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Monday, October 22, 2007

Boo ©

BOO did I scare you?

I am sitting here thinking about writing a Halloween post.
Someone recently emailed me asking if I was going to write one like I do every year.
I have fun writing this stuff but I also have a lot on my plate right now and it’s a little hard to finish Part 17 of the Red Clay let alone try and conjure up a Halloween post.
But I have not put it out of my head yet in fact I was thinking of a story line this morning when someone IMd me.

I was thinking a story about a prisoner who was executed by electrocution and just as he died he came in his pants.
The rest of story would be about how his sperm took over the underwear and went on a murderous rampage killing the jury that convicted him.

I even had them getting on one of the jurors at home and his wife finding him in the bed beating it because it was strangling his balls.
Thinking he was horny and her with a headache she slipped out to leave him to his pleasure only to find him later dead in bed with his underwear missing.

BUT I didn’t think it would really work so I am back to the drawing board.
See what happens when I don’t have cable, I have more time to think up this crap.

I just told someone the story line and she said I was nuts.
I thought it was a feasible idea.
They had Attack of The Killer Tomatoes, what’s wrong with, Attack Of The Killer Fruit Of The Looms?

How about you guys, you got any idea’s I could use?

I am almost finished part 17 for tomorrow for those who have been waiting for it.
My cold has slowly but surely moved on to healthier people for now but my aching back is still complaining from all the work being done in the basement.
That to is coming along.
The electrician was by this morning to walk around the house to get an idea of what needs to be done.
It looks like yours truly will be doing a lot of the work to save money but it will still run me 4 grand by the time its all done.
Better than seven I guess, just as long as it’s done and I can end this year on a positive note.

I was up until 4 am pulling out cables from my basement.
Because of my house’s proximity to the alleyway my brother had used it as a conduit for all of his toys on the roof and now after he didn’t need them he said I could do what I want with the cables.
He had also told me a couple of days ago that he didn’t have any more cable for my house because he had used it all on the place next door and would have to buy a couple of thousand feet of it if I wanted all my rooms to be fixed up like next door.

While I was in the basement last night I noticed that the cable I was to pull down was a couple of miles long so I carefully pulled it down and now have enough I think to do both houses.
If my mother knew how many cables in my basement she would be sending me clothes next door to hand.

I think I will end this post here and finish of the rest of my blogroll before I stumble back down into my tomb.

Have a nice day and feel free to leave an idea for a Halloween story.
How about this, leave me a paragraph I could use in the story.



Anonymous Boxer said...

I'm going to vote for the Killer Undies.

Have a great Monday.

Blazngfyre said...

Killer Sperm from Space ??????

Lora_3 said...

Cool a writing circle. I'll play.

Dry leaves flew across the porch as Lana unlocked the door at 48 Marshall street. As the door creaked open the smell of mildew burned at her nose. She tripped over stacks of girly magazines as she made her way into the front room. Lana loved her job working for a small town lawyer but not today. Today she was to find the last will and testimony of a famous blogger. She had never read his blog but had heard he talked about big tits a lot.

Once up the stairs she found herself in a badly decorated black and red bedroom. Lana thought that the colors alone made her want to die. After a quick look through all the drawers the will was still not in Lana's hands. While checking out a painting on the wall of a naked woman, she noticed that one nipple was a button.


Be safe...

gab said...

aww come on I think the killer Fruit of the loom was a great idea! lol
I too have a cold and right now its getting the best of me. I went back and read what I missed of your blog but just didnt get up enough energy to leave more than one response and thats only cause I liked the fruit of loom killer. lol Got my Docs appointment on friday looking forwards to that NOT! (whispering u have YIM?)

Peter said...

As it does in any halfway decent horror story the clock sounded out 12 times,ah, the witching hour is with us thought Walker as he quietly prised loose the lid to what appeared to be a coffin.
His morbid curiosity had been aroused when that delightful little minx Lana had been rummaging around in the bedroom earlier in the evening, who knows what she had been looking for but it was now certain she would never find it.

Gypsy said...

Whatever drugs you've been taking, I want some Walker. That was just crazy talk...killer sperm, fruit of the loom...crazy talk is what it is.

patti_cake said...

Awww I am so LAME I can't come up with anything but I do like Lora's entry!
Hope you feel better and I found the killer Fruit Of The Looms hilarous.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I definitely worry about you at times, but you always make me laugh! :-)

Lindy said...

As the couple staggered through the dark woods the whirling sound seemed closer. What had they stirred awake in that cabin? What could have been hidden in that bricked up safe that they had unleashed on the unsuspecting world? A dark shadow pressed down on them as they came to the opening of the meadow.
Back to you. Its your baby.