blue moon (2)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

There's The Door Part Two ©

She went upstairs to pack for her trip and possibly the last time she left home.He showed up and apologized for his out burst again. This is not the first time, it’s a regular thing that he does to her. He made up with her and told her to have a good time.
She came to Canada for 3 weeks and had a great time.
After a long journey home, she noticed that her grand mother’s furniture was gone.
While she was in Canada, he put it upon himself to sell the rest of her furniture without any opposition. From what she told me he sold it all for 300 pounds about $700 dollars and spent the money.
After they argued about it, he told her she knew where the door was and could leave if she didn’t like it.She turned and went to the bedroom and started packing 24 hours after she got home. He came into the room and again apologized for his bullshit , but not for selling her furniture, and she stayed, she had no choice, she has no one there.
When they go out to friends or parties he is friendly with everyone and ignores her the whole night.
At home he rarely speaks to her unless he wants something and when he goes to bed she has to go lie down to, even if she is not ready to sleep. Apparently, he can’t fall asleep unless she is in the bed also. I should have asked her if she has to leaves the washroom light on at night, just incase the boogie man comes for him.
According to her, he has been trying to take the Canadian side of her away. Slowly selling everything that was hers and any reminder of Canada. He has thrown away photo albums saying they were lost in the many moves they had. He bought her a digital camera to take new pictures of where they are now.
It’s not likely he can erase what she is by taking away everything that reminds her of Canada.
The thought of him selling her grandmothers furniture sickens me. It was something which has been in her family for over 100 years and not his to sell. The fact the he is mentally abusing her, appalls me to no end. I have 2 daughters, I wouldn't want this for them.
During our talk she told me that the cars and the house are in his name. She believes that if he threw her out, she would have nothing. I told her to get her self a lawyer and understand what the laws are in England. I don’t believe it is that easy for him to do what he wants.
I also reminded her she has many friends here and family so she is not lost. She is now working and saving her money for the day he may throw her out permanently.I don’t know why she moved to England with this man, HELL why did she marry the wanker. Yes wanker, because he may not fuck his wife but he could jerk off and clean himself with his socks, and we know who does the laundry.
During her stay in Canada, his parents came to stay with him, so that his mother can clean after him, and to cook his meals. Useless comes to mind when I think of him.
The few times I have met the man, he tried talking down to me but I don’t shrivel away that easily, and brushed him aside. I have to say, I am bias towards British men, well 6 to be exact, one in particular. I have tried not to let my personal feelings get in the way of this post, some may have leaked out tho.
I have never been married, but I don’t think that a marriage is supposed to be a form of slavery. When is it enough, before you say, fuck you I’m gone?
I may be naive or just a dreamer, but I believe that when two people say they love each other it means something.I know what it is to be in love. I have been in love, and am in love now.
I wondered if it is all worth it, when I see stories like this.
Then I see my parents who have been married for 45 years and mrhaney who just celebrated his 40th and I know it is worth it if you’re with the right person, she is not. I cannot see myself being like this, ever. How can anybody be, after you profess your love to someone.
Why would anyone want to change the person they fell in love with, into a person they didn't know. He told her he loved her and then took her away from what she knows and now is attempting to erase what she was or should I say the person she is, so that he can create his perfect maid.Let’s face it that’s all she is to him, a maid and an errand girl, its not like he is intimate with her.
She has to maybe move on I think. I won’t tell her that because it’s her decision to make and we have a history, so I don't want to give her any false hope, but I think in the end, she will make the right choice.
Now you have to excuse me for a moment I have been good on this post, so I have to curse a little. You can go ahead after me, I don't mind, it's my blog and swearing is allowed, even at me if you wish.
He is the most, stupid fucken useless, piece of fucken shit, that I have ever met (was going to call him a mother fucker, but 1 his mother is a nice woman according to my friend and 2 he is obviously not interested in sex) and any others out there like him are a disgrace to the honest men in the world.
Maybe he's gay. Oh my, I just insulted gays I think.
How can people trust someone again after they have been treated like this, is beyond me.
Now for those of you who suggested she finds a lover. I had already suggested that. This is what she said; there was a guy who expressed interest in her sexually. She met him at work; she works at a convenience store.
He is married, and one day came in with his wife and was treating her the same way her husband treated her, so she said fuck no.
Writing this was draining. I am an emotional person, so my thoughts were eratic and all over the place. It took me awhile to settle them down.
While I was writing this, I got another phone call from someone else crying. I have become a sponge for women to dump on it seems. It's always been like this for me and Sara had been getting the over flow until now.
If your in an abusive relationship get out.
If your in a loving relationship, hold on tight and never stop telling your mate you love them.
If you single, good luck, but the right person is out there, I know that for a fact.

I need a drink now,
Have a nice day.


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