blue moon (2)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Dating Game ©

I had two long conversations today.
One had me arguing with my friend G.
Same old argument I have with her every time.
She wants boyfriend that will stay forever and not leave her for one of her friends.
All I said was…. Get rid of your friends, problem solved.
She flipped and told me I was nuts.
She can’t live without her friends.
I guaranteed her that the second guy she meets will be the one that stays with her.
She asked how I knew and I told her it was in the cards.
I bet you’re saying that was ballzy of me eh?
Not really, she’s only got one female friend left.
Then we got on about meeting guys on line.
That’s always been funny ground for me.
I have only met one person on line and that was by chance, I wasn’t looking.
But there are people who go out looking for just that.
I am an old fashion kinda guy that likes to see, touch and smell the person I am with.
That’s smell in a nice way.

After I ditched G, I sat here and wondered how it was when I used to go out looking for someone.
Actually every time I went out looking for someone I ended up alone. It’s when I wanted to be alone I found someone or someone found me.
But when I did meet someone I look at the whole package off the bat.
How she’s dressed and how she looks in the outfit.
How she carried herself.
Then I like looking at her physically, from her legs up.
I have never seen an ugly pair of legs on a woman and probably never will.
Most wear pants now LOL
I was just kidding.
Women have SEXY LEGS!!!!!!!
Then her tits, I love tits………………………
Oh, ok I snapped out of it, I am a guy after all.
Then her eyes, there is nothing like a pair of eyes that smile back at you and if her eyes are smiling I just know her lips are.
If her voice sounds like the wind gently blowing through the trees, I have it made.
If it sounds like Bubba Franks, I’m looking for an Adams apple!!!
From there if you’re both attracted to each other physically you get to know each other. Personality is very important to me.
If you can both make each other laugh, it’s going to be a fun time being in each others company.
That was when I used to go out.
Now I just sit here writing posts for you to read.

So I used what I wrote above and tried to compare it to meeting people in social rooms, I have never been in a chat room so I can’t use that for an example.
Someone comes in and you notice the name.
It’s different.
You watch to see if the Name goes with the personality of the person speaking in the lobby, that’s her outfit and how she looks in it.
Now you can’t physically see the person but you can see a lot by reading what they say to others.
Body language in written form.
A happy bubbly attitude and you just know that her eyes know how to smile.
You know I have never seen an ugly pair of legs on a woman so I know she has great legs.
And all I could do is hope for a nice set of boobs, but in the end that doesn’t matter if the personality is all there.
I think the main difference is the immediate physical attraction that is lacking here.

But eventually the two principles will meet.
So with all that let’s start with a test date for a potential lucky man.
We will call him Frank.
Frank is 38 and tired of the bar scene and has found the internet.
His hopes are to save money on booze and find that special someone on line.
After some help from his friends he has given himself a “cool name” and is ready to go.
Going through room after room he bumps into this chick and she has this really “hot name”.
They get to talking and they’re having a blast.
Everyday at the same time they meet online to talk and after a couple of weeks they were comfortable so they started describing each other online.
Frank was getting all worked up at the thought of what she looked like.
After awhile Frank told her what city he lived in and what part and as luck would have it she lived in the same city in that area.
Now this is where fantasy becomes to reality.
They were so excited that they lived so close to each other they decided to meet. They decided to meet some place public so that they could be more relaxed in a safe environment.
They picked the local mall at the food court.
Three days later, Frank showered and got all fixed up.
He was so excited to meet miss “hot name” as I am sure she was to meet him.
Frank got in his car and drove off to the mall.
She was supposed to be wearing a red dress and they would be meeting at the coffee shop.
Frank got there early and picked up some flowers from the florist shop at the mall. He was 30 minute early and was now getting fidgety.
He was looking first for any woman in a red dress but now was just looking at any woman that went by.
Then out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of red.
With head tilted down he swung around and focused of a pair of black boots.
Looking slowly up these long silky legs grew from the boots cover in black silk stockings
Her legs only stopped at her nice firm butt which was topped by her slim waist.
His eyes stopped at her firm round breast.
His heart stopped when he looked into the eyes………

Of his sister

That was the first conversation I had today.


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