blue moon (2)

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Time For A Reality Check ©

They say we are supposed to learn from our mistakes but as I look at the world I am baffled and dismayed.
We are supposed to be a civilized world with supposedly respect and compassion for others.
With all this new technology we are developing we are supposedly getting even farther out of the Stone Age.
People are living longer…supposedly.

To say I am confused would be an understatement,
To say I am frustrated would be putting it lightly.

Who do I blame for all of this, the state of the world?
The politicians?
The clerics?

Politicians, they talk about the shit happening around them.
Then they debate about it for twice as long
Take a two month break for the summer then come back and start back from the beginning to refresh their memories while all hoping this delay has solved the calamity on its own saving them a decision.

Clerics, A bunch of fucken pimps from the popes/Ayatollahs right down to the Priests/Shaikhs who recruit their followers.
People who interpret and twist words to lure the poor, lost and angry to their bullshit.

Society, Our zeal to quickly move forward so fast we have left more than half the world still back in the Stone Age and instead of aggressively educating these people we take the easy way out by giving them tools they never got a chance to learn how to respect.
You don’t take the sticks and stones from the Neanderthal and give him a computer or a AK47 until we taught him how to respect life.
Now who is going to teach us?

God, what a fucker this guy is or her.
Allah is on our side,
In god we trust it says across a lot of our money.
All these morons believe in the same god.
If we took the three main religions which represent at least half of the population of this planet we can place them in the same family group.
The first testament was all of their first bibles.
Talk about a dysfunctional family.
This is when they were all equal, brothers and sisters with a common cause, survival.
In time, as is in all families that outgrow their home they spread out and over the millennia they all loose contact with their past and become strangers to their own in the future.

The world is going down the poop shoot and we are letting it.
Why do we even have a United Nations?
From my perspective there should be an equal amount of troops from each country who has signed onto this union on constant standby with their only allegiance to the UN and only them.
Otherwise it’s nothing but a club for old politicians to go to argue while they wait to die.
If someone doesn’t like it then they can pack their shit up and leave.

UN troops are supposed to be a unbias police force.
It should be.
Instead it’s a farce.

Organization like ISIS should be dealt with immediately.
The UN should be able to deploy troops like any sovereign country sends out the police to deal with a crime but we let certain superpowers have vetos.
A guard dog with no teeth is called a pet.

Those who have it in mind to commit atrocities must also have the fear of being punished for it in their heads also.



Peter said...

I note that you didn't propose any Solution Peter, I thought if anybody could it might be you, too bad.

Walker said...

The solution is obvious, live and let live