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Thursday, June 29, 2006

To Much Information ©

Its beat up Walker day, so step up and go for it.
To be honest I won’t feel a thing because I am pretty numb right now.
It’s one of those times when everything is crashing back at you at a time when everything is looking good.
Sound familiar, I bet it does.
I know hard core criminals that are more civilized then normal people and who is to say who the fuck is normal.
Maybe the criminals and freaks and what nots are the normal ones and we are the malcontents of the Earth.
Get that into you.
I have never seen a display of total disregard for another person and display of complete and utter stupidity as I did today.

When is information to much and when is it not enough?
For me information has been a major tool in my life.
I have used it to learn, help, control and punish.
Knowledge for me is very important and I understand what I learn.
My life has depended on what I learn.
Information is a powerful tool.
Politicians have gotten to power with it by using it to topple someone else.
Information can be used to generate money.
Information is a weapon.
But sometimes information in the wrong hands is dangerous.
Like my brother and SIL.
Information to these two conniving people is a weapon to contradict and for confrontation.
Funny how these words start with “Con” in front of them.
Have you ever noticed that most words starting with “con” are negative?

I find myself back in the middle of a pile of shit amongst good news.
Today at 10 am I got a call from the SIL asking me to go to the hospital to talk with the neurologist about Amanda.
They had asked her to come in for another EEG.
They did a MRI Monday.
Now being the suspicious type I had to ask myself why did they want an EEG when the MRI would tell all and confirming or not, the findings of the first EEG.

After the EEG we were summand to the Dr’s office where we talked about the findings.
Before the doctor could say anything the SIL fired off a barrage of technical medical jargon that left the doctor asking.
“Can you say that in a language I could understand”?
It was obvious the doctor figured out that the SIL had done a lot of home work on epilepsy.
She had given him her prognosis by what she had read on line about symptoms.
He told her that she was wrong.
To which she told him that the ventricles were deformed causing the epilepsy.
The doctor pulled out the MRI and the EEG and said there was nothing wrong with the ventricles or the EEG.
Now I could see the blank stare on the SIL’s face.
She was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!
My brother sporting a smug look on his face remarked that so it’s because of the milk allergy, to which the doctor for the millionth time over the last 2 months told him NO yet again.
He should just keep his thumb in his mouth and stay quiet.
Yeah at 41 my brother still sucks on his thumb and it’s common to see drool running down his hand.
But she did have a seizure.
So the doctor says that she needs to have two seizures in order for her to be diagnosed with epilepsy.
The SIL says she had one two weeks ago that was witnessed \by my parents where she was sitting there with a blank stare on her face.
Apparently they had to pick her up to get her out of it.
With this knowledge the doctor confirmed the epilepsy.
It seems that Amanda is making herself have seizures.
Her body is allowing electrical current to go throw a certain part of the brain so they need to slow that down using medication.
Kids out grow this in time and by using drugs,
Four years, that’s how long she is going to take these drugs for maybe longer.
Ok, fine.
Whatever it takes to get the kid right, we will do.
We leave the hospital and on the way home the SIL says it’s a good thing there is nothing wrong with her brain physically.
I said yes it was and that one big worry gone.
Stupid otherwise known as my brother says”Well I guess you will have nothing to go around and talk about now”.
What the fuck, why start a war for no reason what so ever?
For those of you new to my blog, I say it as it is and I spare no one including myself.
The swearing went on for 15 minutes or the duration of the ride home.
They dished it at each other with spiked tongues and the kid right there.
They are so cold to each other.
Escaping the van I go inside to see my parents to tell them the results and to ask a question.
I didn’t have to by the time I got from the van to the house my brother and SIL had each called with their version.
Sitting there I explained to my parents what the doctor said and that there was nothing physically wrong with Amanda’s brain and NO tumor.
So I then ask them why they didn’t tell me Amanda had a seizure two weeks earlier.
They said that she didn’t
I repeated the story that the SIL gave to the doctor and my they said that yes they were in the back but the kid was fine.
My mother said that SIL told them look she is having a seizure but when my mother called to her that she turned to look at her and the SIL grabbed her and ran inside with her to lay her down.
Now I am left with two conflicting stories.
Don’t forget the doctor has made his prognosis on one of these stories.

Sitting here last night the phone rings and it’s my SIL.
She is frantic and raving and TALKING VERY LOUD.
She had gone to the pharmacy to get the script filled and they refused to fill it because there was no code stamped on the prescription.
Some need a special code to be filled.
Then the smart ass SIL starts pumping the lady about the medication and comes back home to my mothers place where everyone else is and starts hounding my brother to call the pharmacy so that he could hear what the pharmacist’s assistant knows about the medication.
According to her, my brother went into a fit of curses and told her to leave the house.
This is my parent’s house and my mother was on my brother’s side she says.
Keep in mind, I am home minding my own fucken business, not bothering a single soul.
Staring into the vast nothingness of my head and no I am not telling you whose boobs I was thinking about.
She then tells me the woman told her that this medication was a last resort medication and not given to kids at all.
Well that’s a good reason to be freaking out I guess.
I did call my mother after I got off and yeah I got the complete opposite story.
Don’t worry I know they are all lying or telling the truth as they each see it.
Now do you all see what I am stuck with?
This is normal everyday shit I get all the time.

Who do I believe?
The SIL is listening to everyone and everything she reads then creates her own assumptions, thus causing mass hysteria amongst the other retards.
And I am not mocking the mentally handicapped I am sparing them the humiliation of being grouped with these people.
I am sure there is a reason a pharmacist’s assistant doesn’t see patients and works at the Wal-Mart instead of the hospital like the doctor.
Since I don’t trust anyone I am contacting the nurse from the seminar and getting some information.
It shouldn’t be a problem since both my SIL and brother had me put on her file.
I need to get some solid answers before they start poisoning her needlessly.

So, is there just to much information sometimes?


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