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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sex Talk: Mist Of Souls ©

Ok as requested a Sex Talk, there is sex in this one but I didn’t got porn on yeah so read if you wish,
Well it also comes down to what is my definition of porn to LOL.
Give it a go and yell at me in my comments if you disagree.
Those of you who don’t want to read this post there is another below it I put up last night for you to read.
Have a nice weekend.


The mist rose from the ground to the heavens like a veil in the dark that surrounds everything, distorting reality and fantasy.
It’s fingers floated across the vast expanse gently caressing all that it touched.

They stood there naked staring off into a dream never before seen to either of them.
Stars shot past them into the deep beyond disappearing in a flash of exploding light sending back a shower of brilliance.

He looked next to him at the beautiful woman standing beside him.
Tall, beautiful she stood there naked staring up at the mist as the streaks burned out into the distance in a magnificent fireworks display.
Deep inside he felt he loved this woman even though he didn’t know her……..but he did.
His eyes gather her perfect body as he stood there looking at her not six feet away or was it a million miles away.

She felt his eyes touching her as she slowly turned her to look into his eyes.
Who was this man she deeply loved yet never met but till now, not even in a dream had she seen his face but she knew it and recognized him when she first saw him him standing there near her.
She moved towards him, as she got closer her head tilted upward to keep looking into his face.

He watched as she turned and started walking towards him.
Her ice blue eyes warmed his soul as she stepped towards him; her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and swept down caressing her perfect breasts.
Everything about her was perfect like she was born this way without a blemish on her.

She stopped before him looking at his tall muscular body, her hands reached out touching his chest, her fingers sliding up through the curly hairs on his chest to the chiselled features of his face.
He was real, not a spectre in the mist.

Her hand was soft as she touched his cheek.
A warm feeling started to grow inside him as he looked down at her beautiful face as it glowed through the mist of the night.
A sweet scent reached out to him from her body pulling his face down towards her, searching for the source of the soft subtle fragrance emitting from her being.
His nose led him to her neck where the scent of Jasmine stirred his senses.

She felt his gentle hand as it touched her belly while he kissed her neck softly, his left hand moved up her arm to the right side of her face.
Slowly he walked around her, his hand never leaving her face, his lips caressing her shoulders his right hand guiding it’s way across and down her back.

Her neck was soft as were her shoulders, he could feel her body being drawn to his as his was to hers.
He couldn’t understand how this was happening but knew this was what was to happen and felt pre-ordained.
He was meant to be here with her at this moment in time and space; he felt it in his bones, his life’s desires all rolled up for this moment.

As he stood behind her, she leaned back and rested against his chest as his hands moved over her breasts gently caressing them, his fingers passing softly over her hard beckoning nipples.
A fire of desire was building inside her for the man she never met but always knew.
She felt his mouth nibbling at her neck as she threw her head back exposing more of her soft skin to be devoured.

He slid his right hand down past her stomach making its way to the inside her right thigh, his fingers squeezing her softly as they moved between her legs.
He could feel the weight of her as her back pushed harder into his chest as his hands passed over her soft silky skin.

She could feel how excited he was getting pressed up against her lower back and that, got her even hotter to have him.
His hand was stoking her fire as it slipped between her legs and was petting her moist pussy.
Her heart was beginning to beat faster now with every squeeze his hand made.
Pulling her head together she turned and kissed his lips.
Slowly she began kneeling in front of him getting lower until she reached the cause of the pressure she felt earlier against the small of her back and started stroking it.
She could feel the excitement in his growing muscle as her hand gripped it harder while she pumped her hand up and down the length of him.
An urge made her bend down and pass her tongue over the length of his shaft before taking him into her mouth and gently pulling on his head with her lips.
She never done anything like this before, it disgusted her but………she needed to taste him, feel him in her mouth, this man she didn’t know yet all of a sudden disgust was replaced with need and lust.
His jewels in her hand she gladly took more of him in her mouth as her tongue swam around the tip as it moved past to the back of her throat.

Her warm mouth made his head spin and she gently sucked on his hard cock.
He had never felt like this before, no one had ever done this to him.
His head swam in ecstasy as he looked down on her and she engulfed him into her mouth then pulling back freeing him but for a moment from the warmth of her mouth before taking him deeper once more, every time she drew him in.
Reaching down he rested his hand on the side of her head as his hips started moving back and forth meeting her lips thrust for thrust, watching, guiding himself into her mouth the way that it made him feel good.

His reaction to what she was doing excited her even more, compelling her to eagerly consume his lust for her much more feverishly.
Pulling him out of her mouth she pumped his cock slowly as she looked up at him looking down upon her.
Getting to her feet she wrapping her arms around his neck then pulled herself up, pushing her tongue into his mouth as her legs climbed up around his waist.

His hands reached down and grabbed her firm butt pulling her up and slowly lowering her onto his swollen member.
He could feel her warmth pouring over the head of his hard shaft as it passed through the lips guarding the source of the fire burning inside her.
He heard a small moan escape her lips, her nails dug into his back as he lowered her completely onto him.

With her arms around his neck she started sliding up and down on him as he held her butt in his hands slowly pushing in and out of her at the same time.
They both stood there with the mist swirled around then while more bursts exploded far above their heads unlike the ones that were now building in their heads.

Slowly he knelt down with her still wrapped around his waist and lay down on his back while she rode on top of him.
Arched back with her hands on his thighs she thrust herself upon his hard cock driving him into the hard ground.
Grabbing her breasts she squeezed them, tugging at her nipples as she fucked him harder beneath her.
Her feet firmly planted on the ground she stopped and pressed onto him as hard as she could to get as much of him as she could inside her, grinding him deeper inside to reach that spot that made her head spin and her soul ache for.

His brain dazed with the ever building lust inside him he met her violent thrusts with his own as she pounded her need into him.
Feeling the urge to throw her to the ground and fuck her he pushed her off and grabbing her by the thighs he pulled her to him and drove his cock into her.
Her legs spread with his arms her drove into her while she now moaned begging him for fuck her harder.
Her hands were gripping her large tits squeezing them and occasionally biting one of her nipple with her teeth.

Her moans echoed through the mist touching everywhere and nowhere as they fucked harder and harder.
Laying his weight on her he drove into her and she wrapped her legs around him as high as she could to get more of his hard cock into her.
With one arm around her neck he pushed deep inside her while she pulled him down to her with her legs.
He could feel a serge building up inside him with every thrust, every moment he went deeper in her.
He could feel her beginning to shudder slightly as her moans got louder and more frequent.
A sharp pain of ecstasy ran through him as her teeth sank into his chest.

He wanted to explode inside her right then and there but he held on wanting for her to reach the same stage.
The area was beginning to get lighter as a light started illuminating from them both.
He started pounding into her now at a stead fast pace with her urging him on.
She glowed like an angel as he looked down upon her.
He felt like his body was melting into hers as he rode above her.

She stared up at him as he thrust into her sending waves of pleasure through her body.
He glowed like a god looking down on her with the light surrounding him.
The fire burning inside her was now an inferno burning out of control wanting to burst out to light up the night sky.
He lay down on her and he was almost weightless, as he seemed to float above her his cock like and umbilical cord linking them together.

They both started to intensify their lust as their desires started coming out from within them lighting up the whole area with a bright white light that seemed to come from the both of them.
He now had his hands firmly on the ground fucking her hard when she started screaming in his head that she was about to explode.
He couldn’t hold himself any longer either and the whole area lit up like a roman candle in a brilliant beautiful explosion and then darkness came.

As they disappeared into the bright sky above, he looked down and saw a fading word slip into the darkness below.


The souls of the dead dance together through the night as they rise to the heavens adding stars to the night sky.

Have a nice weekend.



Shaz said...

Damn Walker, its 6.30 am Sunday morning everyones asleep up stairs and I am awake reading this curled up on my matress on the floor.
I think I will take a deep breath shut down the computer, take an advil and go back to bed. Ben can thank you later. LMAO (not for long)Woops still lol
Bye Honey x

Vickie said...

Damn Walker---I post about Raging Hormones, PMS and you cum along with this post---about fucking---

Thanks :)

Oh BTW, you are on my list, later sweetie

Lupe Tortilla said...

I love sex talk.

Walker said...

Shaz: Tell Ben he is welcome LOL

Walker said...

Vickie: Its all aboutr hormones isn't it LOL

Walker said...

Lupe: I just bet you do like talking sex and more

Susan said...

Thanks alot for posting this while Keiths away! Now where did I put those new batteries!

Monica said...

I'm glad you kept the title and I'm more convinced than ever that your ending was awesome!

patti_cake said...

I love the ending and your sex talk is awesome!

Walker said...

Susan: I don't have them, they are to big for my remote LOL

Walker said...

Monica: Thank you , no I wasn't going to change the title I am saving the other one for another post :)

Walker said...

Patti_Cake: The ending came to me before I even began to write the post. Funny how some things work out :)