blue moon (2)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's Your Post ©

Ok, let’s see what I could come up with today.
Actually I have an idea.
I should just shoot myself for this one I know but here goes.
Let’s have some fun.
I want you, to help me write a post.
Your participation will be simple.
All you have to do is give me a sentence each and I will put them all in one post.
Oh yeah, I‘ve been getting wiser lately and I know what at least four of you are thinking, so it can’t be longer that 15 words.
So much for that idea EH, I know you know who I’m talking too, I am staring right at you now.
Oh and no anonymous comments either.
Sticks tongue out at Vickie.
Take that smile off your face. lol
The sentence could be about anything and I have to fit all of them into a post that makes sense…….
Not that many of my posts make any sense but let’s pretend they do.
I will start this at 11pm today until 11pm tomorrow and will write the post for Thursday.
So let’s have some fun then.
The comment box is yours.
I must be stoned…….

Writing this love post too right now Pffffffft


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