back, something like ten-twenty posts, but I suspect they won't because why bother! Well, IV and I know. Nice work. You should meet my friend Travis. He writes women's romance novel. I think you should connect and both learn a thing or two.

Walker said...

Suzanne: The little room was for leverage I think because we both used it like that but the heta in there was crazy.
It was like having sex in a sauna.

I don't know i have learned alot in my 49 years.
Mostly how to stay one step ahead of husbands LOL

Lindy said...

Thanks for the ideas.

Scarlet said...

It's only "kinky" the first time.


I do so enjoy a good sex romp .... usually if it's MINE ... but .... well, i'll enjoy reading YOURS.

For now ... :D

Anonymous Boxer said...

5 times is a leetle creepy. Stay low for a few days... smart.

Leila said...

Wow, stumbled across your blog and being new to it felt like a complete stalker, so commenting to make myself feel less stalkerish :P

I think all I really need to say is WOW I'm madly envious..!

Walker said...

Lindy: You're welcome :)

Walker said...

Scarlet: Kinky doesn't scare me but I don't do well in small spaces.

Oh I am sure you will boil up a storm when you get the chance LOL

Walker said...

Anonymous Boxer: I just want a break to collect my thoughts, keep my pecker in my pants and me out of trouble because rrrrr ummmm I got into trouble because of CZJ.
Not that I'm skeered or anything but who wants trouble, right?

Walker said...

Leila: Thank you for unstalking and leaving a comment.
You come back anytime you like even if you just want to lurk and not comment ;)

Fire Byrd said...

You do have interesting antique shops where you live.... Go into any round here and you just get stripped pine furniture!!!

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: Well it depends in what section of town you go.
I tend to go into places that are a little onthe fringes of society because i like the uniqueness of it.
This lady has shown an interest in me for four years now but I just avoided it the whole time until that night.
I don't know if it was a good idea of not but we'll find out later.

Peter said...

I'm exhausted Walker, and all I did was read about it.... honest, that's all I did,how in the hell do you find the stamina to live like you do?

Walker said...

Peter: I don't, i do alot of crawling home LOL

Rainbow dreams said...

Just stumbled across this part of your blog :) Quite some reading before bed!! not sure where it began and where it ends..
feels very wicked to be reading...but couldn't quite stop myself!

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams : Sex is a big part in our lives and i don;t shy away from it.
I think we should embrace all aspects of our life, even at bed time :)