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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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The other morning, at 5:30 am to be exact my friend in England called me. Now before you all jump at the time being 5:30 am, it’s a well known fact amongst the people that know me that I don’t get to bed before 7 am. She wanted to tell me what had transpired over the last month since she got back home.
This is the friend that had come to stay with me for three weeks, last month.
She is originally from here and I have known her for 20 years now. Her husband is from England and talked her into moving back there with him.
She comes to Canada to see friends and family every 2 years or so, and stays with me because her friends live here and her parents in another city. She uses my place as a base to travel from. She met her husband 10 years ago through the personals in the newspaper, and they got married 6 months later.
It wasn’t long before he started keeping her from her friends. He didn’t like her associating with the people she had known for most of her life.
There were always arguments about her friends. If they were invited to a party put on by one of her friends, they would either not go, or she would go by herself with a curfew attached.
After the first year he suddenly stopped having sex with her, first saying he wasn’t in the mood, and then he blamed it on his diabetes. He kept refusing to talk about it . When she would ask him to talk with his doctor he would have a temper tantrum. When I say tantrum, I mean he used to fall on the floor screaming and kicking.
He would never picked up after himself and would leave clothes where they fell for her to pick up. I remember her telling me once that she said to him, I’m your wife not your mother, I can’t be running after you picking up everything that you leave lying around.
To which he replied, then why did you marry me?
She should have left him there, but she had already been through 2 marriages and didn’t want to leave another.
Her first husband was a musician and traveled a lot, he also gave her some social diseases he acquired on the road, which ended that marriage.
Her second husband used her for a punching bag and ended up doing 5 years for almost beating her to death.
She was determined to make this one work.
As the years went by he decided Canada wasn’t for him and they were going to England, he got up and told her to sell everything and left.
He went to England on his own and left her to take care of everything. Sell the house and the 2 cars; arrange to have the furniture shipped to England, all on her own.
Not only did she have it all to do, he wanted it done NOW.
She took heavy losses on the sales, because of how fast she needed to sell and lost 50,000 dollars. His VISA bill was $32,000, and the shipping for the furniture another $12,000. This ate up all the profits from the house and they had to get a loan.
Now in England is where all the bullshit started. First he wanted to get rid of all her furniture. The stuff she had from her grand mother, that went back 120 years and the new furniture she had before meeting him. His furniture was ok.
He sold her $3000 dinette set for $500, solid wood. He sold her bedroom set for $400, it was solid wood also. Then he wanted to sell the furniture that her grandmother gave her but she fought and kept it.
She finally got permission to work there from the government and found a job 1 block from home. He didn’t like that at all. To him, her job was to stay home and cook, do laundry and clean house. She finally convinced him that she could do both.
She needed to work for some money because; it was the only way for her to come back for a visit.
He told her he would not pay for that, even though he had told her before they moved she can go visit and he would pay for it. He has a good job and makes plenty of money. Over the last 2 years she had been working and saving money for her trip. He didn’t know how much she had but knew she was saving.
They just recently bought a house and he wanted her to give him some money for a down payment. She gave what money she had saved, but had already paid for the airfare to Canada. Now he didn’t know that.
Again she was responsible for the packing form the house they had moved into 6 months earlier and unpacking at the new house.
He went to work and then after came home expecting to find his dinner ready. After dinner, he would then go shooting afterwards. He is an archer of sorts and spends all his free time doing that. He has lots of free time. Remember this is 9 years later and the woman hasn’t been fucked in 8 years, she just turned 50.
As the time neared for her to go on her visit she told him she was coming here and he said fine but he was not paying for it.
She told him it was fine because she had the ticket already.
He wasn’t to happy about that but didn’t say to much until the day before she left. That's when he went on another rant and screeched at her to never come back.

To Be Continued…..

I always wanted to say that. What !!!!! It's a long post.


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