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Sunday, October 02, 2005

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Update : Conversation with M
Now I will show you part of the conversation I had with M today, I have changed the names only, but look what she says. You must also know she has no knowledge of this all being here. I have changed the names of the people only. I feel people need to know what has happened and that it could happen to anyone. This is not my post for tonight and will be posting after midnight.
M hugs
Walker hi, how are things
M sorry the phone
Walker np
M did you read the email attachment, i wasn't stupid to trust was i Walker.. i still think he is a good man
Walker i read the email he sent you, its says what any woman would want to hear
M didn't think about it that way.. he is the only one that has said those things to me
Walker i am sure he says it to many
M i had a test done today
Walker good
M its more my fault Walker.. i should know a man is a man...
Walker if i had my way I would see this bastard in jail, its not your fault for what he did
M i should have not gotten out of car
Walker I am a man and would never force a woman its your fault for meeting him
M it's my fault Walker i have thought it all out..
M bbye
The victim is taking all the blame, and not all men are like this, this is not proper behavior for anyone.
Women should only expect to be treated with respect.


I want you to read this post very carefully.
You will see some stuff here in the first part that you may not approve of but I want you to understand that all of what you are reading is true.
If you are a sensitve person and don't have the stomach for some of this I suggest you suck it up and read it. If you have friends and familly copy this post and let them read it.
I am posting this early and will leave it for 2 days so everyone could read it.

Well hello M,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I've been writing all morning wondering why I was on that site in the first place!!
Oh, M, I know anyone that knows either of us would never believe it.
I've been very careful. I will tell you some fun stuff and how I think of both the eroticism of the endeavor but also something of substance about me.
I do believe the trust involved can bring about a special mental and physical intimacy that can't be found in another kind of relationship.
I will tell you upfront that I don't have much experience at all and it was so long ago. But......
I think of a classy woman, it starts with intelligence but her body knows how to follow . . . . . going out for the evening to dinner and a movie.
Both of us are dressed up and looking good. I know your thigh highs reveal the whiteness of you lovely legs and can almost get the scent of your wonderful womanhood behind your crotchless panties.
We talk.
We share wine.
We enjoy each other's company.
We eat good food.
We exchange knowing glances.
I reach down below the table cloth to feel your wetness and know how your lovely ass will wait for my touch and enticing slaps. We smile longingly but knowing that later that longing will be fulfilled.
We enjoy the evening together.
We hold hands.
We put our arms around each other and walk intertwined.
We exchange quick kisses and quick caresses. My hand get the first intoxicating feel of you bottom and I want to ravish it.
We go back together and come through the door immediately dissolving into each other's embrace. Slowly, gently, quietly we undress each other while we run our hands over and through every inch of each other's bodies, exploring, caressing, touching, feeling, enjoying, examining.
Long, slow, wet kisses.
A long, slow, passionate love dance.
Long, slow, warm conversation against each other's bodies.
Long, slow foreplay.
Our arousal is quite apparent and you are teasing a bit so I know you are such a bad girl you need some discipline.
I take you over my lap.....take a silk tie from my bag and tie your hands behind. Oh, how the first slap on your beautiful cheeks make me harder. The slight redness makes you sigh and I can feel our bodies respond to each other.
Longer hard slaps make you moan and I am almost to climax without ever entering you. Slowly, gently, ms. eagle, we are coming together until I slowly and gently life you on the contrasting white sheets with your bright red ass lying right up at me. I put some soothing lotion on you and turn you over. I enter into you - thrusting deep down inside while I utter those small unintelligible sounds that will make you know that I have given myself to you in a way that I have never before experienced - and will only be possible with you - until we come together in such a slow, sweet passionate union that we will never ever forget it in this life or in any other. . . . . . Imagine, M. This is new to me...but looking forward to knowing you with such anticipation....
Anyway, I've been writing since I got your email. This is very compelling since your profile really got my attention.
I have been very careful here. I am older and sometimes wiser, have a lot of interests both outdoor and in.
Timing is everything.
Thank you for responding to my first email.
I have found that anyone can write anything on the Internet. I do wonder how we ended up on this site. I hope you have more "decent" responses than I've had. it's really made me more tough skinned. Most people don't seem to have a clue about real connection and what it can bring to a physical relationship should that develop. Having said that, strap yourself in because I have been writing on and off for few hours now thinking of things to say. I've rambled long enough so will put a photo on this and let it go. Fate will take it from here because, honestly, eagle lady, lol, I don't think you can really look for things....they just happen. Sure you can put yourself in a situation for them to happen but you can't put the proverbial square peg into a round hole. It just has to be. I don't believe you can force relationships.
Funny how things happen.
Meeting you by accident here is amazing, really. I have a feeling with your profile that you're inquisitive yet careful as am I. I do believe things happen for a reason and especially when you least expect it. I feel compelled to write to you and I think it's a good start. Thank you, M, again, for answering my first email to you. I know I'm being a bit stiff right now but just want you to know a bit about me. I'm no prude, you can be assured of that but there is a time and place for everything.
Miracles never cease, as they say. People never meet at the most appropriate times I think. Mark Twain once said something about at the end of life we'll never regret anything we've done just those things we haven't done. Of course, Mark Twain drank too much too!Hmmm.....probably not making any sense. dear...I just wanted to write to see if there is more to meeting someone here other than the crazy sexual innuendo you run into so often....and writing and now deleting and deleting, lol. I want to tell you about myself and not exactly sure how. I haven't had intelligent chat here in a long time. I can't get over how refreshing it was seeing someone who didn't put all her body parts all over the Internet. I will see them in good time, lol! I had a feeling right away you were a bright lady. By the way I'm very interested in knowing what you do. I have a feeling with the right person you are open and not afraid to show who you are and what you want. I know I work too much and now that I have reached a point where I thought just maybe if I'm careful I could find someone interesting with a like mind. Like I have said, I don't think you can look for things. The best things that happen to you usually are unplanned. You may not want any kind of mental connection and I won't be presumptuous. Relationships come in all sizes I think. I believe that if you have both true mental and physical intimacy you can be taken to new heights that you've never experienced. At this stage of our lives who knows what we need really. I'm speaking for myself, of course. In any event, even a nice friendship is worth it. My sixth sense usually doesn't fool me and I felt I should know more about you.
What I will tell you is for real and partly just for fun so don't get alarmed but it does let you take a peek into this brain stem. I'd bet our value systems may be the same. Putting family first has been ingrained in me I think. This is unchartered water but clearly have found it's a time in my life to explore more of my feelings and connections. Crazy huh? My intuition is just active I guess and you happen to jump in front of me when I was in a very pensive mood. So, don't panic I'm not some kind of an Internet stalker trying to make your life topsy turvey!
I'm National Account Director for a large drug company. I travel and call on the Chain Drug Store headquarters in the Eastern US. It's interesting work and as challenging as it is I've not lost my vigor for the job. I have a lot of freedom and can sneak away. The lake house we have is probably not that far away from you. Anyway...knowing each other may make a our lives and outlooks...who knows. A nonjudgmental friendship might be nice. I think I was sort of a sleeping giant. Somewhat of a closet romantic I'm afraid. I don't know if you're as much of a dreamer as I am but we'll see. One does not need to ask themselves that. The feelings deep down will know when it's right. Needless, to say, I hope to hear from you again if you're still interested in corresponding. I've told you bits a pieces but thought I'd really let my brain go here..don't want to offend you.
Would be glad to fill in the details........ interesting connection here.
Am too intelligent to place any type of expectations for our knowing each other.
Perhaps there's not enough in common anyway but nothing ventured nothing gained in attempting to develop the right mental intimacy.
here goes.
I, J.........moved here, to Atlanta in '99 and have lived in GA before....6yrs from '78 to '84am in a business like marriage...we all have a story don't we?
I love my children, both grown and on their bills and all.
I have a wonderful 2 yr. old granddaughter, M, and a new grandson, A, the apples of my eye!
I take charge of my life. I turned 57 on the 21st and don't mind my age (how did that happen?)
I take care of myself and am an optimist.
I cuss sometimes when I'm angry. Bad habit. I can stop if it offends.
I like the color blue.
I will do almost anything for love.
I walk 6 miles 3 or 4 days a week to keep most of the "bulge" off.
I stay very neat and like to dress but am comfortable in blue jeans.
I am left handed, don't smoke.
I expect a woman to be classy but adventurous and.....appreciate that she likes to be pampered.
I am a good cook. (Especially pasta dishes!)
I hate to clean.
I wear button down cotton dress shirts for work with heavy starch sometimes will let you sleep in that shirt after I take it off...teasing dear.
I love pretty ladies undies. (to look at of course, not wear!)
I wear only plaid boxers.
I am impulsive.
I can't draw a straight line.
I wear glasses for reading only.
I am comforted by prayer.
I have medium, brown hair, yes I have a little gray.
I like to be spoil a good woman.
I am very good at my job.
I get bitchy occasionally, OK not that bitchy!
I don't think women look good with tattoos no how, no way. (well small tasteful ones are ok)
I want it done NOW.
I want Romance in my life.
I needed braces for my teeth.
I love Broadway shows, both musicals and dramas. Get to NYC a lot for business and some fun.
I attend the Sundance Film Festival every year...get in my flicks and skiing!
I drive a new Chevy Impala and a Ford truck, you can see I'm not into cars.
I expect to be both lover and friend.
I say things I shouldn't when frustrated.
I scored high on my SAT'S.
I love to travel and know this country well.
I am financially ok but took a beating like most the last couple of years.
I dress to look "good" and love ties.
I don't bother to meet new neighbors.
I hate "getting together with the guys"loved college.
I didn't study much
I love somewhat a student of the Italian Renaissancecurrently reading "The Pope's Ceiling"have a good sense of direction.
I have traveled a lot.
I wear a size 10 shoe. More than a few pairs, I don't usually wear shoes at home.
I like having money in the bank but usually don't have enough.
I have the guts to sleep nude.
I read a lot.
I don't shave my underarms.--- HA! wanted to see if you were paying attention!!!!!!!!! Still with me M ?
I don't always avoid conflicts.
I will have more than one glass of wine. (Pinot Noir, Cabernet or Chardonnay).I guess I'm just a wino!
I love to watch the stars over the lake.
I have a small, select group of friends.
I prefer women over men-- even for friends.
I can use a hammer and saw.
I think women's lib is necessary and effective when carried out respectfully.
I know there's a higher power when I'm on top of a Utah mountain peak ready to ski down.
I still tingle with excitement when a trout rises for a dryfly in the early morning.
I get equally excited releasing the beautiful fish back to the stream.
I call my mother two times a week.
I can shoot a gun.
I don't have them around.
I enjoy sex but making love can be a true soulful adventure like steamed clams.
I expect men and women to lead the way.
I don't necessarily like all people.
I wear Lauder for Men exclusively.
Give........ and .........Take.
Will cry during a sad event.
It's when I don't cry that you'd......better watch out. Means I don't care.
I believe I know how to take care of a woman.
I can be hurt by your words or become ecstatic because of them.
I need to be loved and want to give love in return.
I love to write and save wonderful prose and poetry.
so help me God..............
I mentioned I loved theater. As it is one of my passions..I wanted to share some of Phantom of the Opera. I loved it so I thought you might enjoy this...I still think the music takes your breath away....
Night time sharpens / heightens each sensationDarkness waits and stirs imaginationSilently the sensesAbandon their defensesHelpless to resist the notes I writeFor I compose the music of the nightSlowly gentlyNight infers its splendorGrasp itSense itTremulous and tenderHearing is believingMusic is deceivingHard as lighteningSoft as candlelightDare you trust the music of the nightClose your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truthAnd the truth isn't what you want to seeIn the dark it is easy to pretendBut the truth is what it ought to beSoftlyDeftlyMusic shall caress youHear itFeel itSecretly possess youOpen up your mindLet your fantasies unwindIn this darkness which you know you cannot fightThe darkness of the music of the nightClose your eyesStart a journey to a strange new worldLeave all thoughts of the world you knew beforeClose your eyes and let music set you freeOnly then can you belong to meSlow to followSweet intoxicationTouch meTrust meSavor each sensationLet the dream beginLet your darkest side give inTo the power of the music that I writeThe power of the music of the nightYou alone can make my song take flightHelp me make the music of the night
More than Intrigued....

Thats was very well writed don't you think?
This is about a friend of mine who lives in Atlanta Ga.
I met her through backgammon.
She is a middle aged mother of 3 and grand mother of 2.
She is quiet shy and loves her husband.
She is also bored and has nothing to do so she goes on line and meets people.
It’s how she met me.
She had gotten involved on some Domination site when I had first met her and after a couple of months of giving her shit she got away from these people. They were constantly trying to meet her and act out the garbage they were saying on line.
She got into another chat group and the above was an email she got from a man.
I have not changed it in any way it’s how she sent it to me and how she got it from him (except I highlighted parts).
She had been talking to this person for 4 months now and one day he invited her for coffee so they could meet and put faces to the words that were sent.
Reading the email and all of the others she felt safe to go out in public and have a coffee and meet someone who made her feel good.
They met at a parking lot and exchanged greetings.
He told her that he couldn’t stay because he needed to get some papers from his place that he needed for work.
Pausing for a second he offered coffee at his place that way they could talk and he can get the papers he needed.
Feeling that she knew him well enough and was comfortable around him she agreed.
Last week my friend was brutally raped and sodomised.
She was kept for 8 hours locked up in a house on the bed. He beat her and did things to her she had never imagined.
She is still bleeding from he mouth, butt and vagina.
Not only did he do all of this to her, but he didn’t use a condom.
She has bruises on her legs and butt from the beating he gave her.
Her family does not know any of this and they can’t understand why she has been crying.
Her husband a quiet timid man is beside himself. He wants to help her and doesn’t know how. She can’t tell him.
He sent her an email the next day saying in her words:
'how i gave him a comfort he had not had in ages and that how i was a sensitive woman who takes care of my family. that he didn't intend to be so rough and that i had some inner needs he needed to satisfy."

WTF is this asshole talking about.
He raped her and says it like he did her a service.
He also told her that if she says anything that he will phone her husband and say she was a willing partner and they have been doing it for awhile.

I had a long talk with her today and told her to go see a doctor and NOT to have sex with her husband, to which she said she couldn’t even if she wanted to because she is badly bruised and bleeding. He fucked her when she was dry and continuous the whole time. He forced her to have anal sex while she begged him not too. I won’t get into the gory details as I got them but he was brutal with her.
I told her she would need to go for tests for sexually transmitted diseases because I don’t think this was his first time and I wouldn’t want to see her husband catch anything.
I don’t think there is any help mentally for her though.
When you look at all of this you have to think. We raise and teach our kids to be smarter and careful. At what stage do we forget to follow our own advice and become stupid?
Look at what he said and look at what he did.
I don’t need to tell you how much I would love to shoot this sorry piece of shit in the head.



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