blue moon (2)

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Friday is here again and I don’t know where the week has gone.
The basement is almost uncluttered, so much so I am not loosing any sleep on it any more.
Before it was a fire risk, I like Bbq but only when I’m not the meat on the grill.

Today is the second time I have been out this week and that was to take my mother to the doctor but I did manage to get a flu shot out of the deal so I don’t have to go later on when everyone is in a rush.

That was the second time, the first time I went out this week was because a couple of friends INSISTED that I leave my PRISON as they put it and go see them and they would make me happy.

The last time these two tried to make me happy I ended up in jail with 4 assault police charges.
You know, I bet if they try and ruin my day I would probably have a better time.


I’m a glutton for punishment so out the door I went, into the unknown, well not so unknown, I knew something was up.
The unknown was whether I would be needing bail by the end of the night was the question.

From here on this post will be taking an education turn.

One of the problems we face in North America, actually the world, is drugs.
The major reason for this I believe is education, the lack of it to be exact.
I honestly believe that everyone should know and understand about all drugs, not just the illegal ones because there are people addicted to prescription drugs.
This will not only open people's eyes to the dangers of drugs but also their limitations.
How many first time users die of an overdose because they didn’t know how much was enough or how much is too much?

You could tell your kids until you’re blue in the face that doing those drugs is bad but do you ever tell them if they do, do those drugs, not to do more than so much.
I bet you don’t and no one ever has.
We all look for the preventative measure but never factor in an alternative safety measure.

You give your kids the car and tell them to drive safely then remind them to put on their seat belt when they drive, where is the seat belt when their doing drugs.
I was doorman to my stepdaughter's graduation dance at her school.
Most of those kids were between 13 and 15.
Half were stoned on pot and I walked into the girl’s washroom to find a boy and a girl no more than 14 doing lines of cocaine.
I bet their parents told them not to do drugs, what do you think?

When your kids first start drinking around you, you govern how much the take in by setting limits they could live by and hopefully learn how to be responsible when you are not around and booze is made available to them.
Why can’t we do the same for drugs, it’s obvious it’s a loosing battle and always will be no mater what all the conservative minds tell us.

Sometimes winning is not about stomping out your enemy; it’s about controlling the enemy to your rules and standards.

I think that drugs should be put out on the table and shown to kids and told what they are so they could recognize them when put infront of them later so they know and understand what they are getting into.
At least they will know what it is and not taking someone else’s word for it.
I think they should be made aware of what the effects would be so they are prepared if they do try it and most of all.
I think they should be taught by someone who has first hand knowledge of what is being taught so he/she could understand any question and answer with a first hand answer.

Now if what happened the other day had not happened, I wouldn’t even be writing this post but the more I thought about it the more I realized how dangerous stupidity or curiosity could be.

I get to my friends place and the passed me a beer and asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint.
Ah sure why not.
As he was rolling a joint he starts telling me a story about his good fortune and mine, since I was his friend.

Oh yeah, I’m going to jail I thought.

He and one of our friends had gone up to close his cottage up for the winter and on the way back they decided to take the back roads and go see another friend and maybe score some pot.
While hopping over pot holes and road kill along the dirt roads of Quebec, the passenger told buddy here rolling the joint to stop and pull over.

Without asking why he did and the passenger got out and walked to the fence separating the road from the government park land.
When buddy walked over our friend pointed at the field infront of him and it was full of pot plants, as far as the eyes could see.

Wasting no time they jumped the fence and started harvesting as much of the wild herb and they could carry and managed to fill the trunk and back seat of the car before the sped off down the road towards home now.

Back at the house they brought all the plants in and pilled them up in the washroom.
Now these guys have never grown marijuana before, all they have ever done is sell and smoke it but they have heard so stories about how it’s done.
One of which was to spray the plants with liquor and then hang them upside down until they are dry.

Now they were dry and ready to be sold and I could have some at a very good price.
He put the joint in his mouth and lit it then passed it over.
I took a puff and almost coughed a lung across the room.

It was the strongest anything I had ever smoked and was still gagging when the fucken joint exploded in two while I was still holding it.
I looked at the guy and told him it didn’t smell right and butted it out.

Since I was 13 I have been smoking pot and I may not know everything there is to know about it, I do know what it smells like and supposed to taste like and THAT was not it.
I asked him where the pot was so I could see it and he took me to the washroom where it was all hanging in the shower off of sticks and ropes.
There was heaps of it but it didn’t smell.
Pot would have stunk up the place like a million dead skunks.
I looked closer at the plants and at these huge buds and I knew what it was.

In fact I had some the week before and shared it with my mother and father, even my 3 year old niece loves the stuff.

Pig weed, there were smoking fucken pig weed.
In Europe they are greens they eat for a side dish, here they use it to feed pigs with, hence the name, Pig Weed.



Pig weed is best eaten when its young but as it get mature it grows bushy and full of thick buds that could look like a mature pot plant but you can’t get high on it and most farmers kill it to keep it out of their fields, unless two dumb city boys come driving by and clear his field for him for free, HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
Pot to can be eaten but at 200 dollars a plate, pigweed is cheaper for free.

I don’t think if that was pot it would have been there with all the cops that go up and down that stretch all the time.
I couldn’t believe they couldn’t tell the difference between the two and they made me smoke some.
Mike was rolling around the floor later when I told him.

This only goes to prove that proper education could prevent bad things from happening and help feed a starving pig.
Maybe it's pot for pigs.

Always make sure you know what you are doing be it drugs or booze, legal or illegal and who get them from.

Have a nice safe weekend



Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh, so we got a flu shot did we..... ;-)

I've never heard of pig weed, but I feel my weed education has been increased. And that's very important to me; weed.

Have a great weekend Walker.

Lora_3 said...

Walker I would be a smart-ass and call you a Pot-Head but why bother. lol

Be safe...

Peter said...

Sounds like your friends wound up in Hog Heaven Walker.

Shaz said...

That is seriously so damn funny i cannot believe they were so stupid maybe thats a bit harsh but HELLO could they not smell it lol Im still coughing up a lung from laughing so damn hard. xx

Weary Hag said...

You're such a corker sometimes, Walker! I have to admit I didn't know about pigweed. When you first said it in your post, I thought you were going to talk about some slobgirl getting high on weed and it was just your own little nickname for it. hahahaha
Thanks for the chuckles! (oh yeah, and keep you eyes AND nose and TASTEBUDS wide open! will ya?)

Dotm said...

Never heard of pigweed, learn something new every day. I once opened the curtain on a son`s bedroom window and found he was growing some sort of strange plant. Did some checking and discovered he was growing a pot plant some kid had given him. After getting rid of the plant we had to replace the window sill which was rotting from being kept wet so long. All summer I thought the curtains were being tightly closed to keep out the hot sun. Later I found my husband pulling up a lot of weeds beside the garage. When I asked him what he was doing, he had thought they were more pot plants. I had to laugh because I did recognize those weeds. I had been pulling them for years from the garden. Neither one of us knew anything about what a pot plant looked like before that. You can be sure the youngest son never brought another pot plant into my house. I once found some seeds in the small shed that son had his motorcycle in and I warned him if it ever happened again I would knock down the entire shed. Well a month later there was no more shed in my back yard. He finally learned . I was happy when he found some better kids to hang with as those kids were always getting into trouble. I even heard one kid stole from the church platter to buy drugs and he was only 10 or 11 years of age at the time. I know they say that pot isn`t dangerous, but what about the harder drugs that pot might lead to. Glad I am not raising kids today .

Anonymous said...

yeah i never heard of that either...hmmm it was an educational post...i learn something new every day it seems!

Jac said...

I know it looks almost same at certain growth.

Have a nice week end, walker !

nachtwache said...

I guess I'll just stay safe and won't smoke anything at all, my lungs will thank me.
You would think they'd know what pot's supposed to smell like, can't miss that stink. Our son brought a garbag bag full of it home one time, the house reeked and we made him get rid of it. He wasn't happy. Yeah, I'm glad my kids are grown, well, technically adults, with the "boy" we're still waiting for mature behaviour.

gab said...

Flu shot good...I should get one!
Ok not sure yet on the training the kids which drug is which but to each their own I say.
I have a hard problem with perscription drugs let alone illegal ones. I hate to take pills (either kind) and taking what I do now makes me choke.
And my last and final thought for tonight is..........
If you end up in jail I will bail you out! anytime and your welcome!

Gypsy said...

Just trying to catch up Walker. I agree, there can never be enough information given to our kids on drugs and their dangers. Maybe you could take up the call Walker and show them what NOT to

patti_cake said...

Very very good advice my friend.
I get my flu shot tomorrow (1st time) Eeek!

BikerCandy said...

Very interesting post. I'm so behind in my reading but I hope to get to your Halloween story this weekend.

OK, I'll be the first...the pot plant you pictured looks mighty nice. I haven't seen anything that good looking in such a long time! :)