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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sex Talk: The Happy Monkey ©

Good evening everyone.
I’m sorry I am late with a post but I have been busy and doing a lot of sleeping.
I don’t know what has come over me, it seems all I want to do is sleep now-a-days and find myself up half the night playing catch up on everything I should have done hours earlier.
I am feeling a lot better, my throat is still a little raw and swollen, so I can’t wait for that to clear up and I don’t have to spit bullets any more.

We have a lot do to for Easter, which is this up coming weekend and involve me doing all the fetching and delivering.
Other than that I haven’t been doing much other than laying around reading your blogs and sleeping.
Oh I did a house call to fix a friends computer but I will save that story for another day.
I did sit down and look at some of my loose ends like my Red Clays story which I am embarrassed to say I have not finished and its so close to being finished
I bumped into someone here that has been reading it and told me if I didn’t get her the last of it I was a goner.
I got news for her.
I got to do some work in the basement and with my track record I may be a goner anyway.
Ok so I looked at it and managed to write two thirds of a chapter and I will try and finish it next week then do the next after that and that should be it since I have the final chapter already written.

Have you had enough of my babble yet?
Ok then I will keep going.
I have been Tagged, a couple of times, four to be exact over the last few months, I have not forgotten I am just hiding from them BUT I will get to them soon.
Have I mentioned I hate Memes.
I’ll do them if I am tagged but I hate them and NOW people have gotten smarter they call them something else.
They are awards now.
You won the, Answerthe45questionsaboutyourlifeaward and pass it on to five more unsuspecting people.
Actually I appreciate the fact that people think of me and give me these awards.
I am still waiting for the, you won the red head with the big tits award.
Now that is something I can sink my teeth and a lot of other things into.

OK, that’s enough babbling from me.
A number of people have sent me emails and Imed me asking me to tell them what gender Anonymous was from my last Sex Talk
Hmmmm, I don’t know if I should tell you or show you?
So I decided to let you figure it out on your own by giving you another Sex Talk.
There is some explicit sex in this post so if this isn't your cup of tea you can find many great reads in my sidebar for you to sneak over and meet.

Have a nice weekend


He got to the office around 6:30 am, a half an hour before anyone else and started the coffee pot before he sat at his desk and proceeded to clear it of all papers left there from Friday.
The top of his desk now clear of any left over work from the week before he got up and went to the coffee maker with his empty cup.
There was an early meeting today in the conference room and he wanted to be wide-awake for it.
The big boss had flown into town for this meeting so it must be important.

While at the machine John came in followed by Alice; each holding their empty cups in their hand.
They stood in the lounge talking about their up coming meeting trying to find out why it was called and what it was all about until John switched the conversation to the weekend by telling them about how great his was.

Alice said she had a nice quiet weekend, stayed home, mostly watching TV and cleaning up.
Then they looked at him waiting to hear about his weekend.
How was he going to tell them he went into a dark alley in the middle of the night and got a blow job from someone he didn’t know?
He didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman, the thought of a man sucking his cock gave him a shiver even if it was the best blowjob he had ever gotten.
He told them he stayed home mostly too; it was the truth, mostly.

Just then Randy bounced in winking at him and joined in on the conversation.
He told them the he as his gay partner had gone to the coast for the weekend and had a fabulous time.
By 7:30 everyone was in the office buzzing around trying to find out what the meeting was all about.
There was speculation about cutbacks but they were doing very well and sales had doubled since the year before.
In fact they could use some help to meet orders so it couldn’t be layoffs.

What ever it was the meeting was at 10 am and it was 9 now so in an hour the mystery will be solved.
He went back to his office to see if there were any calls for him and to wait until it was time for the meeting to begin.

As he was sitting there he saw Jane walk in carrying in a box, probably filled with donuts and éclairs.
Jane worked in the bakery on the first floor of the building and every morning around 9:30 am she would show up with a box of fresh baked goods to sell.
She went from office to office asking people if they would like something until she came to his office and with a smile, a greeting she asked if there was something she had that he would like.

There was plenty that she had that he would like to nibble on.
Peering into the box he reluctantly settled on a large blueberry muffin and gave her two dollars for it.
He would have rather picked her muffins for breakfast but the only choices she offered were the ones in the box.

Jane thanked him then turned and walked to the office next to his and he went to his desk and sat down to eat his muffin but first he needed a refill on his coffee.
Upon returning to his office he noticed that he had received a new email while he was gone.
Moving the cursor over he clicked on the mailbox and opened the new email; it was from Anonymous.

“I hope you enjoyed our night in the alley and I have to tell you how much I loved sucking your big fat cock and your cum…….that was sweeter than that blueberry muffin on your desk”.

He looked at his muffin and there was a bite missing out of it.
He quickly looked around the room then stood up and walked to the door.
Just as he got to the door Randy walked by giving him a smile then a wink.
He looked around the room but didn’t see anyone who didn’t belong there so he turned and walked back to his desk and to read the rest of the email.

“ I had so much fun that I was thinking maybe you could meet me 5 am Saturday morning at the old pier”.

“Love to suck you again”.


Who was this person?
He looked around the office to see if anyone saw what he was reading in the email from behind his back.
How did they know where he worked, his personal email and phone number?
Could it be from someone in the office or someone following him?
How did they get into his office without anyone noticing a stranger and stopping them?

Just then Alice walked in to inform him that they were gathering in the conference room and his presence would be appreciated.
He put the email in a folder and closed the computer before he left the office for the conference room.
All the way to the meeting his mind was scanning the people he knew in the office than might be the mysterious woman.

He walked into the room and sat down in his usually seat and waited for the rest to settle in their seats.
A hand touched his shoulder and he looked up to see Randy smiling down at him and asked if it would be ok if he sat next to him and when he told Randy it would be fine.
Randy winked at him then sat down.

Everyone was settling in when the President of the company, B.B. Mathews walked in and then sat down at the head of the conference table with an assistant placing a folder infront of her before she went and stood along the wall waiting in case her employer needed something.

The president of the company opened the folder and took out the year’s sales report.
After looking at the figures once more then put the paper down and started clapping.
Profits were up 120% and this division was the most productive and generated the most sales.
They all poured through the report looking where they excelled at and what places could use some work to keep up with the rest.

When they had finished looking at the report the president sat back and smiled before he told them that as a reward for their hard work the next month’s annual meeting will be held in Las Vegas at the companies expense and there will be a thousand dollar bonus for each person to do with as they wished.

Everyone was happy and excited about going to Vegas.
The president got up and shook everyone’s hand before leaving the conference room, just like Elvis leaving the building.
The rest of them lingered in the conference room talking about their trip and how fun it will be.

Alice came over to him and asks him what he was going to do in Vegas.
He wasn’t sure, maybe gamble a little, he wasn’t much of a gambler though.
There was always the museums or maybe take in one of the shows that Vegas is known for.

Randy leaned into the conversation and said ”Or you can find a little action and have some really hot fun. You know what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.
Then he slipped back into him own conversation.
They mulled around the office for the rest of the day and went home, some hit the bars to celebrate.
He told John and Alice he would meet them later at the Happy Monkey after he picked up and dropped off his dry cleaning at home.

He walked through the front door and tossed his keys on the table then walked straight into the bedroom and hung his clean clothes in the closet.
Walking out from the bedroom he snagged a beer from the fridge and sat at his desk then started his computer to check his email.

As his computer booted up he opened the mail he picked up outside, placing the bills neatly on the desk and the advertisements straight in the recycle bin.
As he settled back in his chair opening his emails he saw that there was only one, from Anonymous

“So are you excited about going to Vegas”?
“ I know I am”.
“So tell me, did you like the muffin”?
“It smelled divine”.

“The other night I was laying in bed thinking of you and how nice it would have been to have you there with me”.
“You hands stroking my body with your lips kissing and sucking me all over”.
“And yes, your hard cock inside me fucking me hard from behind then spraying you cum all over my back but you got to leave a little for me to lick off”.

“You know what the say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

“I’ll let you think about this for a little while and I will talk to you later, maybe even at The Happy Monkey”.


He put the bottle to his lips but it was empty.
He had sucked it dry while reading the email.
Who was anonymous he thought.
It had to be someone at work or who come in their office enough to know him this well.

He went to get up for another beer and straightened out the uncomfortably hard cock in his pants.
Taking a beer from the fridge and opening it, he took a deep swallow from the bottle then stood there going through the people at work through his hair.
The thought of sex with some of them gave him the willies.

Finishing his beer he went into the bedroom and changed into some jeans then left for the bar.
He didn’t live far so he would walk there and take a cab back.
He figured this would let him drink as much as he liked without having to risk driving home and getting caught by the police.

As soon as he walked through the door of The Happy Monkey, a roar went up from a crowd of about twenty in the back corner.
It looked like his whole division was there; even the president had stopped in for a cold one they told him.
It’s to bad he missed that, it wasn’t often the president of the company came to see them let alone go out for a beer.
He sat down at the table and ordered a beer then tried to catch up on the conversations going on.

They drank and drank for hours while telling jokes, dancing and eating until late in the night.
Most had left but he was still there at midnight when Alice stood up and said she was going home while she still remembered where that was and told him she would see him in the morning, at the office.

He moved from the table and sat alone now at the bar and ordered a double scotch, neat.
Sitting there his mind drifted off to the mysterious anonymous.
The bartenders asked him if he wanted a drink and he was going to tell him in a little while but he noticed his glass was empty so he ordered another one soon to be followed by a parade of double scotches.

His eyes opened and the afternoon light coming in through the window pushed him under the sheets to shield him.
He lay there under the sheets with his head pounding, residual effects from the booze the night before.
As he opened his eyes under the sheet he saw that he was naked.
He couldn’t remember leaving The Happy Monkey and coming home last night or how he got home.

He reached down and grabbed his hard cock and stroked it a couple of time and a sharp pain shot up through his shaft.
The head of his cock was tender.
He must have pulled on it to hard while he was drunk he figured.

Bunching the sheet around his body he slowly crawled out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom where he dropped on the toilet and blankly stared at the shower.
Still sitting on the toilet he reached out and turned the hot water on in the shower.
As soon as the steam started flowing out of the shower stall he rocket himself off of the toilet and stepped into the steaming shower and let the water run off of his body.
The water was hot and his body wanted to jump back but he stood there trying to wash the cobwebs from his brain.

As he stood there he remembered the dream he was having while in his drunken stupor.
Anonymous came to him in the bar last night and bought him a drink then they got into a taxi and came to his place where then tore their clothes off and stumbled to the bedroom where he was thrown onto the bed and Anonymous crawled on top on him and started sucking on his cock getting him very excited.

He remembered Anonymous crawling up his body kissing him all over and sucking on his nipples before he felt the weight slowly sliding down on his ridged cock, Anonymous was on top, riding his cock and driving him deep into his bed.

The hot water bounced off his face, running down his chest and over his hard cock as he recalled his dream.
He remember the room spinning and not being able to contain himself and that’s when Anonymous got off of him and took his cock and stroked it until a stream shot across his stomach.

He blinked his eyes trying to see through the fog and water as he took a sponge then pours shower gel on it.
Sponge in hand he started with his face then neck and he worked down his body where he took his cock in his left hand and lathered it up wish his right.
He started getting aroused then closed his eyes and brought himself back to his dream with anonymous and before long he could feel different warmth now in his hand.

Using the shower wall to steady himself he gathered his head and thought; that was one hell of a dream he had last night then finished washing himself before he turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.
Stepping to the sink he picked up his toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it then shoved it in his mouth and looked into the mirror.
He stood there frozen with the toothbrush in his mouth staring into the mirror.

Infront of him, on the mirror, which was all steamed up now was written,

“Had a great time last night”.


Have a nice weekend



Michael Manning said...

Bob Guccione, right? :D

Gypsy said...

It's gotta be Randy but that seems too obvious. Do I smell a Part 3 coming? You may still be sick Walker but you've still got the goods.

phoenix said...

Whew, at work and "steaming"... and your comment about me made me hot. ;-) Need a hint to what I am talking about? :P

Patti said...

You are the King of the rambling posts Walker! You do it well!

Walker said...

Michael Manning: I don;t think so but if he is the one who wrote Caligula then he might know who it is

Walker said...

Gypsy: It could be Randy, he seems to like to wink alot.
When on drugs and steaming up with fever you brain conjours up all sorts of thoughts ;)

Walker said...

phoenix: I'm going out on the limb and guess, Redhead with a nice set of boobs, but I'd suspected as much from some of the steamy stories you write :)

Walker said...

Patti: Yeah I know I talk to much but Hey it's better than being mute LOL