blue moon (2)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Sex Talk: It's Not A Dream ©

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the clock on the night table. It said it was 3:10 am and I was in bed. Normally I would be in front of my computer talking to Sara but tonight I was curled up in bed and I could see the soft bare skin of her shoulder.
She had slid to the center of the king sized bed; her back was pressed up against me. I could smell the lingering fragrance of her perfume.
I put my arm around her to be closer and as I touched her breasts I heard a soft moan come from her. I could feel her ass pressing against my crotch now, and I was getting excited.
I ran my hand over the flimsy night gown and I could feel her nipples getting harder. I started kissing the back off her neck and shoulder, at the same time rubbing her breasts through the soft material of her night gown.
She reached back and touched the side of my face and rolled over. Bending down, I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her deep and long. I slipped my hand under her top and cupped her breast. I could feel her pull me closer and she moaned letting her head fall back onto the pillow, exposing her long soft neck. I kissed her neck and palmed her nipples; I could feel her nails digging into my back as I lowered myself to her nipples. They were hard now and trying to push their way through her top. I bent down and bit one through the material; I could feel her arch back and groan. I rolled on top of her and pushed the top up taking her breasts in my hands and slowly squeezing and sucking the nipples. I could feel her fingers running through my hair; I slid my hand down the side of her body and felt the soft smooth skin of her leg, raising it slightly and running my hand over her butt.
She lightly pushed me off of her, and started kissing my chest. I could feel her tongue making circles around my nipples, and lightly sucking on them. At the same time her hand was rubbing my hard cock through my underwear.
She kissed down my body until she got to my underwear. Pulling them down, she released my member from its restraint and took it in her hand. She ran her tongue from the base of my shaft until she got to the head, where she wrapped her lips around it engulfing it totally within her mouth.
I looked down and could see her head going up and down on me. I could feel her hand squeezing my balls making me harder, and making her tighten her lips around me. I watched her sucking my member for 10 minutes, 10 toe curling minutes. I pulled myself from her mouth and pushed her onto her back. I spread her legs and started kissing the inside of her leg. I slid my tongue along the inside, over the soft silky skin, at the same time spreading them wider.
I got to her underwear and I could smell her ripe mound. I pushed my face harder into her crotch, I heard her moan deeply and grab me by the hair.
I moved down the other leg but kept my hand there rubbing her , through her wet undies. When I got down her leg I stood up and removed my underwear. She in turn removed hers and her top.
I got on top of her and she opened her legs for me. I slid between them and started kissing her pussy. I licked her clit and she moaned, tightening her thighs on the sides of my head. I licked her for awhile before I pushed up and entered her. I slowly pushed myself deep inside her. She groaned and pulled me closer. I started pumping slowly at first and picking up the pace until I found a rhythm she enjoyed. The head board was slapping the wall in tune with what was happening on the bed. This went on for fifteen minutes, when she asked me to lay on my back. She mounted me and started grinding my cock into her pussy. She was pushing down, driving me deeper into the mattress. I had taken her tits in my hands and was alternately sucking each nipple. This only made her push harder. I could hear her now moaning louder and riding me faster. Her nipples were fully erect and her firm breasts hovering over my face. When she let out a loud groan, releasing all the air in her lungs. I knew she was coming so I rolled her over and started pumping harder and faster. She was screaming yes yes, harder faster. My head was spinning I was ready to come. It was almost like we both knew, NOW it’s NOW.
10 minutes later, I was on my left side, Sara was on her left side with her back pressed up against me and my arm around her. Fast asleep.
We repeated all this in the morning when we woke.


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