blue moon (2)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Sex Talk: The Razor's Edge ©

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my Sex Talk Fridays.
Complaints have been hurled at me wondering WHEN!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t know
I don’t feel like it
I got a headache

Umm if you want one that bad why don’t you write it, well?

Fuck, this is one hell of a sex talk and not for the weak of heart.
This was given to me to post and all I can say is;
I LOVE IT!!!!!
There is explicit sex so for those who don’t read this kinda stuff you could pick one of the great blogs in my blog roll to enjoy.

Have a great weekend.

Ok I got to read this again, sizzling HOT!!!
I just know you were dripping on the floor when you wrote this.



My lover had been away for over a month, but now he was back and would be coming by later this evening.
In anticipation I decided to prepare myself.
I gathered my things and went to take a shower, I wanted to be clean and smooth for his arrival, I just hope he hasn’t shaved lately.
As I waited for the water to heat up, I stripped my clothes off then stepped into the steaming stream and felt its warmth enshroud my body.
I picked up the soap and began lathering my body, shaving my underarms, then my legs, and then I began lathering up my pussy.
My fingers slid over my lips and I felt the surge shoot up through me.
My slippery fingers slowly massaged their way over my clit then inside me.
My nipples ached to be sucked on, bit, oh ohhhh….

I heard a noise then and froze….
Shutting the water off I listening intently, a door opening then shutting…. footsteps coming from downstairs.
I wasn’t expecting anyone until tomorrow.
I knelt into the corner of the shower hidden by the curtain.
There were footsteps coming up the stairs, slowly getting closer to the bedroom.

For what seemed like an eternity I huddled in the corner of the shower in silence.
There was nothing, not a sound from the other side of my only protection.
Finding the little courage I needed, I peeked out from behind the curtain and much to my surprise he stood there.

'I couldn't wait,' he said.
Smiling, I pulled the curtain back so he could see me.
He eyed up my soaped up pussy, the razor in my hand, and asked, 'Want some help?'
I smiled wickedly and said, 'Yeah, baby, come help me shave.'
My pussy began throbbing in anticipation at the thought.

Staring at me with hungry eyes, he began to take off his clothes, exposing his tall, hard muscled body.
When he was done, he stepped into the shower and pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply, his tongue dancing with mine.
Pulling away from me, he slid his hands down my wet arms and took the soap and razor from me.
Kneeling before me, he pressed the soap against my hot pussy, lathering me up some more.
I lifted one leg up, resting my foot on the side of the tub to give him better access.
'Oh, yes, that's better,' he said.
He took the razor and gently started running it over my pubic area and in between my legs.
Dropping the soap, he then reached up with his other hand and began flicking his thumb over my swollen clit as he continued to shave me.

I moaned at the sensations coursing through my body, my body jumping at his touch. He slid his thumb down between my lips and pressed it against my steaming hole, teasing me.
'Oh, please,' I moaned.
'You like that, Baby? He asked'
"Oh, yes, it feels so good.' I groaned.
He pushed two fingers inside me and slowly began fucking my aching pussy.
I rocked against his hand, grabbing the towel holder for leverage.
While he finger fucked my throbbing cunt, he rubbed his thumb against my clit, bringing my body closer and closer to orgasm.
Then when I was close, he stopped, pulling his hand away from me, I whimpered in disappointment.

He stood up, and turned me around to face the water and began rinsing the soap off of me, pressing his hard cock against my ass as he ran his hands over me, and between my legs, the double sensation of his hands and the pin pricks of hot water made me hornier. He turned me back around to face him and ducking his head down, he took a hardened nipple into his mouth and sucked hard, biting it lightly.
I reached up, putting my hands in his hair to pull him tighter against me, urging him without words to suck me harder.
I was moaning loudly at this point, I could no longer think; just feel as his mouth moved to my other nipple to give it the same attention.
As he sucked, he reached down once again to slide his finger between my steaming pussy lips.
I arched my back, I wanted to cum so bad.

He pulled his mouth from my tit, 'Not yet, Baby, not yet.' He reached behind me and turned the shower off, then took a towel and began rubbing me dry, the soft fibers of the towel stimulating my skin to an even higher level of desire.
My nipples were so sensitive I shuddered when the towel passed over them.
When he was done, he dried himself, then took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. Assuming that we were making our way to the bed, I was surprised when he led me past it and into the living room.

He took me to the couch and made me sit on the arm, spreading my legs exposing my now cleanly shaved pussy to him.
He ran his hands over my thighs, and then kneeled down in front of me.
Slowly he pushed two fingers into me and began sliding them in and out, then he bent forward and took my clit between his lips and began sucking it, flicking his tongue over it.
I cried out and my legs began to shake as he sucked and licked me and finger fucked me harder and harder.
I grabbed his hair and said, 'Oh yes, Baby, suck me, lick me, oh god, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard, yes, oh yesssss.'
Then my orgasm was rocking through me, my back arched against his face, my cum squirting into his mouth and over his fingers as he continued to suck and fuck me prolonging my orgasm.

After what seemed like the longest orgasm ever, my body began to calm down, but he wasn't done with me yet and continued to suck my now soaking wet pussy, licking my cream up, teasing my clit lightly with his tongue, fingers darting in and out of me, raising my desire once again.
When I began moaning and begging him for more, he abruptly stopped and stood. 'Look at me,' he said.
I looked at him and he stood there, stroking his hard cock, his hand sliding up and down and over his thick head, precum leaking from the tip, making it shiny with wetness.
It was such a turn on to watch him and I could feel my pussy throb in response.
"I want you to suck my cock." he ordered.

He moved to the couch and sat down, and I left my perch on the arm of the couch to kneel before him and slowly took his cock into my mouth, my tongue swirling over his head.
Slowly sucked all of him into my mouth, and then back out.
Every time he groaned, my cunt throbbed more. "Oh yeah, suck me baby, yeah, suck my cock" he begged.
I began sucking him harder, feeling his cock swell harder in my mouth, his legs shaking. He began bucking against me, fucking my mouth, my lips stroking him, hungry for him. I reached down and began massaging my aching cunt, wanting to cum so bad. "No, Baby, give me your hands," he said.
Reluctantly, I removed my hand from my pussy and reached up, he grasped my hands, not allowing me to touch myself.

My cunt screamed with unreleased need, as I continued to suck him, him bucking against my face.
"I love fucking your mouth, oh Baby, yeah, that feels so good, suck me harder, oh yesssssss, I'm gonna cum in your mouth, Baby, suck my cum out of me, oh, yessssss."
Then he thrust once more into my mouth, squirting his load into my mouth and down my throat.
I kept sucking as cum oozed out from between my lips and down my chin.
My pussy began throbbing harder, and suddenly I was cumming, my body responding without between touched, cum running down my legs matching the cum that was running out of my mouth.
"Keep sucking me, Baby," he said, "I want to fuck your hot pussy."
I kept sucking and licking him until he was once again hot and hard in my mouth, oh god, I needed to be fucked so bad.
He pulled me up to the couch and positioned me doggy style, my head resting against the arm. He spread my legs apart as far as they could go, then pushed his rock hard cock deep to my cunt.
I pushed myself against him, wanting him deep and hard.
"Yeah, Baby, fuck me," he said, and I rocked harder against him.
"Yeah, that's it; fuck me with that tight little pussy."
I began moaning, calling his name, begging him, 'Oh, Baby, yesssssss, make me cum, fuck me, Baby, harder"!
He rammed his cock into me, harder and harder, and suddenly my cunt rocked around his cock and I began cumming and cumming, steaming juice pouring over his cock, my cunt throbbing, then he moaned loudly, "Oh yeah, Baby, cum for me," and I felt his own orgasm as his cock throbbed inside me, shooting his load into my hot pussy.

Afterwards, out of breath, he took me to bed where we fell asleep in each other's arms, to wake up later, refreshed and horny to do it all over again.


I need a joint,beer damn I need a woman, NOW!!!!


Have a nice weekend