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Friday, October 06, 2006

Sex Talk: Roasting Vickie ©

Here I am Friday night and no Sex Talk, well I do but it’s on the desktop so I have to improvise until I can get into the other hard drive.I hear my friend Vickie is home now.
Let’s hear a BIG YAY for Vickie.
But I heard rumours today about how she ended up in the hospital.
NOW I am stipulating CLEARLY that they are rumours so don’t go out calling the National Enquirer.She probably wants to do that herself.

One such rumour is that she lives in a big old plantation house with 30 rooms and surrounded by peach trees on all sides except for the front where the is a humongous hedge she has groomed to look like a naked man with a large cock.
I think she said it was a Rhode Island Red.
You will have to ask her why she wanted a naked man next to a rooster on her front lawn.

Well it seems she was at one end of the house and Carl was at the other end down a long hallway about eighty feet long and she thought she heard him say “Do you want to have sex”?
Well… she was out of the chair like a bat out of hell and charging down the hallway like and Olympic sprinter with clothes landing all over the place with every leap.
She raced down the eighty feet to him panting and screaming YES!!!!!!!!!
Smiling with relief Carl said “Great where is it”
“They are here she” said holding her boobs in his face.
He stood there staring at her, “I asked you if you saw my Rolex, and why are you naked”?
That’s when she had her asthma attack.
Now, like I said this is just rumour.
Maybe that’s why she didn’t have any clothes at the hospital.
It’s true she told me herself.
She said they wouldn’t let her go home to get some clothes so she had to wear that hospital gown where your ass is hanging out in the wind.
I warned her about that to.
I said, “Make sure there are no Greeks at the hospital and if there is one and he asks you to bend down and pick up a drachma on the floor, DON’T DO IT, unless you really want to” wink

We sat there talking for about an hour and she sounded pretty good if you ask me, well until this cute orderly walked in and she suddenly lost her voice and the phone clattered on the ground when her body went lip in the bed.
She was fine as soon as he left.
Then all of a sudden she noticed Carl was looking tired and thought he should go home……..NOW!!!!!!!

Now you think us being friends she would think of Walker a little. After all, you know I DID call all the way from Canada, but noooooooooooooooo.
When I heard someone come in the room over the phone I asked who was in the room now and she said it was the nurse.
So while she is talking to the nurse and with me at her ear, I am whispering,”Pssssssst does she have big tits”
But Nooo she sees nothing because she is looking past her at the orderly again.
Thanks a lot buddy.

I am happy you are better and at home but I know you’re not fully better so take it easy and get 100% because we missed you but I know you know I will be all over your ass anyway.
Take that smile off your face, you know what I mean.

Oh before I go I have to ask and I am sure some of the others here might want to know but when you left the hospital were you still wearing the hospital gown and is that a drachma on the ground?

Have a nice weekend

Oh and part two of yesterday’s post, Halloween night.



Horny Wife said...

cute, very cute.

patti_cake said...

Walker you are such a clown. Glad to hear Miss Vickie is doing better.

Anonymous said...

Can I not leave Blogland for a few days without you guys wreaking havoc?
I am back again now, so you better smarten up. I am going over to Vicki's now to let her have it.

mrhaney said...

it all sounds like a true story, especially about the hospital gown. we are all praying that she is o.k. i hate hospitals like every one else. well have a good one my friend.

tammi said...

I had to do some muliple clicking to try and piece together what is REAL and what is b.s.
Or am I just having a big ol duhhh moment? regards to Vickie/speedy recovery,
and Walker I think your main motive in life is to try and confuse me sometimes.Or maybe it's a conspiricy,cuz it's happening more frequently other times.Oh my gosh! It JUST HIT ME!
Ohhh nooo!
Well, least I'll have SOMETHING to blame the ditzy moments on,eh?