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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sex Talk: Infidelity ©

It’s Friday once more and today’s Sex Talk Post will be a little different this week.
This is a long post but it will be here for the weekend so take your time, come back and read it later if you like or don’t read it at all it’s your choice, I won’t take offence.
I will touch on some of what I have done and show some examples of others and what they have gone through.

I have been going through a morals phase of late caused by events in the present and recent past.
You may have noticed that I haven’t been answering my comments or commenting but I assure you I have been there, it’s just that my head is trying to figure things out right now.
The combination of heat and what I am thinking, throw in the lack of time and privacy and I am at my wits end of late.
I have seen and heard a lot and I am at war with what I have done and believe in.
Have a seat and pull up you knickers because the floodgates are opening up all the way.
I will be taking you into peoples bedrooms and mine is right there with the others.

Over my life I have enjoyed many women.
Big, small, black, white, Italian, Russian, Chinese never a Japanese woman though.
I don’t see how I could get a decent blowjob with the tiny mouths they have without a fucken shoehorn anyway.
Included in this group were married women.
Some I knew were married some I didn’t.
Normally I would shy away from married women.
She would be one hell of a woman for me to forget the piece of metal on her finger and there has only been one woman like that.
She is hells bells on two legs and full of explosive energy that made me want to ravage her body and I did.
She is also the second to last woman I ever fucked.
She knew little about sex because being married to the same person most of her life they never explored the finer points of sex and their sex life had become boring.
How did we get here you ask?
Drunk one night I walked her home to make sure she got home safe.
Her husband was away for a couple of weeks and inside the door we just went at each other just like that out of the blue without warning.
Oh yes there was an attraction but she was married and I avoided her.
Unprovoked, it was an energy that drew us together.
After some groping and kissing, I was hard as a rock.
Amazingly with all the blood in the wrong head I pulled myself together and pushed her off telling her no.
Even though I wanted to throw her right there on the floor and fuck the shit out of her, she was drunk so I backed off.
I didn’t want anyone to say I took advantage of someone that was drunk even though I was pissed to the gills.
My wits were always with me.
I told her to go to bed and if she wanted me to fuck her, she would have to come over when she was sober.
The next day she was at my door early in the morning and we spent hours having some fantastic sex.
Pure uninhibited lustful sex, something she had never had and craved.
All of what she did with me she ended up taking home with her and the new feelings were conveyed to her married life.
Their sex life took on a new spark and life wasn’t as boring any more because they found a new cause and I wasn’t needed.
I won’t say there weren’t any complications but they were worked through for the better and everyone is happy today.
Was this a right thing to do?
I don’t know, but it wasn’t wrong either.
What I do know is that if she was single, we would have hooked up 3 1/2 years ago.
I had someone else who I slept with regularly over the last 20 years who is in a sexless marriage.
She has been married 13 years and her husband hasn’t touched her sexually for 12 of those.
Being that we had been lovers before her marriage I agreed to sleep with her whenever she was in the country.
In fact it’s Emme’s mother, the person who gave me her.
Again is it right I don’t know but I don’t feel guilty for it.
I do know I wouldn’t pick up a married woman knowingly just for a fuck.
What I don’t know, I am not accountable for.
How is that for a contradiction?

When I am in a relationship I don’t share.
I am greedy that way and what’s mine is mine.
It’s not like you have to force me to have sex, I have never had a problem with having sex unless I am sick or tired and even then I have tried.
I have had many opportunities and have never followed up on them because I’m that way.
I am happy with who I am with or they are not with me, that’s the way it should be.
Why live a lie and hurt someone else for your hang ups and why cheat when all you have to do is try and fix it or end it, then go out there and be happy.
I know what it’s like to have your partner fucking around behind your back so I know how it feels.

BTW booze is not an excuse and if you don’t believe me, get drunk and kill someone and let’s see if you don’t go to jail.

One of my exs was drinking at a bar with her husband one time when a co-worker of hers sat down next to her and got into the conversation.
While they were talking he slipped his hand up her dress under the table and was rubbing her legs in front of her husband without him knowing and she didn’t say a word, just sat there and enjoyed it.
You know how insulting that is to the husband to allow that to happen.
Even if he didn’t know it at the time, I know it now and I am insulted for him.
That is as low as you can go, to allow that to happen in front of the person you vowed in a church to love forever and who loves you.
How is a marriage going to survive when this goes on?
Damn that booze, eh?
NOT so, you are responsible for your actions ALWAYS, drunk or not drunk.
You can’t go out looking for excuses to be unfaithful and expect people to see you in the right, unless they are all cut from the same cloth or as guilty.
Trust is the base of all relationships and if the trust is not there then it’s a fucken lie.
Then on another occasion I was told she almost fucked that same person in the back of the bar because she was drunk.
If someone hadn’t intervened she would have fucked the other person and not thought anything of it.
I thought to myself back then that, that’s no excuse.
Being drunk.
If that’s the way you get when you are drunk, then don’t fucken drink.
You put yourself in that position instead of trying to repair the damage at home she opted to go out and knowingly put herself in that position.
She knew the other person’s wants and used it to her benefit.
She did tell me her husband was loyal to her but was she?

I was told about one of her friends who lived apart from her husband and it seemed to be working out.
Now I am confused, if I am married, my woman lives with me or it’s over and we move on.
Another thing is, why are they apart?
Well it seems that one night while he stayed home to watch the kids so she could go out to have a few and kick back.
She had a few to many and ended up in the back seat with some guy.
It was all fun and games except for the fact that her bouncing ass landed on her purse and her phone speed dialed home and everyone there listening to the action in the back seat of the vehicle.
Now her husband was a dickhead to, he was having an online affair with someone else, the only difference is that he never physically was disloyal but just the same it was wrong.
Instead of fighting to keep what they had, they opted to destroy it all by getting even instead of talking and keeping their family together.
Yeah they get along great living apart in a loveless relationship where others are fucking your partner and not you.
You can keep it.

Then there was the 3 D’s.
All their names started with a D.
They were all married and friends for years.
I know all three and I have slept with one before she was married but this is not about me.
They have been friends for years and I know for a fact that they have been sleeping around with each other’s husband for years now without the other knowing.
I know because I was on the sidelines being told.
D1’s husband has slept with all the women and the other two D’s have done the same with all the husbands but for D1 who has remained faithful.
None of them know the others were screwing the others husbands.
D1 is the one I am thinking about in this piece.
D1 had a history of cancer and struggled daily to go to work and raise 2 kids.
Her husband was fucking around with other women because he couldn’t stand touching his wife because she was sick.
She had lost her breasts already and had a hysterectomy but refused to die no matter how close to it she got while the whole time her friends were fucking her husband without her knowing.
She thought he was at work when in fact he was stopping by to visit her friends while their husbands were at work.
Today they are divorced but she never knew about her friends and her husband.
She has fought and beaten cancer 5 times.
What gets me the most is the casual way they could go about all of this and not have a conscience?
Their friend is sick and they still fucked her husband instead of being a friend.
What kind of a person takes advantage of a friend this way?
Can you imagine a guy walking up to a woman who is supposedly a friend and another woman who should understand the wife plight and saying my wife is sick and I can’t stand having sex with her so can you fuck me and the other woman agrees for her own selfish reasons.

When sex becomes this casual why bother trying to find someone to fuck just leave that person you are betraying to find someone that deserves him/her instead of wasting to their life.
You can find someone like you if you want and be who you want to be.
People loose sight of what love is and don’t deserve to have ANYONE love them when they hurt someone using false motives or to fill their egos.
Do you want more examples?
I have them.
Heaps of them and all are with married women.
I’ll save them for another day how’s that?

I know many people, thousands and many people dump on me about their problems but what they need to do after they have aired them is to fix the problems not keep letting them eat you up and going out to be a slut (Both male and female) and doing what you normally wouldn’t do.
I get hit on a lot here and I do my best to keep it friendly.
How I conduct myself is how I live and what you read on these pages about me is how I am.
I have shed the lawlessness but the rest is all me.
I would like to believe that I have conducted myself respectfully with everyone here and not tried to give a false impression to anyone that might give them any false hope that I wanted anything other than friendship but I do understand people interpret what they see in their own manner and I have always clarified myself whenever that has come up to avoid any problems.
It doesn’t always work but if the friendship is strong it survives.

Most of the examples I have used are mainly women, not because they are mainly to blame but because I want to even the playing field.
We hear about the men mostly but never the women.
It does take two to Tango.
Husbands get blamed for so much (I have never been one) when a marriage falls apart but the guy most women mess with is not the married man but the single guy with no worries in the world sitting at the bar portraying a the care free lifestyle away from the responsibilities of paying mortgages.
Looks good doesn’t it?
So does the sports car but he is just letting another man pay for his lack of satisfying a woman’s need to be a mother and stealing the spoils when the husband is at work.
Now I know some of the women out there know what I mean because of the shift of the work force, having women working and some men staying home.
Either way the fathers for the most part take care of their families.
I know my exs husband is generous with his childcare and there are no complaints from her on that side.
Even living apart he makes sure they are taken care of.
I take my hat off to him.

As for the rest of all of this, if you are in a unhappy relationship, it’s time to talk and find out why or just walk away from it and go to where you will be happy because if you are just hanging around because of comfort then your wasting your time when you could be happy.
If you have a partner that sleeps with every hole he finds then gets the fuck out before you get something that will kill you.

As for me I am looking for that last woman, the one that knows what I want and how she wants to be treated.
One that is not afraid to be a woman, not a hole but a partner and to get in my face.
One who speaks her mind and gives me hell when I deserve it.
Open minded in the bedroom or any room in the house for that matter and with respect for the other it could be fantastic.
I know.
I haven’t been fucked in 6 months and that’s by choice, not even a blowjob in years but the wait will be worth it.

On a couple of personal notes

That cock sucker that has been sending me emails, you managed to put me back a bit on my heels with this heat and all, but you know what, you succeeded into getting me mad.
I have reported your email address to the proper people to deal with you.
You better hope I don’t catch you because I’ll fuck you up so bad you’ll be shitting little Walker figurines for months and if you’re a guy I will shove a baseball bat up your fucken ass so far it’ll knock your fucken teeth out.
You invade my world and I’ll deal with you.
Damn coward
I won’t run.
I may be alone but you will wish I wasn’t, so someone could hold me back to spare you of what I am capable to dish out here.
That goes for anyone that wants a piece of me.
I won’t be disrespected or have any of my friends treated this way either.
Opinions are one thing but a blatant attack is another.
You sick motherfucker.

D I haven’t forgotten your comment.
How could I, you copied and pasted it in two posts so it would get my attention?
OK you want a discussion on this, fine.
I will post on this comment on Wednesday and if anyone wants to say your piece and be heard bring it and let’s hear you opinion then, not now, one mess at a time.
You could all try and keep me inline to I can go over board sometimes.
All opinions are respected and I will respect yours.

For those who may have been worried, I am fine just trying to get my head straight in this heat.
We took a bad beating the other day here with lightning strikes everywhere in town, knocking out power in parts.
Fire trucks and ambulances screaming by my window all night, Heavy rain
OK, I was outside standing in the rain, you know me by now.
I will do my best to answer all the back comments over the weekend.
I know I am up to date on all your blogs I just comment when I have something intelligent to say, that’s assuming I have any intelligence.
I have been busy making templates for some of my friends trying to keep sane.
Mind you keeping sane and working with HTML is not easy.
I have been cheating you as well.
I have another personal blog I have been venting on and not posting here.
It would only cause trouble if I let loose in here so I opted to allow strangers to read those posts instead of my friends.
Some day I may let you read these but not now.
I have stopped the surprise mailing this month because the box of chocolates I sent to MrsH’s melted in the mail.
I added her name back to the list.
I will start again next month.
As for those who asked about my Journal, the last I heard it was in New Zealand, you will all have to wait for it to surface from there.

Have a nice weekend

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