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Friday, May 12, 2006

Sex Talk ©

This post has explicit sex in places so you may want to stop here if you get offended easily.
I have many links on my blog roll with some excellent bloggers that you would enjoy reading.

I’m sitting here the other day right after I wrote “Ship Wrecked” thinking to myself that I had to write a love post now.
I don’t have a problem with writing sex and love stories I have an extensive imagination and memories to feed off of but morally I have an issue with it.
The only information I could use are memories of being with someone else I was in love with and frankly I find it wrong using that.
So, FB I hope you’re not busy this weekend because you are going to help me with that post, since you’re not in it.
This also brings into question my other sex posts and there will be more, trust me.
I am extremely sexual, oh fuck it I’m just horny but I still have been feeding off my own knowledge and honestly it’s lacking in what a woman feels and thinks in her head.

Just then someone comes on line and says hi.
I tell her that I got to get some female bloggers to help me write a couple of sex posts and to get some fresh ideas.
I could make it a monthly thing and my partner would be anonymous, that way no one would know who wrote it with me.
We threw ideas back and forth but we decided that it would be better if it was just walked through, unrehearsed and as raw as it could get, like in real life.
The following is the result of just plain banter between two friends building on an idea.
It went on for an hour non-stop until we were done.
Nothing has been deleted and is as it was, except for spell check.

I could sit at the table behind you and ask you what you’re reading
And I could answer a book about obsession
I could tell you some obsessions are good and should be explored
Yes, and this is about a particular man's exploration of something he sought to know the truth of
So experimentation is valid for verification
It is a highly recommended way to come to the proper conclusion

So, he set off one to day down a city street
To look for a subject to explore his research with
And walked by the window of a Shoppe through which he saw a woman with her hands stroking the fabric of a beautiful dress
But his eyes were glued to her full breasts and the curves of her thighs
She felt his eyes upon her and glanced up
And the look she encountered sent a shiver up her spine
He walked in and looked into her eyes and without a word he led her to the change rooms
And when the door closed behind them, he reached his hand up to gently caress her cheek
He stepped in and leaned forward to meet her parting lips with his
His body pushing hers up and against the wall and she wrapped her arms around his neck
His right hand sliding up her left leg and up her skirt
His fingers found the top of her panties, and teasingly he...
His left hand behind her head and his lips sucking on the tongue hungrily
Her hands began to roam down his back
Her fingernails pushing through the fabric of his shirt
His fingers sliding underneath her panties he could feel the warmth of her pussy
A moan escaped her lips
Her right hand found its way between them to the front of his pants
Feeling his hardness beneath the fabric
Stepping back he watches her hands sliding over his crotch, He opens her blouse exposing her ripe tits to the now heated change room
She loved the feel of him squeezing her nipple between his fingers
She found the zipper to his pants and edged it downwards
Reaching within to stroke his cock
Using his palms he gently slips over her hard nipples, listening to her moan as each finger slides over one at a time
She glides her fingers along the length of his cock
Then he takes each one in his mouth one at a time and starts sucking on them softly at first then biting them gently
Loving the feel of it in her hand
The exquisite sensation is traveling through her
And her hand wraps around his cock squeezing it gently but with ever growing intensity
He looks down and could see her stroking him, then looks into her eyes she slowly lowers herself to the floor
And greets his cock with the tip of her tongue
Slowly caressing the head
A tingle goes from his shaft through his body
She glances up to see his eyes clench closed
She now enclosed the head in her lips
Sucking inwards
His cock slips in an inch at a time into her mouth

He looks down and sees his cock slowly being encompassed by her lips
She feels his hands weave into her hair
Pressing her closer

His hips start slowly moving back and forth guiding his cock gently in and out of her mouth
She loves the feel of him in her mouth
But she wants to feel him in her
She relinquishes his cock from her mouth and her lips trace upwards
Lifting his shirt as she goes
One button opens at a time
He had felt his cock swelling but he wasn't ready yet
Lifting her up he walks her to the chair in the corner and sits her down
Kneeling before her, his hands slide along her legs and up her skirt and slowly pulling off her panties
She helps him remove her panties
With her skirt pulled back she opens her legs wide for him exposing a now wet pussy
His breath on her pussy excites her
Her pussy smells so sweet and ripe for the eating
He caresses the inside of her legs with his mouth taking a mouthful and sucking on it
His tongue sliding over her soft silky skin
He slowly moves around her with precision from one thigh to the other'
Then stopping between her legs and gently sucking on her clit
It’s swollen with lust now
Her hips rise slightly off the chair when he circles her clit with his tongue
All sensation is concentrated in that one spot
He slips his thumb inside her and starts finger fucking her as he sucks on he now sensitive clit
Her breathing can be heard now, as it gets heavier
He then moves down a bit and spreads the lips of her pussy and starts eating her out
Her hands start massaging her breasts
Licking all around the hole and pulling on the lips of her now soaked pussy
She arches her pussy towards him, wanting more
She grabs a handful of his hair and starts grinding her pussy into his face, fucking it and feeling him suck on her pussy
Her legs are now wrapped around his neck and he is pushing him into her hard and rubbing her pussy into his lips
A tingling sensation is working its way southward
He could feel her pussy pulsing as he eats her out
Her moans are getting louder and louder, she has totally forgotten where they are
Standing up he takes her by the hand and sits in the chair
His cock now hard and erect she straddles him and impales herself on his shaft
She leans her hands on his upper arms for balance
Grabbing her by the ass he pulls her into him and she lets a moan slip from her lips
And leans in for a kiss.....
Taking his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it as she had his cock
The small room is now a hot steam room with the smell of sex permeating all over
Tell me do you want to fuck me, he asked?
God yes
Then fuck me now
Ride my cock
She lifted up and down...
Pulling in my pussy walls

Taking her tits in his hands he runs his thumbs roughly over her nipples
Squeezing your cock as I raise and lower on you, faster and faster
She gyrates her hips as she rides him
Stretching her legs wider so she can take him deeper
He leans back in his chair as she goes into a frenzy smashing him into the chair with violent force. Pounding his cock with her tight pussy'
Her hands braced on either side of his head
She moves back and forth faster

Her hips bucking off of him
Raising herself almost off of him...
And then plunging down hard on him
He could feel his cock swelling inside her getting thicker
Loving the feel of his hardened cock braising the inside of her pussy
She leans her pussy in such a way that she feels his cock against her clit with each stroke
She can feel herself ready to climax
She starts riding him as if he's a race horse
Pushing her back a bit, he puts his hand down and starts rubbing her clit with his thumb'
While she is riding his hard cock
Do you like fucking me, he asks?
Oh yesssss, pound me, she asks
How much do you love my cock inside you, he asks?
I love your hardness, the fullness, she answers
Bend over for me so I can fuck you from behind
With that she stands up briefly and turns around
She leans forward and downwards
He stands behind her and puts his cock inside her
Pushing it in all the way
He could see her tits swaying in the mirror
He grips her hips with his hands
Turning him on more fucking her harder
Holding her in place so he can get deeper into her
Pushing deeper harder and faster
Fuck me, she moans
Fucking her, her moans started coming in faster
You going to come for me baby, he asks
Oh god yesssss
I want to hear you come, he tells her.
She pushes her hips back towards him meeting his thrusts
Fucking her harder now her hands pressed against the wall for support
Pounding her ass harder and harder
Oh yesss
Come on push back harder, he tells her.
With each thrust the sensations working through her pussy are getting stronger
Her moans are getting louder
He reaches forward with one hand and pinches her nipple and rolling it between two fingers
That sends her over the edge
The pleasure/pain of it
Come for me, he tells her
She’s panting heavily
Just lean back and explode
He is fucking her now like a madman
He could hear her heavy breathing
I know you want to come, he says, I know you want me to FUCK you harder and I want to watch your come run down your legs
He puts her on the floor and pushes your legs back
Putting his cock in her once more he pounds her ass into the floor hard and fast
Unceasing raw sex'
Cum in me, she moaned
Fucking her without mercy
I am going to fill you up, he growls
I want to feel you fill me with you cum, she begs.
I want you to come with me he tells her as he is fucking her.
The sound of him moving in and out of her...His moans were growing louder, were making her hotter, she says
He lift one of her legs up
Pounding into her deeper
Her juices coating his cock...
He slip in and out easier, but as his cock start pulsing expanding
The ridges more pronounced

He is ready to burst
Cum in me, she orders
He has her legs wide and back as in pounding her pussy
She can feel herself starting to build up again
I will, he obeys
He is reaching deeper in that position
Pushing her along the floor with his thrusts

Squeezing her calves he stops with his cock deep inside and pushing harder, grinding into her pussy holding it there he could feel his balls swelling up ready to burst
Oh god, don't stop now, she yells
Just grinding and pushing harder moving his hips around
Every nerve ending is alive in her
Her hands braced against the wall for support
The room filled with their smell he looks up at the ceiling ready to explode
And just then they heard the jangling of the bell on the door to the shop
Don’t stop
He fucks her harder to finish before someone comes in the change room
She bites her tongue trying not to let her moans escape her lips
Leaning forward he thrusts ONE GOOD HARD PUSH and holds it there exploding inside her
And feeling the pressure of him exploding makes her climax too
Pumping back and forth until he emptied himself inside her, he slowly falls forward
He collapses on top of her
Outside in the show room they hear, "mom, dad are you here"?

I would like to thank my partner and friend who will remain anonymous, for her help and the laugh we had after.
Who said two minds are not better than one.
Hmm, I still have that love post
Have a great weekend


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