blue moon (2)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Sex Talk: The Doll ©

Today my thoughts drift to my girlfriend. The main thought is I wish she was here so I can fuck her through the bed, but unless Scotty shows up with the Enterprise and beams me 14000 Miles to her bed that’s not going to happen.
Reading some of the blogs the other day I saw inflatable dolls being mentioned. Sex toys for boys, hmmmmmmmmm. I’ve never seen one. So I lean over to one of the computers (I have 3 in front of me 1 for work, 1’s a data base and this one) and type in adult dolls on google and wait. The page fills up with sites and I choose an online store and go looking for the virtual private piece of ass. Wow look at all of this stuff. Vibrators, all sorts shapes, sizes. OMG, a 15 inch dildo and 12 inches around, starting feel kinda small now. Mind you if I had a cock that big, every time I got it up I’d probably pass out for lack of blood. Next , nipple rings, cock rings, lubricant, sexy clothes, videos, ”pause”, backup, mmm The GF would look good in that “click” add to favorites I’ll be back, Next , videos ah here we go sex dolls. There are lots of them. They look stupid. They look REALLY stupid .What’s with the fucken mouth being open like that. Does it close if you want it closed? There are different types and sizes, but they have the mouth thingy going. Big tits, little tits, blonds, brunettes, red heads and all with the mouth thingy happening. Some had 3 holes some two and some were only inflatable pussys. Great who needs the rest of the body when you can buy just the pussy? Now the prices vary from 40 bucks to 600 bucks and they are made out of Latex, so it’s a 600 dollar condom. I wonder how much a hooker costs. Ok now that I have all that info in my head I sit back. I look into the phone book for a store nearest me. Wait. A store far from me yup that would be smarter. I wouldn’t want anyone knowing me seeing me walking out from there.
I wake up early in the morning with a big hard on and all alone, New Zealand is 9 months away and I need some relief. I get up shower shave and hit the door. Hop in the car and head off to the local sex shop.
We don’t have device parties for men.
I get to the store and walk in.
The clerk walks up and asks can I help you. Ummm, no thanks I’m just look-in. I wander around the store looking for my inflatable dream girl for the night morning or anytime I want to get fuck girl. Where the Hell is she, I’ve been wandering around this place and I see nothing. Shit, ok “sigh” I walk up to the clerk and ask. Excuse me Miss Ummmm where do you keep the inflatable sex dolls; I need one for a stag party. I’m not telling her I’m horny and need some relief. Oh we keep them in the back she replies. Which one do you want, how the fuck do I know, well I need to see them says I. We head off into the back and she shows me her wears. The Dolls people the Dolls. Filthy minded bloggers. Well I want the best so I choose the $600 deluxe model comes with a French maids outfit Woooooooo Hooooooo, but does she do windows? I pay the bill and off I go home for a day of FUN FUN FUN.
I get home run upstairs with Becky, WHAT so I named her. Fuckoff I’m a man we name everything. So now I’m upstairs and start reading the instruction, Hey made in Japan, I’ve never fucked a Japanese chick before. I pull her out of the box and look for the valve to inflate her. Looking, looking, reading instruction book, looking, looking,” sigh”, looking wait here it is, stupid place to put the damn thing. Ok now deep breath and Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , pant, pant, pant and Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pant, pant, pant and Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pant, pant, and Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pant, I need to sit for a minute. I’m dizzy already this doll is working. OK 30 minutes later and its inflated .It would have been sooner but the more air I put in it the bigger the boobs got and I am a boob kinda guy. So here we are me and the inflatable doll a king size bed and all alone, Now what? I should get naked it would help, so I undress and hop into bed. Nope not doing it for me. Wait!!!! I get out of bed and go through the closet, where is it where is it, it’s here some where yes here it is a porn movie the ex gave me years earlier. Throw that in and start watching, ok now I’m getting aroused. Its time, hard as a rock I roll over on top and try to slide myself in. Fuck. I can’t get it in the hole. I must have inflated it to much or something. I get the instruction book and read some more. Lubricant may be required. “Sigh” Where am I going to find lubricant now, the GF has hers built in. Out of bed again, I’m determined to get my rocks off now. I go looking and after my knocking around I came up with 3 choices. Olive oil, 10WD40 or shower gel, what to pick. Thinking of the laundry hell I am gonna have to go through, I choose the shower gel; I figure its soap and easy to clean. Back to the bedroom I go jump into bed and hit play to watch the movie. Here we go hard again and ready to trot, lube it up and slide right in; eureka we are on the way to come land. The only thing was with every thrust the eyes bulged, fuck that’s freaky and the mouth thingy isn’t helping much either. So I close my eyes and fuck as hard as a I can all the pent up sexual frustration that had built up in me for months has surfaced and am going at a crazy pace , my head is spinning,
What the fuck was that?
I look down at my $600 piece of ass and the left eye has popped out of her head. “Sigh”. My mother told me one day I’d put out an eye, I just never knew what she meant. I get up and look at this flat piece of latex lying on my bed with foam covering her pussy hole.
Oh well, I can wait 9 months.
There’s nothing like the real thing Baby.

So if you’re ever driving down the highway and pass a car in the multi passenger lane and see a woman with a patch covering her left eye and a mouth thingy happening wave and say hi to Walker.

Have a nice day



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