blue moon (2)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saying Goodbye To A Friend ©

In winter of 1972 I met and made a friend and since that time but for 9 months in 1999, we were always together.
We never went a day without sitting down somewhere and sharing a moment.
You were there through school.
We would go out for recess and play together in the yard and got into trouble a couple of times for starting fires.
There was that time when you caused me to have an accident and sent me barreling through a fucken forest.
I’m lucky I didn’t hit a tree.
Or a cow
You were there when I got laid for the first time.
Oh yeah we just sat there after thinking about how FUCKEN COOL THAT WAS.

I remember when my kids were born you were there and kept me from going crazy. My oldest had choked and was unconscious.
I needed you that day, big time.
Then there was that time when I went to Mad Dogs funeral and you kept me from killing that young wannabe punk. You calmed me down outside that day and helped me realized Mad Dog wouldn’t want me to rip his head off.
He’ll deal with him in hell, in time.

You were there when I went back to school, through college, and helped me work through all those hard nights of home work and study.
You were so smart.
We would sit there in the silence and figure things out.

My ex hated you with a passion because you were always there with us and we were never left alone with each other.
Her kids hated you also and so did mine, but you were my best friend and knew how to sooth my temper or comfort me at times when I was blue.

You were there at the doctor’s office when we were told my mother had colon cancer and it was bad.
You went outside with me and watched me cry.
Throughout her treatment they couldn’t have pried you from my side.
You always had that calming affect over me.

For thirty four years you have been my friend.
We went to the Pink Floyd concert together.
We got so fucked up I could still hear the music in my head for 3 days after.
Remember the ELO concert when I hopped the rail and sailed down twenty feet to land one of the guys fighting Joe.
I missed.
But you were there later to help me forget the pain.
Thanks buddy.
Remember the Super Tramp concert.
Oh, to bad, I was hoping someone did.

Then there were the endless rumbles at the Chaud, fuck did we get our butts kicked but we gave as much as we got for a bunch of young punks.
Man it’s a wonder they let us back in every week.
It was the only hard rock bar that didn’t know what the drinking age was. LOL

For over three decades you have been there for me but now I have to say goodbye.
I will never forget you because how could I, you have been there for me through times of happiness and times of sorrow.
You have held my hand so many times I can’t say I won’t miss your smooth soft finger.
You kept my hand warm as you pressed it to your bosom.
You breathed warmth into my hands.
I will never forget my lips pressed up to you.
You brought tears to my eyes and when you were not around I would go insane and go out looking for you.
I would go around asking people for you only to be shunned and when I would finally find you I would be so happy, I would feel like I was floating on air.

Hey, remember when we got into the black market together.
We barely got out of that scheme before we got caught like everyone else.
But we did make some money.

Oh, New Years 2000
What a time we had that day
Wooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeee
We got so fucken drunk I passed you around to everyone like a box of chocolates at a Weight Watches meeting.
Everyone got a piece of you that night.
You’re so easy to take especially, when everyone else is drunk.

I remember in the beginning when we met, my parents hated you, well they still do and we had to sneak around so they wouldn’t see us.
We skipped school together and went to the pond fishing instead.

The things we have done together are endless but I can’t keep seeing you.
As much as you have been part of my life, you have caused me so much pain as well. To say I don’t need you would be a lie you are addictive but as hard as it will be, it has to be done.
The truth be told……..You’re killing me.
I have to start thinking about myself right now and this is the only solution.
I would have parted from you 2 years ago but you enticed me to stay by cheapening yourself and I allowed myself to be corrupted, mentally and physically by you.
But now I am ready.
I am strong and I have to make the move now and leave you.
Be rid of you for ever.
I will remember the times we had together but they will be the only ones that will exist after the end of this month, because at the end of this month, I quit smoking and cigarette, all I could say is…….


Ok Elvira, here’s the challenge.
Join me.
Go over to Elvira’s blog and tell her I want her to quit smoking with me and anyone else out there who wants too.
I have been smoking for 34 years and it’s time for a divorce..


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