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Friday, April 24, 2009

Sex Talk: Up Who's Skirt? ©

There is some explicit sex in this post so for those of you who don’t go there you can skip this post and maybe hit one of the other cool reads on my sidebar while I be my slutty self.

Have a nice weekend


I was walking around the living room watering the plants when I noticed her standing outside on the sidewalk.
Every Friday I water my plants and as I watered the spider plants I saw her standing out there looking for something.

I had never seen her before until that moment and she couldn’t be living around here because I would have noticed her for sure if she had.
As I watched through the window I could tell she was looking at the house next door, probably at the for rent sign.
The place next door always seems to have a vacancy every month and I wouldn’t mind having her for a next-door neighbor.

I stood there for a bit taking in her legs, tight ass and big tits before regaining my senses, turning away from the window and finishing off my watering then put the jugs away.
As I walked toward the living room once more the doorbell went off so I just kept on going straight for the door instead on the comfort of my couch.

I opened the door and there stood the hot chick with the tits that I saw from the window earlier.
“Hello, my name is Inia Skirt”.
“Hi, I wish I was in yours too”.
“That was funny but I don’t think you would fit”.
“I was being serious”.
“So was I”.

She smiled while she looked me in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity before she stepped in and up to me where she reached up then kissed me.
I was set back for a moment but my hands remembered what to do on their own and pulled her closer to me.
There wasn’t a vacuum in her hands so she couldn’t have been a Kirby saleswoman unless it was outside on the porch but if she was, it would have been a sale.
Maybe a new Jehovah Witness tactic for recruits.
Oh man was I fucked.

I pressed my lips firmly against hers and we stood there hearts racing while our hands explored each other until we both knew where all our weapons were hidden.
Parting for a second, my hand pushed the door closed then we gravitated into the living room like dancers on a cloud still wrapped into a mess of arms mauling one another until we found ourselves falling onto the couch, her buried deep into the cushions our lips still clamped together while spinning a web of lust all around us.

I crawled up her body as she parted her legs to make my way easier as my lips mashed against hers.
With my left fists grabbing hold of the hair behind her head I pushed my tongue between her lips and we spent the next ten minutes swimming back and forth from between each other’s lips.
I then made their way down her tender neck where my tongue found a spot for me to sink my teeth into her neck.
The scent of her perfume engulfed my mind along with my other lustful thoughts as I sucked on her soft flesh.
Her nails dug into my scalp as I pulled on her soft skin with my lips.
My right hand was slowly moving up Inia’s skirt feeling their way over her soft but firm thigh.
Her right knee was pressing up against my hard cock and was rubbing the bulge through my jeans with it.

My mouth moved down from her neck and kissed her shoulder as I went lower and found a hard nipple trying to push its way through her bra and blouse towards my hungry lips.
Gently I took it between my teeth and could feel her tense up as I added more and more pressure until a moan escaped her throat.
My right hand moved under her panties and caressed her ass as I chewed her nipple through her bra.

Moving farther under her panties my fingers found her moist pussy and I slipped my fingers past her guard then felt her warmth spill into the palm of my hand.
Her moans echoed off the walls while the scent of her desire filled the room, her hips pushing harder against my probing fingers.

Slipping the dress and bra straps from her shoulders she pushed her clothes down exposing her ripe nipples and allowing me to freely feed on with my hungry lips.
Moving my hand from between her legs I reached up and let her lick herself on my fingers then grabbed hold of her tits then wrapped my lips around her hard nipple.

Her arms were wrapped around my head mashing my face into her left breast. As she arched her back pushing herself against my hard cock.
She then pulled my head to the right one and begged me to bite her hard.
How could I say no to an offer like that?

I went from one nipple to the other as her lips whispered “Harder” into my ear, to which I complied wholeheartedly.
Inia’s legs twisted around my body searching for a way to hook them onto me as we melded into one form on the couch.

I don’t know how long we were locked up in that position before I looked up and saw a fire burning in her eyes.
Reaching up I grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled each other together once more to take her lips into mine as her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to her.
Like hungry beasts we went at each other for an eternity before we finally broke free of each other.

I stared in her eyes with a growing hunger, as my lips tasted her pussy from her lips and tongue. Looking down between her tits, I then made my way down her body to have a fresh dose of what I took from her lips.
When I reached down I pulled her up close me then my hands pushed her legs a part revealing lace panties with a small fragile strip of fabric guarding the door of her pleasure and my delights.

Bending down I kissed the inside of her thigh then ran my tongue along the inside of her leg and was rewarded with another moan.
I spotted a wet trail running from her pussy down under her leg and quickly caught it with the tip of my tongue before it disappeared then slowly followed it’s trail up to its source.

Pushing her legs farther apart with my palms I buried my face between her legs to wrestle the small strip of fabric with my tongue.
As I chewed on the now soaked strip of floss her legs broke free of my hands and wrapped themselves around my neck.
At the same time Inia grabbing me by the hair with both hands and pulled my face down then started grinding it against her bucking crotch.
My hands went beneath her lifting her up and held her there as she fucked my face with her dripping pussy.
Her moans grew louder and louder until she screamed then came but instead of relaxing she kept on grinding me against her pussy as gorge on her until two more times she shuddered and completely soaking my face.

I stood up to catch my breath and she grabbed at my jeans opening the belt buckle then the pants before I stopped her and said no.
Helping her up I led her upstairs to my bedroom where I told her to take her cloths off and get on her knees.

With her clothes tossed into the corner she got down on her knees then took my cock in her hand and started gently stroking it.
When she had it nice and hard she grabbed the base tightly then took the head of my cock and sucked on it firmly before releasing it from her lips then ran her tongue along my shaft and again wrapping her moist lips around the head when she reached the tip once more.
It was obvious she knew what she was doing or she had read one hell of a book because she had me wanting more of her mouth.
I looked down and could see my cock sliding in and out of her mouth then a put my hand on the top of her head and slowly moved my hips back and forth keeping with her own rhythm

I could feel her nails digging into my thighs as she eagerly sucked me to almost the brink of filling her mouth when I stopped just in time then told her to get on the bed where I began eating her cunt out with a renewed hunger, one I had never felt before.
The room filled the smell of our lust and her piercing yells as she came time and time again until I had had my fill of her juicy pussy then pulled her down to me where I pushed myself into her with one hard thrust.
I held it there for about fifteen seconds grinding it into her as her nails clawed at my back and then I started fucking her.
Slowly at first but then picked up the pace and found a rhythm than had both of us lost into a world without reason or rules, pounding into each other.
Both our bodies shot out only to crash together time and time again until the dam finally broke and a stream of my cum ran down the side of her leg.

I rolled off of her and onto my back and next to her luscious body.
As I lay there she massaged my cum into her thigh like a hot lotion and milked what she could from my still hard cock and rubbed my balls with it before she bent down and sucked each one.
She smiled at me and said she wanted more then bent over and started sucking my cock once more.

Her lips took me in and out of her mouth with a mechanical perfection until she had my semi hard cock slowly coming back to life.
All I could think about at that moment was that I may not see fifty-one at this rate but I wasn’t stopping that’s for sure.
Damn I forgot to ask how old she was.
The kids are going to kill me if she’s 24 too.

Inia was making a feast of my cock as her hands massaged the front of my body and then without warning and in one swift movement she moved up me to lower herself on my throbbing cock impaling herself on top of me.
There she started rocking back and forth with her back arch and her hands on the bed for support.
She rode me as I pushed up to meet each of her thrusts.
I don’t know why my phone wasn’t ringing because she was loud enough to wake the dead.

When she had enough of riding my cock she crawled up my body only stopping long enough to kiss and bite my lips before positioning her pussy over my face then lowered herself sat on it with my mouth pressed against her lips.
Grabbing the headboard with both hands she started fucking my mouth while my fingers dug into her ass.
I was drowning in her cum as she pushed herself down on me making me wish I had a snorkel but there was so much happening down there it might have gotten lost in a butt or a nostril.

Exhausted she rolled off of my and I rolled on top of her as I now needed to fuck her bad and fill her up once more.
With her legs up and over my shoulders I jammed myself in her repeatedly as hard as I could as she called out loud for more while her claws gouged slivers from the headboard.

My head begun to spin out of control as I felt a surge erupt from my cock then I collapsed on top of her where I lay for a long time before I slipped next to her.
She lay next to me plying with my hair then bent over and whispered something into my ear and I opened my eyes and looked her straight in the eyes absorbing what she asked for then using what I had left in me and fresh energy she had just given me I moved up on her as she pulled her knees back raising herself off of the mattress waiting her me to enter her.

I slowly guided myself between her legs then with a firm push I made my way inside her She gasped at my presence then dug her nails into my back and teeth into my shoulder……….

I woke up as the sun was down and the stars peeking in through the window.
Staring at the ceiling I was thinking of the wild dream I had.
Good pot.
I reached over for the bunched up comforter next to me and crawled under it only to find found a body there.
Her naked back to me.

My nose picked up the lingering scent of stale sex as I let my eyes travel down to her nice round ass.
I reached out with my right hand and rested in on her right thigh and felt her soft skin.
Everything slowly started coming back to me as she began to stir and role towards me.
Her head tilted over first followed by her more than ample tits.
She smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Inia, Inia Skirt”.
"Yes, yes you are", then pulled her to me.

“So Dad how was your weekend while I was gone”?
“I watered the plants, made dinner”.
“ I see and what’s this”?


Have a nice weekend.



deni said...

LOL you are a slut. I really need to stop reading your sex talks.


Leah said...

Maybe a new Jehovah Witness tactic for recruits. LOL.

Wow, Walker, this was really something for the ladies--I can't speak for the gents, only for myself--thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...'s the early hours of the morning here and I couldn't sleep. After reading this I don't think sleep will be coming for quite some time.

HOT story Walker. It sounds like the drought has finally broken ;) Good on ya as we Aussies like to say.

Just telling it like it is said...

Oh there you go again Walker telling our sexually chocolate adventures as if it was our first time or something...Now that made me smile;)

Boxer said...

does anyone have a cigarette?

And a light?


Scarlet said...

I thought you were saving yourself for me!? ;)

Lucky girl ....

*saunters off to have a smoke AND a drink with Boxer (can I borrow some of YOUR pot?! ;) )*

itisi said...

I was reading along, giggling in spots, and the getting hotter by the minute!
After the music ended the second time, I was really HOT!!
So HOT that I smelled something burning!
Sure enough!!
I had southern biscuts in the oven for a tad bit longer than they should be!!
For real!!

The music was to get lost in it was so darn good and the post itself?
HOT! Baby, HOT!!!
What a delightful way to start the weekend!!

Tammi said...

Whoa!! I'm lost in the moment!
And the music just keeps the ol fires burnin'!
Whew! It's hot in here for some reason!!
Oh yea,I forgot the damn AC man didn't show his a** up
for real
So this post didn't help matters Walker!lol
Gee thanks
oh,and Scarlet---sorry hun,he WAS saving it for ME.LOL

Awareness said...

Amazing what happens when one is innocently watering plants. Who said you shouldn't open the door to strangers?

loved the middle of the night diversion Walker.... :)

Carnalis said...

everytime i open my googlereader, the song starts up. Love it - and a perfect background to dirty sex. Found more on YouTube.

Have a good weekend.

Rainbow dreams said...

missed your sex talk! Love inhaling your virtual pot ;) and you have the best adventures ever Walker...x

Boxer said...

Hey Scarlet! It's 4:20 in my part of the world... all day long. ;-)

Walker said...

deni: You're just a slut junkie

Walker said...

Leah: Ah but this is what i like and gets my juices flowing.
The other guys can get their own pussy LOL

Walker said...

Romany Angel: come on and tell us the truth.
You were up spanking the muppet and hving a smoke after when you saw my post

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Look what you did now.
You went and let the boob out of the bra and everyone knows.
Gezzz, can't keep a secret around here.

Walker said...

Boxer:Smoking without sex is bad for your health

Walker said...

Scarlet : You're already smokin

Walker said...

itisi: Hot biscuits in the oven. Hmmmm thats why I am now a single parent HA HA HA HA

Walker said...

Tammi: If I keep saving it i'll be shooting dust by Halloween

Walker said...

Awareness: You're only strangers if you don't meet ;)
There is nothing wrong with a middle of the night distraction, or morning, afternoon...

Walker said...

Carnalis: I love that song.
Dirty sex, no that was the next day ;)

Walker said...

Rainbow dreams: Adventures, hmmmm.
I just let life happen and don’t run away from it.
Besides how can I let a delectable morsel go by without having a taste?
It would be a sin

Walker said...

Boxer: it's 4:20 at my place all year

Tammi said...

Walker,come here and let me whisper something "INIA" ear!lol
"come to my site and see my naked pictures"!
(don't forget to read the comment section)

craziequeen said...

Madrugada - I think my bones are insane is that amazing sound.......



Suzanne said...

So when you stop by, you're not just looking at my garden, are you?


You're so much fun and I enjoyed this one. I'd tell you more but I'd hate to encourage you. You obviously don't need encouragement.

Love you dear,

PBS said...

Leftovers? Good way to tell and end a great story!

gab said...

Whoo hoo walker you sure can get it going!

Walker said...

Tammi: Hmmmmm you blowing hot air into my ear again arn't you?

Walker said...

craziequeen: I think they're great and have featured their music here a few times

Walker said...

Suzanne: I swear I only come there to look at your bush

Walker said...

PBS: Who said it's the end and not the beginning ;)

Walker said...

gab: I'm 50, I got to get my licks in now before my tongue gets Alzheimer’s

Suzanne said...

You are such a wise ass. You kill me with that stuff you know!!! I had to take a shower. Oh, and I'll prune.

Honey have you met our dear friend Travis? He writes women's romantic novels. I think you should write his sexy chapters (edited of course)!!! I'm serious. Would you like an introduction? I'm serious. I was thinking you two would be a force to be reconed with. Just a thought.

Hey baby, you busy?

Just telling it like it is said...

I always let the boob out of the bra come on that is why you love me....

Walker said...

Suzanne:Just make sure you leave any thorns to scratch with ;)

I don't know, i tend to write what I do and if i was to write romance i would have to do alot. LOL

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Of course it is besides you cn barely hold them in with them POPPING out to poke you in the eye ;)

Just telling it like it is said...

true so true....but they are soft is all I'm saying...

Boxer said...

did you get so excited by your post that you're no longer able to write?

:-) I came by to say have a great weekend.

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Soft it good

Walker said...

Boxer: Yes i have, you hve to find it LOL

Have a nice weekend yourself

Scarlet said...

WTF? Are you STILL up Inia's skirt?

Poor woman won't be able to walk right for a month!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Cece said...

Now you got me all hot and bothered. I'm gonna need a very cold shower after this one.

Suzanne said...

I always think of the Seinfeld masturbastion episode when I read your stuff..."Okay, I'm out!" No really, I just dropped by to say "Hi!" Hi honey!!! Okay, Cece's here. I know she's out!!! (She's so easy!)

I was travelin' a bit and noticed you over on IV's. You mentioned working for a brothel and a strip club. Is that true? It would make a lot of sense. Hummmmmmmmmm. I bet both places had a lot of hedges.


P.S. It's just you an me. No one will ever read this (okay, maybe Leah). I had a dream about you last night. Oh, you were great. Excellent to be exact!!! But you had one problem, you couldn't get the damn mask off!!! Baby, it was just too funny. Why does stuff like this always happen to me? I literally woke up laughing. Why. Won't. That. Damn. Thing. Come. Off?

Love you darling. Keep writing so I "come" back. Thanks.


Boxer said...

cheeky, Walker.