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Friday, March 02, 2007

Sex Talk: Give Me A Reason... ©

Circumstansces have come up forcing me to post this earlier than I wanted to.
If I survive tomorrow I will share it with you after I recover.
Its nothing serious its mostly friend shit that got all messed up and given me more work than I need at the moment..

It’s been a while since I did a Sex Talk and I'm kinda rusty.
NOT the equipment, that works fine, just writing a Sex Talk after so long I may be a little off.
For those of you new here I have a tendency to let my imagination and desires spill onto these pages on occasion so there is explicitt sex in this post so for those who don’t subscribe to my ummmm outrageous sexual behaviour I invite you to check out the Battle of the Blogs over at Leesa’s.
I was over there reading some of the people in it and they’re all great reads.
The voting for this round continues until SundayI believe with me being in the Southern Bracket if you care to vote.

There are a couple of other bloggers in BOTB within our circle of friends that you could vote for as well and maybe check out for new reads.

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I wish them all luck in their pairings

For those not going past this point,
Have a great weekend.

For those that are reading on, I don’t know what will get your blood boiling more, my post or the hot song I found for it.
In fact I don’t know why I wrote this post, I should have just put up the song and let you all lay down on the floor next to your computers in the dark and let you hands get reacquainted with your bodies once more.


It had been a long day, the meetings went for ten hours but now it was over and so was this three-day conference.
What she wanted, needed now was a massage and a hot shower, maybe a little fun after that.
She stopped at the front desk of the hotel on the way to her room and asked to book for a massage.
She was told there was an opening in fifteen minutes only.
It wasn’t enough time to shower but she could shower after so see agreed and was told the masseuse would be up to her room in fifteen minutes.
It wasn’t a long wait before there was a knock on the door.

She opens the door to a handsome young man wearing a white T-Shirt that barely contained the bulging muscles they covered.
They exchanged greetings as he walked into her room.
Passing her a towel he asked if she could take everything off and cover herself with the towel.
She looked at him wondering why he wasn’t in a towel.
By the time she got back from the bathroom with the towel around her, he had set up a massage table near the entrance.
He guided her on to the table and asked her to undo the front of the towel and he loosely adjusted it to cover her body.
The masseuse then took out some bottles from a bag he had with him and pour oil on his hands then slowly started massaging her right leg, letting her get used to his hands on her body.
His hands felt strong as his thumbs worked the bottom of her foot, ankle and slowly up the back of her calf.
He was pushing out all the stress, aches and pains that were knotted in her body that had collected in the last three days.
His hands went up her leg where he moved the towel just enough to see her thigh but not her firm naked butt.
To bad, a man’s hands would feel just about right at home on her ass at this moment.
Working his way back down her leg he worked up the other leg repeating the same procedure.

His presence was beginning to excite her, she could feel herself getting aroused and wet.
Having finished her legs he exposed her back, added some more oil to his hands and worked his magic on her back.
As he worked the knots out of her back she pressed her pussy into the bed in unison with the same pressure he exerted on her back.
Her breathing was getting faster as she got hornier as his hand pushed back her shoulder blades and to the top of her shoulders.
He walked around to the front of her to rub her shoulders from there, she could see the bulge in his pants, all she had to do is pull it out of his pants, then take him in her mouth as he stood there rubbing her back.
The thought of his hard cock in her mouth made her mouth water almost as much as her pussy was wet.
When he was done he told her she could get up and get dressed now.
She slid off of the table giving him a wicked look as she walked off to the bedroom.
He turned to the table and begun taking it apart when he smiled at the wet spot in the centre of the sheet, it wasn’t the first time.
She came out of the bedroom, thanked him then paid him with a nice added tip.
She let him out of the room and proceeded to the washroom and her hot shower.

She stepped out of the shower, patting herself dry then walked out into the bedroom and stood naked in front of the mirror admiring her subtle curves.
Picking up the bottle of lotion, she poured some in the palm of her hand.
Placing the bottle back on the dresser she rubbed her hands together spreading the lotion evenly over both hands then she softly rubbed it onto her belly and slowly moved up under her breasts.
Her hands moved over her soft skin and her nipples, she started getting aroused as she massaged her tits, squeezing her nipples as they slipped between her fingers.
She sat at the foot of the bed and moved her hands down the sides of her body to her legs and worked the lotion into her thighs.
Spreading her legs she put one on the top of the bed while she massaged the inside her thighs.
She stretched back on the bed as her hand passed over her well-groomed blonde mound, her left hand gravitated up to her tits and her hard nipples, and the right hand rubbed her throbbing clit.
She slid her fingers inside her pussy as she rubbed her clit at the same time finger fucking her pussy.
She closed her eyes and the masseuse was there kneeling on the bed next to her head holding his hard cock for her to suck on.
Stretching her tongue out and touched the tip drawing him into her mouth.
Taking her by the hair he started fucking her mouth as her fingers fucker her pussy more aggressively.
He brought his leg over straddling her body but she kept her lips on his cock the whole time hungrily sucking on him.
In the push up position he slowly fucked her mouth, her hand gently rubber his balls.
She could feel the building serge growing within her as her hand moved faster between her legs until she couldn’t contain herself any more and gave out a massive groan as she came on her hand.
Her eyes opened once more and she was alone in the room, her heart pounding and her pussy wanting more, more than just her hand.
She wanted the real thing and was going out to get it.

The elevator door opened to the lobby of the hotel.
A long slender leg stretched out to the marble floor followed by a luscious body clad in a short black dress that left little to the imagination.
She stopped five feet into the lobby and scanned the area, she saw what she was looking for she and started walking towards the small bar next to the reception desk.

The assistant manager looked up from the desk where he was talking to his night clerk when he saw her walking towards him, his eyes scanned her up from her silky legs over her flat stomach, past her full breasts, long neck, ruby red lips and got lost in her deep blue eyes.
His eyes lowered to her tits once more, his mouth started to water as he watched them trying to bust out of her dress.
He could feel himself getting hard as he thought about his hands on them with tongue making a wet path up between her tits then along her long soft neck on the way to her earlobe.
She walked past the desk towards the door of the bar; his eyes followed her tight ass as she past him.

The scent of her perfume alerted the senses of the night clerk and she looked up from what she was concentrating on and looked at the woman as she passed.
Her perfume though subtle had a wild attraction that stimulated the clerk’s senses, desires, her pussy began to throb, getting wet with a wanted craving.
It was a scent she knew from not to long ago, a memory of wild uninhibited lust.
Her eyes followed the woman as she walked towards the bar thinking how she would just love to run her hands over her body and smell her up close and personal, she’d never been with a woman but wanted her.
The woman opened the door and stepped into the bar.
The clerk turned and saw the assistant manager’s eyes staring in the direction of the bar, then noticed the hard cock in his pants pushing against the zipper.

She stepped into the bar and looked around the room, there was 3 people in the room at this hour, there was only five minutes left before they close for the day.
The bartender was wiping down the bar while the waitress was putting the chairs onto the tables.
She made her way to a man sitting alone at the bar, pulled away the stool from the bar and sat down.
The bartender walked over and informed her he was closing but he would serve her one drink.
Her perfume grabbed the man’s sitting at the bar attention, he looked next to him at her.
He was immediately lost in her eyes, her scent was already stimulating his senses and her beauty was making his heart pound faster.
She smiled at the bartender then without saying a word she reached over to the man’s drink, with her finger she stirred it then sucked on it looking into his eyes at the same time.
The waitress had walked over and now stood at the end of the bar watching what was happening at the other end.

Their lips gorged on each other, her fingers in his hair, nails digging into his scalp as his hands slid up the back of her blouse pulling her closer to him.
She sucked on his tongue, drawing it into her mouth as his lips engulfed hers.
Pushing back she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest and alternately licking his nipples.
She slowly made her way down to his pants where she unbuckled his belt and opened the top of his pants.
She could feel his cock pushing against the inside of his pants begging to be set free of its restraint.
Pulling the zipper down, his cock pushed its way out but still held back by his jockey shorts.
Nuzzling up to his member, she rubbed it with her cheek before she lightly bit it through his underwear, grinding her face into it.

Slowly drawing her finger from her mouth, she reached out once more, with the tip of her finger she gently ran it over his lips then penetrated them, pushing into his eager mouth. His lips pressed on her finger as it entered his mouth then sucked it in with his tongue sliding over it.
The bartender’s eyebrows raised, he stepped back to give them a little space.
He had seen a lot in the years her worked behind a bar.
He continued wiping down the bar towards the other end to where the waitress was standing.
The waitress watched as the woman’s hand went up the inside of the man’s leg and start rubbing his crotch.
This was beginning to get her excited as she watch.
She wished it was she with him, her hand found its way between her legs and she started rubbing her pussy.

She pulled his underwear down and trapped the head of his cock in her mouth as soon as it came into view, engulfing it and drawing as much of him in her mouth then gently sucking on it and she drew back.
Her head bobbed up and down on his shaft occasionally taking it out and running her tongue up and down the length of his cock before taking in it her mouth once more like a hungry beast she sucked on him.
He had her by the hair and was slowly fucking her mouth as she sucked on him.
She kept this up until she could feel him start to swell in her mouth, she then released him, and with a parting flick of her tongue she stood up and walked over to the desk.
With her back to him she pushed down her pants and panties, tossing them aside, she bent over and lay belly down on the desk with her legs spread wide.
He pulled off his pants as he watched her finger tracing and invisible line up the back of her leg up to her moist pussy from behind.

Rubbing his cock she lean over his shoulder and whispered in his ear.
He looked down at her big tits as she spoke to him, then she sat back and he stared into her eyes as he went into his pocket.
Dropping a twenty on the bar he stood up, she stepped close to him, kissed his lips then led him towards the door.
The bartender followed behind to lock up the door after them.
He grinned as the man’s hand dropped down and slid up the woman’s dress and rubbed her left cheek.
He didn’t even think they heard him say goodnight as they walked out the door.
Turning from the door he walked back towards the bar and stopped as the waitress came into view.
She had her pants open and her hand down rubbing her pussy, her moans escaped from her lips, as he got closer to her.
She looked up at him as he stopped in front of her.

She led him past the front desk and the “be right back” sign on the way to the elevator.
Inside she hit the 19th floor.
As the elevator doors closed and started its journey up, he pressed her up against the wall of the elevator and started kissing her as his hand glided over her hard nipples and could feel them pressed up against the material of her dress.
His lips moved down just below her ear and kissed her gently with an occasional nip and a lick of her tender neck.
Her nails dug into his back as his teeth sank into her neck, her legs came up wrapping around his waist.
His hands moved under her dress sliding up her legs and grabbing her ass holding her as her legs tightened around him.

He opened his pants, letting them fall to the floor, then pulled out his cock out of his shorts and pointed it towards the waitress.
Sliding off the stool she took him in her hand and started stroking it as she slowly knelt to the floor.
Taking him in her mouth she stroked his balls as she sucked on his hardening cock.
He settled against the bar as she sent spasms of pleasure shooting through his body with every pull her lips made on his shaft.
Her free hand was rubbing her pussy at the same time as she was licking and sucking on his shaft, her nipples were hard as marbles, her clit trembled with every stroke of her hand as she slid two fingers inside herself and started finger fucking her hot wet cunt.
She wanted his cock in her, getting up from the floor she pushed him back on the stool.

Stepping up to the desk he got down on his knees behind her and run his tongue over the drippings that ran down the back of her legs all the way up.
Spreading her cheeks with his hands he sucked and pulled on her lips with his as her ass writhed with pleasure, pushing into his face for more.
Looking back she reached out and grabbed him by the hair as he gorged on her pussy, sliding his tongue inside her, tasting her sweetness.
Her head tilted back ad she moaned with pleasure when his slippery tongue passed over her hard throbbing clit.
Getting his fill of her pussy he stood up once more and parted her pussy lips with the head of his cock and slid inside her hot pussy.
A warmth rushed through his cock exciting him more, his hands could feel her ass as he spread her cheeks tighten, the deeper he went inside her.
He started sliding in and out of her as she lay face down on the desk.
Arms pushed out on the desktop she braced herself to meet his thrusts as his thighs slapped her ass with a rhythm that heated her up more and more as he was stoking the burning lust inside her.

He had her dress pushed up over her hips when the elevator stopped on the 12th floor.
The elevator doors opened and there was and elderly couple standing there gawking at the spectacle going on in the elevator until the doors closed once more sending it on its way once more.
The old woman looked at her husband, they had been married for fifty years and knew what his wife was thinking just by looking at her.
He took her by the hand and headed off back to their room as fast as their legs could carry them.

She removed the rest of her clothes then pulled his underwear off and mounted him as he sat on the barstool.
His hands clasped to her waist as she lowered herself slowly guiding his hard cock inside her.
When she was settled with him totally inside her he grasped her by the hips and pulled her tight to him grinding what little there was still not in her deeper making her gasp and push herself deeper into his chest.
Her hips started grinding her wet starved pussy into him then back a bit only to push harder and grind some more.
Her ass started going up and down on him now to the beat of the drums beating in her heads and chests, fucking him hard.
The occasional creak of the stool told of the weight coming down on him, pounding his pussy soaked cock.
Holding her tits in his hands, his thumbs roughly prodding her hard nipples drove her to mercilessly pound him onto the stool.
Leaning in he grabbed one of her big hard nipples in his mouth and started sucking and biting it sending shock waves from her brain to her pussy.
Releasing her nipple from his mouth he took her in his arms and walked her over to the pool table and deposited her on the sea of green felt and started peeling the rest of his clothes off.

Pulling out her got her to lay on her back and pulled he to the end of the desk until her butt was hang off the end and he once more entered her.
Her legs spread and pushed back he hammered into her now with a tremendous force.
She could feel her whole body start to shudder as the head on his cock nudged just the right spot inside her.
He could feel his cock swelling and was fighting back the urge to come just yet.
Her nails dug into his side as he pushed deeper and faster.
She couldn’t hold on any more and erupted in a series of moans and out bursts, coming as he pounded into her, she came but wanted to come again and started meeting his thrusts trying to build up once more, she had to come again……………yes………here it was.
He couldn’t hold it any more and gave her one more deep thrust and held it there pushing her into the desktop and grinding his cock as hard as he could.
Her nails were deep in his side and this only made his head spin even more as he came in her.
She shuddered once more before she went limp on the desk with him on top of her.

The elevator opened on the 19th floor and they piled out of it against the opposite wall, her legs still wrapped around his hips, her fingers tangled in his hair, his teeth biting her neck as she whispered to him her room number.
Lowering her legs to the ground his lips found hers as her tongue slipped into his mouth while pushing him in the direction they needed to go, it was a short walk to the door as he pressed her up to it.
She fumbled with the key-card while he buried his face in her chest grabbing a mouthful of her tit in his mouth.

He crawled onto the pool table making his way to her.
Bending down he kissed the top of her foot and slowly made his way up her leg pushing them both apart as he got higher up to her thigh.
He stopped near her pussy licking and taking a mouthful of her soft inner thigh in his mouth and gently sucked while he ran his fingers through her wiry hair.
As his tongue massaged her leg, his thumb slipped inside her, her right leg came up and hooked around his neck then started pulling his head closer to what she really wanted chewed and sucked on.
Pushing her legs wide to get closer and her scent told him she wanted him, arms passing under her legs he go as close to her as he could.
Her legs draped over his shoulders as he took her clit in his mouth, rubbing it with his tongue.
She grabbed him by the hair and pushed his face roughly into her pussy and he eagerly gobbled in all up.
He ate her pussy for another ten minutes then started kissing his way up her body and to her tits where he alternately sucked on each one, then pushed up into her look down on her and pressed his lips up to hers as he entered her.
She let out a small gasp as his cock slid in her forcing her to spread her legs some more for him to slip inside her more easily.
She raised her arms above her head and braced them against the bumper as he pounded inside her.
Her legs were up and spread so she could take the full impact of his thrusts, the fire inside her was building up more and more, and it wasn’t going to be long now.
He was in the push up position which was hard on his knees being the table had a slate top but he was so into fucking her he wasn’t thinking about his knees.
He turned his head and bit her calf causing her to clench her teeth, she loved it, he started bearing down harder, her moans urged him to fuck her harder and he did.
Her world started to spin as she bit down on her lips, he couldn’t hold it anymore and released him self in her.
She pulled him closer to her with the vice grip force in her legs so he wouldn’t pull out until she began to tremble and come before she released him from his prison.

The door swung open and they stumbled in still clenching each other.
Kicking the door closed she then tore at the front of his shirt sending a button across the room.
In an effort to save the rest of his buttons he opened the rest of the shirt and dropped it to the floor as her hands…fingers went over his muscular chest.
He reached around her and undid the dress, then pushing the straps off her shoulders and watched it fall to the floor when she lowered her arms exposing her big tits.
Taking one in each hand he alternately sucked on each one ravenously, his tongue passed over each hard nipple like a slithering snake.
Her fingernails dug into his scalp when he bit into one of her nipples.
Reaching down with her hand she felt his hard cock through his pants and wanted it so bad, her fingers fumbled with his belt while he dined on her breasts.
She managed to open them and they fell to the floor.
Stepping back out of his pants he sat on the small love seat that was in the entrance of the room.
She could see he obvious excitement pushing against the material of his underwear.
He sat on the seat stroking his hard on staring at her standing there topless with only her black panties and black silk stockings on.
Kneeling down in front on him she stroked his cock as he fall back against the seat.
As she massaged his cock, its head appeared from the top on the elastic band and she bent down and took it in her mouth.
She felt him tense up at first but he got used to her hot mouth wrapped around the head of his cock and started pulling him deeper into her mouth.
Her head slowly went down all the way then pulled back slowly sucking on him driving him crazy.
His toes curled, as he tried to keep his sanity from the ecstasy her brain was experiencing, he was at her mercy at the moment and she knew how to handle him.
Looking up she could see the effect she was having on him and the control she possessed over him at the moment got her hotter.
She ran her tongue from the base of his shaft once more to the tip while cradling his balls in her hand, then engulfing him once more causing him to almost blow his load in her mouth.
Taking her by the arm he gently pulled her up sitting her on his lap.
He kissed the back of her neck as his hands made their way to her front and her tits.
She sank back into his chest as his lips sucked on her ear lobe and his hands caressed her nipple.
Her hand went down to her side and started stroking his hard cock.
He slipped his right hand down between he legs and under the thin strip of material covering her soaked pussy then rubbed her pulsating clit.
His left hand raised her chin as he licked her long soft neck.
His hands and how he touched her was almost enough to make her come but she needed him in her.
She wanted him to take her and fuck her like a dog; she wanted him to use her, fuck her like a whore, she wanted to be his whore.
He pulled her panties off and moved her up and over then she lowered herself on his hard cock her back still to him and she sat down between his open legs taking all of him in her.
She then started gyrating her hips, grinding onto his shaft before she started riding him; she bounced up and down as if she was riding a horse through a meadow.
Balancing herself with a hand one each of his thighs she fuck his cock harder and faster, head thrown back she piled on his cock as he thrust up into her at the same time.
It started building up between her legs, the sensation she was looking for since her massage.
She remember his strong fingers as he pushed out the stress that had built up and replacing it with pleasure.
She remembered the bulge in his pants as it stood there inches from her lips.
Her head started to spin, her vision blurred, the fire was moving up her body to her head where it erupted in a series of explosions and tremors the rushed through her whole being.
Her fluids ran out from between her legs and over his thighs.
Standing her up had her get on her knees on the love chair with her tits tangling over the back end.
Taking her by the hips, he entered her from behind and he wasn’t gentle, he rammed it home and held it there for 10 seconds before he pulled back and rammed it in once more.
She hugged the back of the chair as he picked up the pace and started fucking her hard.
She thought he was going to bounce her over the back of the chair but it felt so good what he was doing to her, she was once more building up, she didn’t understand how, she was still shaky from the orgasms she just had and was now on the doorstep to another much bigger once.
She loved being taken from behind.
His finders dug into her butt as he fucked her doggie style.
He looked down and watch his cock disappear inside her, he got hornier at the sight and only made him want to fuck her harder and deeper.
She had tightened up now and was pushing back to meet his thrusts.
He could hear her breathing getting heavier then the moans was the sign she was about to cum again.
Listening to her excited him more and he could feel he was about ready but held on for her to reach her climax one more time and he didn’t have to wait long before a growl came from the other side of the chair followed by a barrage of gods and yeses when he drove home solidly a couple of times and filled her cunt with his hot cum.
He almost collapsed to the floor but managed to get to the seat.
She curled up next to him gently milking the rest of him cum from his still hard cock and watching it run down her hand.
Ten minutes later he picked her up and carried her to the bed where they made love and passed out for the night.
He woke up in the morning to find her tongue teasing his hard cock, she looked up at him gave him a naughty look and blew him a kiss before she swallowed up his cock………..

Life isn’t boring.
Boring is how you make life.

This post was a copulation of desires, my own and some of those that have been shared with me by some of you.

This post is based on fact, the woman in black was my EX, I was the man in the bar and the rest…..well…..Just use your imagination, it could have happened, who’s to say it didn’t but the part with the old couple, happened.
My ex used to go to conferences and I would drive up the night before she returned and spend the last night with her in one of the high-end hotels they always booked for these things.
Most times a change of scenery can spice up a boring mundane sex life.
Just think most infidelities are caused because people are bored of the same thing all the time and want something different.
Rent a room in a nice hotel, even in the city you live in for a night, a weekend.
You don’t have to go far for a vacation and it doesn’t cost that much but will more than likely jazz up your sex life with some fresh experiences with the one you love.
My ex and I did this often to get away from housework, the kids and to add a little flavor to the already spicey sex we used to have.

Have a nice weekend



Miss Understood said...

Wow...that was some story! It made it even better knowing that some of it, at least, was true.
Great song too ... I love Portishead.

Have a great weekend :)

itisi said...

The first time I went to comment on this the service wasn’t available.
That ‘s okay. I was still breathing too hard to type properly!!
In fact, my breathing still isn’t normal.
What a great way to start the weekend.
It has been a loooooong time since your last sex post, but it was really worth the wait!
Whoa, I am all hot and bothered here
I need some time to recover!! LOL
I hope you survive okay today. Take care of yourself. Have a good weekend.
I am so melting right now…

Miss Cellania said...

Whew, Walker! I'm exhausted, and all I did was read it! Honestly. ;-)

Lora_3 said...

First - I disagree

Second-Some people go to hotels to spice up the ole sex life others go on Wife Swap! LOL

Be safe...