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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sex Talk: Mystic Dream ©

Here it is again.
Friday’s Sex Talk post
I have been getting emails and IM’s for the last week asking me where the one from last week was?
Well my answer to most of the ones that I answered was simply, I didn’t put it up.
I have one and in fact I have three, one that is two thirds done which I wrote with two others.
As much as I enjoy writing them and the collaborations I have with others, I do have priorities and personal ethical beliefs.
To be honest I couldn’t post one up after I put up three posts about Kayla because she was what I was thinking about last week and a Sex Talk post wasn’t important at that time.
BUT this is another week and a Friday so back to Sex Talk.
There is explicit sex in this post so those of you who may be offended I invite you to pick a link on my sidebar and enjoy someone’s post.

Have a nice weekend


It’s five am and I can’t sleep, I was restless all night and I don’t know why.
I got up and went to the washroom and as I stood there in front of the mirror I came to the conclusion that I looked like shit.
Taking up my toothbrush I put some toothpaste on it and brushed my teeth.
After I finished in the bathroom I went back to the bedroom to put on my joggies, I was going for a walk but I have never gone out this early before.
Usually I’m heading off to bed at this hour.

With my backpack on, I strapped my waist pouch around my hips and with Baby Blue in her usual spot I stepped outside.
There was a fog all around at this time of the morning and I could feel the chill as it touched my face causing me to huddle deeper into my hoody.
This was going to be a brisk walk just to keep warm.
Deciding to walk to the market, which is about a five-mile walk there and back, I preceded to push my way through the thick cloud before me.
I must admit fifteen minutes into the walk I was tempted to turn around and go home and crawl back into bed but I pushed on instead and before I realized it I passed through the barrier that separates the past and the present.

The market’s buildings through the fog looked as ancient as they must have looked almost two hundred years earlier when they were first built.
I had never seen the market in this light before.
It was like being back in time to a place where people feared to go to in the daytime let alone the night.
Loggers and sailors walked the boardwalks here back then, chasing the hookers
Murders were a common occurrence in this rough part of the world.
I worked my way deeper into the old part where the buildings had yet to be restored.
The fog gave them a creepy feel that put your senses to their full awareness.
Passing the convent I made my way around the part of the market where the small shops are.
There is a scattering of antique, book and Oddities stores.
Slowing my pace down I looked through the windows as I passed by and occasionally stopped to look at something different
I love oddities.
I collect wooden boxes and knick knacks but my favorites are the unique ones, things I have never seen before so when I see something that catches my attention I stop to study it visually and if it appeals to me then I have to have it.
I don’t know why but the fog started getting thicker when it should have begun dissipating at this time of the morning, it was six am.
I decided to pick up the pace and get to the main part of the market where it wasn’t as spooky.

As I approached the corner the green light started to blink indicating that it was about to go amber so I sped up to make them when just before I reached the corner a black cat leaped out of the fog and scared the shit out of me.
I stood the trying to find a heartbeat watching the light turn red.
Standing there recovering I stared up the ally the cat ran into.
At the end a light blinked at me.
Curiosity got the best of me and with a reluctant step I followed the cat to that flicker deep into the fog.
As I walked deeper in the fog seemed to bounce off of me, concealing any trace of my presence.
Slowly I reached the end of the ally.
It was a dead end with a shop facing me.
It was a small building with a wooden façade that at once time was painted black but the years of sun and rain had worn the color down and cracked the wood in places.
I could see the flicker past the dirty window deep into the bowls of this shop.
I took a step back and looked up at the sign above the door.
It said:
Dream of Dreams
Taro Card and Palm readings

Looking back through the window I was startled by the face staring back at me.
Catching my breath once more I look at the face as it receded back into the shadows.

Stepping up to the window once more I looked in and could now see the flicker of a candle on a small table.
Next to it was an Orb in a stand.
As I looked at it, I swear it looked like a cloud in the night sky trapped in a round sphere.
As I stared at it, it looked like it was churning inside it.
Looking to the right side of the front I could see the door and the sign on the front said open.
Pushing the door open a bell on the door began to jingle.
Closing the door I walked to the sphere and reached down to pick it up.

“Intriguing isn’t it” She said.
For the third time I was made to jump and hold my breath in such a short time.
“Yes it is” I told her, is it for sale.
“Everything is for sale” and she smiled at me.
I looked at her closely now she had long curly hair and dark eyes.
Her lips were dark red, full and sporting an alluring smile that beckoned to be kissed but her eyes.
Her eyes were dark, mysterious, like shadows that swallowed up the light.
She was wearing a black cotton dress that went all the way to the floor.
She was bare foot.
She walked around the table and me with her dress dragging along the floor behind her like an obedient pet.
I detected the soft scent of jasmine coming from her as she passed me.
She picked up the Orb from its pedestal and holds it up to look at.
“You see how the stars are captured in its grasp,” she asked.
I looked at the speck that seemed to wink at me from the orb.
She slowly turned it a bit more.
“You can see the hills, the mountains, the valleys and the deserts here and as I turn it like this, the oceans swallow the earth and purifying man’s lust” she said.

I was lost in the Orb now looking at the changes it took before me.
She bent over and placed the Orb on the stand.
I couldn’t help but look at her ass, its roundness and her slim hips.
She looked simple but in a wild and free kind of way.
Turning to me, she smiled and asked if I would like her to show me around her shop.
I told her I would enjoy that very much and she took me by the arm and walked me through her shop.
I must say it was bigger on the inside than it look like from the outside.
All the walls were curtained with a dark material.
As we got to the back of the shop she offered me some herbal tea.
She said she made it herself.
I told her it would be nice.
She took my hand and headed for the wall and just as I thought she was going to smash herself into it, the curtain parted into another room.
There was a small tabletop stove with a teapot on it.
She went over and filled it with water and then put it on to hear up.
She then went into the cupboard and got a can, which she filled a small tea container to drop in the pot.
When the water was hot she dropped it in for a couple of minutes and then poured us each a cup and came over and sat next to me.

I sipped on my tea, it had a mellow sweet taste to it and the aroma was soothing.
After a bit I wanted to just fall back into the chair and dream.
I put my cup down and sunk back into the chair.
She picked up my hand and turned it over.
Running her finger over the lines of my palm, she looked at me and said that I had strong hands and finders.
Looking deeper into the crevices of my palm she said I was an extremely sexual person.
Her palm covered my hand and she got up and straddled my legs resting on my lap.
Looking deep into my eyes she bent forward and kissed me lightly at first, then deep with her tongue in my mouth.
I couldn’t resist and pulled her closer to me and felt her breast pushed up against my chest.
My head was spinning with her kisses; I was in a dream world floating in time.
It was all so surreal.
My hands pushed up her dress as they slid up her soft legs.
She was sucking and kissing my neck.
I could feel her teeth biting the soft skin of my neck where it meets my shoulder with her tongue soothing the pain.
I pushed my hands up her panties cupping her soft but firm butt then lifting her slightly up my body and started doing what she had just done to me by biting her neck.
Sitting up on my lap she let the top of her dress fall off her shoulders to her hips exposing her breasts.
They were small and perky with hard erect nipples.
I gently ran my palm over her nipples waking as beast within her.
Her legs tighten around my legs as my fingers passed over one at a time.
Bending to her I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking gently at first but then with a hunger.
Her fingers tugged and my hair as she suck her teeth into my back.
I could feel their sharpness even through the thick material of the hoody.
I moved from one top the other mimicking the same for both.
My cock was swollen in my pants right now, busting to get out and burrow it’s self between her legs.

Slowly pushing her off of me I stood up and took my shirt off while she was undoing my pants.
I tossed my hoody to the floor just before my pants fell down to my ankles.
Getting down on her knees she started biting my cock through my underwear, nibbling from the head down my shaft to my balls.
I could feel her hand around my balls squeezing them as she pulled my member through the opening of my shorts.
It was out and erect when her tongue slid from the base until it got to the top engulfing the head in her mouth and taking half my shaft with strong lips as her head moved towards my torso only to stop and with more force she pulled back with her tongue sliding over and around my head,
She had me on my toes as she slowing released more of me from her mouth.
Just as I was about to be out of her she repeated the process time and tome again. I have found her rhythm and my hips slowly moved back and forth meeting her lips with the pace she dictated.
Her hands holding the back of my thighs with her nails digging into the skin, she fucked my cock with her mouth without taking a pause or a break for air.
I know she could feel me swelling in her mouth as the fire built up inside me.

Looking down I could see her looking up at me as she mauled my cock.
I could barely keep my eyes open to see her.
Releasing my cock from her mouth she stood up and stepped back onto a table.
Lifting her dress she revealed her wet dripping pussy.
Running her fingers through her trimmed bush she stared at me as she slipped her fingers inside and started playing with herself.
I stood there watching, stroking my cock and getting turned on even more as she finger fucked her self.
I could see her wet fingers glistening as they slid in and out of her body.
She had this mischievous look in her eyes as she watched me stroking myself.
Taking her fingers out she licked each, one at a time and then held out her hand and asked if I wanted some.
Cock in hand I walked over and she slipped them in my mouth to suck on.
Taking them both in my mouth I sucked and licked them clean.

I knelt before her and ran my tongue over her wet pussy.
Pushing her legs more open I started sliding my tongue inside her lapping up her juices as they dripped out.
Her fingers were meshed in my hair, pulling me into her encouraging me to suck on her clit.
Moving my lips over her clit I started rubbing it with my tongue only stopping to suck on her clit with my lips.
She lay back on the table and wrapping her legs around my neck.
She was moving her hips up and down rubbing herself into my face.
Grinding her pussy into me as I a grabbed mouthfuls to suck on with every passing.
I could hear her moans now filling the room as her hips moved faster and faster across my face.
She was fucking my now soaked face.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I got up and walked back to the chair and I told her to come sit on my cock.
Getting off of the table she pushed down her dress to the floor and walked over and mounted me as I sat there hold my cock for her to sit on.
Her tight pussy got a strangle hold of my cock and it almost hurt as she lowered herself on me.
As she fucked me my head started to spin and it looked like the fog was now in the store.
She rode my hard cock vigorously, pounding my ass into the chair.
I hand her tits in my hands now squeezing them hard and my thumbs pushing down on the nipples like as if they were buttons to increase her lust.
She fucked me with a wild passion that erupted from her mouth in a loud scream that filled the whole shop.
Her voice pierced my mind like a burning iron causing me to erupt inside her.
The fog was all around us now in the shop and I could barely see her as she sat on me.
My hold world started spinning before me and in a gust of wind that felt like a breath going by me and then the fog was gone.
I found myself standing in front of the light standard, as it turned green.
In a daze I walked out of that section of the market and into the growing crowd of people on their way to work.
I was exhausted for some reason and confused.
I couldn’t understand what had happened.
It took me an hour to make the 30 minute walk back home everything was heavy.
My legs, arms even back pack weighed what seemed like a ton.
Reaching home I collapsed on the couch and slid the backpack off and dropped it to the floor with a thud.
It was heavier than when I left so I opened it and inside I found an Orb.
The shop, I remember a shop and the woman in the black dress.
I went to sleep right there on the couch and dreamed about the woman.
When I woke up I showered and took the car and drove back to the market.
I went to where the shop would have been but it wasn’t there and it wasn’t a dead end but a laneway that opened up on the other block.
I drove around to see if I made a mistake but no, it was here this morning……………
I drove back home and sat down in front of the coffee table.
The Orb sat on its pedestal in the center of it with the Sky and the Earth touching where the clouds meet or is that where dreams live?

Have a nice weekend


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