blue moon (2)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sex Talk: Remembering ©

The smell of spring was in the air as the trees swayed in the wind like giant fans waving, beckoning you to come to them.
It was a beautiful evening for a walk in the woods.

She was walking through the field when she saw him drive up the dirt road and stop in front of the barn.
She had been out picking wild flowers at the edge of the woods for the lounge.
It was a beautiful spring evening as she walked back towards the house across the meadow.
A soft wind caressed her cheek filling the folds of her dress and opening them like the petals of a morning flower.

Seeing her out in the distance he started walking towards her.
He drove all day to be with her this evening.
There was nothing going to keep him from coming not even if he had to walk the distance and it took a month he would rather be here than any where else.
It was late in the day and the sun was setting just outside the rim at the end of the world.
The wind had spread her dress open and she stood pressed up to the distant sky like an angel with her wings spread open, soothing the burning sunset in the background.
He looked into her beautiful eyes as the distance between them closed.
They were blue as sapphires, soft, calm yet full of life with a sparkle that ignited feelings in his heart as they always did and forever will.

They’ve known each other since they were kids; their parents had neighboring farms so as they grew up together and it was inevitable that they fall in love and get married.
She looked at the tall man walking towards her; her whole life, all she knew was him and the thought of life without him was unthinkable.
They used to walk 2 miles to school together everyday and even in the winter they climbed the white drifts on their way to school.
There weren’t that many kids close to them as they grew up so they spent a lot of time together, first as friends and now as husband and wife.
Both their parents had given them some sections between their two farms and they now lived in the bosom of where they are loved and have been loved all their lives.

Walking up to her, she stepped into his arms and looked up at his face.
She could see the little boy who used to throw rocks at her when she was little.
She remembered when she stole his clothes at the creek and ran off home leaving him to walk home naked.
When she fell and broke her leg she was scared and crying but he told her it would be ok and carried her home.
On her sixteenth birthday he kissed her behind her father’s barn and for the first time she knew she loved him and only him.

Looking into her deep blue eyes, he bent down and kissed her softly on the lips, his arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to him…….. her arms around his neck she could feel an energy building up in her chest making her feel so much more alive when he held her.
He was her life force, always was.
Picking her up in his arms he laid her gently on the clover-covered ground.
They lay there locked in each other’s embrace in that sweet field surrounded by the beauty nature lay before them.
His hands moved over her body as her hands slipped under his shirt feeling the muscles beneath it.
He opened the front of her dress exposing her breasts to him.
Gently started sucking on one then the other.
She was getting more and more aroused and started pulling at his shirt trying to get it up and off.
Setting back, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside, she had pushed off her dress, kicking it next to his shirt.
He lay down on top of her once more and it got hotter in the dieing daylight.
She opened her legs for him to entered her.
She could feel his excitement as he slid into her wetness.
Her nails dug unto his back as he pushed in deeper.
Her hard nipples pressed into his chest as he slowly pumped into her and her nails digging into his back was making him more excited so much so he started going faster and harder between her legs.
Her legs climbed higher around his waist trying to get him deeper inside her body as he pressed into her.
They were now in sync with a rhythm they were both enjoying; he was thrusting in her faster and faster and she could feel him nudging the spot that made her go crazy.
Her heart was pounding in her chest as his thrusts drove her into the soft ground.

Lost in the throws of passion, the clouds had slowly moved in over them unnoticed.
They were now both moaning as their bodies ground into each other.
He was buried all in her and was pushing her as deep as he could go grinding his hips harder and her legs locked around his waist pulled him to her.
They both paused, suspeneded there breathless as they came together, then went limp.

He lay half on her in that field of clover when a clap of thunder crashed overhead.
A single drop fell through the air landing on the paper causing a wet stain to spread across the letters making the ink bleed down to the edge like a meandering stream, not unlike life itself.
A second drop landed three inches to the right causing the same result and then a torrent swept down trying to wash away the unwelcome words.
She sat there holding the paper from the defense department in her left hand, her right on her swollen womb, her heart in a field of clover where poppies grow..........




Remembrance Day is a day we remember….what?
We remember people who died for freedom.
They gave the one thing that no one can ever replace once given and that’s their life, their souls can never be taken, only set free.
I sit here thinking to myself, what is the world like today and what is it like sixty-one years after the end of WW2?
Have we learned from those times when tomorrow was a dream and today was a nightmare filled with fear, despair and loneliness?
The world is ………shit.
Everyone on all sides is fighting for peace but all I see is dead bodies.
There are soldiers dieing all over the world still, more to remember.
Have you noticed that a couple of people in the world manage to get a lot of people killed on both sides?
Yeah, on both sides, those are someone’s kids and husbands on the other side doing what they are led to believe just as we are.
Let’s look at WW2 Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, Hirohito and Mussolini got how many people killed and I don’t care who started it?
Tell me, if you look around the world today, does it look familiar, like a time not that far in the past.
There is no more noble cause than to give your life for your fellow man.
We shall never forget those who died so that we could be here today; free to speak our minds without fear of condemnation, free to love as we wish, pray as we want, live as people were meant to live.
Free to share a world and to mold it as we wish, but first we have to acknowledge the freedom of others in order to be free ourselves.
No more wasted blood, no more wasted tears of sadness, lest we forget those who shed the most for us to end such nightmares.
This year we here is Canada saw our first female solder killed.
I have mixed feelings about women in combat and none of them have anything to do with their capabilities or the problems sex could cause.
Maybe I'm just old fashion and don't like putting a woman in harms way but when I heard the news, it sounded wrong to me.
War has to go on the danger of extinction list.
We are already on it.

Remember Me

The dawn brings, the light of day
The dusk brings, shades of grey

A soldier cries, deep in his hole
A mother grips, the picture of her Joe

Far from home, he’s come to fight
Away from Mom, to a sleepless night

The thunder pounds, all day long
The silence gone, to that loud song

The mother wakes, just past nine
Her son lies down, one last time

Wars they come, wars they pass
Souls are taken, but not forsaken

I will remember you


Have a nice weekend



patti_cake said...

Hey Walker I thought of you when I saw a pretty CanAm Jet last night.
I don't believe women belong in combat either but part of me also feels like they should be just as much at risk as the men.

hellbunny said...

Personally i don't think i could go into combat.Mainly because i dont think i could fight,or kill another person.