blue moon (2)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Sex Talk: FB's Revenge ©

Yup it’s Friday and I hope this could keep you busy for the weekend.
Some of you may want to skip this post today because of its sexual content.
The thunder clapped and the lights flickered.
It was coming down out there tonight.
FB: Tell me what you’re going to do to me
Walker: I’m not even going to let you get past the door and my hands will be on you.
FB: At the door?
Walker: Yes, as you walk in I will take your coat and we will be kissing from the start and you will feel my hands sliding over your breasts feeling they expand with every breath you take.
Fuck Sweden scored again.
Shhhhhhh I’m watching hockey too and talking on my laptop.
FB: You still there?
Walker: Yes baby I am here with my hands moving slowly up your shirt moving over you big round full breasts.
FB: yes, yes I can feel them
Walker: My lips gently biting and sucking your soft neck as my fingers release your swollen breasts from their restraints.
FM: I like the way you bite my neck, just like a vampire.
Walker: I love the way you smell when I am this close to you.
You make me want to……SCORE!!
FB: What?
I forgot I was on the headset.
Walker: You make me want to take you in the bedroom and score with you.
FB: Oh yes take me in the bedroom.
A flash reflected of the window and another thunderous lightning blast shook the house but this time cutting off the power and thus shutting the TV and the modem off.
Now this is great, no hockey and no internet.
Well I guess FB is out on that post too.
This is where I am happy for having my books to read.

I sat there with a dozen scented candles lit around me reading my book.
The candle light was dancing all around me on the wall giving the impression that the flames were waltzing with each other to a soft melody over my head on the ceiling and around the room.
I read for about an hours and put the book down.
Grabbing a candle I headed towards the kitchen for a drink,
That’s when heard the knock at the door.
Who would be out on a night like this?
Putting the candle on the table next to the door I unlocked it and swung it open a bit to see who it was.
Standing there was FB in a trench coat, with her hair soaked straight.
The candle’s soft light was reflecting of her beautiful face giving it an angelic glow.
She walked past me into the living room.
Locking the door I followed her into the room, “what are you doing here”?
She turned and walked over to me.
You said you were taking me into your bedroom last”.
With that she opened the trench coat and let it slip to the floor revealing what she had on underneath.
She wore a black baby doll with a floral pattern that was cut low and was very very provocative.
Walking up to me she ran her fingers through my hair, moved in closer and kissed me deep and long.
My hands seemed to move with their own agenda.
The left hand went around her waist pulling her closer and the right sliding up her back.
The kiss seemed like it lasted forever and I didn’t want to stop.
It made my heart race with excitement and an eagerness for more.
Releasing my lips she gently pushed me back casing me to stumble and end up sitting on the couch.
Thunder sounded outside on the tails of the light before it.
FB stepped up onto the cushions and squatted in front of me and started kissing me again.
Moving my hands up I move the over breasts and I could almost feel her soft skin through the flimsy material.
Her nipples were rock hard now as was what was forcing its way through my pants.
Her tongue had pieced my lips and was now dancing around in my mouth with my tongue.
She had leaned all her weight into me and was pushing her firm large breasts into my grasp.
Now she was eating at my lips, sucking at them one at a time.
We were mauling each other’s mouths like hungry animals.
Leaning back she slipped her arms through the top of the baby doll and pushed it down revealing her breasts to me then leaned in for me to feed on those lush ripe melons.
My lips wrapped around a big fat nipple and I started sucking on it’s hungrily, pulling on it.
I could feel her nails digging into my scalp as she massed my face into her chest.
I maneuvered my head to get the other nipples on my mouth and I could hear her moans now causing me only to get me going and suck harder.
I tried to push her to the side but she held me there and got up instead with her hand she gently pushed my head to the side until I was laying on my back with my head resting on the arm rest.
She then lifted the front of her baby doll and rubbed the outside of her black panties.
I could feel myself getting harder in my pants now.
Her hand slipped down the top of her panties and I could see her hand moving inside around them, going in and out of her self.
Her breasts were heaving up and down with her rapid breathing.
Removing her fingers, she placed them over my mouth and in for me to lick and suck.
I could feel her hand rubbing my hardness as I licked her fingers.
She had a firm grip on it now and was pulling at it through my pants.
Releasing me she pulled her panties down and tossed them on the other end of the couch, she then walked over and with one leg firmly planting on the floor she straddled my head and lowered herself on my face.
I slowly started licking her; I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she moved down into me to take more of her.
My lips quickly found her swollen clit and I started batting at it with my tongue and licking it hard up and down.
She was now fully rested on my face and was rocking back and forth on it.
Fucking my mouth while I was eating her pussy.
My hands grabbed her butt and totally buried myself between her legs while she was fucking my face.
I could taste her now as I tasted her fingers and a rage was now building inside my pants that needed to be released but I was pinned onto the arm rest by her.
With a handful of my hair to hold onto she just went wild on my face covering it with her fluids.
I could barely breathe but I wasn’t going to let her stop.
My head was swimming with lust now and all I wanted to do is put her to the floor and plant her right there but I was trapped and helpless by her raw desire to be fulfilled.
White light filled the room as the crack of the thunder pierced the night.
Just then she pulled me tight to her and heard her gasp and relax on me.
She had come on my face just then.
Sliding to the floor she sat there with her arms and head resting on my crotch which was pulsing profusely right now.
Gently I could feel her hand rubbing the outside of my pants, the length of my shaft.
Pulling down the zipper she fished it out and started licking the head my cock, every now and then taking it into her mouth.
She now pulled my pants of and her lips were now taking it all in her mouth and was bearing down the length of my shaft.
I looked down and watch it disappearing in and out of her mouth and I could feel her hand squeezing my balls.
She was slowly making me go crazy on the couch by sucking me slow and hard.
Grabbing her by the hair I pushed into her mouth as she came down on me watching and getting more excited with what I saw.
Taking out of her mouth she looked into my eyes as she pumped my hard cock with a mischievous grin on her face.
Sitting up I pushed her back to the floor and knelt down between her legs and started messaging the inside of her legs with my hands, feeling the soft smooth skin.
I could hear her moans above the tapping of the rain against the window.
The thunder and lightning had increased now and had the scent of her pussy filled the room.
My right hand slid all the way down between her legs and rubbed the outside of her pussy my thumb slowly sliding inside her with the rest of my hands cupping the top rubbing her clit.
Her legs coiled around my arm squeezing it rubbing it roughly she ground my hand with the crushing grip of her legs.
Prying her legs open I move up between her and I could smell her up close now as my lips pass over her and up across her belly; taking her breasts in my hands, pinching her nipples as I kiss her neck, slowly nudging my way into her pussy with my cock.
With my hands now on either side of her head I enter her slowly while staring into her eyes.

Pushing in with one hard thrust, she recoiled as the thunder sounded at that moment outside.
The candles had worked their way down but they still gave off a seductive glow creating an atmosphere filled with a gothic flavor, wild and pagan like.
I started moving in and out of her and she spurred me on with her heels at my sides.
Driving into her we slowly moved across the floor to the fire place with its own glow and warmth.
Now opposite the big bay windows at the foot of the fire place we were into a maddening pace.
Sweat dripping off me and her moans echoing off the walls as my thrusts were pounding into her relentlessly.
Feeling the pain of her nails digging into my back only made me get more aggressive driving into her deeper and hard.
I could feel myself swelling more within her and could feel her tensing up to have yet another orgasm.
Her moans got louder and louder with every second and the lightning shone through the large bay windows followed by the thunderous noise of the thunder drowning out her final release of ecstasy.
Now with my cock soaked by her last orgasm I pushed in deeper with one more thrust and could feel myself come inside her, draining the last of my energy.
Collapsing next to her we just lay there listening to each other breath.

Can we tell everyone this was real?
Oh, ok…….btw Sweden beat Canada.
Aw fuck.

Have a nice weekend

I’m going to bed for some sleep and may get some unless the phone rings.
What do you say FB, want to join me?


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