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Monday, September 18, 2006

Words To Be Tagged With ©

Kellie from “One Mother's Journey” has tagged me!
It’s simple enough or they always look like they are until I complicate them.
She has given me four words and I have to use them, something like word association I think and then tag some of you for revenge.
HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so you know I won’t tag anyone because I Hate these things.

The words are: Autumn, Hand, Dream and Avoid.
I could just say; “While in a Dream, Autumn managed to Avoid my Hand as I reached for her” and get it done over with but I don’t think that’s what she had in mind.


Autumn reminds when I was a kid rolling around in the leaves that wew just raked up and if you were in a popular dog walking spot you were usually rolling around in more than just leaves.

Autumn reminds me of the leaves changing and the multitude of colors that look like a raibow has fallen and covered the forests.

It reminds me of a steamtrain ride through the Gatineau Hills on the way to Wakefield with minstrals walking car to car entertaining the people like they used to in that period of time.


Hand brings strenth to mind.
Look at the power a hand posseses.
You could grasp something and open it, bend and lift with it.
Both together you could tear something apart.
But I also see gentleness, like when picking up something fragile and precious like picking up a baby.


A friend or a foe for me when I think of a Dream.
I have had years where I never did dream.
Maybe it’s because I had nothing to dream about or maybe it’s what I didn’t want to remember.

It also reminds me of a song;
Dream a Little Dream Of Me.


Memes and tags which I never seem to Avoid, that and large breasted women which is a good thing I suppose.
Trouble is another but when you think of the above that’s the only thing I never Avoid.

As I said I won’t tag anyone, even though there is ONE person I should tag, ah what the hey-eh.

Have a nice day.



One Mother's Journey said...

Oooh. Nicely done!

Miss Cellania said...

Yep, we can count on you to wake us up by the last paragraph, with the big-breasted women. Great post!