blue moon (2)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

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A kid today asked me ``Why do you say fuck so much``
Why the fuck do I know, because I'm Canadian.
No, that wasn’t my answer
So I think about it for a bit.

Let’s see, I was born on the border of Quebec and Ontario to immigrant parents.
On one side they want you to be French and on the other side they want you to be English. At home they want you to be Greek.
The French don’t understand the English
The English don’t care to understand the French and the Greeks they never understand period but they all understand one word.
So my answer was simple. ``Fuck off kid``

Have a nice weekend



Lora_3 said...

Because "Bugger Off" sounds so silly!

Be safe...

Peter said...

Top answer!!!!!

Walker said...

Lora_3: Yes is does

Walker said...

Peter: I thought so. Why sugar coat the truth ha ha ha

GAB said...

I love that answer! Fuck it! is my standard answer.