blue moon (2)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Halloween Kiss: Part Two ©

Walker stepped into the house and slowly made his way towards the center of the room as his ears strained for any sound that might come to them.
He stood there letting his eyes adjust to the darkness before he went any farther,
The door was open and it could mean someone has already been here or is still here waiting, hidden inside to grab the first person that walks by.

He saw the stairs leading to the second floor and the bedrooms and made his way to them.
Looking up first to make sure the way up way clear he took his first step up.
Staying close to the sides of the stairs as to not make any noise he moved upward one step at a time until he reached a landing before turning and going up the rest of the steps.
From here his eyes were floor level to the second floor.
He could see a light from under a door of one of the rooms.

He started moving up the stairs again but as he almost reached the top his foot came down on the step and the wood under his foot creaked.
To him it sounded loud in that dark hallway but did whoever was in that room hear it?
Just then he saw the light in the room go out.
That answered his question.

He moved to the top of the stairs and stopped to get his bearing before he moved to the door of the room he had seen the light in.
Why was he here again he thought to himself again?
Ah yes, he was bored and spending to much time on the computer and thought a little change would have been nice.

Walker walked to the side of the door and pressed along the wall just in case who ever was inside had a gun and shot through the door.
Walker stood outside the door and thought of what might be waiting for him inside the room; he needed to be ready for anything.
In most of the movies the bad guy hides behind the door to jump the person as he walks in, so he has to watch out for what’s behind door number one first.
The next place is the closet, door number two and under the bed would be the next place.
He should have brought Mike along at least he had a gun, he would have shot everything up, can’t hit anything he aims at but he would at least scare the crap out of anyone in there.
Reaching down he grabbed the handle and slowly turned it………

Lana spent an hour trying different combinations of numbers in an effort to open the safe but she wasn’t lucky.
She had looked everywhere in the house and had yet to find a Will of any kind.
She even looked under the mattress and carpet; people hide things anywhere and everywhere.
The Will had to be in that safe but how to get into it.

Just then she heard a noise from outside in the hallway.
She quickly moved across the room and shut off the nights.

Her heart started beating faster, there shouldn’t be anyone here, FB was single and lived alone AND he was dead.
His body was burned to a crisp when he drove off a cliff and exploded 100 feet below in the rocks.
She thought it had to be burglars trying to get what they could before the estate was settled.
Pressed up against the wall she could feel her heart beat bouncing back from it, it was strange, like two heartbeats.
Then a chill ran through her and she moved away from the wall and behind the door.
Maybe she could slip out when the burglar walked in, but what if he stopped and looked behind the door and caught her?

Her mind was running ahead at light speed and then she moved to the other side again and hid next to the men’s dresser on the opposite side of the door.
Then she spotted a vase on the night table and scooted over there quickly, grabbed it then went back to her hiding place next to the dresser.
She heard the doorknob turn and the creak of the door as it was opened……

Walker turned the doorknob and let the weight of the door open itself a little bit and stood there listening.
This was crazy; he was going to walk into a dark room where he knew someone was inside waiting for him.
If he rushed in he might be able to catch them off guard and if he is hiding behind the door, he could kick it hard and hopefully knock them down in not out.
Yeah that’s it, the best defence is a good offence he thought.
He wished he had a tequila right about now.

Walker stepped away from the wall and stood infront of the door.
With one swift movement he kicked the door in as hard as he could as he stepped into the dark room.
The door flew back bouncing off of the doorstop then returning back smacking Walker between the eyes and sending him stumbling back where he was greeted by an explosion of lights in his head as shard of glass showered the floor at his feet.

He fell forward; halfway to the floor before his should crashed against the door jam hold him upright.
Someone brushed past him and instinctively he grabbed out with his hand and caught hold of a garment.
His fingers tightened their grip around it the material and let go of the wall with his other hand and fell towards the person he was holding onto dragging then pinning the suspect to the ground.

Lana jumped at the sound of the door slamming against the wall and struck out with the vase as soon as she saw someone coming towards her.
She nailed the burglar in the head and ran past him for the but he managed to grab her skirt and was dragging her to the ground.
She was scared, of what may happen to her and was hitting him in the head and stabbing at his shins with the heels of her shoes but he was to big for her and his weight was to much for her to push off.

She punched him in the nose and poked him in the eyes and almost got away but he had he by the leg and pulled her back.
She tried to drive her heel into his face but he pulled her shoes off and tossed them away.
He then got on top of her and turned her around facing the floor and sat on her back.
He just sat on her back pinning her to the floor swearing like a crazy man, she was going to die; she just felt it.

Walker wrestled the person to the ground and soon found out he was dealing with a woman or a really short transvestite.
She put up one hell if a fight to, must be a psycho crack head hooker stealing stuff to sell for crack.

His nose was bleeding and he was sure he was going to have a black eye; she almost took out his fucken eyes with her freaking shoes.
There was a round lump on his forehead and another in the back that was so big it must look like he has another nose back there or the one in the front was pushed through his head to the back because that’s how his nose felt right now.
He had to admit she’s a feisty little bitch.

She started screaming at Walker to let her go or she was going to have him arrested.
Yeah sure, let’s call the cops and see who gets arrested you fucken crack Ho he thought to himself.

Walker started getting up, first by rolling to his side to get his knee on her back and then stood up while still holding onto her by the hair which he used to pulled her up onto her feet, he wasn’t taking any chances with this one, she was crazy.
He slowly pushed her through the dark back into the bedroom and towards the bed.
No sooner had they gone two steps into the room, she mule kicked him in the balls and head butted him with the back of her head as he was bent over.
The nose was broken for sure now.

Lana begged him to let her go but he refused but instead sat there on top probing his head with his hands.
Then he got up and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet and proceeded to walk her back into the bedroom to probably rape her.
That’s when her lessons at the survivor course she took came back to her and she kicked back with the heel of her foot to his groin and then used the back of her head to smash him in the face like she had been taught.

That’s the last thing she remembered until now.
Now she was lying in bed tied to the posts of the bed and her mouth was gagged.
She looked down at herself and she was still dressed.
Slowly Lana wiggled her butt on the bed to see if she was still wearing her panties.
They were these really comfy ones that you didn’t even know you were wearing them most of the time, like now.

Lana started pulling at her bonds to see if she could slip her hands free but he had tied her up really tight, to tight.
A sound caught her attention and she looked towards the door to the bedroom and a man walked in.
He was a tall man almost as tall as the door opening.
He walked towards her and she closed her eyes pretending she was still unconscious.
She heard him come to the bed and then felt the bed moving away from the wall as he pulled from the foot of the bed then he stopped.
The she heard him behind her and she slowly opened her eyes and heard him standing where the wall safe was.
She twisted her neck so she could see that the man playing with the dial of the safe.
He had turned on the table lamp and she could see it’s light reflecting off of his black leather jacket.

Ha she thought, good luck in opening that safe, she tried for and hour and couldn’t do it, a Neanderthal like him didn’t have the brainpower to do it.
Just then she saw him pull down the handle and the door of the safe swung open.
That only shows how lucky some people are she though to herself.

That was it, Walker stood up and popped her one on the jaw and she fell towards him like a sack of potatoes.
Grabbing her before she hit the floor he picked her up and dumped her on the bed then tore up a sheet and tied her hands to the corners of the headboard then gagged her.
After he had her secured he stepped back and took a good look at her.
She didn’t look like a crack Ho, she was to well dressed for one, she looked more like one of those women that works in a department store’s cosmetic section selling perfume. She fights like a junkie looking for another fix; maybe she mugged a cosmetic sales woman and took her clothes.

When he was confident she was tied up and he was safe from her thrashing he got up and went to look for the washroom to wash his face.
When he returned he went to the bed and pulled it away from the wall so it would be easier to get to the safe.
He then walked to the picture above where the bed was and where the safe was supposed to be.

Walker looked at the picture and knew this was coming home with him if FB had given it to him or not.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out the little piece of paper he had written the combination number to and opened the safe.
Inside the safe her found another piece of paper with numbers on the top and at the bottom there was an email address with the word Necromancer next to it.

Walker turned to get a better look at the paper in the light and that’s when he saw her staring at him before she quickly closed her eyes pretending to be unconscious.
After reading the paper and turning it around to make sure there wasn’t something on the other side he folded it and put it in his pocket.

Then he walked past the bed, out the door and down the hallway.
When he returned into the room he was holding a large container in his hands, which he took to the bed then proceeded to dump cold water on top of his captive.

Lana was startled by the cold water being poured all over her then he reached down and pulled off her gag.
She asked the man if he was trying to freeze her to death.
He told her if he wanted her to be dead they wouldn’t be talking right now and she would be but a memory to all the other crack heads that thought they knew her.
She told him she wasn’t a crack head but a lawyer representing FB’s estate.

A lawyer Walker thought then started laughing and he was the chief of police, Hmm that would be something.
She told him to look in her purse at her identification and he would see that she was telling the truth.

Walker looked at her seriously for a second; she did look like she meant what she was saying.
He scanned the room for her purse and he saw if on the floor by the door.
Walker walked over and picked it up then started looking inside for her wallet.
He didn’t know how he did it but he managed to find in among all the other crap that was in there.

He looked at her driver’s license and the picture looked like her, except for that big bruise on her chin.
Then her found her layers card and it matched the name on the driver’s licence, great, a fucken lawyer.
A crack head would have been better to deal with at least they tell it to you straight up, not like a damn lawyer talking all over the fucken place trying to confuse you.

She demanded he let her loose this instant.
He rather close the lights and leave her locked in here.

He walked to the top of the bed and untied first her left arm and then her right before he stepped back from the bed at a safe distance.
She sat on the side of the bed and worked at her wrists trying to get the circulation going again.
She asked who he was and what he was doing here.

He told her that FB had sent him a letter by courier telling him what he wanted him to do and also the combination of the safe.
She told him she saw that he had opened it and wanted what he took out of the safe, especially if it was the Will, it was the estates property and he couldn’t have it.

Walker told her she could go stuff herself he wasn’t giving her the paper, besides it was nothing but some numbers and a email address.
Lana stood up and walked up to Walker and told him she wanted what he took out now or was going to the police and have him charged with break, enter and theft.
Then with her left hand she brushed her skirt flat also checking to see if her panties were still on.

Walker took out the paper and passed it to her.
He figured it wasn’t a big deal he could remember what was on it, he had a good memory for numbers and the email address was FB’s and he had that at home.

Lana took the paper and looked at it then looked at Walker and asked him what it meant.
Walker smiled at her and turned to leave the room.

Lana told him that if he didn’t tell her what it meant she was going to call the police and have him charged with assault.
Walker almost choked on the word.
He pointed out what she had done to him and all he did was tap her on the chin, which was not swelling up considerably and the bruise was spreading like a well-groomed goatee around her chin.

It was his turn now to get some answers he figured and asked her what she was looking for and she told him it was none of his business.
He told her if that was the way she wanted it then he didn’t have to help her either and turned to walk out when she stopped him and told Walker that she was working for a law firm that was in charge of settling FB’s estate but they didn’t have his Will and was sent here to see if she could find it.

Accepting her explanation he told her that the email address and word were what looks likely to be FB’s name and password to his blog.
Lana asked him what a blog was and he told her it was an online journal that people keep and write on for others to see.
Lana told him she didn’t think that FB would keep his Will in a public place.
Walker told her that you could always keep something in draft and not publish it there.
Lana thought for a second then asked Walker if he knew how to get into the blog?

Walker told her they did but they would have to go to his place to get on the computer.
He offered to give her a ride with Mike but she said she had her own car but would follow him to his place.

Mike was sitting in the car getting bored so he rolled a joint and had a smoke to pass the time until Walker got back.
He had been gone for a while he thought when he saw the front door open and Walker walk out carrying a big painting in his arms followed by a gorgeous woman.
How big was that safe?

Walker put the painting in the back seat then got into the car.
Mike took a look at Walker and asked him what happened to his face.
Walker gave him a dirty look and asked Mike to take him home.
Mike then asked him where he found the broad.
Walker gave him another dirty look so Mike decided not to ask any more but Mike thinks it was the broad that gave Walker the beating or she is one hell of a kisser.

At the house Mike told Walker that he had something to do but will come back if he needed him.
Walker thanked Mike and walked up the lane way.
He had just opened the door when Lana came up behind him and they both walked in together.

Walker walked to the kitchen with Lana behind him and he offered her something to drink.
She accepted some water and they both went to the office where the computer was.
Walker logged onto blogger with FB’s name and password and he was immediately taken into his account where he went to the posts section.
He clicked on the sort by drafts link and there had to be hundreds of posts stored there.
Where do they start, where else but the first one?

He was looking down at the list of all the post names when one caught his attention.
It might be meant just for him to find.
The one called “For You Walker”.
He clicked on the edit tab and started reading it.
There wasn’t much to read, but directions to some cabin up in the mountains.
Walker looked at Lana and asked her if she was up for a drive into the mountains tonight.

Lana was only in the mood for a hot bath and some sleep.
Her jaw hurt and felt kind of fat for some reason but she had to find that will and the sooner she found it the quicker she be rid of this lunatic.

Walker picked up the phone and called Mike on his cell phone and asked him to come and pick them up.
They were standing at the bottom of the lane way when Mike pulled up and he wasn't alone in the car, he had Archie with him.

Walker asked him what the hell Archie was doing here and Mike said he had promised to take him for chicken wings and they didn’t have enough time to eat so he brought Archie and 10 pounds of suicide wings with then to pick them.

They got into the car and Mike introduced Lana to Archie and Mike and then Walker told Mike where they needed to go.
Mike told him that it was OK but he was paying for the gas to go all the way up there.

On the drive there Archie was passing the bucket with the wings around in it and Lana took one to each.
You could tell by the trails of mascara running down her cheeks that she wasn’t used to atomic chicken wings.

It took then forty five minutes to get up to the cabin and they didn’t get close to it.
They had to stop at the bottom of a road because the gate was closed.
They would have to go up there on foot from here.
Archie took one look at the steep hill and said he was not going and probably not needed but to scream if they needed help.
Mike opted to wait in the car to but if Walker was to find another woman in a safe to call him right away.

It was about a hundred yards to the cabin on a steep incline but Lana kept up with Walker all the way to the door.
Walker tried the door handle but it was locked then he thought of the key he used to get into the house and took that out of his pocket and slipped that into the lock and turned.

The door swung open and he walked inside his hands touching the sides of the wall looking for a light switch to turn on some lights but he couldn’t find one.
Lana stepped in right behind him as he made his way to the fireplace and the kerosene lamp on the mantle.

Removing the lamps hood, walker lit the wick with his lighter and put back the hood and watched the room light up.
Just then a big raccoon ran out from behind a chair and out the door scaring the shit out of Lana.
She was up on the couch screaming about the big rat.

Walker told her to get down and it was NOT a rat but a racoon.
He looked around the room and then walked down the shot hallway to another door where he found the bedroom.
There above the bed was a picture of naked dancing girls.
Lana commented about FB’s obsession with naked women.
Walker ignored her comment.

He reached up and pulled at the picture and behind it he found a wall safe.
Why wasn’t he surprised?
Taking out the second paper he looked at the numbers and started turning the dial until he had all the numbers put in and turned the handle of the safe.
They heard the loud click as the door swung open.
Inside the safe there was a wooden box with a letter on top of it.

Walker took them out of the safe and passed the letter to Lana while he held onto the box.
He figured the envelope had the will and what was in the box was his.
Lana was tearing open the envelope when Walker opened the box.
A cold wind filled the room as a chill went through his body and then Lana’s.
It was so cold Lana fainted and fell to the floor.
Walker picked her up and placed her on the bed then picked up the envelope from the floor and pulled out the piece of paper inside.
The first line said, “Do not open the box”……………

To be continued at Midnight…….

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Gypsy said...

There are 41 minutes to go before midnight here Walker. Does that mean I don't have long to

You are a wicked storyteller, but I was wondering....where is the Halloween kiss? Throw in a bit of romance and you have the whole kit and caboodle :)

patti_cake said...

Walker you simply rock!

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Have pity on a poor working girl and have your post up by 10! Yeah, got a job and now I'm out before 11. LOL

I'm loving the story!

Be safe...

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I bet you open that box, don't you?

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That is a novel, Walker !

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Sitting here waiting for it to get dark outside, I thought I'd finally catch up on reading your story... perfect Halloween fare, you've got my attention now - don't you dare forget to post the ending!