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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sex Talk: With A Little Help From my Friends ©

Here it is Friday's Sex Talk with the sentences you were so kind to give me.
There is explicide sex so read it you wish.
Oh and I didn't link anyone due to the nature of this post just in case it would offend anyone but I want to thank you all again for you help.

Have a nice weekend

He stood there in the dark watching the trails on the glass while the wind was howling as the rain fiercely beat against the window.
The thunder streaked across the sky slicing the clouds open and revealing the stars in the night sky.
They were the same stars they had once stared at so long ago while laying in the meadow on that warm summer night five years earlier.
He had first seen her at the play ground behind the day care center.

She stood in the yard watching children playing... watching the squirrels run and the birds flit in and out of the trees, unaware that he was watching her…. full of seething, roiling emotions, for he was a man obsessed….. With her.
He stood there watching her, leaves blowing in the wind…fluttering in her eyes.
He saw her beauty as the wind swept the leaves from her face and releasing them to the wild swirls in the courtyard once more.

She turned slowly and made eye contact…
He just froze right there lost in her gaze.
It felt like time had stopped just for them and they were alone in the world.
He could almost feel her heartbeat from this distance and it was calling his name.
The warmth in her eyes weakened his knees.
Her beauty was so mesmerizing he didn’t notice a dog humping his leg.
She smiled at him and turned away.Or was she smiling at the dog?
When she had gone down the street he got a better view of her.
She was all he ever dreamed she would be.
He had always yearned to run his hands over her smooth curves.

Later that week he happened to be in a coffee shop when she walked in alone.
He looked away not wanting to be seen but yet wanting to look at her.
She had gone to the counter and then sat at the table next to him.
He felt awkward at first but then while sipping his coffee he took a chance and peeked to the table next him and towards her.
She was sitting there staring right at him.
Now he felt very awkward.
Gathering his strength he forced a smile out and said ”Hi”.
She looked at him smiling back then said “You’re that nice man that let’s Mrs Schwartz’s dog hump his leg” in a crisp and loud voice.
He knew everyone in the coffee shop was staring at him at that moment.
“Yes ummm, that was me but I don’t know Mrs Schwartz or her dog personally”

They sat there for awhile talking and getting to know each other a little better when he got up the courage to ask her out for dinner and she accepted.
They went out on a couple of dinner dates and once together to the movies when she one day invited him over to her place for dinner.

She has never, ever felt this way about someone before.
He was quiet, polite, funny, liked animals and they liked him.
He made her smile, laugh not to mention it had been years since she had a man in her bed.
Her ex boyfriend was always scaring possible boyfriends away so she would go back to him.
But this one seemed different he didn’t look like he would scare away so easily.
Sunday came and he found himself at the flower shop picking a bouquet of flowers to present with the bottle of wine he picked up earlier.
Parking across the street from the address she had given him he buzzed the door and she let him into the building
Walking off the elevator on the third floor he made his way down the hallway to her apartment and knocked on the door.
The door opened and she stood there looking beautiful in a red dress that was snug around her body.
He couldn’t miss her round, firm breasts that were crowding her cleavage trying to bust out..
She stepped aside and invited him in.

Walking into the living he noticed everything was in its place and the room was neat.
He offered her the wine and flowers to which she thanked him.
She told him she didn’t get many visitors and it had been a long time since she even cooked and was out of practice.
She told him she was usually watching football on Sundays particularly her SF49rs.
He was surprised she watched football and was flattered that she would go out of her way to cook for him but that was the farthest thing from him mind at the moment because as she walked away his eyes were glued to her ass.
Her hips had this subtle sway that excited him.
As she was in the kitchen he told her he loved football to but was a Broncos fan.
He thought he heard a laugh come from the kitchen.
She walked out of the kitchen and to the dinning area next to the living room and asked him if he would come and open a bottle of wine she had chilling before he had gotten there.
He walked over and using the cork screw he started opening the bottle.
As he was screwing in the cork screw he caught the scent of her perfume, it was sweet smelling and inviting, pleasant.
He passed her the bottle and she thanked him.
He walked back to his chair and she brought them each a glass of wine and she say next to him on the couch and they talked for a bit.
She told him that she is usually watching football on Sundays
It was beginning to get hot after a couple of sips of wine and her perfume was making him a little dizzy or was it her eyes.
He didn’t know what came over him but he leaned in and kissed her.
She didn’t pull away but kissed him back.
They both put their glasses down and started kissing more.
Their hands were travelling over their bodies trying to find a way under the fabric to feel the hot burning flesh within.

She pushed him back on the couch and bit his chest through his shirt.
Her hand rubbed the outside of his pants and could feel his cock getting harder as she grasped it through the material.
She bit his lip and softly told him that if he said the 49ers were better than the Broncos that she would make sure he would never forget that night.
Dizzy with lust, He conceded the fact that the 49ers were indeed, a better team than his Denver Broncos (at golfing because they get more practice by missing the playoffs).

She was smiling at him as she reached down to help him undress, her heart raced with anticipation as she opened his belt buckle and then pulled down his zipper.

She pulled out his now hard cock and started licking the end of it.
Then she engulfed the head and slowly by working her head up and down had the whole thing going in and out of her mouth.
At the same time she was rubbing his balls.
Her lips were like a vice as inch by inch of his cock went past them.
This was the best blow job that he had ever had in his whole life.
She was devouring him and there was nothing he could go.
He felt paralysed.
All of a sudden a loud shattering noised echoed outside in the street only to be followed by another one.
She started sucking harder on him with every blow.
He was grasping at the sides of the couch trying to get out but locked in an ecstasy filled dream paralyzing him.
He asked her what the noise was,
She was pulling on his cock with her lips when she stopped for a split second, she look in his eyes and told him it was her ex boyfriend probably smashing his car and took his cock in her mouth again before he could jump off the couch.
But why he asked?
Releasing him once more she told him “OH, HE'S JUST JEALOUS you have me and he doesn’t”.
She started draining the energy out of him once more with her tongue cutting circles around his head in her mouth.
He lay there listening to the smashing sounds hammering in the night like as if he was in a dream.

She stood up and raised her dress her naked pussy then lowering herself on top of him..
His cocked throbbed inside her as his ears did with the sound of his car being destroyed.
His hands traveled up her legs to her hips and pulled her to him hard and deep.
Her ass was grounding and writhing on top of his hard fat cock.
His hands went up ripping her dress open and taking her tits in his hands and pinching her nipples so hard he could feel her grasp on his cock tighten.
She rode him hard, crushing him into the couch, unlike the crushing his car was getting.
She rode him faster and faster now and he could feel himself getting ready to fill her pussy and them her let go but she kept riding him harder and faster until she came right there on him.

She reached down and rubbed her clit sending shockwaves through her whole body making her shudder but still grasping his still hard cock in her.
Just the she sat still and then she ran up and away to the kitchen.
Right then a cloud of smoke rolled out from there and a reeking smell.
It smelled like a monkey's ass, what ever that smells like.
She walked out and informed me that her dinner was ruined.
Those were my exact thoughts as I stood at the window looking past the rain to my totalled car.

I just bought it the day I saw her at the play ground with the sign in the window.
I noticed it when she turned and walked away.
Our first drive was to the country and a small meadow where I sat there looking at the stars.
It was a dream he used to have about owning a 67 candy apple blue Mustang convertible.
He'd long ago stopped dreaming of her, she was only a car after all.
He was now living a different dream.
He he turned and was walking to the bedroom when a loud shattering noise was heard outside.
Fuck, you would think after five years he would give up.


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Walker this reminds me of a song by George Jones um, I can't think of the title.. "The one I loved back then" or something like that :)