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Friday, March 17, 2006

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The other day Elvira steered me to a post that said that in essence, blogging and writing were not the same.
A blogger is not a writer.
I guess they think our thoughts telepathically go from our brains to Blogger.
Beat that Bill Gates!!!!
Now those of you, who know me, know that if I see something that rubs me the wrong way, I have to take a bite at it.
If someone rubs me the right way chances are I’ll still bite “wink”.

Until I read this post, I never really considered what we do here as writing.
It’s blogging.
It’s like I don’t conceder Rapping, singing. ( I wonder how many emails I get for that comment)
It’s fun, not like work.
We write our posts, put them here and that’s all.
We’re done.
Time to do laundry or make dinner, maybe watch TV

A writer as we have been taught to believe is someone who writes books and plays and stupid commercials that run forever keeping me from seeing who the FUCK SHOT……
Oops, sorry it kinda got away from me.
Anyway you get my drift.
They spend countless hours researching topics to help make their work believable and entertaining.
That’s why we buy their books and enjoy them so much.

I’m a Blogger or Bloger if you wish or am I a writer too?

I think that what needs to be defined first is; what is a Blogger?
To me, a Blogger is someone who writes what he feels like writing online, on a blog.
A blog is a diary, information booth, a forum or just a plain old soap box for someone to go out there and say whatever they fucken want too.
But the only difference with this soap box is that as much as I yell at the screen, you hear nothing.
So I write it down for you to read.
I wrote it in word like most book writers do and I post it here for you or no one for that matter.
I wrote it, Hmmmm.
So if a writer writes
And a Blogger writes
Does that make the Blogger a writer?
Or do we need more information?

A writer goes out and researches what to write.
So does a Blogger, but not in the same way because, we are the research.
All you mothers out there that write about your day with your kids, do you need to go to someone else’s house to find out what it’s like.
No, you’re full of evidence right there on your hands and on the floor, the counter, the laundry room and so on.
Do you need to research what your day was like at the office or how you and your partner had a great time or bad time?
No, you were there and all you are doing is writing it down in a journal.
The only difference is that we share.
FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!


I fucked up.
Hey, it’s me, right?
We don’t do it for free do we?
We get paid.
We get paid in comments.
Money comes and goes and people are always trying to take it away from us.
But what people tell us, is priceless.
Some of you give something important of yourselves to us and that’s your opinion on what we wrote.
I always like hearing what people say about a post I write.
I also like answering your comments, you deserve to be noticed. I know I like getting mine answered.
If MrH had a site counter on his site, I would have accounted for 50% of his visitors just going to see if he answered me and I do it on all your blogs.


SO, if I am a Blogger and a Blogger WRITES for people to read, then is that person a writer?
Do we need more evidence?

Ok let me see what I could scrap from the bottom of the barrel.
Gone With The Wind, nice book but I didn’t give a damn about the movie.
The Green Mile, I love King and I loved the movie. I thought the mouse deserved an Oscar.
War And Peace, never ever EVER gonna start reading that again.
What was the editor thinking; that I have a spare six months to read it?
The Diary Of Anne Frank.
Now this is what I wanted.

A diary is an early form of blogging.
Before computers and the internet, people used to get a journal and write in it.
Anne Frank was a blogger and a brave young lady.
She was and author.
She was a writer and a blogger.
Then if a diary is a book as well as a blog, then…..

Let’s add up all of what we have.
We write our posts in a diary/electronic book
We research material (our lives and opinions)
We have readers (you, me and anonymous)
We get paid (comments)
And what is the last thing we do to put up our post?
We hit publish.

So we are writers who get published regularly and have readers who pay us for what we write.
Sounds good to me
I am a writer, so are you and we are Bloggers.
Not to forget we get to live what we write.
Does that mean we may be actors too?
Naw I better not push it.
Of course this is just my opinion, but this IS my soap box. HA HA HA

I got to do the dishes now, so I’ll catch you all later.

What do you think, is a Blogger a writer or not?


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