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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Halloween Kiss: Part One ©

I hope you all had a nice weekend.
Mine was sitting close to the tissue box and getting some rest and a little housework done.
I did get a little time to write part one of my Halloween post, broke it down so it wouldn’t be so long made some of you fall asleep.
I used the comments you left me in this post and I mean I used or will be using ALL the comments left me in that post.I hope you enjoy it and I will be posting part two tomorrow at midnight.
What is in Italics is what was submitted in my comments.


Dry leaves flew across the porch as Lana unlocked the door at 48 Marshall St.
As the door creaked open the smell of mildew burned at her nose, tripping over stacks of girly magazines, she made her way into the front room.
Lana loved her job working for a small town lawyer but not today, today she was to find the last will and testimony of a famous blogger.
She had never read his blog but had heard he talked about big tits a lot. Once up the stairs she found herself in a badly decorated black and red bedroom, Lana thought that the colors alone made her want to die.
After a quick look through all the drawers the will was still not in Lana's hands.

While checking out a painting on the wall of a naked woman, she noticed that one nipple was a button.
Looked up at the picture, at the woman’s eyes, they seemed too be staring at her, her lip’s subtle curves almost beckoning Lana reach up to kiss them.

Slowly she reached up and ran her hand along the painting over her long legs to the woman’s full breasts and caressed the nipple until it pushed in.
Lana heard a click and the bottom of the painting moved then her legs spread apart revealing a hidden safe behind it.
Lana grabbed the handle and turned but it was locked.

Walker got up in the morning and took a quick shower before he ran out the door to meet his friends for Dim Sum.
They were there already when he walked through the restaurant door and walked over and sat down next to them.
He had to endure a couple of minutes of criticism about his tardiness.
He was only two minutes late for fucks sake what were they harping about.
Not every one was going at him; MrH just sits back and enjoys the trouble Walker gets into.
As they sat talking and catching up the waitresses were walking around the room pushing trays of various delicacies for them to choose from.

As they were sitting there chasing their food around the plates with the chopsticks Lora_3 asked Walker if he was going to be writing a Halloween post like the year before?
Funny thing she should ask because he was thinking that just that morning as he was in the shower.
He does some of his best thinking while under pressure, in the shower or on the toilet.

Then he told them about the story about a prisoner who was executed but as he died he came in his pants and his evil soul possessed his sperm, which took over his underwear and went on a murderous killing spree.

He first victim was one of the jurors who sent him to death row, killed him by crushing his balls.

Josie Two Shoes looked at Walker and said... “I definitely worry about you at times, but you always make me laugh”!

Walker argued that it could work and somewhere down the line the underwear get thrown into a laundry bag and the get washed with a whole bunch of other clothes and the sperm spreads to all the clothes and all the owners of the possessed clothes get taken over and become walking sperm zombies.

Gypsy’s hands started going through Walker’s pockets
“Whatever drugs you've been taking, I want some Walker.
That was just crazy talk...killer sperm, fruit of the loom...crazy talk is what it is”.

"Where are they"?

MrH looked at Walker and said, ” You’re a very funny guy my friend and a bit weird at times.
Personally, I kind of like your story line for the Halloween post, yeah I think you should go with that.
Besides I can't think of any thing better right now”.
Walker had at least one vote for the killer fruit of the loom story or was that a neutral vote he didn’t know.

“I'm going to vote for the Killer Undies,” said Anonymous Boxer.
Ha that’s two votes for Walker.

“Killer Sperm from space” asked Blazngfyre?
Well he hadn’t thought about space sperm but he could probably work with that.

Gab piped up,Aww come on I think the killer Fruit of the loom was a great idea”! lol
Killer underwear was picking up momentum.
Walker then asked them if they had any idea’s there was a few.

Awww I am so LAME I can't come up with anything but I do like Lora's entry! Hope you feel better and I found the killer Fruit Of The Looms hilarious” said Patti Cake
Walker told her she wasn’t lame but did think killer FOTL would be funny and with her direct knowledge with the boogie man she would be a valuable asset.

After a bit the conversation moved on to another subject until four hours had passed and it was time for everyone to head of back home until t he end of next month hen they will repeat the process.

On the way back home Walker was thinking up different ideas how the FOTL could dispose some of the victims.
As he walked closer to his house he saw a courier vehicle stop in front of it and a man walked out and up his stairs to his door.
Walker picked up the pace to get there before the man drove off.
He just got there as the man was walking back to his car and Walker asked him if he could help him?

The courier said he had a package for Walker and after showing him his drivers’ license he passed Walker over a brown manila envelope.

Inside the house Walker went to his office and turned on the computer to check out his blog.
His arm slowly swung out and a dagger appeared in the palm of his hand, which he used to slit the envelope open with its razor sharp blade.
He looked down at the knife; a gift from a friend long gone to the next level of existence.
It was a unique blade, engraved with an ancient language hardly used today.
The hilt was silver with a gold symbol of the Knights Templar set in the handle.
Walker remembered the phone ringing in the middle of the night to tell him his friend had been found in some remote village murdered.
With his pinkie he spun the dagger in his palm then as quickly as it had appeared it was gone again.

Walker looked into the envelope and pulled out a letter.
It was from a fellow blogger he knew.

Hi Walker

If you are reading this then the chances are that I am dead.
It’s a long story and I don’t have time to tell you everything.
You know I used to be a police detective, now retired but, well about a year ago I noticed something weird happening to some of my readers and people I was reading.
The started slowly disappearing never to be heard of again.
I know it happens all the time with people getting tired of blogging and just quitting but I knew these people, they wouldn’t just get up and leave like that without even saying goodbye.
Another thing, all the missing bloggers were single women.
I know that’s not strange with most bloggers being women but the more I looked into it the more a pattern began to emerge.

A couple of months ago I decided to set a trap and started four blogs.
In each I made myself appear as a single woman and used cities that were the same to some of the missing female bloggers as where I was from.
Then I waited to see what would happen as I went around commenting on some of the same blogs they used to read hoping a clue might come up.

After about a month I got this really nice email from a man who said he read my blog and enjoyed reading me.
I sent him back a reply and thanked him for the email.

A week later I got another one from him and from then on they were coming regularly, two or three a day as we got more acquainted with each other.
Like I said he seemed like a nice guy from his emails and then one day I got another email from him but this one went to one of the other blogs I had and it was identical to the first one I received from him.

I started to get a little suspicious and kept up the charade for another 4 months by which time he was emailing all four people from my blogs and who knows how many other women.

It was about this time when he sent each of my persona's an email asking that we should meet and have coffee.
I thought this was my chance to get a look at this guy and maybe take a couple of pictures just in case there is any foul play.
With this in mind I sent him an email from each of my different blog names that I would love to meet him for a coffee.

The next day I received an email in each of my mailboxes from him saying he would like to meet me at this small coffee shop on the lower east side of town.
To one he said 6 pm 7 pm, the next was 8 pm and he invited one for dinner at 9 pm at a restaurant I check which was across the street from the coffee shop.
Either he really liked coffee or there was more to this than just meeting for the first time for coffee and a chat.

The day we are to meet is October 10th, I will leave this with my lawyer with instructions to mail it if I didn’t come back to get it the next day.
I guess I didn’t come back and now you have this mystery to solve.

I didn’t go to the police because I didn’t have enough evidence so no one knows what I have been up to except you.
I have left you something in my safe at home that will help you find out what you are up against.
I live at 48 Marshall St.
There is a key for my front door in the envelope, go in and up to my bedroom.
Once there, above my bed there is a painting of a naked woman, push on her left nipple and a door will open, my safe is there.
The combination to my safe is 34 – 13 – 28 – 19, good luck.



Yes you can have the painting.

Walker folded the letter up again and looked back inside the envelope and way down wedged in the corner was a key.
Fishing it out her dropped it into his pocket and put the letter back into the envelope.

Walker didn’t know what to do, so he went over to his desk and sparked up the joint he had rolled the night before and maybe something will come to him after.

He sat there is a daze for twenty minutes when he decided to head off for a beer and meet up with some of the boys and see what they thought.
Besides he needed wheels and he didn’t have a car handy at the moment.
He opened the envelope and looked at the address once more 48 Marshall St.
He took out a paper and wrote it down then put the letter in the envelope again and put the envelope in the desk drawer.
Walker put on his coat then walked out the door and down the street towards the pub.
At the pub he found Mike pushed up to the bar trying to talk the barmaid into going home with him.
He’s been trying for a year now and all he gets is cold beer, sometimes it’s in the glass.

Dropping next to Mike he ordered a beer and asked him if he was up to anything that evening and if not he could use a ride.
Mike said he had nothing to do and didn’t mind giving him a ride and asked where Walker wanted to go.

Walker sat there sipping his beer retelling Mike the story that was in the letter and wanted to go over and see what was in the safe.
Mike said there was no problem and as soon as they both finished their beers they went out to the car.

It was around 9pm when they got to the car.
In the car Mike pulled out a joint from the glove compartment and lit it up.
It wasn’t long before the inside of the car filled with dense smoke from the burning weed causing both of them to cough their lungs out.
Walker opened his door to clear the inside of smoke and right across from them was a police cruiser with two cops in it shaking their head, Walker smiled at them and closed the door again.
It’s a good thing Walker knew them or there might have been a problem.

When they were done, Mike asked Walker what the address was.
Pulling the paper out of his pocket he told Mike they needed to go to 84 Marshall St, then Mike pulled out of the parking lot and headed to their destination.

It was a twenty minute drive to 84 Marshall St and as they pulled up to the house Walker noticed a light was on inside.
They both got out of the car and walked up the pathway to the door.
Walker got out the key from his pocket and was about to put it in when Mike asked him if he shouldn’t ring the doorbell first to see if someone was home.
Walker told him what it said in the letter, that if he got the letter the chances were that FB was dead.

Mike insisted they should ring first just in case someone lived with him.Reluctantly Walker reached out and pressed on the button and they both could hear the chimes playing their dull tune inside the house.

Just then they saw a shadow moving through the frosted glass of the door and the handle started to turn.
The door swung open and before them stood a seven foot ghoul with a glowing green face.

Mike lashed out striking the beast in the jaw and sending it crashing to the floor.
Then he stepped in and kicked it in the head when a small balding man came running screaming like he had see death.
Mike grabbed he and pulled him out of the house at the same time asking if the beat had hurt him.
The man was in hysterics, screaming and striking Mike with his fists on the shoulders.
Mike told him to relax, the creature was unconscious on the ground, then he pulled out a 9mm pistol from the back of his waist and told the man he will put a bullet in its head and make sure it didn’t hurt him again.

The man yelled no and grabbed Mike’s hand and started screaming something about his wife.
Walker asked the man if his wife was still in the house but the man said no, then pointed at the ghoul on the ground and said that was his wife.

Walker looked at Mike and then at the body lying at the door.
Mike told the man that thing wasn’t human that was on the ground; it had a green face that glowed in the dark.

The man said his wife was wearing some kind of avocado cream she wore at night to make he skin look younger and large curlers in her hair.
Mike took a step closer to the woman on the ground and looked at her face then turned back to the man and asked him if he was sure he didn’t want Mike to shoot her anyway?

The man fell to his knees next to his wife and started trying to wake her up.
Walker and Mike slowly started retreating from the house with as little sound as they could and quickly drove down the street.

Walker couldn’t understand what those people were doing in that house and then got out the paper with the address again and looked at it.
Damn he though, 48 Marshall St not 84 Marshall St, he looked at Mike and told him he had fucked up and told him the right address.
Mike told him it was OK, mistakes happen.

Two blocks up the street this time they were parked outside of 48 Marshall St.
Walker looked at the paper once more just to be sure before they started walking up to the house.
This time Mike decided to sit in the car and smoke another joint, he had enough excitement for the night
Besides, I Walker had to do was go in the house using the key, go to the safe and take what was inside.
Two people weren’t needed for that.

Walker walked up the pathway to the door and reaching out with the key but as he started pushing it in the lock, the door slowly swung open.
Slowly he pushed it a little wider so he could get a better look inside the dark room before he stepped in.

To Be Continued……..

Have a nice day



Gypsy said...

That was fantastic Walker and can't wait for Part 2. The best part???? I get to rummage in your pockets....LMAO.

Lora_3 said...

Good Job!
I'm glad you put Mike in the story. Does he know how many stories he's been in? LOL

Have a wonderful day!

Be safe...

patti_cake said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Walker! I will be anxiously awaiting the next part. God I love serials!

Blazngfyre said...

You and your f'n "To Be Continued......."!!!!

I still like Killer Sperm from Space.
(LOL .... there is SUCH a dirty joke in there!)

Why does Gypsy get the drugs AND a chance to rummage through your pockets?!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Dude, I thought I was the one who got the drugs.

Trick or Treat?


Peter said...

Too much Walker, there just doesn't seem to be any limit to your talents my friend.

Weary Hag said...

Walker darling ... Just stopping in to wish you a Happy Halloween and to say hi, see what's cooking, etc. I see you have some sort of contest thingy going on? Where people had to put in their input for your continuing story? Neat idea but I came in way too late. Bleh.
Have fun with it, Walker!
Hey, you ever think of getting published ? You sure write a LOT of stuff!

Monica said...

You used FB. :)