blue moon (2)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sex Talk:Ship Wrecked ©

Let me tell you about the pitfalls of gambling.
For the small chance of winning it’s just not worth it.
You read up and study and look on line at what the odds makers are saying then you confer with you cats and the next thing you know you’re placing a bet.
I know this first hand because on Saturday night I succumbed to that craving and I made a bet against Delahoya and lost.
I lost to another blogger, a female blogger.
How did I know she was a fan of the Pretty Boy?
Any way I lost and she won so cheers to the victor.

So you want to know what I lost I bet.

Ok Walker I want you to write a love post.
Yes and not that smut you wrote the last time.
No swearing.
Hold on, no swearing, like I can’t say fuck?
What am I supposed to say, “hey baby you want to fornicate me”? Or “I just got fornicated”

Nope and you can’t say cock, pussy or boobs, tits or any inappropriate slang term either.
Now I am really regretting gambling.
This is worse that censorship.

Ok so a love post with no swearing, is there anything else?
Yes, you have to say that I am beautiful, slim, and sexy and are madly in Love with me.
Umm you’re in this too?
No, it could be about anybody with you I was just using me as an example.
Oh, ok……..
So let me get this straight
A love post
No swearing
Slim, sexy and beautiful
At least I can give her big tits, I mean breasts.
They have to be proportionate with the rest of her body.
What, hold on I like big ti... breasts.
Nope proportionate.

A love post
No swearing
Slim, sexy and beautiful
Big breasts

You said it wasn’t about you
It’s not, but why does she have to have a fat ass?
Because you said proportionate,
Oh, well maybe she could have slightly abnormally sized breasts, but just a little.

OK once again,
A love post
No swearing
Slim, sexy and beautiful woman
Big breasts
Nice buttocks

So we are set then
Almost, you have to mention God too.
Nope, no way, nadda, sorry I don’t do God.
But I won the bet and you owe me and I will tell everyone you reneged on a bet
Ok OK I will mention God once.
10 times
10 times, fuck that!!!!!!!!
9 times
Ok 4 and that’s all.
And you got to say you love me, well not me but the person in the story.
Ok we all set now?

The waves were crashing down on us, hammering the boat back and forth.
The storm had caught us at sea without warning and was tearing the boat to shreds.
The sails were gone and our survival was now in question.
I sent FB down below to get her life jacket on.
When she got back on deck, that’s when a massive wave that looked like it was scrapping the sky, came crashing down slamming us like a giant fly swatter sweeping FB off the deck and into the churning ocean.
Grabbing a rope I went to where the railing once was and look out into the dark water.
I love you I called out, but I’m sure it fell on deaf ears.
Oh well.
I don’t remember the next wave that hit but I found myself in the water fighting to stay afloat without a life jacket when something touched my arm
I couldn’t see in the dark.
It must be FB.
Her arms were around me keeping me afloat.
Wave after wave was picking us up and throwing us around like rag dolls but FB was wrapped around me like an octopus keeping us together.
How she manages to stay on top of the water was amazing
What a gal, she was unsinkable, fighting to survive, an Amazon amongst all women, she was saving my sorry ass this night.
The ocean had calmed down now and I strained to see the boat but I fear it was gone.
The giant waves had battered it into splinters by now.
We floated in the dark silence for hours before I heard waves crashing on a distant shore.
Half dazed and delusional I didn’t know if it was real but my baby and I swam for the noise.
I could now see the outline of an island in the distant sky.
It was 2 hours before we washed up on shore with BF still holding onto my neck the whole time in the water.
I lay there on the beach for I don’t know how long.
I reached over and could feel FB’s soft skin and I was oddly aroused.
You would think after all that I had gone through I wouldn't have the energy but……
Pushing my hand up, I could feel her firm breasts.
She didn’t resist so I slowly rolled over on top of her and started kissing her lips.
Her mouth was open to accept my tongue.
Pulling her tattered top off, I start sucking on her nipples.
My rooster was now hard and ready to go.
She just let me strip her down and have my way with her as the sun started to rise.
I slid into her muffin and started making love to her, first slowly and then faster when I found my rhythm.
My head was now spinning as I was ready to ejaculate……….
Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God
What are you doing and with
But FB She saved my life.


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Peter said...

I like a man who honors his bets Walker.