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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sex Talk: Blowing Smoke ©

Friday’s here and not knowing what to post I decided to finish the Sex talk and because I was in a mood I wrote a regular post you can read HERE if you don’t care to read the sex talk.
I am playing catch up this weekend for what was practically a lost week for me but hopefully I can get caught up with everything before the next crisis.
He stared at the fog stuck on the mirror trying to penetrate it with his eyes but he couldn’t until he brushed the mask away to reveal his face.
Looked deep into his hollow eyes he followed them back a week to a little bistro in the market.

He was walking along the sidewalk when he first saw her sitting on the patio, all alone sipping a spritzer while smoke trailed from the lit cigarette in between her fingers.
As he got closer he took in her silky long legs that disappeared under her white cotton dress.
Her long dark hair framed her beautiful face.

As he turned up the walkway their eyes briefly met in passing before he disappeared into the bistro only to emerge a few minutes later where he found a table across from hers.
Their eyes met once more and held each other for a brief moment before he pulled out a chair and sat with his back to her.

Who was he and who does he think he is he thought?
Does he have any idea who she is and who her husband is?
No one turns his or her back to her.
The waitress came to the table and took his order then walked away to get him his drink.

He was lean and neat but she could see the strength in his chiseled looks and the fire that burned in those dark eyes of his when he looked at her.
Beneath those clothes she knew there was a man of steal, a beast that could devour her.

The waitress walked out of the bistro carrying a tray with a glass on it filled with a dark amber fluid in it.
“Your bourbon sir”, she smiled at him as she put the glass on the table.

“Put that on my bill” said a voice from behind the.
Without turning he told the voice behind him that he buys his own drinks and passed the waitress a twenty and told her to keep the change.

Insulted she rose from her chair and walked over to his table and stood in front of him.
“I have never been so insulted like this before, by anyone” she snapped at him.

“I’m shocked”.
“When I first saw you sitting there I thought to myself, now there is one hell of a whore”.
“Who would have thought there was still a little virgin left in you”?

“Do you have any idea who my husband is”?
“A fool”?
“I’m Susanne White, Emerson White’s wife”.
“Like I said, a fool”.

Her eyes filled with fury as she took one small step forward before his cold stare stopped her in mid step.
Turning to go, his voice froze her where she stood.

“Sit down”, he said.
“Like you, no one tells me what to do”.
“I said sit down”.
“Fuck you”.
“Maybe after we discuss the details of our business”.

“What business, I don’t know who you are,” she said.
“Me, no you don’t but you know Spider and he sent me”.

She stood there staring at him for a few seconds.
Just then he stood up then walked around the table and stopped right in front of her.
He was so close to her he could feel her breath escaping her lips.
She looked deep into his green eyes searching for a weakness but she didn’t see any.
His presence excited her.

Without taking his eyes off of her she pulled the chair away from the table and held it there until she slowly lowered herself to it then walked back around to his seat.
“So I understand you have some employment for me”?
His voice woke her from the trance she was in and carefully looked around the patio.
“Yes, I need something taken care of”.

He leaned back into his chair and looked upon her, studying her facial features.
Her eyes.
She had beautiful cold blue eyes.
Her make up was subtle and her dress was daring to say the least.
“So what can I do for you”?

She moved in closer to the table, “I need someone…….taken care of”.
“You mean you want someone killed”, he asked.
He saw her eye twitch at his words.
“You don’t have to be so brutal about it”.
“Killing is a brutal business”, he said.
“Who is the lucky person that you want to express you affection too”, he asked?

She paused for a second and then as if trying to reach out silently with her lips she began to say the name.
“Can I get you something else to drink”, asked the waitress.
She jumped in her chair.
The waitress seemed to have appeared out of thin air and scared her.
“No, no I don’t” she said.
“I’ll have another bourbon and get this lady one as well”.
“I hate bourbon”.
“That’s good, make hers a double then”, he said to the waitress.

“I told you I didn’t like bourbon”.
”You’re going to need it”
“And why is that”.
“You haven’t heard my price”.
“I haven’t told you who I want you to dispose of”.
“Then who is it”?
“My husband”.
“That’s my price even if you wanted the pool boy knocked off”.
“ I could probably get the pool boy to do it for a tenth of that”.
“Then maybe you should” and then started getting up.

“I’ll give you $100,000”.
He put his sunglasses on and started to leave.
“OK, as you wish, $250,000”.
He stopped, turned and sat back down.

“I will give you half now and the other half when the job is done”, she said.
“You will give me the money all up front and I will do the job then when I am done you will never see me again”.
“How do I know you won’t take my money and run away with it”, she asked?
“You don’t”.

The waitress came back with their drinks and placed them down in front of each of them and he passed her some money and told her to keep the change
Picking up the glass he held it in front of him and said, “Cheers”.
She took her glass in her hand and saluted him before taking a sip from it.
Her displeasure showed on her face as her lips curled away from the poison in her glass.

“How will I get in contact with you she asked him”?
With his right hand he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cell phone then passed it to her.
“Take this phone, it’s clean”.
“I will call you on it in a week so make sure you have the money ready”.
“If you don’t answer, I won’t call again”.
“If you don’t have all the money, I won’t call again”, he said.

Instinctively she raised the glass to her lips and took another sip of the burning liquid.
She could feel it burning its way down her throat warming up her whole body.
“I will be ready”, she coughed at the taste of the bourbon snuck back up through her nose.
He then rose to his feet and started to leave when she grabbed his hand, “You don’t have to leave yet, do you”?

He looked at her and could see the lust burning in her ice blue eyes.
Picked up his glass he emptied it then put it down on the table and took a step closer to her.
Reaching out he touched her face feeling the soft skin of her cheek then traveled down her neck.
His hand opened and gently took her by the throat with his strong hand then let it slip down the front of her dress taking one of her breasts in his hand, rolling her nipple between his fingers.

He looked down at her beckoning eyes as his fingers increased the pressure between them.
A moan escaped her lips as she slid back in her chair with her legs writhing under the table.
“Maybe next time I can stay and play but now I have an appointment with a blonde”.
Releasing her breast he turned and left the Bistro.

She spent the week running around town collecting money she had hidden away in various bank accounts but it wasn’t enough.
She had to sell some of her jewelry but it didn’t matter, she can buy more later when she inherited all of her husband’s money.
Her husband being out of town most of the week made it easier for her to do what needed doing but he would be back on Saturday, tomorrow.

She hated him.
She married him for his money and for the last ten years she has had to endure his sarcasm and verbal abuse but not for long.
Soon she will get what she deserves as will he.
She was almost ready just short $20,000.
He will just have to trust her for the difference.

Turning away from the mirror he walked into the steam filled shower and let the scorching water bounce off of his chest and run down his body.
His hands passed over his face pushing the hot water back over his hair to run down his back.

She lay in the hot bath lost in her thoughts.
She lay there shopping all over the world in her thoughts when she heard a ringing in the back of her head.
This is when she realized the phone he had given her was ringing and she jumped out of the tub then ran down the hall naked to the bedroom where the phone sat on her bed.
Grabbing it she quickly flipped it open just in time to hear the click on the other end.

Damn, she missed his call and he said he wouldn’t call back.
She sat on the bed and let her wet body fall back into the comforter.
Holding the phone in front of her she opened it up and started looking at its features.
First she started playing with the different ring tones and then found the vibrate feature at the bottom and set it on then felt the phone vibrating in her hand.

Leaving it on vibrate she passed the phone on her chest passing it over he breasts then resting the corner of the phone against her nipple leaving it there to wake up her desires.
She lay there thinking about his finger pinching her nipples and how it made her pussy quiver and when he pinched it hard she though she was going to cum all over the chair on the patio.

Looking down on the phone she flipped it open again and closed it trapping her hard nipple between the vibrating phone and pressed hard squashing her nipple until she began to moan with pleasure.

Her left hand moved down between her legs and started rubbing her moist pussy, slipping her finger in and out slowly fucking herself.
She arched her back spreading her legs wider as she slipped two fingers inside her rubbing her swollen clit as she assaulted her steaming pussy.

Rolling over on her stomach she moved the phone between her legs and gripped it there with both hands while she ground her cunt against the hard body of the vibrating phone.
Her ass writhed more aggressively as she fucked herself, screaming her pleasure into the comforter when she finally couldn’t take it any more erupted over her hands and the phone.

She lay there drained with her face sunken into the mattress.
That’s when she heard the muffled sound of the phone started ringing again.
Her hand moved under body and parting her legs as her butt rose up to allow her to slip two finders inside her soaked pussy to pull the cell phone out from where it had finally slipped in.

Pulling it up to her ear she flipped it open.
“Where were you”?
“ I was in the tub and by the time I got to the phone it had stopped ringing”, she answered.
Her nose caught the musty scent of her pussy on the phone.

“Do you have the money”, he asked?
“Yes; almost”.
“Is it yes or almost”?
“I have most of it”, she said.
“Most of it is not enough”, he returned.
“I am only short a little buit I am sure I will find the difference”.

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone before her said, ”Meet me tomorrow at 3247 Dawson St. apartment 422; be there by noon”.
“I will be there”, she said before the phone hung up on the other end.

She closed the phone and lay there on her back staring at the ceiling thinking then noticed the scent coming from the phone and brought it close to her nose taking a deep breath of her ecstasy before rolling over on her belly once more.

He stepped out of the shower over to where the towels hung and pulled a white one off to dry himself with.
When he was done he stood there looking at it before he hung it back up.
He didn’t know what he was looking for; maybe hoping more dirt had come off.
He walked over to the door then swung it open to the next room.

The door had 442 painted in the center of it.
She pushed the small button on the wall next to it and waited, she didn’t have to wait long before she heard the lock turn back and the door swung open.

She stepped past the threshold of the doorway as the door closed behind her.
Turning, she saw him standing behind her shirtless with his belt undone, as was the top button of his pants.
She didn’t know if she caught him dressing or undressing, either way it pleased her.

“Is that my money” he asked her as he nodded towards the expensive backpack she had slung over her shoulder.
“Yes it is”, she said then proceeded to swing the backpack from her shoulder but the shoulder strap caught her dress and pulled it off her shoulder down to her elbow revealing an ample breast.
She quickly pulled it back up but not before he had an eye full.

He took the backpack from her hand and swung it up onto the table and proceeded to empty it out.
He put the bundles of bills in neat stacks to make them easier to count.
She stood by uncomfortable as he counted out the money.

He counted it out three times then turned to face her.
“You’re twenty thousand short”.
“Yes I know, that’s all I could find but I will get you the rest when the job is done”.
“ I told you after the job is done you would never see me again”.

“Maybe we could work something out” she said as her tongue wet her lips.
“Do you think your ass is worth twenty grand”?
“I can make it worth more for you” she whispered as her hand reached out to touch his hairy chest.
He watched as she slithered up close to him and run her fingers through his chest hairs.
She kissed his nipples then ran her tongue over them before she started sucking on one.
Her left hand traveled down and started rubbing his balls at he same time.
She could feel his cock slowly swelling up under his pants.

He ran his fingers over her head sinking his fingers through her curls grabbing a fistful of her hair then prying her from what she was doing.
He held her there for a few seconds staring into her eyes looking for something before mashing his lips against hers, pulling her tight to his body.

Grabbing her head with both hands he took her lips into his mouth and kissed her with a ravenous hunger.
Pushing his tongue into her mouth.
Her arms wrapped around his neck as her legs slowly climbed up and around his waist where she perched herself while he sucked on her tongue.
Her nails dug into his scalp and back of his neck as he moved down to her neck and bit into her so hard she gasped in surprise then moaned with pleasure.

His teeth sank into her soft skin while his tongue caressed her neck, numbing the pain and enhancing her pleasure at the same time.
The scent of her perfume drove him insane and he slowly danced across the room to the bed where the lay down with her under him.

Slowly he made his way down her body pulling the dress off of her shoulders at the same time.
Down past her breasts exposing them both to allow his hunger to feast on each one with his hungry mouth, sucking on each of her luscious fruits.

Her head pushed back into the mattress as she arched her body up trying to get him to swallow her whole.
His hand slid up her leg pushing away the folds of her dress, up and over the thin panties covering her soft ass.
His fingers slid between her legs and started rubbing her pussy while his lips continued to torture her nipples.

Her moans began to fill the room as she began to grind her pussy into his hand as hard as she could.
He moved from her nipples back to her mouth then took her lips once more into his to taste her burning desire for him.

He pushed himself erect with one arm and looked down at his hand.
Gently he pushed her legs apart then pushed a finger behind the thin strip of material and into her wet pussy.
Then another; pushing them both in and out a few times before pulling his finger back out then tasting one.
“I think you’re just right, what do you think”, he reached up and she took his fingers in her mouth licking her juices from them.

Positioning himself between her legs he moved down between them, kissed and biting the inside of her thigh then running his tongue softly over her soft skin.
Pushing her legs wider he bent down and pressed his lips against the small strip of material guarding the door to the inferno growing inside her.
He rubbed his face against her crotch absorbing her intoxicating scent while her fingers ran through his hair egging him down with a little more pressure.

Now laying with his face directly over her pussy he pushed her legs as wide as they could go then pushed his way past the strip of material to taste her hot pussy with his lips for the first time.
Passing his tongue over her lips, tasting her anticipation on his tongue for the first time.
His face moved fluidly between her legs with purpose and experience, which showed in her body language as it danced a tangled waltz under his assault.

It wasn’t long before his lips found her swollen clit then proceeded to give it all of his attention.
He teased her clit with his tongue and sucked on it with his lips.
Her legs moved around his head then pulled herself closer to his mouth, locking him there in that position with her legs.

His fingers sank into her thighs and he gorged on her pussy.
She was rubbing herself against his face while he pressed into her, sucking and slurping her cunt.
Her heart was racing as she fucked his face.
No one had every made her feel this way until now.
Her body was fully awake for the first time.

His tongue lashed out at her pussy and made her body shake with ever stroke of his wet whip as I beat over her throbbing clit.
Up and down, back and forth it went as it spun her brain in different directions each time.
She started moving her hips faster and faster against his mouth as the fire inside her built up more and more against his hungry lips until she couldn’t contain herself any more and erupted in a series of spasms.
He tightened his grip and he held her firmly against his mouth still chewing madly away driving her insane orgasm after orgasm.
Even when she begged him he held on tight to her pushing her body to two more orgasms.

When she lay limp on the bed he pushed up and took one step back and undone his pants to let them fall to the floor.
He took his hard cock in his hand and started stroking it up and down a few times before he called out to her, “Come here”, he said.

She slowly rolled over to her sides and made her way to the edge of the bed.
Placing her feet on the floor she stood up then pushed the dress down past her hips to the floor and stepped out of it.
Them brought her hands together pulling off her wedding ring and placing it on the table next to the bed before she walked up to him.
She looked up into his eyes before she surrendered then slowly lowered herself in front of him and took his hard cock in her hand.

She ran her tongue along his shaft a few times before she engulfed his head with her lips and ran her tongue over it.
Holding it in her right hand her mouth glided over his cock taking it in then out to lick the outside of it before taking it between her lips to pump it back and forth like a well oiled piston.
She went down, took his balls in her hand then place each one in her mouth one at a time sucking on each making him stand up on his toes when she did.

He rested his hand on the back of the head and started moving his hips back and forth meeting her lips as she dove down on him meeting his thrusts while fucking him with her mouth.
Her thumbs were digging into his thighs as she veraciously swallowed him up time and time again.
She sucked on his cock until her cheeks hurt when she stopped and looked up at his face for his approval.

Bending down he picked her up and walked the four feet to the bed then tossed her on the mattress.
Opening her legs he pulled her to him by her legs and pushed inside her.
As wet as she was, she was still tight to push into and he could feel her body tense up to his thick intrusion into her pussy.

Using his legs he pushed hers wider as he slid up higher onto her body and deeper inside towards the core of her ecstasy.
When he was fully in her he pushed even harder, grinding into her pelvis with all his strength while she exposing herself as much as she could to get more of him inside her.

Slowly he started pumping his hips back and forth, each time pushing it as deep and as hard as he could until he settled on a rhythm that had the bed dancing along with them.
The pace stayed the same until her moans became louder which only served to fuel him on picking up the pace.

Her nails raked his back and sides as her head swam in a renewed fever of lust and desire to cum again while he hammered her into the bed.
She could hear the low growl escaping from his throat as he thrashed her pussy with his hard cock until she couldn’t hold herself any more and wrapped her body tightly around his then erupted in a series con convulsions.

When her hold on him lessened he pushed up, his hard cock slapping against him then using his left hand he guided her over onto her belly.
With his thumb he moved one of her cheeks apart and let a stream of spit fall down the valley between her cheeks then moved his thumb between spreading it smoothly over his next point of entry.

Taking hold of her butt with both hands he spread her cheek enough to push past them to knock on her back door.
Her resistance only made him push a little harder until he felt the head of his shaft past her guard and inside her.

He could feel her slowly push against him only pulling away when he trying to force his way farther in.
Her hips rocks back and forth taking him in her slowly until he was pushed all the way in to the hilt.
Laying on her back his lowered his lips to her ear and asked, “Does it hurt”?
“Yes”, she said, “but don’t stop”.

His hips started moving in and out from between her cheeks as her moans of pleasure filled the room.
“Fuck me harder” she begged and he in turn increased the beat of his thrusts.
Her hands pushed against the headboard kept her from being driven into the wall.

His world began to spin as he felt his body tense up to release the mother load between her legs and he did.
Gushing inside her with every thrust until there was nothing left inside him then fell onto he back and they both lay there silently breathing heavily and exhausted.
They stayed like that until he slid off of her and went to take a shower.

The door opened and he stepped back into the room.
She lay on her side staring at him as he walked in.
Walking over to the bed he stopped at the edge of the bed and bent down then took a pack of cigarettes from the drawer.

Her hand reached up and took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it back to life again.
Its girth spread her finger wider apart as her hand pumped it up into a firm erection then pulled it down like a slot machine arm to her lips too lick the end of it and try to hit the jackpot.

His fingers fumbled with the pack as her mouth engulfed his cock but he managed to get a smoke out as he rocked back and forth on his heels.
He dropped the pack towards the open drawer where it spun briefly before falling back into the drawer.
Her mouth was driving him insane but he still reached back into the drawer to pull out the lighter.

Holding the base of his shaft her mouth curled around the top sucking on it hard before plunging him deep into her throat while her hand squeezed his balls.
She held him deep, slowly releasing him while increasing the suction until she reach back to the top where she repeated it over and over again until she saw his knees buckle and knew she had him now and squeezed him balls harder while she pulled with her lips then felt his hot cum erupt in her mouth.

The smoke dangled between his lips as his eyes rolled back with his head leaving him staring up at the ceiling fan.
He then moved forward and looked past the bed and out of the window.
The sun was falling off in the distance.

Raising the lighter he struck it with his thumb lighting his cigarette then blew a cloud of smoke towards the window.
He looked down and watched his limp cock slip from between her lips leaving a trail of cum running down her chin.
He placed the cigarette between her lips then leaning over he placed the lighter on top of the table before putting his hand into the drawer once more to get another smoke.

A crimson cloud splattered across the window while two curls of smoke tangled together in the air.
Looking down on the floor he could see his cum dripping from her mouth into the growing pool of blood.

“Mr. White there is a man here to see you,” said the servant to his master.
“Who is it”?
“He didn’t say, he said you would know”.
Emerson White sat back in his chair and let his mind search then looked at the butler and told him to show the man in.

He walked into the large study filled with books all around and to the ceiling.
Emerson White was sitting behind a huge desk waiting for him.

“It’s done, I’m here for my money,” he said.
“How do I know it’s done and you are not here to steal my money?” returned Mr. White?
He reached into his pocked then pulled out a ring and placed it on the desk.
“I do what I’m paid for and I am here for my pay”, he said.

Emerson White took the ring in his hands; it was Susanne’s.
So it’s done.
The whore was finally out of his life.
He put the ring back down onto the desk and looked at the man standing in front of him.
“Have a seat, can I get you a drink”, he asked.
“No thank you, just my money and I will be gone”.

Emerson got up from the desk and went to the back where he kept his safe,
Opening it up he reached in and took out a packet of bills then reached in for another.
His fingers brushed the barrel of the gun he kept in the safe and paused for a split second but decided against it then took the rest of the money and closed the safe.

Returning to the desk he placed the two neat piles in front of the killer.
“You can count it if you like”, he said.
“I don’t need to”.
“Maybe we could do some business in the future”, said Mr. White”?
“ I doubt it”, he said.
“You never know I may need you services in the future”.

He took the money and placed in the briefcase he had brought with him.
“You don’t have a future Mr. White”.
“You should have gone for the gun in the safe”?
“What are you talking about”?
“She paid me you know, probably with your money”.
He took out the 9mm out of the suitcase and screwed the silencer to the front of it.
“But she is dead you said you killed her”, cried White
“ I did and she is but she still paid me and I always do what I’m paid to do”.
“I will pay you double what she paid you”….

Two muffled thuds echoed in the room followed by a door closing in the distance.

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Great story, great sex, great ending

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