blue moon (2)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baklava Anyone ©

It was a dark and stormy night.... (Patti_Cake) as they lay snuggled under the sheets away from the elements of the night.
Pushed up against each other, he could feel the heat of her body as he slipped his hand around to feel her soft firm breasts.
As his hand slid up to grasp his desire….
“What are you doing”?
“You know, I thought, we could have a little fun”.
“Yeah right, you forgot my baklava.
If I can’t be happy, neither can you, so move it or loose it and you get nothing until I get what I want”.
“I will get you some in the morning, trust me”.
“That will be the day”. (Mrhaney)
“You will get some tomorrow night after I get my baklava”.
He leaned in to kiss her but she turned and only gave him her cheek. (Brian)
She tugged the sheets over her breasts and went back to sleep.
He lay there frustrated now with his obvious disappointment pounding under the sheets.
In the morning he got up and dressed for work and as he was going out the door she told him to remember to come back after work to let the dog out because she will be late coming home.
Nodding his acknowledgment he went out to the car.
It took awhile to start, probably because of the storm the night before and the humidity in the wires.
After work he rushed home, to let the dog out so he could go get some baklava because he wasn’t going another night without satisfying his hunger which was still eating at him as it was all day at work.
Carl was waiting for him at the door, hopping around, dancing a jig, eager to run to his favorite tree.
When the dog had finished he ran to the car and hopped in the back seat to go with his master.
He turned the key and the engine just turned over but refused to start.
Trying again they car sputtered and started.
Taking of down the street, he had to go across town to the Tear In Your Beer café.
It was the only place that sold the baklava that she liked.
Half way there, the car started to sputter again and stall.
Once again he tried to start it but there was no way.
He started to panic when the car wouldn't start and he knew they were getting closer, (Hellbunny) but now it was uncertain if he would make it before they closed.
Cursing and kicking the car several times he tried one last time to start it and the car caught and started.
Putting it in gear he raced down the street as fast as the hurting car could go.
Looking at his watch, it was 5:42 pm; he had 18 minutes to get there.
He pulled up to the curb outside the Tear In Your Beer Café at 5:54 pm.
Opening the door an aroma filled the small space.
“Oooh, can you smell that”? (Karen) “Daddy’s getting some today Carl”.
Rushing to the door, he entered.
Inside the lights flickered as the radio's static masked the voice of the country singer. (Skye)

Looking at the counter his eyes caught the last and only box of baklava.
The thing he came for and needed to fulfill his burning desire.
But as he looked across the length of the room he saw a woman walking to the counter from the opposite end of the room and he could see her eyes focused on the last box of baklava.
He rushed to the counter and got there just in time to snatch up the last box of baklava before she got it.
She looked at him with wanting eyes, even though her heart belonged to another.(Bennu),
The stood there for what seemed like and eternity.
He was staring at her luscious lips, and bright green eyes, still feeling that want burning inside him.
Looking deeply into each others eyes they shared a breath. (Schotzy)
Then he turned and asked the clerk how much.
She whispered to his ear.
“Can I have just one”?
He looked into her beckoning eyes….
“No”, and walked towards the door.
She looked at him with a sorrowful look as he walked away.
He was really mean because he wouldn't give her any baklava. (Monica)
After paying for the baklava he turned and walked out of the café feeling the burning hate that was searing a hole through him from behind.
"I can't believe I got away with that", he thought to himself, guiltily”. (It's Just Me)
Getting to the car, Carl was dancing his jig again on the front seat so he let him out to do his thing.
Carl marked a fire hydrant, 2 tires and 3 parking signs before her hopped back into the car.
He got in the car and called his wife on her cell phone.
“Hi baby, I got your baklava, when are you getting home”?
“Not for awhile I am waiting to get a couple of shots of the sunset”.
Damn, sunset is not for a couple of hours or more.
Hmmmm sunset
He remembered that time they spent at that Bed and Breakfast, she was on top riding him.
Her eyes closed fucking him then she opened her eyes and saw a cow staring at her through the bedroom window (Itisi) she started screaming and jumped off pointing at the window.
He turned and looked out and started to laugh.
That was three years ago but he remembered it was a sunset fuck.
But it wasn’t as good as that time at the zoo when they first started dating.
They had no place to go to have sex.
Still living at home and neither one of them had a car, so they went to the zoo for a walk.
As they got deeper into the park they came across a secluded part and the zoo was empty so being as they were horny, went into the corner and piled their clothes in the ground to lie on.
They were going at it hot and heavy until just then a Llama jumped out of no where.
I think they were all startle.
As he ran off he thought WOW, Llama's are actually more friendly than I though although their spit stinks. (**Heather**)
Ok, that was a bad example of a good memory but he could make the sunset work in his favor.
He dialed his wife again and told her he will meet
Starting the car he headed out of the city to go where she was with the baklava.

She had chosen the perfect spot to get pictures.
She had come to this lake long ago with her husband when they were teenagers and made love along the shore to the setting sun.
As she stood there, She could feel her skin warm instantly, soaking up the welcome rays of sunshine (Stacy) taking her back in time and to a carefree life when they had no debts or obligations.
It was so beautiful here then as it was now, only one thing missing.
The sun would be going down soon.
She went over to the car and got out the tripod and set it up facing out into the lake.
She took a few shots of the suns reflection off the water.
Just as the sun set over the lake, the roar of thunder begins. (Vickie)
There was a storm rolling in, creating a display of color in the sky fit for the Forth of July and the air was beginning to cool now indicating the arrival of the storm soon.

He raced to the lake where he knew she was taking the pictures.
It was a forty minute drive there and the sun would be going down by the time he got there.
He knew the place so well.
They used to frequent there as teenagers and camp out in front of the lake.
One night after drinking and fucking, they were asleep in the tent when they heard the crashing of everything outside the tent.
Opening the flaps they were face to face with a black bear.
Running out stark naked they ran into the night fearing the bear might attack.
Somewhere in the dark they lost each other.
They each spent the night in the woods listening to the bear destroy every thing at the camp.
When morning came, he went out looking for her.
She couldn’t have gotten far, but then again she went out of there like a bat out of hell.
He crept around quietly not knowing if the bear had left.
That’s when he heard the leaves rustle.
Looking around he found a broken limb so he had some sort or protection against the bear.
Looking around a downed tree, something was moving in the bush.
Raising the limb to strike, he heard a squeal.
Then he saw that it was her ass. (Oceanbug)
She jumped out and ran right into him.
There are worms in there she cried.
She was worried about worms when they could have been eaten by a bear.
That was along time ago, but now he was racing to get there before the sunset and relive a part of their youth.
He pulled into the open area of the lake and could see her set up in front of the lake.
Walking out of the car, he walked to her and kissed her lightly on the lips.
“So, he asks, would you like to do it on the lake shore”.
Looking at him coyly, “Do you have my baklava, she asked”?
Grinning with a sense of victory, “Yes, he said it’s in the back seat of the car”
They walked back to the car and as they approached they could see Carl in the back seat licking his face, which was covered in filo pastry, syrop and the baklava was all gone.
She laughed loud and long, her voice ringing into the cool night air. (deni)
She looked at the disappointment on his face, smiled and took his hand and walk off down to the shore.

These were all great sentences, but Heather, a fucken Llama. GEZZZZ
Have a nice day.

A fucken Llama do you beleive that, a Llama.
I'm lucky she didn't say some different like cat or dog
A Llama
I'm gonna have Llama nightmares now.
I though pregnant women are supposed to crave food not exotic animals.
Probably all the weird Lawrence Welk music she listens too. lol
I guess it could have been worse, she could have said Rhinoceros or Giraffe.
Hmmm Llamma sounding good now.
Llama gezz


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