blue moon (2)

Friday, May 19, 2006

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Look at that………. its Friday
Now I don’t have to go work but Friday is a special day because it’s the end of the week if you work or not.
It’s got that feel of………what’s that word.
SPOTANAITY!!!!!! (If this is spelled wrong blame spell check)
Yeah that’s it.
You want to do something different, out of the ordinary.
It’s the beginning, away from the same old same old working day.

I was going to put up that love post for the bet I lost but hey, I said I was going to do it but not when LOL.
Besides who wants to read a fictitious love story anyway.
Let’s do a real one.
That’s it.
Tell me, what do you love?
I don’t want to know who you love, that’s too easy.
There is one thing you love more than anything out of all the things you love.
Just one…….what is it.
I love a lot of things.
I love blogging, to bad for you.
I love walking in the rain.
Yeah I still stomp in puddles but don’t tell my mother.
I love sitting in my favorite pub on a sunny Sunday afternoon looking at a beautiful woman wearing a cotton sun dresses standing between the sun and me in the door way leading to that patio.
You have to be there “wink”.
I love the smell of Jasmine incense throughout the house.
Makes me relax and day dream a bit, smoking a joint before helps too.
But what I love the most is music.
My whole life, my love of music has been the only constant.
I go buy a car.
Does the radio work?
Naw Naw I don’t want to hear the engine.
It only drowns out the radio.
Music keeps me alive it makes my soul swing with a smile.
No matter how shitty I feel a song will brighten up.
Come on think about it.
When you hear that song that sends a serge through your soul.
Tell me you don’t tighten up and move with the music.
Of course you do.
Music sets the mood.
And it makes me want to dance.

I used to dance for hours on end when I was younger and I can till give it a good go, which reminds me to give my friend K a call to go out for a spin.
But at the end of the night there is nothing more soothing than a nice slow song with someone.
Lights down, the music not loud, just right.
Her perfume gently, lifting you into another state of euphoria, just a bit, pulling her closer with a warmth surging through you that fills your heart.
I’m sitting here thinking of time long gone but fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday; holding someone warm and special for the first time.
The song playing was…….. who cares, I was in heaven on earth.
Yes I was in love for the first time.
I was 15, she was 16.
There is something about that feeling you only feel with that special person.
And the music binds you close, closer than you ever thought possible.
You like the way she feels pressed up against you.
You glide over the floor on that cloud you’ve created.
That feeling is the most powerful presence you could feel.
It doesn’t matter if you’re with that person anymore, but the feeling never leaves,
Just close your eyes for 15 seconds and think of your first kiss when you were truly in love.
I bet you’re smiling, who was it?
That’s love baby.
That’s what we all are looking for……that warm feeling that makes you want to hug yourself.
Isn’t love grand?
I know my friend Schotzy knows what I am talking about.
I want to welcome her back from her absence on this blog.
She’s a red hot grandma who is getting married soon to a very lucky man.
She attributes her absence to the sudden death of both their computers.
WTG Jim, for making sure she didn’t find some other guy online before you could snare her. ”Wink”
So, a slow song, dim lights and someone to hold tight, sounds like something I would want to do right now.
What about you?
I’ll tell you what, let me help you.
This is where the, SPOTANAITY!!!!!! comes in.
Find someone or something to hug.
Hit the button on the player.
Turn the lights down, or close your eyes and listen to a man who knows how to love a woman.

Have a Great Weekend.
Who wants to dance with me?
“Come here Emme”

It's not all about sex you know

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Angel Without Wings said...

I know this is a really old post but I am trying to get a feel for what you are about. This post is something I really relate to. I love singing and dancing and there is no doubt at all that music is the soul of love. Beautiful post.