blue moon (2)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sex Talk: Happy Halloween ©

Ah another Friday and another Sex talk.
I sometimes wonder how long I could keep these up but hey, I am here and I got one up.
There is some explicit sex in this post, so for those of you not wishing to see how sick this mind is, you can enjoy reading any of the great links in my sidebar.



The sun was high in the sky on this beautiful summer after noon as he sat there on the patio enjoying his ice-cold beer and talking to his friend Betty.
They talked about the workweek that just ended as he watched the people rush by back and forth from the various shops.
He noticed a couple of good-looking women walking around as well.
It had been a long while since he had the pleasure of some female company.
That was when he saw her.
She was walking along the sidewalk across the street without a care in the world.
She was a very beautiful women who most men would do anything for just the pleasure of her company, even for just one time.

He watched her the whole time, as she walked by and just when she was almost out of sight, her head turned and looked straight at him until she vanished down the street.
Betty had noticed his stare and followed his eyes to the woman.
Even she had to look at the woman.
She was tall with blonde hair flowing down her body all the way to her waist.
Her figure looked perfect in every way, lush full breasts that seemed to float in front of her.
She was getting excited herself watching her and she had no interest in women.
She wished he would look at her like that.
In three years that they knew each other he had shown no interest in her what so ever…….but she wished.
More co-workers joined them later on in the night and they drank and partied all night long until the bar closed and the headed off home.

He said goodbye to Betty and walked away to a waiting taxi.
He knew she wanted him to take her with him but he didn’t feel the same way about her as she felt about him.
She was a good-looking woman, fun to be with but he didn’t have the desire to have that sort of relationship with her.

The weekend was quiet.
He mostly spent it lying around watching TV but he kept thinking back to the woman on the street that day, she was gorgeous.
The whole weekend was like this.
The mystery woman kept creeping into his thoughts all the time.
Saturday night he went to bed and he dreamt about her.
He dreamt she was there in bed with him right now fucking him.
In the morning he woke up tired and drained.
He lay there for a while before he got the strength to get up and go to the washroom.
After a big big breakfast he turned the television on and collapsed on the couch to watch some football.
The phone rang and it was Betty calling to see if he wanted to go out to a movie that night.
He told her he was to tired from all the drinking they did Friday night and was staying home to get some rest and recuperate.
That night when he went to bed he dreamt about her again and she was crawling all over his body kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples.
He was getting extremely aroused.
Her hand grabbed his hard cock through his shorts and started rubbing it getting him all turned on, he wanted her so bad right now.
Her lips were pressed up to his with her very long tongue slipping in and out of her mouth.
He woke up abruptly in the morning, dizzy and weak.
The room was spinning so fast he almost through up.
His cock was harder than it has ever been,
He reached down and could feel the wetness on his shorts; he must have come in his sleep.

Rolling out of bed, he staggered to the washroom.
He washed his face and stood there looking into the mirror, he looked old, to old for his 32 years, he must be coming down with something.
After a quick breakfast he headed off to work.
While riding the bus he thought he saw that woman standing on the side walk as they went by and he is pretty sure she looked right at him, past all the people standing around the crowded bus and right at him.

When he got at work he went straight to his office and dropped into his chair.
Betty walked in and commented on how sick he looked.
He thanked her for her observation and accepted the day’s work from her.
It was becoming a long morning and he was regretting coming into work.
He started sweating and for some strange reason was getting horny.
By lunchtime he informed them that he wasn’t feeling well and was going home.
It didn’t take to much looking to see he was sick and turning paler by the minute.
He took a taxi instead of a bus and had him stop at a Chinese restaurant for some hot n sour soup.
He went home and lay around covered in blankets.
Betty called to see how he was feeling and he told her he wasn’t any better.
She offered to come by but he didn’t want to see people when he was sick.

That night she was back in his dream.
Every night now was like living an erotic fantasy, every time he went to bed was a dream so real…..
He must have a fever.
Even though he knew it was a dream it was the best sex he had ever had.
But in the morning he was drained always for some reason.
It couldn’t be the dream no one gets tired of dreaming especially a dream with a beautiful woman.
This was the worse flu he ever had and the first one ever in the summer.
He knew it would break soon and he would get better.
He always did.
At least he had her in his dreams to keep him company every night.

It was Friday and she hadn’t seen him since he left Monday afternoon sick.
She had been trying to reach him for two days now and there was no answer.
He must be very sick not to be able to pick up the phone.
She was worried now.
How was he making food for him self to eat?
She supposed he could have ordered but still….
Picking up the phone, she called him one more time and still there was no answer and she was tired of leaving messages on his machine so she decided that she would go to see him after work.

He had lost all sense of time now; he didn’t even know what day it was.
All he knew was that he couldn’t get out of bed anymore.
He was to weak to even answer the phone sitting next to him.
It was Betty he was sure of it.
All he did for two days now was lay there is bed,
He didn’t have to even go to the washroom.
Life had become one big delusion.
He no longer understood what was real of a figment of his imagination.

He slipped back into a deep sleep once more.
She opened the door and walked in.
She was completely naked as she always was.
In her hands she held that same brown box she always brought with her.
She put it on the night table and opened it up.
She turned to him and she brushed the hair from his face then smiled at him.
Her smile gave him a surge of energy.
With her right hand she started rubbing his cock.
He could feel his life draining down to his hardening cock.
Getting to her knees she bent over him slipping it out of his shorts and took it in her mouth then started gently sucking on him with her snake like tongue curling around his head in her mouth.
These dreams felt so real.
He reached down and thought he felt her soft silky hair.
Her head picked up the paced and the act sent a spasm through his body waking up his brain like never before.
His mind was wide-awake now with different feelings and emotions running through his head at the same time.
She released his cock from her lips and straddled him.
Holding him with her hand she slid down his hard cock, pulling him into her wet pussy.
She started riding him, up and down pounding him into the bed.
He grabbed and sucked on her tits as they hung in front of his face
She had long hard nipples but nothing compared to the strangle hold she had on his cock with her pussy.

Betty got something to eat ate Lee’s Restaurant after work and grabbed some hot n sour soup for him.
She knew it was his favorite and he needed it now especially with the flu or what ever he had.
She sat there thinking of him while she ate.
She had missed seeing him all week at work and it felt odd not having him around everyday.
She sat the eating in silence with her thoughts until she was done.
After paying for her dinner and the soup she flagged down a taxi and headed off for his place.
He had given a key to her just incase he locked himself out again like he once did.
How many tine she wanted to use that same key and sneak into his bed at night she thought to herself.
Betty paid for the cab and went into his building.

She was bearing down on him now with her hands pinning his shoulders to the bed.
Blood ran down his arms and sides from where her thumb nails dug into his shoulders
She rocked back and forth as his cock went in and out of her pussy.
His head was in another place and his heart was pounding against his rib cage.
It was getting harder for him to breath now, like a heavy weight was pushing down on him and squeezing his lungs empty.
All his being was gathering inside his head for the biggest orgasm he has ever had.
This couldn’t be real…...
It wasn’t possible……
How could he feel like this in a dream?

Betty fished around in her purse for the key as she went up in the elevator.
She found it at the bottom of her purse attached to the little key ring her won at the fair last summer when they went with a group of friends.
He was trying to win a huge stuffed toy but she was happier getting anything from him.
Even though he wasn’t trying to win it for her she liked to believe he did.
The elevator opened on the tenth floor and she got out and went left towards his apartment.
The door she stopped in front of said 1027.
What if he got mad at her for coming over and using her key to get in?
She stood there thinking for a second.
I woman down the hall came out and passed her.
They smiled at each other and the other stopped at the elevator and pressed the button to summon it.
Betty slipped the key into the door slowly, cautiously like a burglar.
A bell rang and she froze.
The elevator opened and the woman walked in.

He couldn’t hold it any more his eyes started to roll back into his head when she stopped and pushed down on him taking as much of his cock inside her.
It felt like his cock was being sucked into her body.
His mouth fell open….his voice stuck at the back of his throat….

The key easily turned the lock she turned the handle slowly pushing it open a bit and slowly stuck her head in.

She was grinding him into the bed and with her hands under his ass was pulling him up to her.
He feebly grasped at the thin air as his mind started to explode.

Betty stepped into the room.
She called his name but got no answered.
She made her way to the bedroom, where the door was close.
Putting her ear to the door she listened but heard nothing.
One hand against the door jam she reached down and grabbed the handle, she opened the door and stepped in.

His brain couldn’t contain it any more and he came … he could almost swear he could hear himself screaming.

Betty’s hands went to her mouth as a blood-curdling scream slammed into her.
She looked at the bed and saw……….

The Beast

An electrifying chill went through her body.
There was a woman….something on top of Mark that looked to be fucking him.
He was screaming at the top of his lungs with his arms in the air, fingers twisting towards the ceiling.
The thing was driving into him so hard the bed was buckling under the strain.
Betty inched her way towards the bed and could now see the face of the woman.
She let out a loud shrilling scream.
The creature took off across the room in a flash and out the window sending Betty flying backwards and smashing into the dresser as she went by.

Her eyes opened to a bright light being shone in them.
In a daze she looked around her surroundings, she was in an ambulance, the female paramedic was saying something to her but she couldn’t hear a word.
Her mind was……..Mark, where was Mark?
She went to get up but was pushed back down by the paramedic.
Betty fought back but then a second paramedic came and while one held her down the other gave her a shot of something and she started getting tired……..

She ran down the side of the building like a sprinter across a track. Reaching the alley below she slid down the sewer and darted into the distant darkness.
Deep into the sewer, she slipped through a crevice in the wall and descended deeper into the earth.
She ran at full speed for half an hour until a glow appeared far ahead.
Slowing down to a walk she cautiously entered a huge cavern.
Her red eyes scanned the area looking to make sure she was alone.
This was the first time that anyone had ever seen her this close and never before had she left someone alive to speak of what they seen but that shrilling sound was like a spike that drove into her brain.
Walking over to the pool of water she looked down at her reflection….then it came to her….she left the box behind.
Her heart started pounding faster.
She had to go back and get it before someone found it.
Getting up she took two steps and stopped, reaching down between her legs and pulled out a severed cock from inside her.
Tossing it aside she headed back in the direction she entered the cavern from.
It took her longer to get back that it did during her escape.
She came out of a sewer a couple of blocks from the one she first went down, walking to the corner she was almost hit by an ambulance that sped by with the sirens blaring.
Taking a better look around this time she walked across the street and towards the gathering crowd around the entrance of the building.
It was obvious she was late but still, the box might still be there.
She walked up to the policeman standing near the entrance.

He was stuck at the door doing crowd control while everyone else was out there looking for a killer.
He was pushing back some reporters that had gotten to close when she came up to him.
She was gorgeous.
Tall, nice big tits just pushing at what little material held them back to escape.
Her eyes were like to emeralds sparkling at him.
She walked up, smiled at him and asked what had happened?
He told her that someo0ne had murdered an old man and mutilated him up on the tenth floor.
Her hand went to her mouth in apperant shock but he assured her that she was safe with him around.
She asked him if she could go up into her apartment on the fourth floor her hand touched his arm and he felt his cock getting hard.
He wanted to tell her that she couldn’t go but instead found himself holding the door open for her.
She stopped at the door, thanked him and gave his hard cock a squeeze then walked in.
He stood there lost in his pants as she went down the foyer.
Taking the stairs she made her way up slowly to the tenth floor.
Opening up the door slowly she saw the hallway was swarming with people.
She could easily kill them all but it would create a bigger problem so she decided to wait them out and then go in and retrieve the box.

Betty woke up in the hospital groggy and lost.
A nurse came in and seeing her awake she went back outside and came in with a man wearing a suit reeking of aftershave.
He introduced himself as a detective and asked her if she was ok to answer some questions at this moment while everything was still fresh in her mind.
She almost burst out laughing.
As far as she was concerned, she was out of her mind.
He asked her what she was doing in the apartment?
She told him about Mark and how sick he had been for the last week and couldn’t go to work so she was coming by to see how he was and to bring him some soup.
The detective looked ay her and asked what kid of work Mark did for someo0ne his age.
She told him what Mark did and what most of them did was the same.
The detective told her for a man of his years he was surprised he hadn’t retired yet.She told him Mark was only 32 and nowhere near retirement.
The detective had a puzzled look on his face and asked if Mark lived with an older man?
Mark lived alone she said and had no family in this city as far as she knew.
The detective asked her what she saw?
She told him the story about walking in and seeing a woman or what looked like a woman.
She was tall and her skin was gray, she had red eyes and long claws too.
The detective just looked at her.
He was thinking she was delusional.
It was obvious she was in shock and when they found her she was unconscious from a blow and was probably suffering form a concussion.
When the officers responded to a phone call reporting a strange person standing outside a tenants apartment the found her inside unconscious of the bedroom floor and an old man dead in bed with his penis missing.
He would be charging her if it wasn’t for the fact that she had no blood on her.
There was such a mess in the bed, she couldn’t have not have gotten some on her if she had done it.
Just then an officer came in carrying her backpack.
He told her they found it in the apartment with her identification in it so they put the stuff back in and brought it to her because the they were sealing the apartment until forensics could finish.
He didn’t want her to be inconvenienced since she had already gone through so much.She thanked them and the detective put it in the locker beside her bed.

She waited on the roof until 2am for the last of the police to leave.
On all fours she walked down to the tenth floor and into the apartment from the window.
She went into the bedroom, her heart was racing again but not from the possible danger but by the memory of the past night.
Her veins swelled with energy at the impending influx of life she will receive when she retrieves the box.
In the bedroom she went to the dresser where she left the box.
The dresser was smashed.
She searched all around it but it wasn’t there.
She started throwing things around the room looking for the box.
They must have found it.
Now what?

Ashes To Ashes

Two days later, Betty was sitting in her hospital room wondering what happened back at Mark’s place.
In the space of a day her whole life was turned upside down.
Mark supposedly aged 60 years in a week and was murdered by some ugly woman that escaped by jumping out a tenth floor window.
She listened to herself repeat that a couple of times and if she didn’t know better she would think she was insane and lock herself up.
Just then there was a knock on the door and a man walked in.
He was in his thirties about six feet tall with blonde hair and bluest of blue eyes.
When he smiled the room lit up.
He asked if it was ok if he could ask her a couple of questions.
She told him that she had told the police all she knew a hundred times already.
He told her that he was a reporter and wasn’t with the police.
She didn’t know what to do now.
No one told her to keep quiet so how bad would it be if she told the press.
Besides, he was kinda cute.

She sat there and told him the whole story just as she had told the police in the last two days.
He sat there silently looking at her.
She told him that he probably thought she was crazy, but that’s how it actually happened.
He told her that he believed what she said and that he was just thinking about what he had heard a couple of months earlier.
It seems that they found another man dead that looked like he was in his nineties but was actually in his late twenties.
He thought it may be a virus.
She told him it didn’t explain the ugly woman creature that was fucking him.
He conceded that point but they couldn’t rule out the virus for making the victim age rapidly and the woman was probably some homeless person that snuck in and took advantage of a sick man.
His explanation sounded good and would have convinced her any other time but for the fact that said homeless person disappeared out of a tenth floor window.
He sat there for a couple of hours and they got to know each other a little better personally.
When he was leaving he said he would stop by and see her again the next day then left.
She now lay back in the bed and had something else to think about besides that night.

Not finding the box in the room she decided to go to the police station to see what she could find out.
Standing in an alleyway she watched the front entrance for a way to get in and find out the location of the box.
Just then her luck changed.
Out the door walked the officer from the front door of the building.
She watched him get into a car and drive off.
She ran along behind him for about two miles where he pulled into the parking lot of a diner.
Ten minutes later she walked in.
Scanning the room she saw him sitting along the windows, so she sat two tables in front of him but in full view if he looked in her direction.
It didn’t take long for him to notice her and walk to her table and ask her to join him.
She told him that she didn’t want to get him into trouble him being on duty and all.
He explained that his shift just ended and was just grabbing breakfast before he went home to bed.
They sat there talking while he ate and she drank coffee.
She said she wasn’t hungry for food.
He had the feeling that he wasn’t going to be going home alone and he was right.
He offered her a ride to her place but she suggested him showing her his place and maybe his bed instead.

The door hadn’t been locked yet when her dress slid to the floor and what he saw when he turned was what he wanted since seeing her at the building.
She walked up to him and tore open his shirt and slid her tongue up his chest and bit into his shoulder,
He picked her up to take her to the bedroom and notice she was heavier than she looked that she would be.
Mauling each other all the way to the bed he dropped her there and undressed.
\He got on her but she quickly rolled him on his back and mounted him before he could even react to her sudden move.
She dug her nails into his side sending the pain and pleasure surging through his veins.
Reaching between her legs she guided him in and started riding him.
There was a scent in the room that made him more excited than he has ever been.
Her pussy had a strangle hold on him and she rode him with a steady rhythm one she was so used to.
He was in a place he had not been before.
Never had he felt such ecstasy.
It was like she was in his head making him feel like he never has before.
She got out of bed while he lay unconscious in the bed.
Such a weak mind this one had but ….. She reached over and took his still hard cock in her hand and her snake like tongue wrapped around the head once more.
He was good, she will be back for the rest of him when she found the box but the police had not found the box.
So where was it?
She needed the box every month to replenish her energy and because of her haste she didn’t get to replenish herself and she only had three more days to get it back.

The doctor came at nine in the morning to look at her.
The tests they ran came back good.
Besides a bruise on her head and some cuts and scraps, she was in excellent shape and would be released a little later in the morning.
This made her happy but what about the reporter, he didn’t know how to reach her and she wanted him to reach her.
The nurse came in an hour later with her release papers and an orderly with a wheel chair.
It was policy that they wheel you to the door when being discharged.
She got dressed and collected her things from the locker.
They went downstairs, the nurse held the door open to let a woman in and Betty out.
She thanked everyone outside and walked to the curb to get a taxi but the reporter walked up to her as she was flagging one down and offered to give her a ride if she would like.

If the police didn’t have the box and it wasn’t in the room, it meant that someone else had it.
The woman that came in must have it.
According to the policeman she was in the hospital.
She headed off across town to the hospital to find her.
When she got there she walked into the woman’s change room and found a uniform to wear.
When she walked out people, who saw her stopped to look at the tall black woman with the long long legs,
She walked down the hallway towards the nurse’s station only pausing for a moment to smile at a little boy.
Twenty more years and she will be coming back to see him again.
She has walked the Earth for thousands of years living off man’s desires.
Thousands of men have given their souls for her survival either willingly or …..
The box contained the means of her life, her very existence, depended on her getting what is in the box back.
The nurse’s station was empty when she got to it.
The name she got from his mind was Betty Smith, discharged.
She was to late, again.

The next day Betty woke up feeling a lot better after sleeping at home.
She showered and lay on the couch watching TV.
She took the week off of work and wasn’t going to do anything but watch TV and see Brad.
Brad was that reporter that was taking her out to dinner tonight.
Yesterday before he brought her home they stopped for some coffee and she had a muffin.
They had a fun time and after when he brought her home he asked her out for dinner and she accepted.
It has been a long time since she went out on a date and there had to be something good to come out of this nightmare.

There was only five in the phone book when she started looking for Betty.
The first two were old women, the one in the apartment was younger she recalled.
She was on her way to the third one now.
These two were close together so she figured it would be quicker and if it wasn’t one of them then she knew it had to be the last one.

They had a great time at dinner.
Brad was so easy to talk to.
He was always listening and understanding.
We sat there talking for two hours after dinner having a couple of drinks before we decided to go some place for a coffee.
Another hour was spent laughing and having fun at the coffee shop around the corner from her house.
He took her home and walked her to the door.
She asked him if he would like to come in and he accepted.
They went to her apartment and when she stepped in, she stumbled over her backpack.
If not for his fast reflexes she would have fell to the floor but…..if she had known how nice it was to be held like this by him, she would have done it sooner.

While he closed the door she picked up the stuff that had spilled out onto the floor.
Now what is this?
She picked up this brown box that had fallen out of her pack.
She had never seen the box before and wasn’t hers.
Brad came into the room and was now standing in front of her.
He asked her what was in the box?
She was now shaking a little.
Lifting the clasp holding it shut she slowly opened the box and peeked inside.
Opening it a little more, then wide open.
Placing the box on the table she took out a gold goblet.
It was covered with symbols of bulls, rams and other creatures, demons.
She got a chill and dropped the goblet but again Brat’s fast reflexes caught it before it hit the floor.
He held it his hands and stared at it like he was drawn by it.
Betty reached over and took it back then placed it in the box and closed the lid.
Brad smiled at her and walked around the living room looking at the place.
Betty was showing him some of the picture she had out and around then they sat on the couch to talk.
One thing led to another and they were locked in each other’s arms kissing and groping.
She was so drawn to him and she couldn’t explain why.
It had been so long, that must be it.
He opened her blouse exposing her full breasts.
Taking then in his hands he kissed and sucked on each of them one after the other.
Her heart was pounding in her chest she was so turned on by what he was doing to her.
His hands slid down her body to her skirt and sliding that down her legs while still sucking on one of her hard nipples.
His lips traveled down across her belly to her pussy where he nudged it with his nose before his face into her panties getting a good smell of her.
He started eating her through the panties, chewing around where her clit was and getting obviously easier to find.
Lifting both her legs straight up, he slid off her panties and tossed them aside.
He then went back to the task at hand but without any obstructions now.
He had her so heated up she was moaning out of control with her legs moving about.
He stood up and stepped out of his pants.
She looked at him and he had a huge cock.
She was hesitant when he knelt between her legs but he smiled at he and she felt calm.
He slowing entered her and she tensed up to his thickness but he just pushed in farther.
Her nails were now digging into his arms with the pressure and pain she was now feeling but she still wanted more.
He now looked deep into her eyes and she just relaxed and he pushed all the way in and she felt nothing any more, just extreme pleasure but somewhere deep deep in her head she was in agony.
He was now pounding into her mercilessly.

This was the last address on her list.
She climbed up the wall to the balcony and looked in.
She could see two people fucking on the couch.
This made her hungry.
Then she saw it, it was sitting on the table.
Slowly sliding the balcony door opened trying not to attract attention but a gust of wind blew the curtains into he room getting the attention of the male.
She stepped into the room ready to kill for her chalice.
Betty’s eyes widened with her recognition of the demon she saw just days earlier.
Brad looked up at the demon and greeted his sister with a smile and then looked down upon Betty and started changing into his true self.
Betty could see the changes happening as well as feel them now as he filled her more and more.
She wanted to scream but couldn’t.
He was in her head and controlled her completely now.
Her heart started pounding faster and faster as the demon drove into her.
His sister walked to the box and took out the goblet and held it before her and it started to glow and the glow left the goblet and entered her body, energizing her.
This is what kept her young and alive all these years.
When Marks essence had completely entered her, the goblet went dark once more.
She touched herself all over feeling the new life pumping through her veins.
She walked over to where her brother was feeding and place the goblet next to Betty on the floor and stepped back.
With every deep thrust now the goblet got brighter and Betty’s eyes got dimmer but her heart pounded faster and faster until she couldn’t hold it in any more and she came with a loud shrilling screams.
Her body started to shudder as she came and came.

Brad fell off the couch grasping his head.
Betty’s scream pierced his head.
His sister was writhing on the ground in obvious pain.
Betty’s arm fell off the couch and landed on the goblet.
The bright glow started traveling up her arm and all over her body and then the goblet went dull again.
She felt alive again she rolled off the couch, grabbed the goblet and ran out the door.
She looked back at the elevator she saw Brad stumble out of the apartment.
The elevator door opened and she jumped in, getting out at the ground floor she ran out into the night and across the street to the park.
She didn’t know how long she had been running for but she stopped for a rest and to listen.
She didn’t know where she was she was lost.
She stayed where so was for about fifteen minutes and not hearing anything she ran off across the park to where she though the street was.
Past the bushes at the other end she came to an ally that was lit up by a barrel with garbage burning inside it.
As she got closer, Brad called from behind her.
She turned to face him.
His sister was now coming from her left side.
He told her that if she gave then the goblet they would go away and leave her alone.
Betty looked down at the goblet.
At this moment it was the only reason she was alive and if she gave it to them they would kill her like the tried to do once already.
They killed Mark.
Brad moved in closer, as did his sister.
Betty stepped back to the barrel.
Brad once again urged her to give them that goblet but Betty tightened her grip on it instead.
That’s when his sister darted out to grab it and Betty swung away and dropped in into the barrel.
Aloud scream pierced the night as Brads sister wailed like she had been stabbed through the heart.
Betty stepped away from the barrel as it started to burn hotter with the goblet in it.
Brad started to catch fire, as did his sister, she screamed the whole time and then as sudden as it started it was over with a loud flash.
Betty stood there between two piles of ashes which were once Brad and that ugly sister.
It seems as the goblet gave them life, it was the only thing that could kill them.
She was a Succubus and her brother Brad was an Incubus the male version.
Betty staggered out of the alley to the street finally free of all her problems.
She spotted a police car and ran out to get his attention but was killed instantly by a bus.

Life’s a bitch

What was in the box was a goblet I got from an antique dealer that says it's from the 16th century.
The paper work for it does.
It is supposed to have been used for drinking the blood of an enemy.
Is it true, I don't know but I washed the damn this just in case it was.
It's made of silver with gold plate and it's decorated with demons all around it.





Lora_3 said...

More Tricks

We Want Treats (3 more days)

Be safe...

Sarah said...

whyyyyyyyy to be continued.....??

I was about to....


okay. Sorry.
I'll wait.


Have a great weekend too.