blue moon (2)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Surprise.....On You Not Me ©

Welcome to the witching hour.
My time,
I live in the night with the bats and the other creatures that you never see in the daylight.
1:47am sitting here listening to Baby Blue playing Neil Young strumming out My My Hey Hey
It’s was a hectic week and the weekend capped it off.
It had drama action and cops and yours truly right in the middle of it.
It got a bit touchy when some young cop, probably a rookie got in my face and we had to be separated because I wasn’t backing down from him especially when he is standing uninvited on my property and telling me what to do.
Let’s see how far I get into this post before I call it quits.

But this post isn’t about that…..
OH for those that asked Emme is doing fine but lets face it she is old and isn’t what she used to be but she has me pussy whipped and gets carried a lot on command.

She finished work at the hospital and headed off home to shower and rest for the day.
As she walked into her home she had this strange feeling that she wasn’t alone when out of the blue a man came at her swinging a hammer hitting her in the head.

Staggering back a few steps she regained her balance and stood her ground then met her assailant head on and they battled.
After a brief struggle she disarmed him and using her bare hands, strangle the burglar to death.
Susan the nurse is not a small woman and is used to the action and action she sees daily in the ER, so when she was attacked she went to work and from the end results she knows her job well.
Now that is one tough lady who says she isn’t ready to go, but wait this story isn’t over yet.

The burglar is not actually a burglar but a hit man hired by her husband to get rid of the wife.
The assailant (aka useless hit man) works for her husband at his video store.
It didn’t take long for the police to figure it out and even though the husband denies it the evidence says otherwise.
The hit man had the security codes to get by the alarm and the key to get in.

Susan and her husband were or are in she process of getting a divorce and she didn’t want reconciliation so he decided to kill her instead.
What the fuck did he want reconciliation for is what I want to know?
It’s obvious that the husband watches many of the movies he rents because this is a Hollywood ending to bad for him it was more of a B movie ending.
One pain in the ass gone for Susan but his pain will start soon.

Her answering machine had this message for the people looking for her.

“I’m not able to answer all the calls that I’ve received in the past few days. I’m being comforted by your concern and your support. I want you to know that our lives are all at risk for random acts, but more likely random acts of love will come your way than random acts of violence.”

Way to go Susan!!!!!!!!!

It’s 3 am.

Now I am sitting here tired and looking for a challenge.
How’s this.
Remember the post where I asked you to give me a sentence and I will write a post with each sentence in it?
Ok those of you that weren’t here at the time don’t but here you can read that post here and the resulting post here if you wish.

How about we do it again BUT this time I will write a sex post with it?
Same rules, no more than one sentence from each person with no more than 15 words and I won’t take any from an anonymous commenter.
Now Heather, you know I love you and yours don’t you.
I will take everything submitted until Friday and post it next weeks

Have a nice day.



hellbunny said...

Thats story about Susan is shocking.I know you read all the time about things like that but its still hard to believe that someone you once loved would want you dead.

xxheatherxx said...

By "yours" I am assuming youre saying you have nothing against llama's persey?

Let me at it... where and when do I post?? IM READY THIS TIME!!! LOL You have given me advance notice my dear friend... muuhaaahahahahaha

Hugs and Love!
PS- You will have mail this weekend....

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