blue moon (2)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sex Talk: A Night Getting Naked ©

I have been busy packing and loading the truck today and traveling tomorrow so I will post Fridays post today and wish you all a nice weekend.
See you through the weekend on your blogs.

I told you didn’t I?
I knew he was going to take me to a strip bar.
There is nothing wrong with strip bars but …..I…..they don’t do it for me.
The women are usually beautiful and very flexible. “Insert smile here”, very young and talented but it’s all smoke and lights feeding off a desire.
Personally if a woman is taking her clothes of in front of me it’s because she wants to fuck me or is delusional.
But that’s not the way it works, or is it?

M on the other hand has different thoughts on the subjects.
She is cute
To skinny
To fat
Her tits are too big
Oh I’d fuck that
Good luck
200 bucks
Oh yeah I do it all the time.

This conversation was a continuation of an earlier one we had yesterday.
I would rather pay and get fucked than have a girl friend or a wife.
So you would rather have a hooker.
Not a hooker, a call girl.
A hooker.
No No a call girl not a $20 dog on the corner.
Ok fine an expensive hooker.
It’s easier than having a girlfriend.
You pick up the phone and order what you want like ordering pizza and for $200-300 you have no headache and you get a goddess.
Goddess my ass it’s a fucken hooker, the goddess is at home raising kids and taking care of the house like our mothers did.
The wife spends your money before you get paid
The hooker, I mean call girl spends it right after.
Yeah but at least I see it first.
But where is the challenge?
What challenge?
When is the last time you fucked a 21 year old?
4 years ago.
Well now for $200 you can have one any time.
I don’t want to pay someone to be nice to me.
I want someone to want to be with me.
You know, where you go out and meet someone and try and get close enough to get her home and in bed.
That’s what the $200 bucks is for.
Where the fuck was I when the world flipped upside down on me?
This is one of those disagreements that we agree to disagree on.

I hadn’t been to a strip club in 15 years.
Like I said I’m not into it.
Back then it was five bucks for a table dance, 4 bucks a beer five with the tip.
No touching the dancers was allowed.
Today……………HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
Remember the no touching rule, well that went out the window on the back of a rocket.
Not only can you touch, they try and force you to touch them.
Yes I am not kidding.

Hi, my name is Maria.
She was obvious Latino and the accent said Cuba all over it.
You see, an army of scantly clad women walk around and try to be friendly and cordial with you.
Look at how firm my tits are and wait until you see me on the dance floor and I point my pussy at you.
Hi, my name is Walker
You Italiano?
No, Greek.
I eat Greek food sometimes.
Well you are not eating any tonight
What you say?
I said you have nice tits
Oh you like them?
Let’s go in the VIP room and I will give you a personal show.

Now the VIP section is a walled off area and is as private as the fucken GLASS WALLS can hide. Then you pay $20 for her to dance and the club charges you another ten for the PRIVATE GLASS ROOM.
That’s thirty bucks for her to dance for you and the other fifty not so blind men steaming up the glass walls.
No Maria maybe later.
Are you shy?
She leaned forward and I could feel her hand squeezing my crotch.
Like I said it’s been awhile since I been in a strip bar and don’t know if this is normal but I had to go for a piss before she grabbed me and now all of a sudden it was becoming a priority.
No Maria not now I have to go to the washroom.
Ok, I come back after I show you my pussy.
That would be fine.
She scuttled off and I sat there analyzing what just happened when I heard;
Hi I am Clarice
I love your rings
She picked up my hand.
I wear three gold rings on my right hand.
She held my hand in hers and stared at my rings, then looked at me and put my hand on her tit.
It took a second to click in and I pulled back, TWICE.
She was holding hand to her chest like a vice.
Then she got closer and started rubbing up to me and her hand went to my crotch.
Now I don’t like being touched by strangers and this was slightly more than touching.
After telling her I didn’t want to go to the VIP room for a private dance she left.
I looked at M and asked him why they don’t bug him and he pointed out the pile of chairs he had in front of him.
Hmmmmm, so I moved 3 chairs next to me like a barricade hoping this will keep them back.
I talked to M for awhile undisturbed and asked a lot of questions and pointed out the changes.
He laughed and said times have changed and money is more important.

Looking around there must have been 50 people in the place and wouldn’t you know it, I had the loudest idiot behind me.
Man, the guy was hooting and hollering like someone had slid a red hot iron up his ass.

Hey buddy, you got to yell so they hear you and notice you.
Fuck guy, the whole fucken place knows you’re here.
Hey, you think.
Look at this T-shirt the stripper threw at me.
She rubbed her pussy all over the sleeves so I cut them off to save them.
You want to smell the sleeves.

Are you crazy, I mean you should save it and keep it in a plastic zip lock bag to show your kids one day if you find a woman stupid enough to breed with you.

I don’t have kids.
I love loud music.
Hey what are you doing after, my buddy knows this escort service that has these little oriental girls that squeal when you fuck them.
They probably squeal when you two fucks show up with your money in your hand.
No it’s not a lot of money just $200.
I can’t hear you the music is to loud.
You know the service too?
Yeah and if you ask for the special package you will be fucked like you have never been fucked before.
Just remember ask for the special package.
Sure, thanks buddy.
No problem, enjoy it.
I think your friend is looking for you.
He turned and took off looking for his friend.
Special package = transvestite.
M was laughing his ass off obviously as he watched me reached for his chair.
I now moved the forth chair into place hoping stupid wouldn’t find his friend and come back and take it away.
With Walker’s stripper dam in place I watched the dancers on the floor and talked to M when out of the corner of my eye I detected movement.
There was this stripper that should have not been stripping coming in my direction.
That’s what they did.
If they see you sitting there and not being harassed they rush over and try to separate you from you money.
This was the test.
Walker’s wall was in place when she came to the first chair.
Without even looking at the obstacle she climbed the pile like a Serpa climbing Mount Everest and as she got closer she got older.
Hi baby, you having a good time.
I was until you showed that I suck at building fortifications.
The music it so loud I can't hear you.
M had said to be nice to them, it makes them feel good.
Yeah I am doing fine, how are you.
It would be better if you took me to the VIP room and let me take care of you.
I could make you hard and she rubs my cock.
Yeah you can make me hard by taking off your clothes and giving me a stroke starting rigar mortis.
Here we go again.
Be nice be nice be nice,
Ummm we just got here and want to have a couple of beers before we hand over all our money to you.
Oh ok, then I will be back later.
She waddled off and M was laughing at me until she crashed through his barricade.
I sat there with a grin on my face sipping my beer HA HA HA.

Your friend is not that horny.
M leaned in close to her and whispered something to her that made her smile.
She smiled and took off.
Hey what did you say to her?
Nothing much, just that we just got here and needed more beers to get warmed up before we start to party.
Yeah right, there isn’t enough beer in this place to make me want to spend time with her.

The line of women kept coming to ask, bug and try to seduce us into going into the VIP room.
Well don’t you see anything you like?
Yeah the one serving us looks great to me and she has a nice set of tits.
But that’s a waitress, she doesn’t strip.
Yeah I know that why I like her.
She is the hottest one here.

An hour past by and the should get another job stripper came back and climbed over the pile of chairs again and sat on the arm of my chair.
She must be part fucken goat the way she gets over the chairs.
I got to give her credit for persistence but she wasn’t getting my money even if she had a gun.
So baby are you ready for me and her hand rested on myt leg and she noticed I was wearing shorts.
Bad mistake Walker
Bad Bad Bad mistake.
Oh you have strong legs, and her hand slipped up the leg and my hand was holding her hand before it got all the way up.
Cheeky little bitch.
You have a soft hand, but I am still not ready to see you naked and loose my site forever to your stunning beauty.
Fuck I’m going to hell for that whopper of a lie.
She went to M and told him that I wasn’t horny like he was and I saw his face twist in mental anguish.
Serves him right for bringing me here, HA.

She left once more and we had a laugh.
Then the light went sown and the speakers blared out.
This is where the main attraction hit the stage and baby, did she explode on it.
She was wearing a sequenced nurse’s uniform that barely held her big tits in.
This was a professional who knows how to play the crowd.
She came running onto the stage at full blast hitting the pole and sliding to the top effortlessly.
At the top she rang the bell and spread out balanced at the top on her belly.
She was built like a brick shit house and her body showed it.
She has soent alot of time in the gym.
She bent twisted and smiled the whole time.
Not like most of the others who looked like they were being forced to be there.
She was simple fantastic in her moves and genuinely having fun.
Then she pulls the fire eating stuff out and put on a fabulous show.
I was personally impressed by her enthusiasm and could see her doing something outside of this in the entertainment field.
She teased the audience with posters and t-shirts until she was totally naked.
A t-shirt was tossed at me but I let it go.
I don’t think she was happy with me because I know it was meant for me and I just moved my head a bit letting it go by instead of catching it.
She finished her set and some guy ran on stage and started cleaning up the mess she created with the fire display and while he was doing this guess who came back yet AGAIN.
So baby are you ready for me?
Are you drunk enough to take me into the VIP room yet?
I can never get that drunk.
I think she got a bit insulted and left.
I am sorry but the woman made me shudder dressed, naked would be considered severe distressed.
We watched some of the other acts for abouyt an hour.
We finished our beer and headed home.
All in all I had a great time, not so much because of the naked women but by the game that was being played in the quest to separate us from our money.
I have never had my cock rubbed by so many women in one night without getting laid, but looking at who was doing the rubbing, I knew I wasn't getting laid.
For the rest of the night or early morning we laughed and talking about our night out and how times have changed since we were younger.

I doo have some other pictures but errrr I cough cough they weren't processed yet.


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