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Friday, December 08, 2006

Sex Talk: Special Delivery ©

OK here it is.
It’s Friday and I haven’t done a Sex Talk in a long while, at least that’s what people keep telling me and MrH being the good Q that he is, is always reminding me, for the best interests of the Bond Girls of course that I have been neglecting them.
Hey MrH, how come you and MrsH are never around after I post a Sex Talk huh, just wondering “Wink”.
This one is personal because it’s true not fantasy.
There is explicit sex, so for those who may be offended by this post you could visit any of the great blogs in my blog roll.

Have a nice weekend


I was in bed watching TV when the doorbell rang.
I looked at the clock and it was 10 am, I was still in the bedroom naked.
Grabbing my joggies and a t-shirt I ran downstairs to see who was at the door.
Standing outside was a letter carrier with a package in her hand.
It was July and hot out, the sweat was running down her face.

She handed me a slip of paper to sign for the package she was holding before she gave it to me.
I told her she looked hot and offered her a glass of water.
She took a good hard look at me before she accepted.
I lead her into the kitchen.
Taking a glass from the cupboard I went to the fridge and took out the jug of ice water I always keep there.
I poured her a glass and handed it to her.
Taking it from me she raised it to her lips and started drinking but her eyes never left me the whole time.

The water now half gone it ran from the side of the glass and all over the front on her shirt with some of it down the front of her shirt.
The water stain spread across highlighting a large perky nipple.
Taking a paper towel from the counter I walked over to her and gave it to her and she started wiping and pushing down on her wet nipple.

“You know this is your fault, if you hadn’t offered me the water this wouldn’t have happened” she said.
Her eyes had now moved down and she could see the bulge pushed up against my track pants.
I tore off another towel and stepped up to her.
“Well I guess if it’s my fault I should be cleaning up my own mess, shouldn’t I”?
I reached out with the paper towel and started wiping the front of her shirt slowly making my way to her nipple.
As the paper towel went over her large hard nipple I could feel her tense up a bit but she didn’t say anything.
I slowly made circles around her nipple with the balled up paper towel, I could see by her chest her breathing was starting to speed up and then her eyes slowly started to close.

I moved the paper towel over to the other nipple and bent down and bit the wet spot exposing her nipple and I bit hard.
Her arms came around my neck and I rolled my tongue over where her nipple was and I heard her grown as I bit a little harder.

The paper towel now on the floor I pushed my hands up the front of her shirt and bra grabbing her tits with both hands, my thumbs roughly passing over her hard nipples.
My lips were devouring hers and our tongues passing back and forth from our mouths.
Her nails digging into my back only drove me fucken crazy, I just wanted to sink my teeth into her.

She undid her shirt, took it then the bra off and tossed them aside.
I ran my tongue from her belly button up through her firm tits and into her mouth once more and let my hands explore her body while I got a taste of her lips.
Sliding my hands under her ass I picked her up and rested her on the kitchen table.
I gorged my way down her neck and to one her tits and started linking and sucking her nipple like a hungry pup.

My hands were making their way up her legs and under her skirt with my thumbs pushing down on the inside her thighs creeping towards her pussy.
I could feel her legs tremble as I got close her pussy.
She opened her legs wider as both my thumbs were converging on the center of her building energy.

I had gone for one nipple to the other and was pulling on it with my lips and letting my slippery tongue slide over it.
Slowly I started biting my way down her body towards her pussy.
Her thighs were wide apart now.
I rubbed my face into her panties and I could smell her, I could smell how much she wanted me right then.
It fucken turned me on so much.
I just smelled her pussy some more, pushing my face into her panties
Her fingers were running through my hair and I could feel her nails digging into my scalp as she pulled them back.
I bit her pussy through her undies, her legs started to close but I pushed them open again and started chewing through her panties.
She was beginning to moan and wiggle on the table.
I snuck my tongue behind the material and started licking the lips of her pussy.
Grabbing her panties, I pulled them off and dropped them to the floor and went back to my meal.
Her ass with my hands I started licking her pussy like you would and ice cream cone.
My tongue passing between her lips and over her clit stopping there to tease it a bit before I went back down her juicy lips.
I was eating pussy like a junkie craves his fix.
The more I had the more I wanted and she was showing me how much she wanted me to have by grabbing me by the back of the hair and grinding her steamy soaked pussy into my face.
My tongue went in and out of her, occasionally moving up to her clit and taking that into my mouth and sucking on it.
Through her heavy breathing I heard her say, “I want to suck your cock”.
I was in a pussy eating frenzy and didn‘t really want to but she started pushing my head back and away from her pussy.

I stood up and stepped away from the table as she slid off the end and onto shaky legs.
Walking to me her hands pushed up my chest and suddenly she bit my chest through the shirt.
Her fingers found the bottom of the shirt and made their way up my back, softly like feathers caressing me.
Then her nails started applying more pressure as she bit my chest once more.
Reaching up over my head I pulled the shirt off and let it drop to the floor.
She was kissing and gently biting my chest and sucking on my nipples, biting them soft at first but harder as time went by.
She started making her way down my body until she was on her knee starting at my bulging track pants.
She pulled the cord loosening the top and started pulling them down exposing the head of my erect cock.
Stopping there she her tongue go over the head of my cock teasing it.
Then taking I in her mouth and gently sucking on it with her tongue going around it.
Grabbing the sides of my pants she pulled them down to my ankles and took more of me in her mouth.
Grabbing my cock by the base she ran her tongue the length of it and took the head once more in her mouth and engulfed most of it inside her.
Her head started bobbing up and down with her hands rubbing her balls.
Taking it out of her mouth she started pumping it with her hand and then took it once more in her mouth and this time took it all in and suck on it hard and she started pulling it out of her mouth.

That was enough of that, I wanted to get fucked and fucked right now.
I stepped out of the pants and sat on the wooden chair.
My cock in my hand I started pumping it getting it harder then told her to come over and sit on it.
She hiked up her skirt and lowered herself onto to me.
I released my cock as soon as the head entered her tight pussy.
With her hands on my shoulders she slowly started wiggling more and more of my cock into her pussy until it was all in her soaked pussy and she started riding me.
Her eyes her bulging as she got hornier and fucking me harder in the process.
With her tits in my hands, pinching her nipples with my fingers fueling her as she rode me harder and deeper.
She was pounding my butt into the chair with her full weight slamming down on my cock.
I could see she was starting to get tired after about 10 minutes of hard fucking so I got her off of me and I pushed the chair up too the counter.
She knelt on the chair with her tits and arms resting on the counter.
I lifted the skirt, revealing her swollen pussy.
Bending over I started licking it a bit before I stepped up behind her and entered her from behind.
Holding her by the hips I started fucking her.
I looked down at my cock going in and out at a steady pace.
She started moaning and telling me to fuck her harder.
I started ramming it into her as hard as I could.
Finding my rhythm she started coming back to meet my thrusts as I pounded into her hard and harder.
She was now moaning loud, almost yelling with ecstasy.
With a loud voice she started screaming that she was coming.
I kept on pushing into her until I knew I was about to cum myself and then with one hard thrust I held it there grinding into her as she gasped on the counter and pulled back and thrust once more and filled her up with my warm come.
I held it in there as I rested with my hands on the edge of the counter.
Stepping back I helped her turn and sit in the chair.
I sat in the opposite chair exhausted looking at her.
Taking the glass from the table I took a sip of water and passed it to her.
She had a drink and as soon as she got her breath she told me she had to get back to work.
I thanked her for the special delivery.
She told me it was her pleasure and if I wanted more I better pick up the kids on time and have the roast she brought for dinner ready before she got home.
Yes dear.



patti_cake said...

Hot Walker Hot!

Nan said...


jac said...

Right on time !!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty intense!

I hate to be single! It sucks!!!


Peter said...

Hi Walker, a very good story told very well, loved the surprise ending.

tammi said...

Ohhh my GOSH!
You can't just do a single chic this way!!lol
I'll admit.I try and pass up the sex talk...for some crazy reason I just wanna think of you as the sweet innocent Walker,and not think of your sexual escapades(sp) when I drop in on your blog....but I just HAD to check this one out tonight.It's one of those long,cold nights,and I just decided to torture myself a bit.
I have seriously wanted to abduct the UPS guy not long ago,so I related...but then when I got to the ending,I couldn't help but laugh.You sneaky lil devil you!
Yea,you had us there for a minute.That was pretty cool finding out it was your wife(or GF).
Love it.
Good Un'!

Walker said...

patti_cake : Thanx :)

Walker said...

Nan: :D

Walker said...

Jac: yes Jac you know when to come by lol

Walker said...

Suri: Yeah tell me about it BUT we can practice alone for awhile "wink"

Walker said...

Peter: Thank you peter, it was fun on those hot days when the GF needed a glass of water

Walker said...

Tammi: Well if i am going to be linking stamps I would like it to be the GF's LOL